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The Super Affiliate University Homepage Title

Here is the place where you can learn the most important facts about Affiliate Marketing, Website Building and Operating a Blog.

Today millions of people are trying to get a foot in the website affiliate marketing business. My job is to help you make the right choices and use the best and most recent techniques to set up an online money-making business.

Following I will Guide you through the 4 essential steps that lead to a successful Business Niche Website. Every step is very important and needs to be executed very carefully.

This is why I have written helpful posts you can look at and get the most out of your online business.

The Super Affiliate University

Before we start let me introduce myself to you.

I hope you have fun on my website and can learn something 🙂

What Is A Niche Website For
Steff, your writer.

I’m in Affiliate Marketing since the beginning of 2017. I have never felt the same freedom at work before all my life.

I have tried out a lot of ways to make ends meet and some ways were quite successful as well. I worked with autistic people, I worked as a Painter, I worked as a construction site supervisor and I worked as a pizza courier, etc.

I had really nice fat paychecks for not even that tiring work and I have worked in jobs that paid just enough for a living.

I don’t know why but the whole thing I did never gave me full satisfaction. The fact that I was my own boss several times or that I could do night shifts, watching over sleeping people, nothing really got the best out of me.

Then in 2008 I made a big step and decided to live in Thailand. I already knew my now wife and due to my parents have both died I had no real obstacle to make this big step. I was lucky that at that time I had my best job of all my career in construction and could, therefore, save quite a lot of money.

I moved here to a small village in the middle of nowhere. I gradually started to feel better and more relaxed. I could quit drinking and other calming substances were not necessary as well.

After several years though my savings were used up and the struggle of every human being, how to survive and live from what started again.

Are you already bored? Jump the steps and get closer to what you are looking for 🙂

I didn’t know how hard it is to make a living here in Thailand without any support money from western countries. I highly respect the people here that struggle every day but don’t give up and keep being generous and friendly towards each other and me as well.

The decision was hard but I had to go back to my home country for several months and make some dollars. Luckily I have a good friend that offered his help and let me stay at his farm and organized paying work.

Still, the situation of leaving my little daughter and my lovely wife alone for six months in a row was not an experience that I wanted to get a regularity.

I started looking for solutions on the internet that could enable me making enough money to not having to leave my family. Not that easy, at first, like most of us I fell for a lot of promising ways to make a passive income online.

Luckily I didn’t have the money to invest in risky programs anymore and reduced my actions in just searching and reading what all these hundreds of programs offered.

At last, around Christmas 2016 I came to a site that was talking about the possibility of earning an income with a niche website. It was said, that a lot of work is involved but that I could have a check and try for free.

That was when things started to change. After one week I had my first website up and running without spending a single penny. I really liked the work and the program I was testing too.

After ten days I signed up for a Wealthy Affiliate premium membership and the rest is history. (See my Wealthy Affiliate Review)

Now let’s leave my boring story and get back to what’s important to you.

Don't Spend Time And Money

First thing first, if you want to start a business like mine, You need to choose a niche.

This process is very important and does need some information first. Many people are not aware of the importance when they begin this new career. career, I was one of them.

I have written some articles about this topic because actually there is not that much good information available on the internet. Even in the program, I work with, the question what niche should I choose is coming up on a daily basis.

Before thinking of where to buy a website and host you should think about this.

The essential thought before even starting a website is to think about what the website should be. Maybe you already have an idea which niche you want to serve.

The affiliate marketing is a very popular business model and to have a chance amongst the millions of people also trying to earn a passive income you need to be ahead and have a good plan.

Most newbies already fail on the first step, choosing the right niche. Take your time, think wisely and don’t let yourself get rushed by a free starter package. The website money making business is a long-term model, so a few days of considering will not affect the success in a negative way.

I have written three articles about different approaches for choosing a niche. Please take advantage of the free service you won’t find again very easily.

The first Post is How we Learn it in the Training.

The second Post I wrote because there are some Other Things to Consider

And the third Post is Interesting if you have a Pinterest Account and want to Expand or want to make a website and take advantage of Pinterest

After choosing the niche the fun part starts. You are now ready for a website.

Building a website these days is easy as eating an apple pie. Fully automated programs let you build a website with only a few clicks. Everyone is able to do this. No matter what education you have, you are able to do this.

No matter what age you are, with the today’s technique building a website, is easier than writing a letter. At the Wealthy Affiliate University, you can actually build a free website within 30 seconds.

Websites can be a great tool for all kinds of real businesses. Today, almost every business has a website and can with this tool increase sales enormously.

The difference between a website and a real business is, that you don’t need any sales personnel, no expensive shop and you can sell to people all over the world for 24 hours every day of the year.

Potential customers, people using the internet are numbers in the billions every day. Impossible to get this much traffic to any brick and mortar business, no matter how good you are.

Instead of only surfing the internet why not publish your own website, help people and even start earning money with this?

The following posts show you where you can build websites, host them, some platforms where you can build a free website and more information concerning the website operating topic.

Start To Be Great

Ready for your own brand website – Find a Host and website builder.

Finding a good matching host and website builder is no problem these days. There are several services providing even free websites.

I have provided a nice selection of the most famous and best serving hosting platforms and website builders.

Do you want to do it the easiest way and also save a lot of time and money? I recommend working with only one product. It is the program I work with and over a million of other experienced people all over the world run their websites.

Check out these posts and get better information about what website building, website hosting, and website operating training are. 

To build a website as I said earlier is the easiest part but to know where you get a good service a good hosting or a good training and support are things you want to consider as well.

In the next step, we’ll get to “getting traffic” How to get traffic and who is teaching you the tricks and techniques to rank your new site on Google and other search engines are questions you should find answers before you start your website.

These three posts are all about this topic and can hopefully help you decide how and where you want to start your affiliate marketing business.

Learn how to start selling products online within 60 minutes

FREE training

I have created a little training here for you to try and learn the essential steps of affiliate marketing. This training will provide you with the tools and knowledge to start selling affiliate products right away. 

You’ll even have access to a great paying affiliate program you can start selling and earning commissions today.

Getting traffic is mainly done by posting content. Internet users are looking for help and enter search terms into their search engine’s search bar. These search terms can be words or whole sentences. We call these “keywords”. Our job with our websites is to write helpful interesting and relevant articles answering these keywords.

The first and most important aspect of getting traffic, therefore, is to create a lot of content, articles, blogs or posts, whatever we want to call it.

This looks about like this, we chose a niche and now we are building content for the website. If the niche is like mine here, affiliate marketing, I will write articles, content about things I hope people in the affiliate marketing niche are interested in.

Now the SEO component comes into play. Because we want our articles to be found by as many people as possible, we have to choose good keywords.

Good keywords are words/phrases that a lot of people search for in their search engines. We also want to make sure that not too many websites target the exact same keyword.

This is because of, if there are hundreds of websites targeting the same keyword we will have a hard time ranking on the first page of the search engines.

All the tricks and techniques, skills to get our websites ranked on the first page of search engines we call SEO, search engine optimization.

To be successful with a website and also to enjoy working this job we need to learn all the skills a good SEO asks for.

The third way to increase traffic is by publishing our website articles on social media. Today, even more, people use social media than the internet.

This is why we need to learn ways and strategies to distribute our content as widely as possible throughout all media we have at hand.

The training above teaches how you can even sell on social media. You can sell and also publish content and get an authority status amongst your followers on your social media accounts.

The following posts show some techniques of SEO and talk about the importance of SEO. The third post is a review of what I think is the best keyword research tool.

As I said, for a good ranking we need good keywords and to find these we need a keyword tool. Fortunately, the website building and training program I’m recommending on this website includes the best keyword search tool I know.

Click on and read the articles below and learn how important SEO is and what it all includes.

And because writing good content is actually the most important task for getting a growing following and traffic I add another post here about writing articles.

After all things in the first three steps are done, created a good looking website and added some amount of helpful articles relevant to our niche, we can now start adding product links to our posts.

You are now starting the affiliate business. As an affiliate niche website, you promote products for affiliate programs and get commissions for every sale from your site.

You also set cookies on your reader’s computers, some longer some shorter. If a potential customer opens an affiliate link but not yet buys the product, the affiliate programs set a cookie that ensures that if the customer buys within a defined time, from another website, you still get the commission.

We still don’t want our site look as if the only intent of it is selling, at least not if we build a niche website. We help people solving their niche related problems and some of the recommendations we have, are products.

In this last step, you want to sign-up to affiliate programs if you don’t already have. To find relevant affiliates is easy. Write a product name plus the words affiliate program into the search bar and search.

Many different results of affiliate programs will show up and you can choose the one that pays the most commissions. Apply, wait for an email that you are accepted and look for relevant affiliate links.

These links you can copy and enter into a call to action buttons on your site. You can also add the links directly to product images or just part of the text.

It is your task to check out which sale strategies work best in your niche. There are so-called sales funnels, get the potential customer on your website, make him sign-up to your mailing list, add your products to automatically sent emails, newsletters.

There are also things called sales latter, start selling a rather cheap product to your customer and if he bought, slowly recommend more and more expensive products.

I’m not yet exercising this process due to my website not being that old yet and not having enough organic traffic and mailing list sign-ups.

Feel free to add your email address to my list and get future posts, experiences and other updates from my side.

Following I add some posts referring to affiliate marketing, affiliate programs, and reviews. Feel free to read those and get a free training in some of the essential factors in the online business.

My friends, you have now read all about what it takes to make a successful online business. The affiliate marketing is a chance we all can make a living off.

I hope you take the advantage of my experience and check out some of the interesting posts above. Many people already made a profit from executing the tips I share.

If you like what you see here please share on social media. And sign-up to my newsletter.

Below you can share questions and other comments you think the world should know about. I will reply asap.

I wish you all the best as usual and hope to see you back.

See you, Stefan 🙂

Join My Favorite Website Building Program
Join My Favorite Website Building Program

Here you find some practical tips for improving your website building experience.

The main work running a website is to write helpful articles. Secondly, you need to know some rules concerning SEO (search engine optimization). How you can monetize your website is very important too of course.

How To Improve Your Writing SkillsPlease relax and watch this video to understand better how Affiliate Marketing works.