Same but not same, 1K Daily Profit scam or 1K Daily Profit opportunity, let’s have a look. $1K daily profit is what you can expect to make using this Binary Option Algorithm system.

Too good to be true you think? To be honest this is what I thought at first sight as well. Many binary options algorithms are claiming to make millions of dollars, are you going to be a winner with this, let’s see.

The Super Affiliate University Affiliate Disclosure
The Super Affiliate University Affiliate Disclosure

1K Daily Profit – in short

1K Daily Profit Scam - Binary Option Opportunity
1K Daily Profit Scam – Binary Option Opportunity
  • Product Name: 1 K Daily Profit
  • Affiliate URL:
  • Founder name: John Becker (unsure)
  • Product type: Binary option system
  • Price: sign-up for FREE, min. investment $250.00
  • Guarantee: No
  • Good for:  Owner
  • Rating: 1 out of 10
  • In words: You can join a binary option dashboard for free and start trading with a minimal investment of $250.00. The program claims to have found an all-time winner algorithm that let’s your 250 bucks grow into 1K in just one day. From what I know of the trading business, there is no all-time winning algorithm because without losers the whole system wouldn’t work. If the 1K Daily Profit algorithm would be as good as promised the government would have to shut it down.
  • The good part is: It’s free and now you know it’s also free to leave 🙂
  • Recommended? NO
  • SCAM: NO (because it’s free). YES (because it is not what it says it is)

1K Daily Profits REVIEW

1K Daily Profits REVIEW

Ok, that is actually interesting to have tried. Only after about 10 minutes from signing up to 1K…. I already received a phone call from someone that wanted to help me set-up an account. I turned him away but he tried three times.

I’ll check my email box now and see how much spam emails have come already. Ok, that is still empty for the moment 🙂

What have I found out though is, 1K…. is not even having a broker license but is an affiliate partner with an official broker trading platform.

In this case, I was already signed up for a program called “Profit Trade”. All my sign-up data were given to Profit Trade right away and as I see I already have an account with them.

So to make a long story short, 1K Daily Profit is exactly what they say is not a lucrative business model. They are an affiliate niche website collecting data and earn their income from referrals like I do here as well.

The only difference I say I do this business and they say they help you make money with a much better model than what they do themselves.

I checked the full risk disclosure of the 1K… website and they actually commit that everything you see in the landing page or in the video is far from realistic but all just show and paid promotional material.

It clearly states that they promote a third party company and earn commissions from them. There is NO algorithm involved and 1K has absolutely NO influence on your trading success.

See the sales movie here

Ok, let’s do this anyway:

Ok, Let’s Do This Anyway:

I have signed up with only giving my email address. This led me to actually a next sign-up page where I was asked to leave my name, phone number and choose a password.

No real problem for me because I live far away in Thailand and I’ don’t think they will call me anymore.

Still, it is a bit uncareful to give the name and all these details to people we do not really trust.

I just listened to this audiobook these days about an identity thief and psychopath. By the way quite interesting and a good read.

At least he is a partner of Goldman Sachs lol, another sales pitch from the video.

The next page was a bit more interesting for my reviewing. I found out that my broker is not 1K … but a website called

All my credit details I have to fill out on the profit traders platform and as I learned now the job of 1K D…is over and done. They earn commission from my profits on the broker platform.

I have to add, the job of 1K… is not over yet, They seem to have an active sales team and are watching your moves on their site. I became another call while researching profit trade.

It was a quite disturbing call due to the person not listening to me but constantly repeating I should add an investment. I asked him why there were no reviews or any other articles about profit trade and all he said I have to use the program my self if I want to review it.

Profit Trade
Profit Trade
Profit Trading platform

The first time I opened the website of ProfitTrade I was already a gold member and had a new account there with $0 Dollars of course.

After researching quite in-depth for any information on profit trade I did not find a single article. No one is talking about them and no one is sharing a review.

This makes me even more suspicious. Is profit trade the actual scam website? Maybe not but I’m not willing to spend $250 to try and see if there is a profit to be made.

The phone partner also admitted that it is not likely to make 1K in a day without any experience, He said they would help me learn the business though. For another 65% of my gains, I can get help from a mentor broker.

Why I don’t recommend 1 K Daily Profit.

Why I Don’t Recommend 1 K Daily Profit.

Well, after all this researching and talking with the salesperson I don’t recommend using the 1K Daily Profit because it is by far what it promises to be. (This fact alone is enough for me to not recommend spending money on them.)

  1. They say it is not possible to make 1K on the first day.
  2. They take a percentage of your profit.
  3. It’s an affiliate program of another broker platform and has no responsibility for what happens with your money.
  4. It’s all they say it is not. Forex trading, affiliate marketing, stock trading.
  5. No algorithm.
  6. Not 99% wins.
  7. Highly risky for investors.
  8. All 1K…. sales pitch material is fake and made by actors.
  9. The first time a learned about 1K… was when I reviewed 4 Net Jobs com. It is also no real program but only linking to this site.

How can I prove 1K… is a scam?

1. Fictive owner

Click Image To See

John Becker Is a paid actor and this fact can even be researched when reading the “Full risk disclosure statement”

The program is administrated by an anonymous team of people trying to earn money from desperate believers.

There is no need of using a program like this if you want to go into the trading business. You can join a lot of serious platforms directly.

2.  No real testimonials!

No Real Testimonials!

The same as the owner, are the video testimonials paid productions from actors with the only intent to persuade you to buy into the program.

These written testimonials on the left are self-made. Everyone can create images like these.

They are fake you have to know that.

3. Working business model.

Working Business Model.

The 1K Daily Profit is talking about a real working business model. Sadly it is exactly the one that most people lost their money during the financial crisis.

There is no magical algorithm, only the algorithm of your own knowledge of where to invest and when to sell. If you are not skilled in these techniques you will most probably lose all your money very fast.

On every similar website and on this one too, it is to be read in the “Full risk disclosure statement” that investing in these programs is very risky and you should talk to a professional broker before trying to make money like this.

Millions have lost all their savings before, this is actually the only true statement in the sales video, and a great percentage of the losers were traders using programs like these.

Pros and cons:

How Dare You Lie Like This!

Pros first:

  • It’s free, and if you research only a little, and don’t believe everything a video spokesman says, you know that this is trash.


  • 1K Daily Profit is for nothing, no real advantage of using this affiliate commission earner.
  • No Algorithm
  • No way you make 1K a day.
  • Very aggressive salespersons trying to convince you via phone.

Who is it good for?

Who is it good for?
Who Is It Good For?

In fact, 1K Daily Profit is only good for the guys operating the program. There is no benefit for you to get. All you get is another open hand, taking some 2-3% of your possible trading profits.

The program it’self, does not add any value to the trading chances it is only there to catch new customers and refer them to another “real” trading platform.

I’m not an expert in forex or stock trading because of that I can’t recommend a qualified company you could trust with your money.

On the other hand, as we saw in the past, there is actually no such bank or trader or broker that really cares about you as a person, all they want is your money.

I prefer to work for my money, of course, I let my money work for me as well but in form of paying fees for quality training or services helping my online business grow.

I prefer to invest my hard earned money in my own business, not in some dubious make 1K per day promises.

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How To Build A Professional Website For Free
How To Build A Professional Website For Free

Thanks for reading 🙂

Nice to see that you are still here. I hope you enjoyed the article and were able to learn some new facts about one more sad but true unhelpful online product.

It is quite stressful sometimes doing this kind of reviews but in the end, I do it for you and if I can provide only one person from losing money I’m already happy.

If you like to add some experience you made with this program or others alike please let us know. If you have a question I will be happy to reply.

All your thoughts are of great interest to me and all my readers. Please use the comment section and make this post even more valuable to everyone.

I’ll be back with more, for sure.

Have a good time, take care, see you, Stefan 🙂

Victory With Wealthy Affiliate
Victory With Wealthy Affiliate