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What is the 4 Day Cash Explosion Scam? Only just got out and already the sellers are active. A PDF for $5.00 with fabulous additional earning opportunities. What do I think of that? Let’s take a look at that for a moment.

In my opinion, we are dealing here with a prime example of Internet mislead, not a scam but a mislead.

An entry-level product is almost free but then you get incredible follow-up products that even generate monthly costs or revenue, depending on which side of the food chain you’re on.

I’m not going to have a lot of writing here as Paulo Cifuentes’ 4 Day Cash Explosion is not really worth talking about. I accidentally stumbled upon the product and wanted to get a picture.

I like it that you’re here to learn more about it and not just spend your money because you can get such great bonuses.

What I’ve discovered may not seem special to the ruthless online businessman, but it may open the eyes to someone unfamiliar with the online business practice.

Table of content - 4 Day Cash Explosion

4 Day Cash Explosion - Short


Not Recommended

  • Product Name: 4 Day Cash Explosion
  • URL:
  • Name of the Founder: Paulo Cifuentes, alias Epic Winner alias unknown. (Nov. 2018)
  • Product Typ: PDF Facebook Sales Training 
  • Price: $5.00 +++
  • Good for: The Owner and Resellers.
  • In Words:  The whole thing is worth less than nothing unless you want to make money selling “nothing”.
  • The good about it:  It’s easy to comprehend.
  • Recommended?  NO

Check these videos 🙂

I have intentionally chosen this video so you can see for yourself what kind of business practices promote such products.

The lady you see below has produced a couple of such videos. For example, for “Trend Mystery” or “1 Click Niche Builder” or “How To Kiss A Man” USW.

Just look at one or two, because even I can learn something new here, how to make an advertising YouTube video with 4 clicks 🙂

What's behind 4 Day Cash Explosion - more Details

4 Day Cash Explosion Scam Banner Bummer

Please don’t be angry with me, but I don’t know what to write here. As a buyer of this failure, the whole thing brings at most a headache.

An experience hopefully, that one must be careful with such products.

The perfidious thing about this stuff is that you are not even promised the big money, which would be a nice big red flag but only about $100 a day should be earned with the secret trick.

The danger and of course the hope of the seller is, that if you are unsuccessful with the basic program, you are buying more expensive upsells from the series.

What I found out is that not long ago, Mr. Epic, as he calls himself, launched a very similar product. “Epic winner”

Same strategy, same draftsman, same quotes.


The product consists of a 10-page PDF, I think so far no one has seen it, only 10 copies were sold.

4 Day Cash promises you, with this method they show you how you can sell affiliate or own products with just a Facebook account and a Warrior Plus account.

You learn:

  • How to quickly and easily get 100% free Facebook Post visitors.
  • How to find buyers visitors for free.
  • How to use Facebook to make money.
  • Best texts that work on Facebook.
  • Where to find successful partners to make money.
  • The exact way Paulo earned $429 in 4 days.
  • How you advertise on Facebook without it looking like spam.
  • The method of making money on FB as soon as possible.

Well, that seems to be very interesting. Let’s see if we can find a lot of such ads on our FB messages in the near future 🙂

Up-Sells for Money!!!

4 Day Cash Explosion Scam OTO 1

OTO 1, $17.00 one time.

A learning video that shows you how to make your own product in 24 hours. (Haha, these must be very valuable products, similar to 4 Day Cash Explosion 🙂

4 Day Cash Explosion Scam OTO 2

OTO 2, $9.00 per month.

Secret Income Newsletter. I understand it like this, for $9.00 a month you will receive an email every month with the latest information. (You get my newsletter for free, usually, this is the offer you get when you join an email list.)

4 Day Cash Explosion Scam OTO 3

OTO 3, $17.00 per month.

This must be a course, that is, online business from scratch. I do not trust this thing. Now you are already at $26.00 a month. You should get a lot for that, I do not think you’ll be satisfied here.

4 Day Cash Explosion Scam OTO 4

OTO 4, $27.00 one time.

One last upsell that, as experienced online business people know, is not recommended, is a matrix for email campings. A Done For You copied for many to use email sequence you should release to your esteemed clientele.

By the way, you can only do that if you already have an email address list of potential customers. And if you subscribe to an autoresponder email service program, there are additional monthly costs.

What commissions are possible to make?

Now we come to the actual purpose of this program. 4 Day Cash was not born to help you, the end user to learn or make money, but just to provide the manufacturer and resellers with a source of income.

The whole concept is very transparent, at least for one who understands more about the online business.

A lurid cheap initial product and subsequently more or less expensive additive products. In this case, the ratio is even quite extreme. Therefore, the reseller also gets 100% of the sale of the basic product.

4 Day Cash Explosion Scam Sales Funel

When you go to the reseller’s page you will immediately receive an email sequence with 4 prescribed emails.

There is a contest, who sells for more than $500 within 5 days get’s? That’s not mentioned lol.

Then there are 3 pretty banners that you can use, with Paulo and a dolphin on it, you’ve seen it above.

The whole thing is handled by Warrior Plus and as I have seen 10+ copies have been sold to date.

So not really worth the effort. Also, the previous product of Paulo was sold just 100+ times.

4 Day Cash Explosion Scam Mr Epic Programs
Mr Epic Programs

Further products released by Mr. Epic: Cheap Domain Profit and Epic Winner.

I recommend neither to buy nor to sell this Product.


Why I advise against buying 4 Day Cash as an end user, well, this product is not intended for the end user. It was only brought to market to earn money by selling it.

Not you make money, but the one you buy it from.

4 Day Cash Explosion Scam Fake income proof

Wrong income proof, the vendor makes money not the affiliate


If you’re a reseller, an affiliate marketer like me, I advise you not to sell this product because it damages your reputation and drives your customers nuts.

You may make some money but lose your clientele.

Pros and Cons of 4 Day Cash Explosion

Conclusion of 4 Day Crash Explosion.


Not Recommended

Look, there are and will always be such dubious programs available. 4 Day Cash Explosion is no exception. We, the consumers just have to be careful with what we believe.

As a newbie in this industry, it’s not easy, but a tip here. If you look at or read reviews of interesting products, you can be pretty sure that if bonuses are in the game the actual product has not much value.

I actually quite like that there are such programs. I do not sell them, I do not buy them but I take the opportunity that people are looking for answers.

I can now help answer those and present my first recommendation as an alternative at the same time.

The affiliate business is very hard these days but one way to get readers and free traffic is, to write reviews about programs.

We as website owners live from keywords and every new program, be it good or bad, delivers a new search term we can use. (That was a little insider knowledge 🙂

Back to 4 Day Cash etc. Otherwise, I said most of what led to my judgment. A questionable product, questionable extra charge strategy, questionable statements, see photos below and eye-catching dishonest intentions.

4 Day Cash Explosion Scam Proof fake customer
Proof Fake Customer, the image is from the Internet 🙂
4 Day Cash Explosion Scam Fake customer statement
Fake Customer Statement
4 Day Cash Explosion Scam Byby Super Paulo
Byby Epic Paulo

How I build My Online Business.

I am an affiliate marketer or a content marketer and use a single platform that covers the full spectrum needed.

So I need a website that is hosted somewhere and that I can easily edit. I also need basic knowledge and more and more specialized skills needed to succeed in the industry. That means training, lessons, sharing experiences and so on.

I often need support and people who help me to understand something. I need a keyword optimization tool and sometimes I need success messages from fellow members who motivate me when I am not in shape.

All this and much more is available at Wealthy Affiliate. Well, the price is not to compare with 4-day cash, at least not the starting price, where you can start with WA for free.

The annual subscription is ultimately not much more expensive than what you pay for all components at 4 Day Cash. ($30.00/month if you pay for the whole year.)

I can fully and honestly stand behind this recommendation.

If you’re interested in making money online, willing to invest your unproductive time in your own business for the next few years (as much time as you can) and imagine to learn a proper business concept from scratch, then you’re right here.

But just try it for free, build a free website go through some training and see how it works for you. If you like it you’ll know it 🙂

Thank you for reading 🙂

I hope I was able to help you a little. Many like you and me want to make money online today. I actually want to live on it.

It is not easy but possible. What is never possible is, what such cheap offers or even more expensive ones promise when they talk about “making money quickly, earning money without effort, or make a lot of money easy”.

Such shortcuts do not exist, otherwise, everyone would do the same.

I wish you much success, a nice life, and hope that you come again.

Until then, Stefan 🙂