The email user behavior has changed, new strategies are needed. Does this 5X Strategy Review tell if Jason Mangrum can help you get 5X better results?

First of all, congratulations that you inform yourself before you buy such a product. After all, this is not just about $20, $30 Bucks.

You probably have the same problem as many, an email strategy that is getting fewer and fewer sales. Email marketing is getting harder and too many emails are being sent.

Is there a trick of better opening rates, to achieve better lead conversion rates? Jason Mangrum claims that with the 5X Strategy, your financial results can be increased up to 500%.

Table Of Content: 5X Strategy Review (5X)

5X Strategy Review Overview



  • Product Name: 5X Strategy
  • URL:
  • Name of the founder: Jason Mangrum, Dez 2018.
  • Product type: Email Marketing Blueprint.
  • Good for: Anyone who wants to increase his income using Email marketing.
  • In words: 5X is a blueprint for you to optimise your Email Marketing in 2019. Increase sales up to 500%
  • The good part is: Jason Mangrum is a real expert.
  • Recommended?  Yes

Why am I writing this article?

What 5X Strategy is has interested me. As you may have noticed, I have had to start my opt-in list from scratch. All the email addresses that I had stored with MailerLite were deleted with my expulsion.

Now I have to start over with GetResponse and of course, I want to achieve the best results with the new email addresses.

I myself am a very bad email opener and have therefore inscribed myself on the list of Jason to spy a little. And of course, I try to find out as much as possible about 5X Strategy, which is not easy.

The program is still very new, the tips are not yet publicized and, at the moment, I can’t invest nearly $1000 to see with my own eyes what is being taught.


At the moment there is only one video available, the one shown on the sales page of 5X Strategy.

It reveals no details of the strategy but shows examples of email marketing expert statements and success testimonials from past beta test persons.

To what extent we can take the shown as face value is unclear, it is still a promotional appetizer.

The 5 X Strategy Review in Detail

5X Strategy Review Introducing 5X Strategy

5X Strategy is a live Google document. Buy 5X Strategy to get insider access to Jason’s “Live Master Strategy Blueprint”. This blueprint promises an up to 500% increase in your ROI. (Return On Investment).

At the present time, it is necessary to develop new strategies, to adapt, to move with the times.

The three main goals of the 5X Strategy are:

  1. E-mail opening rates increase.
  2. Minimize reciever complaints.
  3. Offer several products at the same time.

Who is Jason Mangrum?

5X Strategy Review Who is Jason Mangrum
Who is Jason Mangrum

Successful Author, Marketing Strategist, Mentor of Millionaires and copywriter Specialist. Jason Mangrum is not unknown in the online business scene.

His first appearance was with the book “Ubermann“, a life aid book that came on the market in 2011.

He has also published and distributed through JVZoo, online programs such as “Affiliate Domination System” or “Ninja Secrets” like the latest now, 5X Strategy.

At the moment I’m in contact with him to optimize my campaigns. He is active, I can confirm that.

What's the secret of 5X?

As I said, Jason is an advertising professional, with his latest system he has already helped many beta testers to increase their sales quotas with email campaigns.

The blueprint shows you how to increase the “Click Through” rates by creating interest related campaigns.

You can best promote closer relationships with your opt-in members by providing the information they seek.

5X Strategy Review better results

The blueprint consists of 6 elements.

Three focused email campaigns (within the same subscriber list) divided into inactive to super active recipients. Sending the same campaign to all recipients unsorted is counterproductive.

A new special way to present several offers at the same time. With this method, you reduce complaints and also delight your readers with desired content.

A “super list”, with highly motivated, reading and buying recipients that automatically grows continuously.

A “Create and Forget” autoresponder process that treats uninitiated recipients so that they again show interest and become motivated Super List members.

A measurable optimization of your email deliverability. Increases the number of emails that end up where they belong, in the inbox and are therefore more visible.

A silent “Viral Ninja System” that gives you 100% free clicks and helps those who join in, with bargains, competitions, free goodies, etc, become business partners and helpers.

These 6 strategies, when executed properly, are able to increase your email marketing success rates up to 500%.

What do Marketing Experts say about 5X Strategy

5X Strategy Review Joel Comm sais

Now these statements are to be treated with caution. Who knows, maybe the Cats eat in the same restaurant and know each other well enough to only make positive statements.

It is also possible that money is flowing to buy such statements. As the latter, it is also possible that Jason, the advertising professional has written these statements himself and has just received the consent to the publication of the persons mentioned.

In any case, on the sales page of 5X Strategy, the following statements are shown. (just a few samples)

Brian Winters, (CEO ViralLightning): “If you’re doing any kind of email marketing, you’re stupid if you do not use those strategies.”

John “Turbo” Delavera, “To become as good as Jason is only possible through the generous distribution of high-quality information that distinguishes legendary teachers”.

5X Strategy Review 24 Hours later
24 hours later?

Marc Steffen, (owner of Mexclusive), “Super strategy, it only took me 2 days to get it going”.

Especially with Marc Steffens material, I am skeptical about authenticity.

Problem 1, “Mexclusive” is only available as a domain name for sale. (Not too much of an authoritative reference).

Also, there’s a “screenshot” of a social media correspondence between Jason and Marc showing a weird detail.

A post description like I’ve never seen, . I never saw a description that says 24 hours later ….? Well ….

Plus the 22 "Firesale" Bonus Package.

To make the barrel even fuller, Jason has put a sizeable collection of bonus products in it. The whole package should be worth almost $10,000.

  • Bonus 1, “7Figure Mastering Intensive” (Value, $497.00) 17 Video sessions of Training for newbies, step by step building a million business.
  • Bonus 2, “FB Ninja Advertising And Re-Targeting Tactics
  • Bonus 3, “Ultimate Traffic Mantra
  • Bonus 4, “Free Traffic Frenzy
  • Bonus 5, “Banking with Bonuses
  • Bonus 6, “Solo Ad List Building Profits Video Training
  • Bonus 7, “WP Commission Cloaker Software
  • Bonus 8, “Instagram Marketing Made Simple
  • Bonus 9, “10x Commissions
  • Bonus 10, “List Building on Steroids
  • Bonus 11, “Bing Ads Mastery Video Training
  • Bonus 12, “Commission Blueprint
  • Bonus 13, “Email List Secrets GOLD
  • Bonus 14, “Instagram Stories DELUXE
  • Bonus 15, “Expert Content MEGA Video Course
  • Bonus 16, “Magnetic Affiliate Marketing PREMIUM
  • Bonus 17, “Entrepreneur Disruption GOLD
  • Bonus 18, “Big Business Blueprint PREMIUM
  • Bonus 19, “Content Syndication MEGA Video Course
  • Bonus 20, “A Resell License to my bestselling book, Uberman: 2nd Edition
  • Bonus 21, “A Resell License to My Bestselling Super Affiliate Ninja Secrets
  • Bonus 22, “40 Exclusive Self-Made Millionaire Interviews

What's my opinion of 5X Strategy?

It is quite possible that Jason does not promise too much, that you can profit a lot from 5X but this can not be proved.

I am convinced that there are ways to improve email opening and sales rates, but within a few days to achieve a 500% increase is certainly not easy.

Jason is a specialist in his field, certainly has a huge income, he has also 40 thousand email addresses in his lists, but if YOU are able to do the same with the help of his Blueprint you have to find out yourself.


It is handled relatively generously with promises. A 100-500% increase in your sales figures through email marketing is not exactly little. The price of the product is therefore quite juicy.

Customer statements should generally be treated with caution. Most of what can be seen on the sales page are customer statements, these can be fake but are certainly not verifiable.

It is spoken of a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. I have read the return policy, and pictured here.

5X Strategy Review Refund Policy

You’re sure to agree with me that the limitations of warranty performance pretty much exclude a money back opportunity.

The value of the product is upgraded with 22 extras. That too is “sales strategy”, embellishing the actual, oh so precious product, with free extras worth tens of thousands, is not the style I prefer.

You have to decide for yourself if you think it’s reasonable to spend almost $1000.  A guarantee that you will be able to achieve what is claimed I can not promise. But that the Blueprint is clever and well layed out I can confirm.

Pros and Cons

Conclusion: The 5X Strategy Review



5X Strategy Review Sensational Email opening rates
Sensational Email opening rates!

What is 5X Strategy, summarized it’s a Blueprint Training that will help you improve your email campaigns by 10-50%.

Improve deliverability factors, 10 -50% better opening rates and most importantly, up to 500% better sales figures.

By purchasing Jason Mangrum’s Live Google document, he shares his battle-tested sales secrets which all email marketers are keen of.

In order to see good or even better results in the email business, you have to adapt to the times. Too many emails are sent, on average every recipient receives tens if not over a hundred emails per day.

In order to attract attention in this ocean of news, certain techniques are required and exactly these have been researched by Jason in long research and compiled for you in the 5X Strategy Blueprint.

My No1 recommendation for Online Marketers.

Thank you for reading

I know email marketing is not easy, especially in the beginning. If you have a really valuable resource at hand, it can be fun though.

I do not think that 5X Strategy doesn’t work, but how much you can benefit from it depends, as always, on exactly how you apply the blueprint.

Now I wish you a great weekend, see you soon, Stefan 🙂

PS. Comments are always welcome, questions, experiences and opinions can help everyone reading this post.