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Hello and welcome to this, my website, created to help you and guide you if you want to start a new career as an affiliate marketer.

My Story

Stefan Vogt
Stefan Vogt

I am an ordinary guy who decided to live far from where I was born. I moved to Thailand many years ago and tried to make a living here by doing works and businesses as every ordinary guy would try to do. With little to no success as I have to admit.

About two years ago I then had the idea of making a website and find customers. I asked friends on Facebook how I could do so, where to find a host and a domain. I was totally unfamiliar with the topic and had no idea what it takes to make a website visible on Google and on the internet in general.

After many weeks of hard work, I could present my first website on Facebook and to friends and family per E-Mail. It was a disappointing experience due to having not a single visitor on my page. Apart from some friends that knew my address and that I personally asked for their opinion no one found my site. When using the Google search engine, I didn’t even find my website myself lol.

I then gave up the idea of making website promotion and again did this and that to survive. The idea of working at home on my computer didn’t leave me yet though. In free moments I researched the net for ideas what I could do from here at home and earn ends meet.

Finally, I found what I was looking for. A platform where I can build and manage a website. A place where I could learn all the necessary lessons to get ranked by Google and make a site that is found by total strangers looking for what they want to know.

I want “you to have it easier” than me.

After publishing two websites and having traffic I decided to start this platform to help people with the same intention, creating a new career on the internet. Now I have the knowledge and experience from firsthand and this is what I want to share with you.

I am still learning more every day on a platform I will disclose to you on this website. The Idea of growing together and learning from each other is one of the main plus points and advantages of my website. I publish articles about how you can create your first website for free and hope to get feedback from you, telling me how you are doing.

Creating an online career starts with building a website, it is not done with that though. I want to show you the steps you will need to go before going online and after you published your first posts and pages. SEO, search engine optimization is something you might not have heard of and keywords and many more.

I want you to be successful affiliate marketers

If you are willing to follow my advice and joint some programs I will refer, work hard and love what you do, you will find a new career in the internet business and make a lot of money.

It will take time but not much money to succeed. Websites are like any business, they have to grow and get mature and recognized. The failure of most unsuccessful websites is the lack of persistence and willingness to work hard.

On the bottom of every post I publish, you will find a comment section. Please get in touch and let everyone know of your experiences and opinion. Let me know your questions if there are any and let me or others help to find solutions to every possible problem

In the meanwhile, I wish you all the best

see you, Stefan 🙂

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