Hello, I’m Stefan, the founder and operator of asuperaffiliate.com, exploringrealthailand.com, flip-flop-hit.com, and allsopo.com. I work as a website businessman and would like to share all my experiences in this profession with you.

Welcome to my website.

My story

Stefan Vogt, 1963 Basel

I was born in 1963 in Basel Switzerland and had a great childhood spent there. I had many colleagues and together we checked out the hood and learned what life can be like.

When I finished school and education as an electrician, at the beginning of my twenties, the world lured me. I went on a trip with my best friend then and discovered North and South America. After 1.5 years, we came home and for me, not quite satisfactory normality should become reality.

I went to Zurich to find better work. I had an extremely hard time obeying rules and therefore could not hold my jobs very long. I was also a hobby musician and was drifting for a long time which did not really help me that much.

With a lot of effort, I had to tear myself away from drugs and look for a way of life that suits me. For the first time, I found some peace as I worked on a farm in the countryside of Bern. That was also the starting point for my first trip to Thailand.

More and more, I lost contact with my old acquaintances, who went their own ways and formed new groups. I found my new home in Thailand.

In the beginning, everything was pretty carefree and associated with a lot of party and alcohol. Until I got to know my current wife in 2006. At that time I still had my mother in Switzerland and was not thinking about emigrating yet.

I again had a great job in Basel at the time, and together with a good college and some friends, we were able to cash in pretty well. However, this was not a real alternative for me, I was under constant stress and consumed quite a bit of Alk and THC.


In Thailand

In 2008, I packed my things, signed off in Switzerland to risk a new life in Thailand. With my wife, I moved to the countryside in a really small village.

All those who live here are relatively poor and the only source of income is the agricultural family farms who poorly and fairly survive. Wages are extremely low and would not be enough to finance my standard of living.

Of course, in the beginning, I had a lot of money and bought land and built my houses. We have also tried in various agricultural business models but by lack of knowledge, we have never been successful.

It became increasingly difficult to stay positive and to be financially independent, we soon had to sell part of our land again.

Since I had my first idea how I could earn money with the help of foreign countries. I had a project and wanted to use a website to get it to people. Of course, I had no idea about websites at the time.

Well, with the help of a few friends and after extensive research on the internet, I had created my first website. This was completely unsuccessful because I still did not know what getting a website successful is all about.

I had written 6-8 pages about my product but for lack of all important foundation knowledge, my page was of course found by no one on the net. It was frustrating and a lot of time wasted.

Me And My Family

For the time being, I gave up the idea with the website and under pressure agreed to go to Switzerland to earn some money.

In the first year, I was 6 months there and my mood was not great. I missed my wife and daughter. Back in Thailand, I seriously looked into the question of how I could make money from Thailand by using the internet.

For days, weeks, I researched until I finally found a promising program. The idea of offering products on my website to strangers while earning percentage seemed plausible and feasible to me.

Luckily I was able to try out the program that offers all the training for free. After a short time, I realized that this is the only way that leaves me my freedom and an income that will improve over time better than I can ever reach in Switzerland as a laborer.

It was a long way, a difficult road and I’m still not there. But I’ve learned a lot in the last year and a half.

The advantage that I live in Thailand on my land in my house and therefore have very little monthly costs, I have fully exploited by working full-time work in my new profession. I was in Switzerland for a second time to work but this year I stay here 🙂

I want you to have it easier.

The Easiest Business To Start With No Money- Form Zero To X

After running 2 so-called niche websites that did not bring in much money, I decided to publish this website to help people get there faster.

“Every new start is heavy, said the thief to the colleague as they ran away with the smith anvil “:)

Meanwhile, I have gained a lot of experience and learn more every day. As you can see, my latest project is translating this website into German. There is a lot of work, I have already written almost half a million words in English.

I still work every day with my training program, which I will introduce to you on this website. The idea of growing together and learning from each other is one of the main advantages and benefits of my website. I publish eg. Articles on how to create your first website for free.

Creating an online career starts with building a website, but it’s not done with that. I’d like to show you the steps you should take before you go online and things to do after you’ve posted your first posts and pages. SEO, search engine optimization is something you may not have heard of and keywords and more.

At the moment I am working on a bigger project, I am working on a course in which we are building a niche website together. I mine and you if you want your own.

The goal is that you can follow me every step and get to know all the important details. At the moment the project is still in progress. How to explore a niche is already published in both languages.

Soon the first part will be released. The website that I create in this project is allsopo.com, I will specialize in selling solar energy equipment to build myself.

I hope you are there and we can all realize a great project end release it to the net. Everyone for themselves, all together.

My wish is to make you successful internet business people.

At the moment, if you are interested you can look around the website, if you want to test my program you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and create a free website.

If you are interested in my project you can leave a message below. Even if you have questions. I will contact you as soon as possible.

Have fun, a wonderful time, see you soon, Stefan 🙂 asupeaffiliate.com

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