Amazon, one of the biggest online outlets, selling millions of products. How good is it for customers? How are sellers treated? Is it recommended for affiliate marketers? Read one Amazon com Review and learn all.

Today millions of dollars are spent daily on products sold on Amazon. Thousands of businesses rely on Amazon and many exclusively sell their products there.

The owner, Jeff Bezos had a great idea in 1995 that made him one of the richest people in the world.

Millions of people, customers, visit the Amazon site every day. Do they get what they pay for? Is it a good idea to buy everything from Amazon because you can save money?

Thousands of vendors try to make a living or a big business from selling on Amazon. Amazon relies on these vendors but is the service provided really optimal?

Millions of niche websites make money by recommending helpful products sold on Amazon. Are the conditions interesting, can you get rich by being Amazon affiliate partner?

I want to share what I have learned so far about this giant and highlight pros and cons for every purpose you might be interested in using

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About Amazon

  • Company name:
  • CEO and founder: Jeff Bezos.
  • Business model: Drop-shipping with some extra features.
  • Price: No sign-up fee for customers and affiliate partners. Different fee models for sellers.
  • Guarantee: Different guarantee models for customers, sellers. No guarantees for affiliate partners.
  • Ranking for buyers: 85 out of 100
  • Ranking for sellers: 50 out of 100
  • Ranking for affiliates: 78 out of 100
  • My overall ranking of 71 out of 100
  • Recommended: Yes and No

What is is, a tool very easy to use, to buy or sell any kind of Products. Thousands of merchants use Amazon to sell their products. Millions of customers use Amazon to buy their products for the best price.

You will find Products for all-purpose and needs in your daily life. For most products sold on, you find reviews and rankings of these products. You can also post your own review and give rankings.

Amazon connects customers with retailers and even arranges most of the transport logistics. They also let website operators promote their products for the same price they are sold directly by Amazon and pay commissions.

Amazon offers various business models for retailers.

Why buy at and not in a common store?

Why buy at and not in a common store?

You probably know how much costs come together just to pay for your apartment. What do you think, how much money a store has to earn just to pay off its location and employees? can save all these costs. You do not have to help pay for a nice decorated shop or mall. This is why can offer you products at far lower prices.

A store or mall, that wants to sell as many products as you find in the Amazon shop must be very very big. If you are a bit short on time and need something special, you don’t have to walk your feet numb but just sit down and check on the internet.

If you choose a niche website, let’s say you need new flip-flops, you can find interesting sites that not only sell flip-flops but also have a lot of helpful information about what you are looking for.

You enter for example flip-flops (by the way one of my websites) into your search engine and you’ll get a ton of results. You can even go more detailed, search for Olukai leather flip-flops and get many interesting search results on any search engine.

About 95% of these “niche websites” will sell Amazon products, all for the same price you pay if you log into your own Amazon account. But they provide better, useful information you won’t find on Amazon.

On Amazon though, you can also read more than just the positive sides of a product. Most articles, at least the ones for sale over some time have a review section.

Customers reviews, positive and negative, are shown at the bottom of the product page. I heard though, that Amazon chooses which reviews they show and sensor some that might hurt the business more than acceptable to them.

The most common reason why people buy on Amazon though is because it is convenient and cheap. Ordering something and even being able to return if not pleased is a service that attracts millions of people all over the world.

Of course, this practice has a negative impact on real-world stores. That is why many of those choose to offer their products online as well and many do it on Amazon due to the huge number of customers.

For me as a customer, this service is a great opportunity. Amazon lets me buy things so much easier and cheaper too. My personal reason to buy with is, I live quite far from stores that sell quality products.

I would lose half a day and spend a lot of gas money going shopping. For many things I have to go 160 km. to find a good shop.

Reasons why not to buy @

Reasons why not to buy @

I understand, there are some reasons why you might not want to buy online.

You miss out on the shopping experience. Going shopping maybe with a friend is a social activity. You walk around, talk about products and can even sit down and have a cup of cafe.

You see and get seen. No one wants to take this experience from you.

You need new clothes and you haven’t bought clothes in a while, so you want to try things on before you buy. I understand, on Amazon, you can buy for example jeans you already bought several times, you know the type, size but there is no way to check them.

It is a bit of a problem nowadays, millions of products are being shipped from here to there and back only because people are not going to a shop and try things on before buying.

You can’t smell this perfume or you don’t hear the sound of this instrument or actually everything you need in your life. First, you check things out and if you like them you check

Depending on where you live, the shipping fee can be disproportionate. Some products ship for free to some locations. Read carefully before clicking the order button.

My friend, here in Thailand wanted to buy a leather cowboy hat and we checked my Amazon account. There were many nice hats and not too expensive too.

But at the end of the ordering set-up, we saw that almost 200% was added for shipment; order canceled.

Today Amazon is flooded with cheap Chinese products. If you want to get quality products you need to take your time and check brands and reviews.

This is due to a new business model Amazon offers, “Fulfillment by Amazon“. Many fortune seekers are at the moment buying huge amounts of cheap products from China and sell them on Amazon.

You see, it’s not all roses, you can be a very happy and satisfied customer of Amazon but you need to do your homework and check things out before you buy.

End users pros and cons (customers)


  • Good price value ratio.
  • Almost everything available.
  • Good customer care.
  • Good delivery service to many places.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Customer reviews.


  • A lot of cheap stuff.
  • Expensive shipment worldwide.
  • Not ECO-friendly.

What have sellers to say?

What have sellers to say?

I am not an Amazon seller my self and this part of my review comes from the research of comments and statements real sellers have made. Most say, there is a great potential for making money by selling on Amazon but, there are a lot of buts though.

The platform is very active and prestigious, millions of customers search for products every day and it has some kind of addictive character.

This means you’ll probably be able to sell well if you have a good quality product which is popular and not too expensive.

The downside, Amazon doesn’t care much about their sellers and always prioritize the customers. This can leave you with some real problems as a seller.

I also heard of mean competition practices that can result in shutting down your seller’s account. Generally, the danger of your account being shut down as a seller is most probable compared to buyers or affiliates.

An account suspension can leave you with a ton of products without a shop to sell it at. Make sure you have alternative sales possibility.

Piracy of your product ID numbers and images, and then offering bad copies can end a super product launch very fast and the trouble solving the problem will take a lot of time, your time.

I read, the Amazon sellers support is outsourced and not willing or able to help in most cases.

The most important statement I read, I think is, “do not rely on Amazon only”. Make sure you build your own brand and online outlet, your own website.

To build your own website and get known in the industry takes time and therefore selling on Amazon can be a good start. But don’t rely on this outlet only, it’s not yours and can be shut down any time.

There are many more examples of mean practices within the Amazon sellers community. I have found this rather scary article here you might want to have a look at before opening an Amazon shop.

As you see in the pic on the right, Amazon sellers central reviews rate the Amazon seller part much worse than I do. Every review there is unsatisfied and does not recommend selling on Amazon.

I don’t believe that this is a biased opinion collection though, there must be satisfied sellers as well. Maybe they didn’t encounter the mentioned problems yet or they have better strategies, I don’t know.

It is also stated that Amazon is slowly getting flooded by new sellers and the seller’s fee is rising too.

Amazon Seller's Review
Amazon Seller’s Review

Reviews like this one above make me think. How can such a famous company be the reason for such bad statements? I am glad I didn’t start the Amazon selling business but got into the website business.

Nowadays Chinese products are flooding the Amazon market as well, bad quality products that leave a lot of customers unhappy.

We’ll see what the future brings but in my opinion, the high times of selling on Amazon are gone. Jeff Benzos has made his fortune and doesn’t really care anymore as long as everyone has to pay to play.

Seller’s pros and cons


  • Quick shop set-up.
  • Huge audience, target traffic.
  • Very well known brand.


  • Lousy support.
  • Double charges, standard fee + sales percentage.
  • Huge competition, some very professional, some not ethical.
  • No protection against fake customer claims.
  • High risk of account suspension.
  • Always guilty before proven otherwise. You have to prove it!!!

How to still sell products online and profit from Amazon is by operating your own website. As I said it takes more time to build the outlet but once it’s running it’s your own shop.

The next chapter reviews how working with Amazon as a reseller, affiliate looks like.

How is it for Affiliate resellers?

The Affiliate Business Made Many Rich People

Now, in this part, I can speak from my own experience. I can recommend being an affiliate of Amazon for several reasons. The only real bad aspect is, they pay out quite low commissions.

The first point why working as an “Amazon Affiliate Partner is because as an internet marketer beginner it is easy to get accepted. The registration is quite complicated but once done you can start promoting a huge amount of products.

I think there are relevant products available to any website niche and Amazon is more than interested in your shop branch. The application is free and you can apply with a free website right from the start.

The only danger if you don’t actually have a working website with traffic is that if you don’t sell anything within 3 months your account gets shut down.

A second advantage of being a reseller is, you don’t have to deal with any kind of claims, transportation or anything at all. You link your customer to Amazon and that’s it. Once he received the product you get the commision.

As a clever marketer, you recognize here another negative aspect, of course. Giving away customers is not actually very intelligent. We, the content marketers should try to keep our customers.

This is possible by making our website visitors opt-in our Email list before moving to the product page of Amazon. Amazon has a cookie duration of only 24 hours which is very short.

Means, if a visitor of our website is interested in a product and clicks on the link but doesn’t buy right away but in the next few days, we don’t get the commission.

Resellers pros and cons (Affiliate Partners).


  • Easy to get accepted.
  • An endless amount of products.
  • Most people know Amazon and millions are customers.
  • Easy to navigate website with lots of interesting search metrics.
  • Mostly good product sales material, images, description, customer reviews.


  • Quite low commission percentages.
  • Very low cookie time.
  • Complicated application process.

Thanks for reading 🙂

That’s it, for now, my friends, if you have questions regarding Amazon please let me know and I try to answer asap. (Comment Section Below)

I hope you were able to learn something more about this giant outlet. It is amazing how fast this website was able to make the inventer the richest man in the world.

I think it still is a very good example of why website building in today’s world is one of the best ways to make a life change. Not overnight, but with a good idea and the will to put a lot of work into it.

Please sign-up to my free Email list and get hold of the fabulous little training on how to start selling in 60 minutes. I’ll also let you know of every new technique I learn and good new tools I use.

Have a great day, see you, Stefan 🙂

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