The Arbi Mate 2019 review. What is Arbi Mate? Arbitrage deals between Walmart and Amazon made easy. No time-consuming product/price research anymore, that’s what arbiMate does for you.

Thumbs up for you, you take your research seriously. Too many customers are being put off with products that do not live up to their promise. A quick review can save you a lot of money and time.

After Traffic Jeet 4, Cyril with Teknikforce Vetures LLC, today launches his latest hit. A tool that instantly shows you which Walmart products you can sell on Amazon for profit.

Teknikforce is known for good quality and reliable service, even for instant response live chat if you have any questions.

How the new Arbitrage e-commerce tool can work out for you? You’ll see in the following report.

Content: What is arbiMate? (aM)

ArbiMate Quick.



  • Product Name: arbiMate
  • URL:
  • Name of the founder: Cyril Gupta. Teknikforce Ventures LLC, Feb 2019.
  • Product Type: E-commerce, arbitrage tool software and plugin.
  • Good for: Everyone already or wanting to sell on Amazon
  • In words: ArbiMate shows you which products are sold more expensive on Amazon than in Walmart.
  • The best part: Absolutely unseen for this price.
  • Recommended? Β Yes

Why am I writing this report?

Arbi Mate Review No problems

I’ve just written about a Teknikforce product, Traffic Jeet 4, a YouTube SEO tool that really impressed me with its quality and price.

Ok, arbitrage has not much to do with affiliate marketing, but despite this fact, it’s still a way to generate an extra income from home using the internet. ArbiMate will not be out until Monday 02.25.19 and I just wanted to see what you can expect from the product.

Blogging and Content, Affiliate marketing is a long term business method. There are certainly some of you interested in creating side merit and with arbiMate this seems to be pretty easy and fast to accomplish.


The video I’ve chosen here shows Cyril picking a product with the help of arbiMate, calculating the profit on the sale and how to find such a product on Walmart and offering it to Amazon.

He shows how he uses the program as a plugin on a WordPress website.

What is arbiMate exactly?.

Arbi Mate Review Easy as Pea

With Arbi Mate, Teknikforce has entered a new business model. Arbitrage between Walmart products and the immense customer flow on Amazon.

With this new program, you can firstly find products that are sold in both online stores. Without even checking each product of your niche individually on Walmart and Amazon, you will immediately get a list of such products after entering your search.

But the best thing of all is that the Arbi Mate software will show you which products are cheaper if you buy them from Walmart. This work has been the most difficult for arbitrage e-commerce businesses to date.

Which product can be sold at a profit? ArbiMate will do the research for you.

So what you need to set up either for a side income or for your home business is:

A Walmart customer account, here you will buy the cheaper Products. Only that you do not have the ordered products sent to your home but directly to the Amazon customer.

Then you need to have an Amazon seller account that costs you about $40.00/month. I just checked and was told the program only works with a sellers account.

These two accounts you need to connect to arbiMate so that the program has direct access to the data.

After you have decided which product you want to sell on Amazon you just copy the UPC code, this is the product code on Amazon. Then click on “Offer your own product” and fill out all the details and your product can be purchased.

Who is Cyril Gupta?

What Is Traffic Jeet 4 Cyril Gupta
Cyril Gupta

Cyril Gupta is the CEO of Teknikforce Ventures LLC, a software company that works in India and has been marketing Traffic Jeet for several years.

Cyril himself started 15 years ago as a programmer and then made a name for himself step by step with his high-quality products.

He offers computer courses on Udemi that anyone can visit and an FB website that is active and where you can get in touch with Cyril.

With arbiMate, he is now entering a new field of online marketing. Surely he has also tried with this product to get the best results. Since the program is brand new, I’m sure it will get some improvements over time.

Who is arbiMate made for?


arbi Mate Review Good for who?
Good for Bloggers, e-commerce, Amazon sellers, arbitrage sellers.

Let me start with affiliate businesses. Let’s say you have a blog and some of your products are from Amazon. Now, Arbi Mate has a plugin that you can install on WordPress websites.

You can now earn two times on your products if they are cheaper available on Walmart.

On the one hand, you get the commission Amazon pays for affiliate partners, secondly, you can profit from the difference in price between Walmart and Amazon.

You can now do all this directly on your blog, on your website. The extra time needed is not too much because everything you need is conected within the arbiMate plugin.

Amazon Shop Owner:

Of course, this program, which works without a website too, can be used by PC, Mac, tablets, and smartphones, etc., is interesting for anyone who sells on Amazon.

You do not need to buy expensive products first, you just wait until someone orders, pays, and then you order from Walmart and have the product sent directly to the customer.

E-Commerce Beginner:

For you who have no experience with arbitrage, it is a very big advantage that you can start with products that will surely bring you a profit.

Another advantage is of course that you don’t have to buy any products in advance. It’s like you only work on the computer for some minutes and if someone buys you get the profit.

$40.00 for the Amazon account is not that much if you can make a profit from every sale you make. And with the help of arbiMate you’ll find Products very easily.

I guess you have to react now, before too many have hands on this huge advantage.

ArbiMate offers 4 Extra Products.

The front end product, arbiMate Elite is a fully functional program. You are not forced to buy more to work with arbi. However, the OTOs definitly offer some benefits.

Addition 1, arbiMate Pro, 14 days for $1.00 then $97.00 one time.

The Pro edition offers:

  1. Arbi Mate Review Pro

    Unlimited arbitrage search requests.
  2. Continuous monitoring of the price ratios of your products. So you do not accidentally miss a price increase at Walmart which could cost you a loss.
  3. Simply search for products with keywords.
  4. 2 years full update service included.

Addition 2, Arbitrage Training, $47.00 one time.

An easy to understand training that will teach the basic skills of Arbitrage business. You learn how everything works, what you should refrain from, and what you need to do to succeed.

Addition 3, Add Daily Arbitrages, $30.00/month.

With arbiMate Elite, the most time consuming task still is to scour the various niches for suitable products. With this extra service, the OTO 3, you automatically receive all the lucrative arbitrage products information daily.

This is especially interesting if you want to work professionally with this business model. You can focus 100% on selling. When a new product is added to the list you are making your new offer on Amazon.

Addition 4, Instazon Pro, $47.00 once.

This is an Amazon research tool that will find the best niches and products you can find on Amazon as an arbitrage marketer.

What I think of arbiMat.

Arbi Mate Review Biggest Marketplace

I’m basically convinced that with arbiMate you can easily create an additional source of income if not a full-time business. If you already earn your money with arbitrage, you can save a lot of time.

I personally always strive to make money with trading. The main reason is that I find it too hard to search for products that I can resell at a profit.

I also don’t have the cash to buy and store Products and the hassle of packing and sending is impossible here from Thailand.

The risk is too big, too often I’ve heard that people have to use hundreds of toothbrushes themselves because they just can’t be sold. To do business with trades you need a feeling for it.

With arbiMate, however, all of these risk factors are eliminated. You only sell products that you buy cheaper from Walmart than they sell on Amazon.

You don’t have to buy anything unless you already have your client’s money in the account. However, you have to keep in mind that you should check your order activity every day.

So you have to be active with this system every day and forward your Amazon customer orders to Walmart.

I think arbiMate can help you set up a completely new business that does not require a long startup process like affiliate marketing.

Already today you can offer your first products on Amazon and if the product is in demand, your price is better, then it is very likely that you will soon have the first profits made.

Pros and Cons

  • Quickly find lukrative arbitrage products.
  • Outrun the competition.
  • Newbie friendly.
  • Pros can offer more Products faster on Amazon.
  • Live Chat is very responsive.
  • Not expensive.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • OTO 1 necessary to get unlimited access.
  • No Arbitrage training with the front end product.

Conclusion: The arbi Mate Review.



Arbi Mate Review Mate Title

In short, arbiMate is as the name says your arbitrage friend. A tool that shows you advantageous products that you can sell on Amazon.

The program shows you which products are sold both on Amazon and Walmart. In a few clicks, you will find those that are cheaper at Walmart than on Amazon.

With this data, you can immediately start offering Walmart products on Amazon for less than your competitors. All the links you need are in the program, you just have to set up your Walmart and your Amazon account.

Have a look over the shoulder of a Amazon marketer that is using the program to find lukrative arbitrages.

My #1. Program for Affiliate Marketing

  1. Is The Wealthy Affiliate A Scam What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University
    What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University
    Keyword recherche Tool.
  2. Website building.
  3. Training
  4. Help and Support.
  5. 1.5 Million+ members.Β 
  6. WA Success Stories.

And despite all the potential benefits you get with arbiMate, I still believe that in the long run, content marketing, affiliate marketing with my own website is my favorite online business model.

Well, it takes more time to earn money but for me writing about and getting to know the products is important.

Arbitrage and affiliate marketing can’t really be compared. Except that both works online, the two systems have nothing in common.

I recommend you to choose one. To start both at the same time is too time-consuming, you will get bogged down and do nothing really profitable.

I prefer websites, if you want to try this I recommend to do it at Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to make an entry into the online business with arbitrage I can recommend arbiMate.

Thanks for reading:)

I hope you can now imagine a little better what it is like to work with arbiMate. I tried to find out as much as possible.

In fact, Cyril gave me quick VIP access to the program to check it but because I have neither a Walmart account nor a seller account at Amazon I couldn’t really do much.

In case I discover something important you should know I will, of course, update this arbiMate review.

Till then, all the best, to your shop, Stefan πŸ™‚