Are you still spending money on SEO agencies to build your backlinks? Why backlinks? My Backlink Machine V2.0 Review explains all about Backlinks and the advantage you get using a machine for SEO improvement.

Backlink Machine Review 2.0 UPdate Position 5 in GSR.
Even with only one Backlink is this review ranking in 5th position in GSR under “backlink Machine Review 2”

Top ranking in search engines is our primary goal when doing SEO, Search Engine Optimation, and backlinks are a small part of what can help get more traffic to your website.

Getting quality backlinks though has never been easy and is either a costly or a time-consuming undertaking. Most established websites pay a lot of money to extern SEO service providers.

But is it today still worth the time and money, can you explode your website exposure, traffic, conversions by using expensive services or a rather cheap program like Backlink Machine?

Read this review, learn all about Backlink Machine 2.0, SEO and backlinks. Better spend time here on a review than trying to increase your success with methods that are not necessarily that promissing.

Update to Backlink Machine 2.0

Today, to make this article more authentic, I decided to buy the new, revised plugin from Backlink Machine 2.0. At the moment it is still very cheap and the new version is much more promising.

My opinion about backlinks in general has not changed but the fact that the product can now be used niche specifically and the price is significantly cheaper than its predecessor has changed my mind .

Also, the fact that this post here is actually well placed on Google even without backlinks, drives me to add a user review.

The following Backlink Machine 2.0 updates you can enjoy now.

  • New, 1000 (previously 500) backlinks in the cheapest front end version.
  • New, $15.00 instead of $ 47.00.
  • New, you can choose the niche and category of backlinks.
  • New, there are now 10’000 (previously 5’000) websites available where your backlinks can be distributed.
  • New, now you can add unlimited keywords, anchor texts to every backlink.
  • New, SEO post analysis.
  • New, internal links should be easier to set. (I have to test)

How all this looks in detail you see if you keep reading 🙂 The Update will be finished soon, I changed the links already though 🙂

Content: The Backlink Machine 2.0 (BM) Review and more.

Backlink Machine 2.0 Quick.



  • Product Name: Backlink Machine 2.0.
  • URL:
  • Name of the founder: Ankur Shukla March 2019.
  • Product type: WP-Plugin, Backlink autopilot.
  • Good for: All website operators.
  • In words: With a few clicks you can request 500 or 2000 backlinks for your site.
  • The best part: Not too expensive.
  • Recommended?  More or Less

Why did I choose this review?

Today I have a very specific reason to do this. a few days ago I finished with the review report about WP Affiliate Machine, a program that offers copied review articles.

In order to test the WPAM reviews and which kind of reviews rank better, I decided to use one of their templates as an example for my work today. The copied WPAM version I have worked out and published on another, new website. See the WPAM copy review here.

Out of 300+ words, I got from WPAM I made about 1000 and tried to make the whole review not appear as a duplicate. This review here, about the same product will be about 3000+ words and hopefully, rank better.

Update 04.03.2019 – There are new reasons why I agree with BM.  

As expected, my review, which I have created with the help of WP Affiliate Machine, can only be found at a rather distant location on Google. This article, or at least the English version, can be found under “Backlink Machine Review 2” at the top of the first page in Google Search Results. The “2” makes the difference, I have no 2 in the title so far. Now that the 2.0 version of BM came out, I have to write this update. As I already said in the intro, I now test BM 2.0 myself. I have already ordered 100 backlinks for 2 items and we will see the results in a few days. So it remains exciting. Can Backlink Machine 2.0 improve the SEO of my posts, will I find more website visitors and, most importantly, will I make more money?

In addition, as a website operator, of course, I’m interested, whether such a backlink system works or not. Why should I buy backlinks and can the BM backlinks really benefit me?

What I have learned about Ankur’s products so far, with the WPAM review, did not exactly convince me about his quality standards.

Backlinks have played a major role for Google rankings in the past. If that is still the case today and much more about backlinks you will find out in this review.


This video is a short demo movie created by Ankur the creator of the Backlink Machine Program. He will demonstrate how easy you can add backlinks to your website posts.

There is not much to show though because there are very few steps involved using the WordPress plugin. And how and where the backlinks are published the demo video doesn’t show.

In the new 2.0 version, there are also some SEO analysis methods that can also be made from the plugin. This is also shown briefly.

What is Backlink Machine V2.0 exactly.

Who is Ankur Shukla?

Backlink Machine Review Shukla.

Ankur Shukla is one of the more successful product creators and sellers you can find on JVZoo. For more than 2 years, he has been regularly offering new programs to simplify the Web business.

Until now, I’ve only been looking at one of these products, the WP Affiliate Machine, which offers prewritten product reviews, mainly of his own products.

Unfortunately, I can’t give good ratings for his products so far. I do not want to say that Ankur offers junk products, however, I can not shake off the impression that he is not very careful on quality.

In the last review, I have written some more details about Ankur Shukla.

Let's dig deep into the Backlink Machine 2.0.

The BM 2.0 updates you find at the end of this chapter.

The basic principle of Backlink Machine is so simple that there is not much to say. You pay and install the plugin that you have to activate with your email address.

It must be said that the plugin can only be installed on WordPress websites. 2.0 PRO allows the use on every website and YouTube etc.

Backlink Machine Review Backlink dashboard

When you installed the plugin there are only three steps to do. Step one, you open the plugin and see all your previously published posts. You choose one you want backlinks on and define how many.

When you write new articles, you can set it up so that the plugin automatically organizes your desired number of backlinks.

Now, why do I say order or organize backlinks? Because all these backlinks are not on your website, the software has to place them on the 5000 blogs Ankur and his team manages.

Maybe I should explain briefly what backlinks are and why they can help you rank better in Google and other search engines.

Why backlinks?

Backlink Machine Review Google ranking criteria.
Why Backlinks for Google Rankings?.

Now a “backlink” is a link on another website that links to your article. So, if you, for example, post your article on Facebook, you’re creating a backlink on Facebook.

It has been true and still is often claimed that as many backlinks as possible are proof to search engines that your article is important or popular. However, that’s not quite true.

Good for your reference are just backlinks from important websites related to your niche. So if you publish your articles on your Facebook profile, which is not niche specific, tens of times every day, you are harming your website more than you are helping.

But if you have only one backlink on a site known as “authority” in your niche it may help more than all those on Facebook.

In the colloquial language we talk about “trust flow” vs. “sitation flow”, the number of high quality backlink vs. the number of backlinks overall.

I have already written an article on Backlinks and “Website Trust” and in a following chapter, My Opinion I will go into more detail.

Backlink Machine Review Add Keywords.

The second step is to define the number of backlinks you want for the post and the associated anchor text, keywords. These anchor text is the words or phrases your backlinks will be added to. For example: “Anchor Text

When that’s done you can send the order on the way. The BM software will then define the appropriate websites and distribute your links continuously.

Your backlinks are not placed immediately, that would not not look organic. BM sets the links over a period of approximately 1 to 7 days so that Google and other search engines do not suspect that the links have not been set by humans.

Backlink Machine Review Get Report

In the last step, after the actual task of the plugin is executed, you can also order a report. This report will be delivered after about 48 hours when the links are set and you will be notified where your links were imported to.

Backlink Machine is available in 2 versions:

The principle remains the same in both versions only you have a different amount of backlink credits and can serve one or as many websites as you like.

  1. WP Backlink Machine 2.0: Get 1’000 backlink credits that you can use on a single WordPress website.
  2. Backlink Machine Unlimited: Get 2’000 backlink credits you can use on unlimited websites.

What do you get with both Front End versions?

  • After purchasing the BM product you can install and activate the BM plugin.
  • Automatically you will get backlinks for every new post.
  • You can choose and add the desired keywords for every backlink.
  • You can request a report after every backlink activation, keep track of your backlinks.
  • All the websites on which your backlinks are placed on, are Google indexed and partly authority pages.
  • The program works fully automatically if everything is set correctly.
  • You can contact the operators if something does not work.
  • You will get your money back if you can prove that the program does not work due to the operator’s fault.

BM promotes the following benefits of using the plugin.

Better Search Engine Positioning.

If you look at the first 10 articles you get in Google search results, you will find that they all have a fair amount of backlinks.

If you can only add 2000 backlinks to your website it could be helping you to improve your rankings.

Get backlinks for all your websites.

With only a small surcharge you can distribute 2000 backlinks for all of your websites. And with just one click you can always buy more backlink credits.

The Plugin Remains Updated.

You won’t have to buy the same but updated product over again. Many similar products offer the latest version every year. BM is automatically kept up to date and improvements are added automatically.

Backlink List.

Once your backlinks are distributed you will get a detailed list where you can look up the location of each backlink. You can thus control and manage which articles have how many backlinks and where.


You can set up the plugin settings so that you get backlinks for each new post. 20, 50 or 100 backlinks right after publishing, depending on your demands and credits.

3 Exclusive Bonus Gifts:

Backlink Machine Review Backlink Strategy 2017

  • Bonus No 1, a training, the perfect backlink strategy for 2019.
  • Bonus No 2, a video tutorial that teaches you how to earn a 10’000 month income as an Affiliate Marketer with SEO.
  • Bonus No 3, this will give you the resell rights for Ankur’s royalty free images program, “FotoFinder

New in the Backlink Machine 2.0 offer:

Backlink Machine Review 2.0 UPdate Backlink Creator 2.0

For only $ 14.95 you get 1000 backlinks. That’s not really much, but to test how the plugin works for you, I think it’s enough. Additional backlink loans can be purchased.

2. Now you can also choose the niche of the websites on which your backlinks are placed in. This was not before and was the main reason why I advised against BM.

There is now a very large selection of niches.

  • Automobiles, 2 subcategories.
  • Business, 20 subgroups.
  • Education, 3 groups.
  • Entertainment, 3 groups.
  • Finance, 19 subgroups.
  • Food, Health, Hobbies, Home and much, much more.

3. Today you can also choose the type of your backlink. there are links to “Mixed Profiles”, “Mixed Platforms”, “Wiki Backlinks”, “Forum Profiles”, “Blog comments” in a total of 10 possibilities.

4. Instead of 5’000 different websites today at least 10’000 are available where your backlinks can be distributed. This seems to be a stately number to me. Niche Websites, Social Media Pages, Forums Profiles and more.

5. For each backlink, you can now assign an infinite number of anchor texts. With the help of a search term function, you will even be offered countless keywords that you can activate by pressing a button.

6. You can play around with the Google Rank Checker. This does not bring much in my opinion except to the motivation if you find your articles under a search term in the first 10 results.

7. Internal links, you can now enter a search term and link the matching article on your website, and define a number of internal links per page. If you activate this, your entire website will be searched for this search term and the desired number of links will be installed in each article. I have not done this, can I undo this? What does it look like, it would definitely change all my posts, I do not want that.

Backlink Machine Review 2.0 UPdate Front End


Who can benefit from Backlink Machine and why?

If you want your articles indexed faster by search engines. With backlinks, you can get your new posts indexed immediately and then better positioned in search engines like Google. Better rankings = more visitors = more income.

If you want more traffic to your web pages.

SEO, organic free traffic is the best option to regularly and increasingly get traffic to your website. With the BM plugin, you can achieve that in a few steps.

If you want to see hundreds of articles on the first page in Google search results.

With every new article that is positioned at the top in Google rankings, it increases your authority and of course your income.

If you don’t want to spend $500 plus monthly on having your backlink campaigns done by outcoursed companies.

Why not take the SEO backlink strategy into your own hands if you have to spend hundreds, if not thousands, on the website for this SEO service.

All WordPress website operators.

Everyone has to deal with backlinks and from today on, if you do one or more WordPress sites, you can immediately do it 90% yourselve.

All bloggers, websites information providers or service providers

Can now increase the visitor numbers on their websites. Everyone wants their website to be visited, backlinks can drive the numbers up.

More Backlink Credits and BM OTOs 1, 2, 3, 4

All of Ankur’s products that I’ve studied so far have recommended, or rather require that you purchase some additional products or subscribe to monthly subscriptions to fully and indefinitely apply the product.

Like the front end product, all OTOs are also divided into 2 categories. Most of the time the only difference is that you can use the slightly more expensive version on an unlimited number of websites.

NEW, Additional Backlink Credits, (One-time/Monthly Plans)

Backlink Machine Review 2.0 UPdate Backlink Credits

In order to continuously and sufficiently benefit from the Backlink Machine offer, of course, 1’000 or even 5’000 backlinks are not enough.

If you are seriously working in the affiliate marketing business, you want to have more and more backlinks available. BM offers this with two models you can subscribe to on a monthly basis.

  1. The first variant offers 300 additional backlink credits per month that you can use on one website.
  2. The second variant is applicable to an infinite number of websites and you get 1000 new backlinks each month.
  3. Additional 500 Backlinks for $9.95.
  4. Additional 1’000 Backlinks for $ 19.95.
  5. Additional 2’000 Backlinks for $ 29.95.
  6. Additional 5’000 Backlinks for $49.95.
  7. Monthly 5’000 extra Backlinks with the PRO plan for $27.00/month.


NEW, OTO 1, Backlink Machine PRO. (One-time payment.)

Backlink Machine Review 2.0 UPdate PRO Version

If you want to work with BM, with the PRO version you get a lot of extras to improve the work and make things easier. You also get 3000 backlink credits added to the front end amount.

All front end features stay the same, but in addition, you get:

  • You can now do all your backlink campaigns on a SaaS platform not only for WordPress websites.
  • With PRO you can now also supply your YouTube videos with backlinks.
  • With PRO your backlinks get indexed on a daily basis.
  • You can use PRO to reformat and print out your backlink lists as PDF files.
  • You also have a keyword research tool with PRO to find good search terms for your backlinks.
  • 50 Backlinks daily via autopilot, the program selects 50 articles daily for a 30 day sequence and automatically distributes the backlinks for these articles.
  • Bonus 1, Bounce Rate Reducer plugin for WordPress sites.
  • Bonus 2, YouTube auto poster plugin for WP sites.

Backlink Machine Review 2.0 UPdate BM 2.0 PRO

OTO 2, SEO Tool Kit. (One-time payment)

With this OTO you get access to 50 important SEO tools that can further improve your positioning in search engine results.

  • Text “spinner”, a program that automatically rewrites existing text so that it does not appear as copied.
  • Copy Checker, a program that recognizes copied text. Duplicate texts are badly rated by Google.
  • Backlink creator, another backlink tool + “Pinger”
  • Meta Tag creator, is helping you to offer search engines relevant mata tags.
  • Meta Tag Analyzer, find out which meta tags are used by your competition.
  • Keyword Positions Checker, find out where yours and your competitions keywords are positioned in search results.
  • XML Sitemap creates an XML sitemap that you connect to search engines to tell them about your website changes.
  • Backlink Checker, find out how many backlinks you or your Competition has.
  • Alexa Rank Checker, find out how high your or other websites are positioned at Alexa.
  • Ping Website Tool, inform about 60 web pages about changes on your websites.
  • Link Analysis, control all the links on your websites, find not working links and change them.
  • Keyword Frequency Checker, how often do your keyword appear in an article.

And much much more. 50 such tools that if you use them all you spend more than your entire day doing research instead of creating content. It is good and right to know about SEO and the condition of a website but in my opinion, this tool set overwhelms anyone who really wants to make money online.

Backlink Machine Review 2.0 UPdate OTO 2

OTO 3, BM Agency License. (Once)

With the agency license, you can make even more money with Backlink Machine by installing the plugin on your customers ‘websites.

  • Install the plugin on customers’ sites and ask for a money amount as you think is fair.
  • Flip websites, buy existing websites, install the plugin, create backlinks and sell the website at a higher price.
  • As an additional service offer, offer backlinks to your customers and request a fee for them.
  • Backlink Reports, offer professional branded backlink reports to your customers.

Backlink Machine Review 2.0 UPdate OTO 3

OTO 4, Resellers License. (One-time)

Backlink Machine Review 4 engl

The upsell 4 allows you to sell all Backlink Machine products for a 100% profit. You get the entire sales funnel and you can convert it to your own brand.

Backlink Machine Review rights.

My personal opinion about Backlink Machine V 2.0.

Well, now you have seen everything that BM offers and also what is promised to achieve with the product. Most of the above information was made by the program creator and are mostly for promotional purposes.

What I have learned about backlinks in general and about programs like Backlink Machine does not really match these statements though.

Only to give an example, in my school, the “Home Of Affiliate Marketing“, the co-founder and top SEO specialist Kyle said the following about backlinks, in February 2018.

To place a website well on Google and other search engines, does it need backlinks? NO !!!

(You can read the whole report here.)

Google positions website articles according to many different criteria and backlinks, even if they are very qualitative, are only a small part of the whole process these days.

Backlink Machine Review criteria 2019

To come back to Backlink Machine, in my opinion, after understanding what is offered I think it’s not really valuable.

BM has the possibility to set backlinks on over 5000 blog websites. According to their own statements, these are medium highly rated websites in various niches.

Backlink Machine Review

As high-quality backlinks, these cannot be viewed. You need to understand that backlinks in the wrong places do more harm than help.

This is also the reason why I am relatively careful with distributing my links. Here you can read what I have written about website trust, as it also explains why backlinks are not necessarily of advantage.

I still have done a small test with my SEO analysis Tool, my Pixpa Website Builder Review, which I recently published here, is ranked # 1 on Bing and surprisingly has 44,800 backlinks even though I’ve done absolutely nothing in that direction.

Backlink Machine Review Bing ranking.

So, in conclusion, I think you can leave the hassle with Backlink Machine, save both, financially and the worrying about backlinks in general.

I recommend you invest your time in creating good, helpful and search term relevant content and thus can expect your website to look good on Google over time in any case.

I would not let machines do your backlinks, which can lead to catastrophic consequences if, for example, Google notices that you are doing that.

UPdate Backlink Machine 2.0

Now that Backlink Machine 2.0 has significantly improved its offer I do not have to discourage this product. 10’000 different websites and you can choose the Niche today.

As I said I have now dared to start a test with BM 2.0. Of course, the results are not visible after 20 hours. I will, therefore, write another update in a few weeks.

Backlink Machine Pros and Cons (OLD Version, Not Updated Yet!!!)

  • 1'000 - 2000 Backlinks.
  • Backlinks on autopilot.
  • Choose from many niches.
  • Unlimited anchor text choice.
  • SEO tool support.
  • NOW a much better price.
  • For sufficient backlinks you have to pay monthly.
  • Money back only if the system failed to work.
  • You need a fast internet connection.
  • Only Email support, 24-48 hours.

Conclusion: What is WP Backlink Machine?



Backlink Machine Review BM Titel

With Backlink Machine you get 1’000 or 2’000 backlinks on more than 10’000 different blog websites that you can use for your new and old websites posts automatically .

The WP Backlink Machine 2.0 plugin only works on websites created with WordPress. For other websites you can use the PRO version.

After you have ordered a number of backlinks for distribution the BM software sets these over a time period of 1-7 days at its own discretion so that search engines should not recognize the machine behind the work.

With various extra products, OTOs, you can buy additional backlink credits and facilitate and optimize the work with Backlink Machine.

Backlinks can but don’t necessarily do improve your website rankings.

Once the links are distributed, you’ll get a detailed report about where the back links were placed. This will help you keep track of your Backlink campaigns.

My #1 Recommendation: How you can learn to get your website rank on the first page in Google search results.

Is The Wealthy Affiliate A Scam What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University
What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University?

Right, when I was writing this Article I was watching a live webinar, on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, that happened to have “SEO Search Engine Optimization” as the subject. (You can watch the replay here)

Backlinks were very briefly addressed as an “off-site SEO” strategy method. You can and should leave your backlinks in social media pages, YouTube “Discussion” or in the description of your YouTube videos or in comments on niche related posts from authority websites or niche related forums.

Again, it was strongly recommended not to use back link automation programs like BM.

To improve your rankings in Google etc, you have many options you should apply yourself for each new post.

SEO “On page” strategies:

  • Keyword research, choose search terms that have little competition but still are searched by a number of internet users. (Longtail Pro for different languages)
  • Use the selected search term, search term combination in the post title.
  • Use the selected search term, search term combination in the “meta title“.
  • Use the same search term in the meta description.
  • And again, use the same word combination in the first section of the subject.
  • Use internal links, at least one link per post should refer to an older article on the same website that further explains the content.
  • External links, at least one link should link to an authority website, eg. Wikipedia etc.
  • “Rich Snippets” are content details of your articles, that a plugin reports to the various search engines. For reviews, for example, the WP Product Review Lite plugin is quite recommendable. On this page, I only use the “Schema” plugin.

If you would like to learn more about SEO and the website business in general, I recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate for free. You can create and host the websites mentioned above, have the keyword search tool Jaaxy available and most importantly, you learn the business from the ground up from professionals with years of experience.

Backlink Machine Review WA Training.

Do it like thousands do every day, don’t rely on shortcuts but learn how the real thing works. The Home Of Affiliate Marketing is offering the best recources for new online enterpreneurs there is.

Enough for today

I think you have better information about Backlink Machine now and why backlinks are discussed a lot.

In my product reviews, I always try to incorporate some informative content in addition to the actual review. Backlinks are an interesting topic for website operators but usually are overrated.

I hope you have found what you were looking for but if you have questions I am always ready to answer them as soon as possible.

Also, if you like to share your experience with BM or similar backlink service offers, I would be very interested to see this in the comments.

Anyways, I hope you come for more, see you soon, good luck, Stefan 🙂