The affiliate marketing business gets more and more competitive these days. Having trouble building an audience? The 18 best affiliate marketing tools might help you, a beginner or an advanced, get more traffic and sales. I recommend tools that work for me and help me save a lot of time and money.

Of course, it is essential to have a good working hosting platform as well as the best place where you build your website. But more than that you’ll find a lot of benefits using tools going further than that.

Some tools have to be paid but by checking my list you’ll see that you can save a lot of money if you know where to get the best tools for the best price.

I’m in the affiliate marketing business for almost two years now and researching programs and tools is one of my passions and tasks. Let me introduce you to the most efficient solutions I have found.

18 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Beginners
18 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Beginners

This article is going to be pretty in-depth and with this quite long. I structure it, the way you would build your online business from scratch.

I’ll start with the niche research, the first step. The training and related posts you can check out by clicking on my links. Choosing the right niche is very important and can mean the yes or no to your success.

The second step is building a great website. For this, you need a website building platform, a host and the relevant training I want to give you right here.

Number three is the getting traffic part. With the system I use I target organic traffic and social media, no paid traffic. You see all it needs to get your website seen in Google and other search engines.

Last but not least is the monetizing part. It is what you are probably most interested in but I tell you the truth, if you don’t follow the first steps very well, you won’t have to think about the selling part of your website.

Let’s go, have fun and please check my internal links to get the most of this little list of the 18 best affiliate marketing tools for beginners.

Step 1, Choosing A Niche

(What is a niche?) (What is a keyword?)

When you start thinking of making money online you first want to know which niche, a target group of people you want to serve. Everybody needs something but for a website, it is important to target a specific group that can be helped with specific recommendations.

Billions of people are researching the internet on a daily basis but to get some of them opening your website it is essential to target a narrow group.

I have some articles on this site you can check out for help choosing a niche. The main tools you can use are a niche research tool, Jaaxy, and Google its self.

I use “Jaaxy” because it is most convenient and integrated into my website building program. Google provides a free tool within “Google AdWords”, the “Keyword Planner“. There is a lot of information on how to use this on the internet.

# 1.0 Google Keyword Planner. (Check it out)

The Google keyword planner is a quite popular tool and can be used for two purposes. First, to check out a niche and secondly to find keywords, search terms for post titles.

  • Google AdWordsProduct Name: Google AdWords, Keyword Planner.
  • Product type: Niche, Keyword Research Tool.
  • Integrated into WA: NO.
  • Recommended: Yes
  • Free: Yes.
  • Ranking: 7.0 out of 10
Keyword Planner Dashboard

To sign-up to Google AdWords, (Changing name on July 24, 2018, to GoogleAds) you have to create the first campaign. Fill out all needed details for your campaign and then click on the “Enabled” menu on the top left with the green button and “pause” it if you’re not ready yet.

Give it a try.

Once your campaign is completed you can click on the “tool” icon on the top right and open the “keyword Planer“. Then you click on “Find Keywords” and add a niche you’re interested in.

On top, you should edit the “Locations, Language and Search networks” if necessary. You now get results of your entered keyword and many related alternative niche names.

Choose one with a high search volume but a low competition if possible. I tried “DIY solar power systems” for example and see that there is a great competition and not even too many searches.

When you click on the “Competition” tab you can arrange them from low to high, the same with “Average monthly searches. Now you can research how you want to call your niche.

Working with keyword tools takes some time to get used too and the Google keyword planner is designed for people wanting to start pay per click campaigns, this is why I prefer to work with the independent tool I introduce next.

If you don’t want to invest any money at all into your new affiliate business, you can use Google AdWords for free. (Get started here)

# 2.1 Jaaxy, My Favorite Research Tool. (Check it out)

Jaaxy lets you find out how many people are looking for a particular niche every month and how many websites are competing on this particular niche.

Jaaxy Niche Research Tool

Jaaxy Research Tool

The program is very easy to work with and provides a lot more research features you’ll need on your journey to success. But to start with you can already use Jaaxy to refine your niche.

Let’s say you are passionate about solar cells, alternative energy, DIY solar panels etc. You now open Jaaxy, the “keyword tool“, and add the keyword of your first choice.

Give it a try.

First, if you go with “solar cells you’ll have a huge competition. with a lot of searches per month though. Still, the niche is too broad if you want to get traffic soon.

You can check another keyword, search term, and see the numbers.

Jaaxy Keyword Search Engine
Jaaxy Keyword Search Engine

Above you see a research I did before and the marked keyword, “DIY home solar power systems” looks pretty awesome to me. Not too many monthly searches, but this is no problem in choosing a niche.

QSR“, means the number of competing websites using the same keyword, and 5 is very low. The program says “Great”, but that doesn’t mean much. More important is the “SEO” number, 97, this is how high the chances of ranking in Google with this niche, website domain would be.

And another service, you see right away if the domain name would be available. I could build a website right now for about $15 a year with the name “” and I’m sure this website would be more successful than the one here, because of its low competition.

I chose the Make Money Online niche, which is one of the most competitive in on the net. I’ll be able to get successful though if I am persistent and keep adding helpful posts.

You can try Jaaxy for free, you get 30 searches without adding your payment information (Try for FREE here). But I recommend to go along with my list and learn that Jaaxy is a part of a program you’ll need anyway 🙂

Wealthy Affiliate Co-Founder Kyle Is Giving Advice

(Jaaxy Pricing), (Jaaxy Review), (How to choose a niche), (Top 10 niche markets), (Make money with a niche, Pinterest, and a website).

More in-depth training and help in choosing a good niche you can get if you join Wealthy Affiliate. It is the program including Jaaxy and a lot more. On the right, you see a comment from Kyle, the WA co-founder, when I asked about the Niche above.

More about WA later. Now we take the next step and see what works best for building your awesome new website.

Step 2. Build A Website:

(What is a domain name?) (What is a website host?) (What is a website building platform?)

There are a whole lot of website building platforms and hosting services I could recommend now. But I want to show you the best price/product efficient solution in the industry.

You could buy a domain for little money on NameCheap and use a host like HostGator, this is actually what a lot of people do due to the low startup costs. (11 website building platforms)

Many of them end up at Wealthy Affiliate very soon though, once they realized that it takes a lot more to get successful in the business than just having a website built and hosted.

This is also the case for websites built at WIX or GoDaddy. On a daily basis, new WA members ask how they can transfer their GoDaddy website to Wealthy Affiliate.

You can actually do this, at least if you have an existing WordPress website, Wix sites don’t work at WA.

Ok, Let’s look at the tools I recommend using for this second step, building and hosting your new business foundation.

# 3.1 Buy A Domain Name At SiteDomain (Check it out)

Buying a domain name at SiteDomain is an integrated process if you are a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. At SiteDomain you can purchase all available domains ending with, .com, .org., or .net.

Buy A Domain Name At SiteDomain

  • Product Name: SiteRubix, SiteDomain
  • Product type: Domain sales platform
  • Integrated into WA: Yes
  • Recommended: Yes
  • Free: No.
  • Ranking: 9.5 out of 10
SiteDomains from SiteRubix

A domain at WA costs about $15.00 per year. It might be a little more expensive than some other outlets but the few bucks you pay more here per year you will save many times if you work with WA.

For domain names ending other than the ones provided here, you need to go to either NameCheap, GoDaddy or other domain name outlets. Check my post about the best website hosting platforms.

The .com, .net, .org, are the best ranking domains in Google search though, that’s why SiteDomain only offers these.

Watch Buy A Domain, Video Walk Through

As you see in the following, SiteDomain is an integrated part of a very compact system. SiteDomain is a subsection foe SiteRubix, which again is a section of Wealthy Affiliate.

The advantage of building my website at WA is, that I have all these tools and features available for only one price. Ok, every domain I buy I have to pay separately once per year but all the other valuable tools are included in a monthly fee.

I even pay the yearly plan, which is only $1.00 per day. (Get started here)

# 3.2 Website Hosting With SiteRubix. (Check it out)

I recommend to stay with the same platform and say, SiteRubix is the most valuable website host in the industry. You’ll soon see, the whole website building and the operating thing is all connected under one roof.

Website Hosting With SiteRubix

  • Product Name: SiteRubix
  • Product type: Website host
  • Integrated into WA: Yes
  • Recommended: Yes
  • Free: No, yes, 2 Free Subdomain Websites
  • Ranking: 9.5 out of 10
Some Of My Websites Hosted At WA

It is the only platform in the world that provides everything essential to creating an online business. SiteRubix is actually the website managing and hosting product of Wealthy Affiliate. One Price For All.

On the right you can see my three main websites I work on. I host them with SiteRubix and manage them here very easily. Nowhere else would I be able to host three websites for the same price.

(WA lets you host 25 domain websites + 25 free subdomain websites for the same price)

Nowhere else would I get so many services for every website I host here. Included is a site loading speed checker, a Google index checker, an SSL security certificate, a site speed optimizer, a spam blocker, and not to forget, the best support service I have ever seen. (Check out how one of the founders, Carson, describes it).

The best is yet to come, SiteRubix lets you try for free. You can build 2 free websites right away now. No credit card no payment info, only your email address and a username.

Of course, these are subdomain websites like everywhere you get a free website. The advantage of building your free website here with SiteRubix is though you can always move it to a real domain name once you get a premium member of WA.

# 4.0 WordPress Websites At SiteRubix. (Check It Out)

(What is WordPress?) (What is a website theme?) (What is a plugin?) (What is SEO?) (What is Shopify?)

WordPress is used by over 60 million website operators worldwide. 31% of the top websites on the internet are WordPress sites.

WordPress Websites At SiteRubix

It doesn’t only let you create beautiful websites, like mine for example 🙂 but also sources an endless number of free themes, templates, and plugins.

Look At The WP Back Office Dashboard

With the help of WordPress, you can build any kind of website you like. Would this be a Shopify site or a blog-post site or a community site or a commercial affiliate marketing site.

Everything you need you can choose from and most of it is free.

Working on the WP editing dashboard is absolutely amazing. It is not a drag and drop system like some are today but you can edit everything without coding or any other special skills.

As you see on my website, adding YouTube videos, Images, Titles, and text is just the standard. Adding categories, featured images, and optimizing SEO are things you’ll learn with time and are all included and made easy with WP.

The WP dashboard also lets you edit the sidebars, customize the theme or the top menu etc. Every essential function is already added to the WordPress site and all extra features you can add by adding plugins.

I would not recommend going directly to WordPress and build your website. It is not expensive, true but you’ll never get what it needs to operate the website. (Check comparison here) (Get started here)

Two Steps Done, A lot To Come

Can you still follow? I know it is a lot of information but if you want to be successful in the online business you’ll have to learn a lot more. So far we discussed the first two, rather easy steps.

Until here you have to spend either $0.00 to get to this point or if you want to do it the real and proven way, you have paid the domain name, about $15.00/year and the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership for a year, $359.00.

With this, you have covered all essential costs for start building your online empire. 1. Choose a niche, 2. Buy, build and host your own domain website. TOTAL: $374/year.

Now, step tree is the step that takes the most of your time building and operating your online money machine. The steps 1 and 2 might take a week to execute but the next two steps will engage you for years to come.

The good news, not a lot of fees will have to add up for optimizing the next steps. Follow me and see how it works.


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