Step 3. Get Traffic:

The whole website building is done for people searching the internet for help. Your next quest is to make your website visible to as many internet users as possible.

This is actually the hardest part of the whole business. Once you have people visiting your site it is inevitable that your sales start going up. Getting traffic is what we look at now and the tools that can help increase these numbers.

It all starts out with choosing a good keyword title for your posts. A good title is something, a lot of people are looking for. A title for a post you have with relevant, helpful, and authority content.

The title has to be catchy and appealing and you should choose a title that has not too many competing for websites.

Next, you need to create the best possible content relevant to the title, search term you have chosen. Your website needs to be helpful, interesting and engaging.

We call this the UX, “user experience”. If your user is happy after finishing reading your post, he is more likely to buy a product you recommend.

Next, you want to stay in contact with your visitor. You want to get his email address and let him know about everything that is new on your website.

Revisiting audience is starting to trust you and the possibility of selling a good product is increasing the more often your visitor comes to your site or reads a newsletter.

Finally, you want to increase your branding and visibility by using social media. In today’s world, a big part of the online activity is happening on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Use these tools to power up your branding and eventually your sales campaigns.

# 2.2. Jaaxy Keyword Tool Powerful And Easy To Use. (Check it out)

Back to Jaaxy again, the powerful research tool affiliate marketers must have. Jaaxy helps you find the right keywords, search terms/phrases you need for your post titles. (You can use Google Keyword planer for this too, not as accurate though)

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

  • Product Name: Jaaxy
  • Product type: Niche, Keyword research tool
  • Integrated into WA: Yes
  • Recommended: Yes
  • Free: No, 30 free Trials.
  • Ranking: 8.5 out of 10

Once you have chosen your niche you’ll need to add a great number of well-researched keyword rich posts to your website. Low competition but still a good amount of monthly searches are the main criteria you need to consider.

With Jaaxy this search is made easy and quick. Let’s say you want to write a review about a title generator product. If you know the product name you first just enter this name into the search bar.

Let’s do this:

Jaaxy, The Powerful Keyword Research

I try to find a keyword for the next product you see below, the “title generator”. The keyword title generator has quite a lot of searches but is not recommended due to too many competition.

There is an alternative suggestion offered though, “website Title generator”, this seems usable with at least 48 monthly searches and only 31 competing websites. (Click image to see full size)

If you start a new website, it is better to target keywords with as little as possible competition even if the monthly searches aren’t that high. You’ll write a lot of posts and all combined will target a big number of possible visitors.

Jaaxy also gives you an SEO number, from 1 to 100 with 100 being the best. Don’t choose keywords with a lower SEO than 85, or your post won’t have a chance to appear on page one in Google or other search engines.

Jaaxy Ranking Checker

Jaaxy has very many powerful research tools, another one I want to highlight here. The “Site Rank” checking tool. I checked my post about niche research and had to find out that is going down in ranks 🙁

Anyway, I don’t think it is because of the keyword, I changed something in my menu, colors, and since then my website ranking is going down, I think due to loading speed. (I’ll fix that) (Get started here)

# 5.0 Title Generator, The A – Z Of Great Titles. (Check it out)

Title Generator

  • Product Name: Title Generator
  • Product type: Title Generator
  • Integrated into WA: No
  • Recommended: Yes
  • Free: Yes
  • Ranking: 8.5 out of 10
Great Title Ideas

A post/page title does not only consist of the keyword/phrase. It should also be compelling and creative. The best content and the best keyword isn’t a guarantee for someone clicking on your article.

The title and description are most often the reason why a person wants to see a post. For title ideas, I have fortunately found a free program providing a ton of powerful ideas.

Generally said, numbered titles rank better than ones without a number. The reader wants to get the best of choices offered in the industry.

This means, “the 10 best of…” are evergreen titles that have a great clickthrough rate. “TitleGenerator” does take that into consideration and offer a huge number of variations to alike titles.

There are more sections though like, “How To”, “Questions”, “Love”, “Celebrities”, “Secrets”, “Snark”, “Business” and more. I’m sure this tool can help you find better post/page title ideas for your website. (Get started here)

# 3.3. Creating Engaging Content For Your Website With SiteContent. (Check it out)

SiteContent is another integrated tool of SiteRubix, Wealthy Affiliate. No extra cost. You can also create the same quality content directly on the WordPress editor but some extras of SiteComment have to be highlighted.

Website Hosting With SiteRubix

  • Product Name: SiteRubix, SiteContent .
  • Product type: Content Writing Tool, Free Image Galery.
  • Integrated into WA: Yes.
  • Recommended: Yes.
  • Free: No.
  • Ranking: 8.0 out of 10.

I am writing my content on this exact platform right now. What are the advantages of doing it here you ask? Number one, I can add any images and they get compressed and optimized immediately.

No. two, I have access to 1 Mio. and more royalty free images with two clicks. No. three, my content is saved and counted and organized, means, I can work on several articles at the same time and find them easily.

Analyze Word Count

There are some motivational features added to SiteContent too. Because it is essential to add new content all the time, best, some 2-5 posts per week and all of them with a word count of over at least 1000 words. I can set a monthly goal, like 12 posts and 12000 words.

By checking these goals I can get motivated and stay on track. I haven’t set any goals this month because I knew I would have to do some work besides creating content but still in the graphic on the right I can see that I was writing most of the time.

I had a low in February, due to creating my Pinterest account and another low was a break I had to take just for recreation. Today is Friday the 13, I think I won’t set new goals today either 🙂 (Get started here)

# 6.0 Grammarly For A Better Spelling: (Check it out)

Now, this is a very interesting tool. I use it for free for a long time. Grammarly helps me with the English grammar and a lot more related to writing more or less without mistakes.

Grammarly For A Better Spelling

  • Product Name: Grammarly.
  • Product type: Text Correction Program.
  • Integrated into WA: No.
  • Recommended: Yes.
  • Free: Yes
  • Ranking: 8.5 out of 10.
Oh My Gosh All These Mistakes

My mother tongue is German and writing English is still a challenge. If I had to use a dictionary for every word I’m not sure, I’d never be finished with my posts.

When you sign-up to the free Grammarly program it lets you publish much better content. In my emails, on the WA platform, and many other places I’m writing, Grammarly recommends correction if needed.

It is not 100 % perfect, I still have to read and correct my texts manually in the end but 99.9% will be discovered by Grammarly.

Writing like a Pro takes a lot and Grammar is only one of the skills you can improve. Check my post here to learn more, “How To Improve Writing Skills – 18 Easy Tricks” (Get started here)

# 7.0 GreenShot, The Free Screen Shot Solution (Check it out)

GreenShot is another program I use almost every day. All the images and screenshots you see here and in all of my posts are made with this easy to use program.

  • GreenShot ScreenshotProduct Name: GreenShot.
  • Product type: Screenshot software.
  • Integrated into WA: No.
  • Recommended: Yes.
  • Free: Yes
  • Ranking: 9.0 out of 10.

Once you have downloaded GreenShot you have an icon on the bottom of the dashboard. To make a screenshot, get the right frame open and click on the green tab.

I then mostly use the most up feature, choose screen. After taking the shot I move it to a relevant folder so I find it again. You can also take a shot of the full screen or a window and edit with the GreenShot editor.

I know, every computer has a screenshot program integrated but using GreenShot I think is a lot easier and because it is free I didn’t think twice. (Get started here)

# 8.0 Screen Cast-O-Matic, For Professional Screen Casting and Video (Check it out)

For you who are doing reviews for your website this program I think is the easiest to start with. I have not yet a lot of experience with it, it does take time to create a video.

  • Product Name: Screen Cast-O-Matic.
  • Product type: Screencast software.
  • Integrated into WA: No.
  • Recommended: Yes.
  • Free: Yes, there’s a free version.
  • Ranking: 8.5 out of 10.
Screencast-O-Matic Dashboard

When you join the free version you can start creating a video right away. I have up-graded though due to the many features coming with the paid version.

The $18/year I think is not much for what you get. The main features you get are

  • Screen recording: Either with your face shown or not.
  • Video editing: The video editor allows cutting, adding, volume, and all you need to start.
  • Video sharing: YouTube and other platforms.

The video you see on the right, I just made now and it took me about 1 hour. I know it’s not a masterpiece, again, but I start having fun using it.

First, you do the video and when finished click on “finished”. On the page that opens then, you select “Edit”. Because the video I recorded was stuck several times I had to do some cutting.

The audio wasn’t well too, my voice was very low compared to the video voice. I learned to adjust this today in a few minutes. I must say it is getting very easy working with Screencast-O-Matic even after two times.

I uploaded the video to YouTube already, this was the slowest part of the whole action. I guess my laptop is not one of the fastest.

I hope you enjoy using this great little tool 🙂 YouTube is very powerful for affiliate marketing today. (Get started here)

# 9.0 Canva For Your Professional Design. (Check it out)

Canva is a product, tool I use very often. For each post, I must create at least one graphic either for on the post or for social media, most often for both.

  • Product Name: Canva.
  • Product type: Image And Graphic Design Program.
  • Integrated into WA: No.
  • Recommended: Yes.
  • Free: Yes
  • Ranking: 9.0 out of 10.

A long time ago I used to create my images with the free windows programs, very time-intensive and not too good looking in the end.

Luckily I have heard of Canva. I signed up for free and since then my infographics, images, social media posts etc look better every day.

You can choose a template size or edit a size your self, then you add images, some are available for free but most I download manually form SiteContent and screenshots.

Adding and editing text is easy, all possible fonts, font sizes, colors etc and background, shapes, or complete designed templates are available, you just have to change the wording. (See my review) (Get started here)

Social Media Presence is a must if you work in the affiliate industry.

One of the best and fastest ways to spread your content to a lot of people is by using social media. All the media outlets let you join for free and millions of people surf in them on a daily basis.

# 10.0 Pinterest Business Account Start Today. (Check it out)

The Pinterest business account is, in my opinion, the number one social media to choose from. Of course, Facebook has more users but there is an important difference between how most people use these media.

Pinterest Business Account

  • Product Name: Pinterest.
  • Product type: Social Media Search Engine.
  • Integrated into WA: No.
  • Recommended: Yes.
  • Free: Yes
  • Ranking: 9.0 out of 10.
Follow Me On Pinterest

Pinterest is more like a search engine than a solely social media platform. People using Pinterest are not as much interested in looking at nice pics of your cat.

On Pinterest, no one is posting selfies or pics of their morning coffee. What people post on Pinterest is infographics with links to their website.

Pinterest users search for information or products they want to buy, a little like internet search engines. Today there are millions of people bored of searching the internet, they search on Pinterest.

If you are able to post great appealing pins with much-searched topics, you’ll most likely get more traffic to your website than by just targeting organic traffic.

What you have to do?

First, you open a business account on Pinterest. Verify your website and add a pin-it plugin to your site. Then you start building “pinboards”. See my post and see how Pinterest works in detail.

Once you have a board for your website you create nice looking pins with Canva. If you add the pin images to your website and have the plugin installed you can add rich pins.

You want to have a lot of boards on your profile, group boards, where you show other peoples and your own pins, and your private boards where you show your own pins and add from others. Only the website board should only have your own website related pins.

(Build a Business with a niche, Pinterest, and a website) (Get started here)

# 11.0 Tailwind Pining made easy (Check it out)

The biggest task using Pinterest is the creation of many appealing pins. The second skill you need is to get your pins seen by as many people as possible. Maximize affiliate marketing with this great tool.

Tailwind Pining made easy

  • Product Name: Tailwind.
  • Product type: Pinterest Scheduling Platform.
  • Integrated into WA: No.
  • Recommended: Yes.
  • Free: Yes but not for using it for real.
  • Ranking: 8.0 out of 10.
Tailwind Dashboard

Tailwind has a lot of different features. All are included in every plan, only the extent of how much you can use some features differ in price.

When you open Tailwind you first see the overview of the last 7 days. My overview looks pretty poor, I don’t really have figured out how to get a lot of repins and clicks.

But you can see, I have published 60 domain pins, means 60 pins linked to my website. Just doing this would mean a lot of work doing it manually.

From there you have a menu on the left.

Join Tribes To Increase Your Reach

Tribes: Tribes are like groups but more personal. You can join 5 tribes with the plus plan and create your own tribes. Using tribes increases you reach drastically.

Once you have interesting pins and are a bit known by the other members they start repinning your posts. I’m still new here and my repins are still rather low.

To tell you the truth, using Pinterest and tailwind needs practice. I don’t spend enough time on this so far, due to having to produce content for my website.

Most tribes you have to ask for joining. This is all well described in training modules added by Tailwind. Every tribe has its own rules you have to follow.

On the right, you see I have 7.7K reach only from this one tribe.

My Schedule

Publisher: The scheduling feature is the one I use momentarily the most. I have over 200 pins scheduled every day. The smart scheduler chooses the optimal time on every day for you to pin.

Feeding the schedule is still some work, I want to schedule about 1000 pins per week. The best tool for doing this is a browser icon you can download for free.

With this tool and the help of creating board lists, you can add a big number of pins to many boards from one site. You have to see the video I added to understand how it really works.

If you have accidentally scheduled the same pin many times in a row, you can shuffle the queue and mix them all up.

Up going Statistics Is All I Want To See At The Moment

Inside: The analytics part of the program is quite extensive as well. Once you get used to schedule and creating pins you can find out how your pins are doing.

You can get board insights, see your profile performance or see what the pin doctor has to say about your best-performing pins.

I’m sure with time this tool and Pinterest will provide a huge number of website traffic. Like every strategy, it has to be learned and exercised before big success gets visible.

There is a free version to try Tailwind, but with that, you can only schedule 30 pins. If you want to take advantage of the auto scheduler you need to at least upgrade to the “Plus” plan $120/year or $15/month.

Of course, there is no use for Tailwind as long as you don’t have a propper Pinterest business account. Focus on building that first and when you see that pinning regularly get’s stressful, try Tailwind for free first.

I have a deeper Tailwind review here if you want to see. (Get started here)

# 12.0 Facebook Group – Gather People With The Same Interest. (Check it out)

Everybody uses Facebook. To target people interested in your niche I recommend to open an FB Group. Generally, people use Facebook for entertainment. If you have your website related group you collect members interested in what you post.

  • FaceBook Group - Gather People With The Same InterestProduct Name: Facebook.
  • Product type: Social Media Platform.
  • Integrated into WA: No.
  • Recommended: Yes.
  • Free: Yes
  • Ranking: 8.0 out of 10.
Facebook Groups Work The Best

I don’t know about you, but the posts I publish on my Facebook timeline get only very few views. I have a much higher rate on my group site.

During the last two months, my followers grew to 102 people, people actually interested in what I post on my site. I did regularly post on my FB timeline but never get any shares or likes.

Most of my facebook friends are not interested in online marketing and don’t want to see my posts. I only show my friends that I’m active and still alive lol.

If you have products for sale you can do affiliate marketing on Facebook, just don’t over do it or you’ll be blocked. Use cloaked affiliate links like (Check my little training here)

If I want to make conversions I have to post to my groups or pages. FB pages though I have found out do not work as well due to others not being able to post their posts.

I’m not a Facebook geek and in fact, I only open Facebook every one or two days to see if I have to answer any comments. But I still believe that Facebook is one of the traffic generating tools we should use.

If you check the video on the right you’ll get a lot of helpful tips on how to work with your Facebook group. I just got caught one tip, “join my group

While writing this post here, I finally found an automated Facebook posting program I can use for free, see next.

# 13.0 Hootsuite, The Free FaceBook Scheduler (Check it out)

Although you get the best results on Facebook when you create every post manually and individually, I think it takes too much time at the moment. Now I love this free scheduling program. 

  • Hootsuite, The Free FaceBook SchedulerProduct Name: Hootsuite.
  • Product type: Social Media Scheduler.
  • Integrated into WA: No.
  • Recommended: Yes.
  • Free: Yes
  • Ranking: 8.0 out of 10.
Post Per Hootlet Tab

With the free Hootsuite version, you can also add a Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn account. The free plan limits 3 social network accounts.

For a quick add to Hootsuite you can use the “Hootlet tab”, it is installed and appears on top of your screen. When you are on a post you want to share click the tab, add the profiles you want it to go and write a small text.

You get a short link created and can post right away or schedule for later.

You can schedule 30 postings in advance for free. For an unlimited amount of schedules, you’d have to upgrade.

Not like Tailwind, I think the free version of Hootsuite is enough to start with. (Get started here)

# 14.0 Google Plus, Google’s Own Social Media Platform. (Check it out)

Google+, Googles very own social media platform. If you work in the website industry I recommend sharing every new article you publish on Google+.

  • Product Name: Google+.
  • Product type: Social Media.
  • Integrated into WA: No.
  • Recommended: Yes.
  • Free: Yes
  • Ranking: 9.0 out of 10.
Google Plus Post

Now Google + is quite easy to use. It is not like Facebook for example where you want to get comments and stuff. Google plus posts are short views of your articles on your website.

One big benefit of Google + posts is, posts appear in Google search. You add the post title and a description. Keywords and you can rank sometimes even faster than with the post itself.

To get a word or phrase bold you set it between the star sign *, to get something italic you set it between lower line _.

At Wealthy Affiliate we have a social media share platform, My G+ followers are in the 2000s already 🙂

I actually have the most website traffic coming from Google plus. It’s worth using and not a lot of work. (Get started here)

# 15.0 Google Analytics, You want to see these numbers rising (Check it out)

For analyzing all your traffic data you need to set-up a Google Analytics account. It is free and not too hard to do. Check my little training here.

  • Google AnalyticsProduct Name: Google Analytics.
  • Product type: Search traffic analyzer.
  • Integrated into WA: No.
  • Recommended: Yes.
  • Free: Yes
  • Ranking: 9.0 out of 10.
Analytics Look Interesting Once You Have Traffic.

Once you have built your website and added some great content, you will want to see if and who is visiting your site. After all, this is what you make it for.

Google Analytics shows you where your audience links in from, may that be search engines or social media or even direct. Once you see where people come from you can optimize your strategies.

You can check the average age of your visitors and their main interests. You can find out how long they stay on the site on average and if they leave it before checking other articles.

I had to find out, as soon as I don’t work on my website, traffic numbers go down drastically. This is also quite motivating for working harder 🙂

Don’t be overexcited if your website is still new though, in the first few months I never had a lot of traffic. There must be some articles with keywords and also on social media, you need to brand your name for quite some time.

Analytics is not too hard to install, sign-up and follow every step they tell you to. For advanced users, not like me, Google analytics has a lot of interesting features to help optimize your affiliate marketing success. (Get started here)

# 16.0 Google Search Console, Tell Big Daddy What You Got. (Check it out)

The second webmaster tool Google offers for free is the search console. The main reason to sign-up to search console is to let Google know about your website.

  • Product Name: Google Search Console.
  • Product type: Webmaster tool.
  • Integrated into WA: No.
  • Recommended: Yes.
  • Free: Yes
  • Ranking: 9.0 out of 10.

Once you have logged in to the search console you need to verify your website. This can only be done with domain websites. (Check my training here)

You also want to install a “sitemap” on your website, it is a plugin that lets Google and other search engines always know what’s going on on your site.

Every new article you publish you should let Google “crawl”, it is a feature within the search console and helps your article rank almost immediately.

We at WA use the “all in one SEO” plugin, this includes the sitemap and a lot of other SEO features important for getting ranked in search engines.

Google Search Analytics,

Google search console is also an amazing analytics tool. You can see which posts/pages get clicks and how they rank in Google search.

My website is really near of being ok. Because it is still quite new and covers a lot of different topics it doesn’t yet rank all on top. My monthly organic clicks are just a few so far.

I think the more you narrow down your niche the better you’ll get ranked by Google. They just can’t judge my site so far due to publishing so many different keywords.

Google Search Analytics

When you look at my Thailand website, the one I haven’t touched this year yet, it still ranks better. It is one year older and the niche is not as competitive.

Google Structured Data Test

Learning how to use Google search console can be very beneficial to the affiliate marketing business. I have for example just found 4 errors on my website.

Doing a “Structured Data Test” told me I have 4 significant

errors. Luckily I work at Wealthy Affiliate and can now ask the experienced community for help solving the problem. (Get started here)

# 17.0 Bing Webmaster Tools, Millions Of Possible Visits From Bing And Yahoo (Check it out)

Bing and Yahoo have a webmaster tool together. If you sign-up with Bing your posts will also rank in Yahoo. These search engines have a lot less traffic than Google but it is still an opportunity.

  • Bing Webmaster ToolsProduct Name: Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Product type: Webmaster tool.
  • Integrated into WA: No.
  • Recommended: Yes.
  • Free: Yes
  • Ranking: 9.0 out of 10.

Ranking for keywords in Bing and Yahoo is a lot easier. I think not many websites are signed up there. My posts often rank on the first page and some even in the first place.

Other than that, is the Bing tool almost the same as Google search console. You can also let Bing crawl your site and see how many clicks you get and where.

I just found an interesting keyword tool they feature there. You find it on the left in the menu, “Keyword Research” and it tells you how many searches are made per month.

Of course, it is far from the quality Jaaxy provides but it does give some interesting keyword ideas if you enter something.

Ok, now my friends you have seen all the essential tools you need to begin getting successful in the affiliate marketing business.

Sorry, I know it’s a lot but you will be glad once you get used to using them. I said before, building a website is easy, creating a great online business is a lot of work.

I’m so glad that there are so many quality tools offered for free. As for now, you can still do everything for free with a free website and all the tools you get for free.

The way I do it it does cost a little bit. After step 2 I had a yearly bill of $374.00. Now after signing up to Tailwind and screencast-o-matic I have an additional amount of  $138.00/year this makes, $512.00/year. this is not even $1.50 per day and in fact, this is all you need.

In the next and last step, I don’t recommend any further payable tools anymore, this is it. With an average amount of  $42.65 per month, you are ready to go. I think this is a low investment for a privately owned business 🙂

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