Step 4 Monetizing The Website

Great work, you now know how to build, operate and grow your website. You have all the tools to get traffic and know where you can see the numbers, analyze them and increase your visibility.

I think it’s now about time to think of how you can monetize this whole business. So far you have worked a lot, written content and published it on every platform to increase traffic.

Now some people start trusting you and want to see more than just helpful words but some helpful products that could make their lives easier.

As an affiliate content website, you will recommend products you don’t own. (No more investing). Preferably you know what you recommend but you can also just gather information about the things you sell.

The best way to sell products is by writing, publishing “product reviews“. Exactly what I do here with this article. I made a list of products that help me save time, be more productive and work more professional.

How do you find products?

You have to look for affiliate programs. There are thousands of affiliate programs you can choose from. On this site, I use several affiliate programs.

Let’s say your niche is “Diet for pregnant women”, you can recommend food supplements, kitchen supplies or books etc. You surely know of Amazon, this would be the first address you’d find many products for your niche.

You sign-up to the Amazon partner program and apply to be their affiliate partner. Amazon is quite easy to get access, you basically only need a running website. They want you to have at least one sale within 3 months though.

Juice Affiliate Programs

Another way is you open a search engine and search for example a fruit juicer, enter “fruit juicer affiliate program”

I got a lot of interesting results for this search term. Check them out, see what you need and sign up. You might want to check the affiliate program first by looking up 1 or two reviews about them.

The exact same strategy you can use for every possible product, form Ferraries to Levis Jeans, from Windows to Watches etc.

Nowadays every smart producer has an affiliate program. If they don’t have one themselves, they are partnering with the big affiliate program platforms like JC, Rakuten or ClickBank just to name a few.  (Check my Affiliate Program post here)

# 18.0 MailerLite The Free Autoresponder Program (Check it out)

Actually, you can set up your email list long before you reach the selling stage but now it is the latest moment to do so. Getting subscribers is now like getting customers.

  • MailerLiteProduct Name: MailerLite.
  • Product type: Autoresponder and email marketing tool.
  • Integrated into WA: No.
  • Recommended: Yes.
  • Free: Yes, up to 1000 subscribers
  • Ranking: 9.0 out of 10.
Why Start An Email Campaign? Keep Your Customers

With this fabulous tool, you can create all essential forms for people to opt-in to your list. You can build landing pages, pop-up opt-in forms, and sidebar widget forms.

You can create product-specific lists and or general lists linked with automated email campaigns. The more you get serious about the monetizing part the more you have to invest time in creating emails.

I checked out most recommended autoresponders and found that MailerLite is offering the best service for the lowest price. (See my review here).

Sending latest posts automatically (RSS feeds) to your subscribers is another feature you get with MailerLite. In fact, MailerLite is the only comparable service that offers a free time-unlimited version with all features.

Like most modern, alike programs does MailerLite also work with a lot of templates you can choose from and an easy to use drag and drop editing system. (Get started here).


Finally, that’s it. These are all the tools I’d say you need for building and administrating a successful niche affiliate website.

Most other websites will recommend two more tools, a landing page builder, and a link tracking program. You don’t need these, at least not in the first 1 or two years.

I guess these programs are recommended because they pay good monthly commissions to the website owner referring them.

Landing pages you can build either on your website, I have several of them on this website or and you can build landing pages with MailerLite, the free autoresponder program.

Link tracking is not important in the beginning due to not having enough to track yet. Once you want to see numbers of your affiliate links and track them to optimize conversions you can still buy a program or use Google search console which also offers tracking options, as well as MailerLite.

Week 1 + 2

Sign-up for the free version of WA and build a free website, check out if this business is what you want to invest your time. Take advantage of all free training modules

  • 1. Google AdWords, keyword planner, niche research. (FREE) (Sign-Up)
  • 2. WA free trial with 2 free websites, niche research, hosting, training, and support. (FREE) (Sign-Up)

Total: $0.00

Week 2 – Month 6

In this phase, you need only the all in one affiliate marketing tool, Wealthy Affiliate, the premium membership plus all the free tools I recommend.

  • 2. + 3. + 4. WA premium membership, 25 domain websites + hosting, 25 free websites, Jaaxy keyword research tool, SiteContent, etc, (See what is included here) ($49.00/month or $359.00/year) (sign-up)
  • 5. Title Generator, catching title ideas. (FREE) (Sign-up)
  • 6. Grammarly, correct writing in English. (FREE) (Sign-up)
  • 7. GreenShot, the screenshot software. (FREE) (Sign-up)
  • 9. Canva, image design, and infographics. (FREE) (Sign-up)
  • 10. Pinterest business account, (FREE) (Sign-up)
  • 12. Facebook group, best facebook tool. (FREE) (Sign-up)
  • 13. Hootsuite, Facebook automation scheduler. (FREE) (Sign-up)
  • 14. Google+, Google’s own social media platform. (FREE) (Sign-up)
  • 15. Google Analytics, see your traffic, (FREE) (Sign-up)
  • 16. Google Search Console, get seen by Google and ranked (FREE) (Sign-up)
  • 17. Bing Webmaster Tool, take advantage of this great tool. (FREE) (Sign-up)
  • 18. MailerLite, keep in touch with your visitors. (FREE) (Sign-up)

Total: $49.00/month or $359.00/year

Month 6 – Year 2

Now you might want to use the two extra programs I recommend, “Screencast – O – Matic” and “Tailwind” and of course WA premium membership.

  • 8. Screencast – O – Matic, make your own Youtube videos. ($18.00/year) (Sign-up)
  • 11. Tailwind, the Pinterest scheduling service. ($120.00/year) (sign-up)

Total: $512.00/year if you pay yearly what I strongly recommend.

Thank’s for your time 🙂

I hope this was helpful to you, it was some work to get all the data together 🙂 The website, content and affiliate marketing business does involve a lot of work but with some good tools, you can do it faster and better.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything, if yes, please let me know in the comment section below. I’d also like to hear of your experiences in the affiliate marketing and which tools you prefer.

I wish you all the best, see you soon, Stefan 🙂