Best Affiliate Programs
Best Affiliate Programs

Hi, and welcome to today’s blog about the best affiliate programs. We are all interested in getting nice commissions for our hard work.

Not all companies value our work as free advertising websites and some give us a hard time partnering with them.

To see better results and look more professional it is recommended to have a standing website with great content and some traffic before trying to get in touch with affiliate partners.

Not all affiliate programs require a full complete website but most of them do. For a new niche website, it is most easy to get a partner with Amazon and eBay, these accept applications very easily.

The negative side of these two affiliate programs is, they have very low commission percentage.

As I said, it is a way to get started in the business but better programs should be focused on once your site is improving.

Best Free Affiliate Programs - how to get commissions
Best Free Affiliate Programs – how to get commissions

See what I got

Affiliate Marketing on the move.

Did you know, today the market share of affiliate marketing has reached an all-time high of about 5 Billion Dollars per year.

People are more and more willing to buy their stuff on the internet. The numbers are rising and we are in the right position to get our share of the pie.

To use good marketing strategies and choose the right affiliate programs are two of the things how we can optimize our profits.

How do you get commissions from affiliate programs?

Different programs pay in different ways. In some you can choose a check, PayPal or even Bank to Bank, others have only the PayPal solution.

Make sure to link to products using your “Affiliate Link” This link has your personal code in it so the company you sell for, knows who sold one of their products.

Most often the sales get added up to a certain min. amount before you get paid out. This is also different from company to company. Some pay weekly some monthly.

What is an affiliate program?

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work
How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

An Affiliate program is a kind of contract with companies offered to sell their products on your website. They let you use different kinds of advertising materials, give you an affiliate code and pay a commision for every sale you make.

However, there are great differences between the share they will pay to you. It can be as low as 0.01%, for plane tickets as an example or up to 50% or more for some online programs I know.

It is also to be taken into consideration whether you get a one time commission or a monthly reoccurring fee. Of course, the monthly commission is more interesting due to adding up over time.

If you sell one time products like what you do in most cases you need good strategies to have a steady traffic and regular sales to be able to live from it.

How do you find 1000’s of different affiliate programs?

Search For Affiliate Programs

To find an affiliate program is very easy. To get accepted is often the harder part. The best way to sell products and get accepted by affiliate partners is by writing a review.

Let’s say you have written a review about a Gillette razor because your website is in the shaving niche. You then want to sell the Gillette brand.

To find a Gillette affiliate program you just add the words “affiliate program”. Type into the search bar “Gillette affiliate program” and enter a search.

Google or other search engines will come up with lots of results. I did the search my self now and see, that Gillette does not directly offer an affiliate program.

There are several affiliate programs though, offering to join and help partner up with Gillette. I will get to explaining the most recommended affiliate programs in a later chapter.

You now have the choice of many different companies offering Gillette affiliate contracts. You might check every single offer and find where you get the best commission.

Most affiliate marketers though work with some few established big affiliate programs where they find most relevant companies in their niche.

My experience example.

On this site, for example, I wrote this post about improving writing skills. It is not even a real review, not like my WA or Jaaxy reviews but still offers the option of getting help with grammar problems by using a certain program.

After writing that said article I contacted the service I recommend in the post and asked for an affiliate partnership due to quite good commissions.

First, the autoresponder refused my application and I was a little disappointed. I didn’t want to give up at this stage though and wrote an email to the affiliate service center.

I explained my experience and added a link to my post. Immediately they responded. Very polite, and said they were very sorry for this decision.

They had already approved my account and added the promised $25.00 to my account for writing a valuable article recommending their product.

You see, sometimes it needs some effort from our side to get what we want.

What are affiliate network programs?

CJ Affiliate Platform

These are programs that manage a huge number of affiliate contracts on one platform. Once you signed up to one of these you can choose from thousands of companies.

The affiliate programs take care of the payout process and the affiliate link organization.

You have to be accepted by the affiliate programs first and then you often have to apply to the specific company you want to sell products from.

Using these programs makes it easier to have oversight over all the different companies you are partnering with and the commision stats.

Affiliate programs should be free to join. If one wants you to pay them to sign-up, look for another one. I am sure these programs get a little share of every sale you make and don’t need to ask for additional fees.

List of best affiliate programs.

First I list some of the most common direct affiliate programs that offer lists of products on their sites for you to choose and promote on your website. You always register as a publisher to these programs.

1. Here you have a portal offering millions of products of all kinds of producers being sent to all over the world. If you partner with Amazon you only get a commission of 2-19% but the chance of selling products in almost every niche. The advantage of selling Amazon products is also that people know the company and trust them. You also find loads of reviews and ratings of the products you can use on your website.

2. The same but not same as Amazon. The percentages are not that huge but you work with an established brand that everyone knows. eBay also has the well-known auction option that many of your readers might like. Be aware though, if you offer auctions on your site you have to keep them up to date 🙂

3. Etsy is specialized in handcrafts and decor products. It is a great place to also sell self-made products and to be affiliate partner and sell on your website.

4. Is to be the biggest online market today. You can use a plugin and open your online store right away. I see AliExpress has better commissions for lots of products and claims to ship for free all over the world.

5. Here you find products from fashion to gardening, home, and even health products. Although it isn’t that famous it is one of the best selling platforms in the industry.

6. NewEgg. The tech specialized online seller. They have a small commision of only up to 2.5% but the products are in higher price segments. Surely something interesting to look at.

In short, these are platforms where you find products from many different sellers on one website. You get affiliated with one or more of these programs and get a commission for your sales.

The second group of affiliate network programs are websites that help you connect to big product producers, brands, and affiliate with them. These platforms combine often thousands of brands and you can choose who you want to get in business with.

On these platforms, you have first to register for the platform and then again have to be accepted by each brand, producer individually.

Oftentimes these registrations are a bit difficult due to automated processes and of lack of direct contact possibilities.

Commission Junction “JC”. Is one of the biggest and a very trusted affiliate site.

Rakuten Link Share.

Vig Link.

Click Bank. One of the biggest for digital and real products.


Best affiliate programs for the Make Money Online Niche.

My favorite, of course, is WA, it is one of the best-paying programs, very serious and assures monthly recurring commissions.

The nex and also very good paying is Jaaxy Keyword Tool. High commissions and monthly.

I also have commisions from Grammarly and Canva. These pay only once but a nice commission, also WIX.

Thanks for reading.

That’s it for now, I hope you understand the meaning of affiliate marketing now and found your best working affiliate program.

I would get suspicious if joining affiliate programs cost any money. You have to find what program suits your niche best and the progress of your website.

Be aware, The better your website is getting traffic the bigger is the chance of earning money. Not every visitor will buy something so focus on getting traffic by offering many interesting helpful posts.

I hope to hear from you, complete my list or tell me about your experience with affiliate programs and affiliate marketing in general.

I wish you all the best, see you, Stefan 🙂

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