Best Website Builder For A Small Business

In this article, I want to introduce the best website builder for small a business, the advantages a website has and the investment involved in building a website.

So often I see small businesses having trouble getting more contracts or clients. A great way to go public is to make a website.

In today’s world, I think every business should have a website. Most of them already have but a lot are still not aware of how easy it is to build one and operate it.

What you might be looking for.

  • Creating a website for your local business promoting it and reach more potential customers. Possible
  • Creating a website for your local business with the idea of selling more of your products or services. Possible
  • Creating a website for an inter/national business reaching a bigger audience and increase sales. Possible
  • Creating a website to additionally sale products and services you don’t own to increase your income. Possible 
  • Creating a website to introduce your new business, products, services, and team. Possible
  • Creating a drop shipping branch of your business and reach buyers and sellers. Possible

Which is the best website builder for a small business?

Wealthy Affiliate University
Wealthy Affiliate University

If you are English speaking, can afford $ 359.00 plus some small extras (not necessary) per year and have some time to work on the website, Wealthy Affiliate is the right choice for you.

WA’s service is unseen in the website building platform market. What WA offers for this yearly price is more than you can get anywhere else.

The main pillars of the program are the training, the hosting, the support and the tools.

These are all things every one wanting to operate a website needs. You can either get them from different providers and pay here and there or you get the whole package here at WA and pay one price.

I have checked out many combinations of products available but in the end, a cheaper solution doesn’t exist. Not to talk about the quality.

Here at WA people not even having a business to start with, can learn how to make money, only with the website they build here.

Let’s have a quick look at what you get from WA when you get a premium member.

It is not easy to list all the features provided here. I’ll try my best without bothering you with too many details.

  • Training.
  • Websites.
  • Hosting.
  • Content.
  • Keyword search tool.
  • Community.
  • Support.

First, though I would like to invite you to take a video walkthrough and listen to Kyle, one of the owners, how he explains his website building program.

You might have to do a free sign up, don’t worry, If you don’t join for the premium you will never get a bill 🙂



Local Business Training Videos

Training, training, training, you find so much training here, you won’t believe it. I’m in my second year now and I’m still doing training.

The task I should be learning and doing at the moment is to create my own youtube video. I have made one before without the training here but now I just don’t have the time for making videos.

There is some more training available than what I listed, but this I think is the most important ones. You see, the resources of website building specific training is immense.

After learning here my website looks quite alright and is recognized by Google and many visitors every day.

For you as a small business owner, you will never need to go through all the training. You will find the important topics that are meant for you and learn the skills to promote your business and sell products to the whole world.

Live video training classes every week. With Jay, an industry expert, you can learn great new strategies concerning web mastering skills every weekend live.

300 hours of replay video lessons from experts. It is also possible to see the already hundreds of classes in replay anytime.

Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 Lessons). This 5 phase 50 lesson learning by doing makes sure once you are done, you have a quality website up and running with the latest knowledge and ahead of all your competitors.

The course is enlarged so that an absolute beginner with no knowledge about website building what so ever will achieve a professional level of website building.

Affiliate Bootcamp Training (70 Lessons). This training is specialized for people wanting to be affiliate marketers. This means they don’t have to have their own product. We learn how to make money by selling others peoples products through affiliate sales.

Incredible Catalogue of Industry Training. You have access to literally 1000’s of training modules. Premium members are producing and publishing new online business related training on a daily basis.


SiteRubix, Build Your Website Here

In terms of the website product itself, you are in the best hands here. At places like GoDaddy or Hostgator etc, you’ll pay many extra dollars for getting the same product you get here. 

If you want to make a local business website it is advised to choose a local domain. Here in WA, you can only buy .com, .net, and .org domains.

It’s easy to buy a domain name outside of WA and transfer it to the hosting platform here. It is also easy to transfer existing websites to the WA website building platform. (WordPress Websites)

Even the smallest business needs a quality website if it want’s one at all. There is no profit to be made saving on the actual website.

For sure you can get the same product, just the website, for a little cheaper but not with all the other services and tools included here.

A Website Platform You Can Grow With. It is the only place that you can actually host as much as 50 websites for the same price.

You can try different models, different approaches and never have to worry about the cost. You have access to 25 free subdomain websites and are allowed to host 25 owned domains.

A huge choice of 3000 website designs. As a premium member for only $49.00 a month or $30.00 if you pay yearly you can choose from 3000 website themes.

No matter what kind of business you run, you will surely find a matching theme for your site. 3000 professional WordPress themes and most of them are mobile friendly.

51,973 Website Feature “Add-Ons”. Impossible to know all these add-ons. You can add shopping carts, social share, email campaigns with thousand’s of free plugins.

With one click you have a product rating plugin added or a site speed optimation. The all in one SEO plugin is installed on every website you run here.

The all-inclusive SiteDomains platform. The worlds only domain platform that includes all common features for free.

Domain Security, WHOIS Privacy Protection, & Instant Set-up. Unlimited Email Accounts, 24/7 Support, Next Year Guarantee Pricing, & Advanced DNS Management.

As a premium member you can access all these services without extra costs, on every domain you register on SiteDomains.

But that’s not all.

A site speed feature that guarantees the fastest website loading times in the industry.

A three-point site protection layer. Comment spam, password hacking, and bonnet attacks are the ways hackers try to undermine your website. The Site Protection feature takes care of all of them.

SiteHealth, Website Analysis is an integrated feature at WA that lets you see and improve your website’s many health issues.

Site comments and feedback. Never stand alone with your website. Thousands of members share comments and give feedback to each other.

WordPress websites. The most used, common and advanced website producer on the market. You can grow from a newbie to an advanced WordPress specialist with 100’s of training modules.

SiteSSL – Free SSL certificates (Website Encryption). All websites hosted on WA have the highest security standard. Only “https” sites guarantee a better ranking, more trust, and highest professionality.


Website hosting is offered by very many companies. Some of them I described in my post “the top ten Website builders. I personally though can only recommend hosting at WA. 

Here you get a package of unseen quality for a price that never changes and is very reasonable without any up-sales at all.

WA Website Hosting

24/7 Managed Monitoring. Our websites are being monitored all the time by real people. I experienced one attack on WA during my time here and it was fixed within two hours. We were informed and updated on the problem.

24/7 Automated monitoring. A system breakdown is highly unlikely.

All around the clock, all year site support. Absolutely unseen anywhere else is the support service provided by the guys working here at WA.

I talk from my own experience now. Even mistakes I made myself were fixed within only or less than five minutes from reporting.

WA protects our websites. Bugs and malware have little to no chance to enter our WordPress sites. We don’t even need to install plugins to keep our sites save.

Every website hosted by WA is held as a duplicate on a separate server and can be restored at any time. This is unseen in the industry.

Powerful Servers, Powerful Sites. WA’s servers are some of the best you can get. Comparable products go for $250 up per month. And WA claims to be even faster than those.

Site Content Platform:

Content Building, The Core Practice Of Your Website Building.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you have your specially created site content writing platform. I use it here right now. Without entering the WordPress website editor I can create content here with images and links and publish it anytime I like.

The Ultimate Writing Platform. As said, here you get the platform to create the most important element of every website, the content.

You organize and build content efficiently, set and check writing goals and have a good overlook of all the content you already created or published.

I can even see how effective of a writer I am compared to the other WA writers and it’s hard to believe but it says I write more than 99% of all SiteContent users.

Over 1’000’000 beautiful graphics free to use. No time-consuming picture searching on the internet and paying expensive royalty fees.

Use the free offered pics and or upload your own right here in the site content platform.

A built-in spelling checker can be activated once the content is written. I find a ton of mistakes every time I do the check.

Write as if you were talking, and don’t let yourself get interrupted by spelling correction during the writing process.

Duplicate Content Checker. For a good ranking result, it is important to be sure not having plagiarism content. The duplicate checker crawls your content and compares with 8 billion websites online before publishing and warns when registering duplicate content.

Content Templates. For an efficient writing, you can create and use existing content templates. Not every post/page has to be created from scratch every time.

Time savings of up to 300% can be achieved by using the customized templates.

Jaaxy – Keyword, Niche & Website Research Tool:

Jaaxy The Only Keyword Tool You Need

For you, that have a running real-life business you will not need the niche research tool. But the keyword search tool is essential to all website builders.

Again this feature is something you can choose from many providers. The Jaaxy-Keyword Tool is with one of the best on the market and when you join WA you can save around $50 per month and use it for free.

Every article and every product review you want to be seen on the internet needs to have a keyword title. With the Jaaxy Keyword Tool, you find out how many average searches are made per month and how big the competition on the keyword is.

Keywords & Opportunity is Unlimited. With one click you can check the results of billions of keywords. The essential criteria for a good SEO are provided within seconds.

SiteRank. With this little feature, you can check the rank of your articles in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Enter a URL and instantly see if your article ranks on page one.

Niche Revelation & Discovery. I won’t go into details here as this is probably not relevant to you.

Website Analysis. Use this tool to analyze your competition’s websites and find out why they rank better than yours and learn how you can beat them.

The brainstorming feature reveals the top trends of today on the internet. It helps you find new ideas for relevant articles, niches, and keywords. The automated tool finds hundreds of related ideas for you.

Find high-value domain names. This again isn’t relevant to you I guess.

A Huge Community That Cares:

Every Comment Is A Piece Of The Puzzle

Another unique feature in the industry is the well-connected community working together with WA. The Best Website Builder For A Small Business is always present as a community and never lets you down with an unanswered question or any kind of problem you might have.

I personally am quite active in the community. I Rank 54 of about a million active users. I love to help others when they have a problem to be solved.

I encourage people losing faith in themselves and write blogs about my own experience and progress. I could write internal training and get paid but these I use for my website here 🙂

My Yesterday's Question
My Yesterday’s Question

24/7/365 Help. All around the clock and all year round you will get a reply to any relevant comment you enter or question you ask.

Because people working here are from all over the world there is nothing like a closing hour. I’m in Thailand and many are in America. And there are always people working.

Networking with 1.2 million members. We are the by far largest community of website builders in the world. I have over 1800 followers already and we all help each other when needed.

Expert Mentoring and Support. As a premium member, you will get advice from the owners and many other successful website marketers.

The owners share their experience of over 15 years in the business but with all the others we can take advantage of millions of years of expertise.

And One Of The Many Answers
And One Of The Many Answers

Three communication systems. The fastest and always active one is the live chat forum. I don’t use it much, it’s too time-consuming for me.

Second, we have a comment section below every training, blog, lesson etc. Everything you write or ask there is published to everyone active in the same training plus some experts.

We have a “notification tab” where all new comments and requests are listed.

And third, there is, like everywhere, an internal search bar where you get thousands of instant ready answers or suggestions. If nothing you find pleases you, you can add a question and in short, a discussion is opened.

Join My Favorite Website Building Program
Join My Favorite Website Building Program

That’s about it. Of course, I am not able to provide too many details here or I would be still writing next week lol.

If you want to learn more about how to make money with a blog click this and find my article.

With this post, I reached out to people with existing small businesses that want to increase turnover with the help of a website.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you find the perfect partner. It might be a bit too much service involved but the essential products are covered and provided with the best quality and for an incomparable price.

I personally would be happy to welcome you to the community and coach you through the toughest times in the beginning.

In this whole description, I wasn’t talking about the free membership. Many of these features you can only access as a paying member.

You have the chance though, to check the whole thing out for free. About 10 days, officially 7, you can work, build a free website and find out if this is the place where you can create your new website.

==> Find the sign-up page and all the extra bonus you can receive by joining WA today.<==

Thanks for your visit and your time reading all this content.

I hope this was helping you find the best website building program for your small business and lets you make a decision. Remember, you have a free trial and are in no way forced to upgrade to premium.

With all this said, I wish you all the success you desire and hope you have a great time.

See you, Stefan 🙂

PS. Almost forgot, please leave a comment. Below, in the comment section, you are free to ask questions, tell us your opinion, and any other comments you want us to hear.

I and all the visitors are interested in hearing what you have to say. Thank’s

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