How To Build A Professional Website For Free

Hi, and welcome to my short training on how to build a professional website for free. I know from my own experience, building a professional website can be pretty complicated.

The following video will show that it doesn’t have to be hard at all. It is all a matter of a few clicks, adding a few titles etc. and off you go, your website is up.

On this post, I will additionally write the whole process out and add all relevant links for you, so the creation of your first website will be a fun experience.

The Super Affiliate University Affiliate Disclosure
The Super Affiliate University Affiliate Disclosure

Step one, “choose a niche

I hope you have already gone through the niche training I published, if not, I recommend you first chose a niche before you build your website. (Check the “Let’s Get Started” menu on top).

The website name has to relate to the niche and only because you build a free website here, I would still take it seriously and do some niche research.

Now, the first step for building your free website is to click here and join the exceptional hosting program that lets you build and host 2 websites for free.

You’re going to add your best email address and a name, username and a password of your choice. No payment info, no credit card details.

For your free starter package, you have to pay absolutely nothing. Some of the features provided at the program are premium features but most of them you can use for free for a limited time.

==>BUT, the two websites you can use for free as long as you like.<==

Check out my video walk-through now and see how easy the website building process can be if you know where to do it 🙂 (much easier than creating my first YouTube video lol)

What steps are involved in building your free WordPress Website?

  1. How To Build A Professional Website For Free

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  2. Click the link on your success message. (You’ll land on the landing page of SiteRubix).
  3. Enter your chosen domain name. (You’ll get a free subdomain website, an “” WordPress website” Click “build my free website”
  4. Sign-up to the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) free starter pack. (To continue you have to Add your email, name, a password and a username. You’re now a free member of Wealthy Affiliate and can use the whole platform 7 days for free)
  5. Continue building your website, give it a name. (For example, “Example Name”).
  6. Continue and choose a theme. (The theme is what your WordPress website will look like. With the free membership you can choose from 6 professional WordPress themes).
  7. Last but not least, click on “create my website now”. (After clicking your new website will be built for you).
  8. Log in to your free professional WordPress website and start adding content.

Website Hosting at Wealthy Affiliate.

Exceptional Features Come With Hosting Websites At WA

Once you have built your first website at WA you can always enter it by coming back to WA. Remember your password or save the log-in details.

Inside the WA dashboard, you open the “Website” tab on the right, and either log in to your site from there or click on “SiteManager” on top, and see many details and log in from there.

The WA hosting platform offers you the best services and technical support. All websites hosted at WA are backed up as a second version by the support team.

You’ll never have to worry about your website getting lost, there is always a copy available for you. (Unique to the industry).

See more advantages you have by hosting your websites at WA, click here.

First steps to do with your new website.

First steps to do with your new website.

Now before you start adding your interesting content to the new site you should do some tasks to get everything ready. The website has some default settings you want to change.

On top of the back end dashboard, you see that there are updates to be done. Before doing anything else click on update and get the latest WordPress theme version. (don’t worry about backing up the site, you don’t have anything to back up at the moment).

WP has added a default page and post, for you to see how the website would look like with content. Have a look at the site, click on the top left, on the name of your website, then click on all menu items to see if you’re ok with the theme.

You can change the theme when you go back to “edit post/page” and open “Appearance” on the left. The top option, “Theme”, lets you see the other available themes and change them.

Once you’re fine with the theme you chose, you can delete all default content. Click “page” in the WP editing dashboard and there you see that you have one page already. Delete it. The same you do with your default post and if necessary the default comment.

Now your website is clean and the next thing you want to do is click on “plugins” on the left side of your dashboard and once the page opened you activate all installed plug-ins.

At WA (Wealthy Affiliate) you get your site prepared with the “all in one SEO pack” plugin which in future will help you get your site ranked in search engines such as Google and Bing, Yahoo.

Activate and if necessary update all plugins that are installed with the theme. Now your brand new website is ready to add some content.

Adding your first content.

Every website needs to have a privacy policy page and an affiliate disclosure page. I recommend adding these two pages right in the beginning.

These are content regulated by law and are standard text. You can copy my privacy policy page and Affiliate disclosure page if you click on them. Just make sure to enter your own URL on all locations mine is added (I marked them blue). You also want to change the email address and name to your own of course.

Disable Google To Find These Two Pages

These two contents I would create as a new “page”. Once done and the content is pasted, you title your pages with what they are, and scroll down the text until you see the SEO fields. (see on the right)

Because these two pages are duplicate content and Google does not like duplicate content at all you want to disable Google to find these two pages on your site.

As you see on the right in the pic you should mark these fields as I have done. All coming posts/pages you write your self and make sure not to have duplicate content.

If you now look at your website again these two new pages should appear on top as the first two menu items. Leave them there for the moment and do the next step, which is writing an “About” page.

The “About” page is for your visitors to learn who you are.

The “About” page is for your visitors to learn who you are.

The third page and menu item you want to add in the beginning is an “About” page. This can have a title like, “About”, “About Me”, or “About (Your Name)”

If you want to build a following to your website it is important to show that you are a real person. Visitors tend to trust real people more and faster than not personalized organizations, except already famous brands.

It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece the about page, but I recommend to add an image of your self and write some introduction to your person and why you created this website.

The about page should be more focused on your person than on explaining your website niche. You can write what your website is all about on a separate page/post you either make your static homepage or another about page.

For all content, you add in future the rule of writing at least 1000 words per post/page should start being on your mind. I know this is a lot, especially for the about page.

Try your best and if you can’t come up with enough text don’t worry, the about page you can always edit and add more content when you feel ready.

Take advantage of your free training.

Take advantage of your free training.

This is all I want to tell you here for now. If you follow my recommendation and build your website for free at the Wealthy Affiliate platform you can take advantage of the high-quality training provided there.

If I was you, I’d start with the “Online Entrepreneur Certification” course. You can access the first 10 lessons with the free version and all I wrote here and a lot more will be covered with great video training and words.

After every training module, you also have a few tasks to do. I strongly recommend doing every task right away before going to the next training step.

WA helps you build your new website with the latest technology and the best-proven techniques to get successful online. People following this training, as I am, can create awesome websites quite fast.

Of course, the website business, especially if you want to monetize your website is a long-term process. The website has to grow trust, traffic and therefore you have to add a lot of new quality content regularly.

The best practice for getting successful online is to focus on helping people. There are about 3 billion people using the internet looking for help on a daily basis.

Make it your job to help people you target with your niche and your keywords. Write quality helpful in-depth content and try to find out what your audience is looking for. Check out my post about how to make a good blog post)

Thanks for visiting – Happy website building 🙂

That’s it for the moment, you can check out all my published articles for additional training, tricks and instructions, all related to making money with a website.

It is a broad topic and to be able to make a lot of money asks for knowing all kinds of skills. Building your first website is the foundation of the business. This, you can achieve quite easily but what is coming after that is a lot of work.

You’ll have to learn and practice. The place I do my training is most qualified in helping me and you achieving our dreams and start a new career working from home on our laptops. As I say in the video, my training and all WA offers, tools, support etc. I use for only $1.00 per day. (Check my WA review here)

I hope you can take advantage of this post and now build your own professional website for free. If you have any questions or want to share your experience feel free to add your comment below.

I know me and all my readers are looking forward to reading your thoughts and I will reply as soon as possible.

I wish you a great time, see you, Stefan 🙂

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