Today I ask a philosophical question once again. Can I get rich? I would say, you need to feel rich to get rich in the common way of speaking.

What many people do, keeping them from getting rich, is thinking and talking how poor they are. The mindset is very important for achieving any goals in life.

I look at my self as a rich person, although I don’t have a lot of cash to show. I feel rich because I have everything I need.

Step one for getting rich.

Start To Be Great
Start To Be Great

Focus on the good things that you already have in your life. Try to see only the positive. Be grateful for all you can call your own and all the people that love you.

I’m sure once you focus your perspective in this direction you already start feeling a bit rich. Everyone has things that make them happy. Look at these and enjoy their existence.

My wife, for example, said the other day. “Darling, our car is getting old and looks quite poor already. Don’t you want to buy a new one in the near future?”

I said, “look at it this way, we have a great working car that brought us to many places and didn’t cost us much in maintenance.

Look at the two motorbikes we have and can use every day, look at the nice new bicycle we bought for our daughter not long ago and that she loves and uses every day.

Isn’t there better things to see than just a pickup car that is getting in the age? Of course, we’ll get a new car by the end of this year, a very beautiful big new SUV, exactly the one you wish.”

Her mindset changed in an instance and the day was bright again. It was just a matter of depressing thoughts that overwhelmed her.

I told her to look at the bright side of things and made clear that we are rich and can afford to buy a new car very soon.

Her negative thoughts, in the beginning, were very unproductive and if not changed immediately they can prevent us from going in the right direction.

Thoughts like these can paralyze us, prevent us from giving our best and they can even be contagious. The nourishment of thoughts of this kind is harmful.

Try every morning to exercise thinking of all the great things you have in your life, be grateful and focus on doing a good job helping everyone have a great life as well.

See what I got

Step two in the right direction.

Visualize Your Dreams

Visualize the things you want, set a realistic time limit and believe that you can get the things you need at the given time.

It is of most importance, and this is also a mindset thing, that you believe in your success. The whole process of being rich is a matter of belief.

My wife asks me will it be possible to get a new car by the end of the year. I say it is possible if we all believe in it and work hard for it.

Of course, there’s no quality in laying in bed and letting all chances of getting closer to the goals pass. It is normal that we have to grab the chances helping us reach the goals.

I do not really think someone can truly believe in reaching their goals by just sleeping. But believe it is essential. So you have to do everything in your power to succeed.

Define and visualize your goals, believe in reaching them and do all you can to reach them. Feel your new car, smell it, close your eyes and feel already driving it.

Be flexible in the way you reach the goals.

See Better Ways To Reach Your Goal

Life works in mysterious ways, so you need to be awake and have open eyes on possible ways that get you closer and faster near reaching your goals.

If you work as an employee, the chances of getting a sudden life-changing paycheck raise are not very realistic. But to see a possibility for a real life-change might walk over your path any time.

You then must have the courage to go a step further, do a step into the unknown, possibly. If you do not, your life stays the same and the chance of your life might just passed your way but you didn’t grab it.

Believe in the truth of being able to reach your goal and keep your eyes open for signs for a chance to reach them in the timeframe you fixed.

Since last year I changed my mindset and keep saying we have a lot of money and we always have enough money. You might not believe it but it has gotten our life’s truth.

Money goes down, is being used up but due to believing there’s always enough, we never had to experience a shortage for almost a year now.

Every time we start running short there is a door opening and new financial sources open up. My wife asks, why do you work on your website since over a year now and only see little income?

I have to say, there are two reasons. One, because it is my passion and two because I believe in it. Which brings us to the fourth point of getting rich.

Follow your passion.

There’s nothing more promising for having success than doing something you’re passionate about. All successful people are doing something they are passionate about.

There is little to no chance to get rich doing something you don’t like. It is not easy to explain but the mindset you have when doing something you’re not passionate about is like closing doors.

Emagine, going to work every day with a feeling of discomfort. Is there a little chance that your employers, employees or customers will be attracted to you and will give their money to you?

I don’t think so. Everyone can feel the unhappiness surrounding you and wants to have as little to do with you as possible.

On the other hand, think of going to work every day totally enthusiastic and positive, feeling great and having that smile on your face.

People will love you and feel that you love your self and your life. They want to be a part of this great feeling and spend money to be with you.

Happiness is being rich in a way already so it’s no wonder that happiness attracts money. Rich attracts rich and passionate people attract passionate people.

To be successful you need to believe in what you do and be passionate about it.

Far too often people fall into the trap of fear. They say I have duties, bills to pay, I can’t just follow my passion. I today say, they waste their lives, sorry.

No bill and no duty can be the reason for you not to do what really satisfies you and brings out the best of you. It is the culture of fear that makes us think like that.

Don’t let yourself get sucked up into the vortex of fear or you’ll never, never get rich. One important criterion of rich people are, they are not afraid of changes.

I really love this quote right here of a gentleman following his passion, believing in his ideas and reaching fame and wealth.

Try to be courageous and follow your passion and everything will come together fine.

Don’t be afraid to fail, only the ones never tried never failed.


Start changing your life today and BE RICH.

It’s the right time, today, don’t lose a second. There’s not much to it, just change your mindset and be rich from now on.

See the richness already existing in your life, even if you live in an old hut. It doesn’t matter, you all have something that can make you feel rich, only you know what it is.

Visualize what you want to achieve by being even richer. Get a pic of your dream car, dream house etc. and stick it right in front of your eyes.

Write a note to it, on what day you want to put your hand on the thing you think is making you rich the way you think of it. Don’t let the date open or it might stay far for the rest of your life.

Start walking with your head up high so you can recognize every chance that is passing your path. Detect the chance and grab it. Don’t let yourself be led by fear.

Do it your way, follow your passion. Today you can ask yourself what is or are my passions. Can I make a living out of them?

I’m sure you can. If you’re able to make a living of doing something you don’t like you will definitely be able to do better with something you love doing.

Every skill needs to be learned, that’s normal so don’t come up with the excuse that you’re not a pro in the field your passion is about.

Do it and learn to be an expert, get known and loved and respected by people also following their passion and having a real life and most probably already have a lot of money.

Let’s all get rich today and not let the thought of being rich is hard disturb our thoughts. Think positive:)

Thanks for reading.

That’s it for today, I hope you found a motivational aspect in this article and are able to start with the be rich mindset today.

I have found my passion in writing these short articles on my website. I love it and never have any trouble getting up at 5 AM and start working.

I believe this work is leading me to wealth and my wife and family. I know without hard work my chances are passing by so I get up early, open my eyes to new things and appreciate the things I already have.

I will be very happy to hear from you. Do you have a question? Would you like to add something you think is important for getting rich? Do you want to give me your money 🙂

Please leave a comment below and I will reply as soon as possible.

I wish you all the best, a happy new year, (here in Thailand, happy new years celebrations start in the next days) and all the wealth you dream of.

See you, Stefan 🙂

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