Canva Design All Your Designs is a great Image Editing and Designing Tool you don’t want to work without. Everyone Operating a Website is adding pics and Social Media posts on a Daily Basis. Find FREE PICS edit them. FREE Version.

To find free pics and to edit them takes a lot of time if you don’t use a tool. Canva offers exactly this service, 1’000’000 pics, most for free, 50’000 templates to choose from and a free for life version on top of all that.

I came across this fabulous program after having to create a logo and more and more images for social media to promote my website. The possibilities offered by are endless and did improve my optical appearance many hundred percents.

I also save a lot of time doing the editing there instead of the programs offered by windows

Canva, empowering the world to design – A Quick Check

Canva Design – All Your Designs

Name: Canva

CEO and Co-founder: Melanie Perkins

Website URL:

Designer, edit: excellent, 9.5 out of 10

Drag and drop: perfect, 9.9 out of 10

Possibilities: huge, 9.0 out of 10

Website hosts: excellent, 9.6 out of 10

Offered Tools: great, 9.2 out of 10

My success story: satisfying, 9 out of 10

Price: Starters Free (no time limit). Premium members $12.95/month or $119.40/year

A Super says: I think it is a great product, a very useful tool, 9.4 out of 10

Let’s see how this works

Build your first graphic in a few minutes.

  • Join for free (no credit card needed).
  • Choose from 50’000 templates, size formats.
  • Save all your creations in separate files.
  • Upload your pictures or use royalty free pics.

When I heard of Canva in a training of Wealthy Affiliate I was getting interested because I had to create a company brand logo and had not many ideas how to do this in an efficient way. I was told with Canva I could create a logo and an icon for free.

A minute later, I was googling for this opportunity and really landed on a page asking me to choose a design of my choice. First I was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer endless possibilities to choose from but finally just gave it a try.

Next thing I was to give some personal details to create my profile on the Canva website and create a free account.

Name, email, website name and things like this were asked but no credit card information. Well great, I filled out the forms and was led to my designing page.

Wow, there was some things to choose from, no instructions but a lot of options. I had a blank sized space in front of me and started to try out. Very fast I realized what the functions were good for but decided to go to youtube to learn some practical tips on how to work with Canva.

The creation of my first design took me maybe an hour, with sign up, and watching some youtube videos but the second work I did there took me only five minutes and now I make Pinterest pins or other graphics within some minutes.

Step one choose a template

This we have already done before we signed up. Now you might not be happy with what you chose and choose another one. Every template has its own size, height, and width.

Once you chose the size you want to use you have to fill this frame with content not bigger, not smaller. You can adjust the size of everything you add to the frame.

There are hundreds of recommended templates to choose from, choose wisely, for FB, not the same as for Pinterest or Instagram or whatever you want to design.

The second step, choose a layout.

Again Canva offers hundreds of pre-created layout ideas for you to choose from. I have never used this option so far, I always created my own layouts.

To tell you the truth, I only work with Canva for a couple of weeks now and learn more about it right now writing this review. Maybe I should use the layouts too, some of them really look neat and definitely are made by professionals not like mine lol.

Ok, you choose a layout or not, that’s up to you. To edit the layouts if they have a lot of parts added, can complicate things a bit. If you work with a plain template you can add step by step your chosen content and don’t have to adjust text or pics already added.

Next, you want to add the main picture

For the main picture, you can choose a royalty-free pic provided by Canva or upload one of your own pics. The gallery of free pics Canva offers is quite diverse, you just enter a keyword into the search bar, click the small arrow on the right and choose free only and there you go.

I have taken a lot of pics of Thailand, but sometimes they are too private or have not the quality I want. Here I found a great selection, maybe a hundred or more pics just for Thailand to choose from. And most important, I never have to worry about copyright issues.

Once you found a matching pic or uploaded one from your own, you click it and it jumps on the still empty field where you create your image. You can now pull it to the right size and place it where you want it to be. Easy as that.

If you’re not happy with the result you can delete the pic or the whole page or add a new page and start again.

Add text to the pic, title or description

No problem, just click on “Text” on the left and again find a huge selection of pre-designed text formats or just simple title, subtitle etc formats. Click on the one you like and it appears laid over the picture.

Now the fun part starts. It is all done very quickly and easy to understand. You can change the font, the text color or the text size. Even more, you can change the spacing, either between the lines and or the letters.

You can arrange where the text is set, before the pic or behind. This will be interesting when you have a number of different pics over each other and text. You can always put one pic in front or behind of another and the text up on top, any time of constructing.

There is one more gadget, you can vary the transparency of every item you added to your graphic. It’s a lot of fun, once, for example, posted a pic of the ocean, clear turquoise water and then added some gold coins on top. These didn’t look real first but after making them more transparent they slowly fell into the water.

Background and Elements

Two more attributes you can take advantage of, are first, the background. If your pic doesn’t fill all the space you chose, you have loads of different backgrounds to choose from. A plain color of course but also backgrounds for me looking a bit like tiles.

There are picture backgrounds but those you have to pay, $1.00 per pic. I don’t use them, I’d rather use a free pic or upload one. I am premium and Canva has my billing details so I don’t want to add a lot of dollars to my yearly fee :).

Elements are neutral frames or framed frames in all kinds of shapes. These you can use to create separate fields within the design. You can also adjust transparency and add text to them.

If your background, for example, doesn’t allow a text to be seen clearly because the background is a mixture of many light and dark colors, you just set an element in between the background and the text, choose a color for it and adjust the transparency.


My tip

First, you need to know, Canva is a 100% online program. I very recommend doing screenshots of every design you finished and save it somewhere on your computer. Others download the creations to powerpoint to do some additional editing there.

Slideshows, for example, cannot be created with Canva itself, these have to be done in an additional program, a free one is the power point.

A big step for me, maybe not enough for you.

Ok, all in all, I told you the most important aspects of Canva. I have started working with them for two weeks now as I said and I think my progress in matters of visuals has risen a lot.

I am not scared of adding pics and editing them anymore. Before it always took me so much time to get something half decent together and now with Canva it makes a lot of fun creating new Pinterest pins or customized facebook posts.

Also for my website content, I will use Canva in future. If I want to show one of my own pictures I can upload it here, edit it, add text and all that is needed to look professional, even if it is only adding my brand logo so people see it is my creation.

Pros ‘n’ cons

Pros are 

  • Very easy to get friendly with
  • A big gallery, free to choose from
  • Many design ideas and template
  • A fast process of designing new graphics
  • All possible colors and fonts to choose from
  • Many design gadgets

Cons are

  • Not all pics are for free
  • Custom sizing only for pro version
  • No internet or Canva server problem – no pics
  • Hard to find instructions

Short rap up

  • Name: Canva
  • CEO and Co-founder: Melanie Perkins
  • Website URL:
  • Designer, edit: excellent, 9.5 out of 10
  • Drag and drop: perfect, 9.9 out of 10
  • Possibilities: huge, 9.0 out of 10
  • Website hosts: excellent, 9.6 out of 10
  • Offered Tools: great, 9.2 out of 10
  • My success story: satisfying, 9 out of 10
  • Price: Starters Free (no time limit). Premium members $12.95/month or $119.40/year
  • A Super says: I do think it is the best comparable product on the market 9.4 out of 10’s five cents

Since I have first tried working with Canva I didn’t think a second about making another graphic design with some other program.

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That’s all, for now, folks, I hope you enjoyed the review. I strongly recommend to check Canva out, its free and you can only gain quality and time. Use your time better than fixing pics with windows paint or other half ready editing tools.

If I forgot to mention something please leave a comment below. Me and all readers are also interested in hearing your opinions, questions or experiences you made with Canva or with other similar programs.

Do you work with Canva and what can you say about it? Are you going to try Canva in future? Did this review help you get new information?

Thank’s a thousand times for reading this article, there will be more.

I wish you all the success and look forward to hearing from you.

See you, Stefan 🙂