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Is Club 365 scam or a money-making machine like the video promises? How is this going to work with Club 365, $ 362 or $ 578, or even $ 1297 in daily revenue without doing anything?

A new day, a new opportunity to become senseless rich without bending a finger. Or what’s more likely to be the case here is a new day a new scam try.

Luckily I found the Club 365 page just in time haha, as there seems to be an unexpectedly high number of applications, the accepting can be stopped at any time.

club 365 scam Geld Maschine Limited Time available
Limited Time available lol.

Good that you take the time to learn a little more about the Club 365 than what you are promised in the appetizing sales video.

In short, in my opinion, Club 365 comes in the same box as many a “quick money system” I have already examined.

The advertisement promises exactly the same as:

These are all programs that promise fast money but in the end, only serve to make the producer fast money.

But let’s get a closer look at the whole Club thing first.

What's Inside - Club 365 Review (C365)

Club 365 Scam Short.


Not Recommended

  • Product Name: Club 365
  • URL:
  • Name of the founder: Not known, (Justin Powell is a Synonym) September 2018.
  • Product Typ: Training Platform.
  • Price: $27.99 plus up sale and external programs.
club 365 scam Club 365 Entry Page
  • Good for: The owner and who has no better option.
  • In words: Club 365 claims to have knowledge of how you can earn $1297 or whatever with one hour’s work a week. C365 Shares this knowledge with you and without any prior knowledge, you should quickly become very rich.
  • The good part: The sales pitch is so exaggerated that one doesn’t easily fall on it.
  • Recommended?  NO

The original sales video of Club 365.

Here you can watch the C365 main video and understand a bit better what the program offers.


as in all these videos, no details are revealed so you can just see what the spokesperson claims is the benefit of this product.

What can you expect from joining the Club 365 scam.

I decided not to invest any money in Club 365, but I went to investigate everything there is to read or see about the members zone.

Product: There are several training modules.

So, when you become a member and have deposited your $ 27.99 you get access to various teaching modules.

In addition, it is promised and announced when, which new adjustments and enhancements will be published.

All in all, Club 365 may be worth the money, as you pay very little for these lessons, the most important of which is probably that you learn that $1,297.00 is not to be made with one hour of work.

(Except you have a million Dollars to invest and that too can go down the drain)

The C365 can’t be described as a real scam program, but it can not come close to what it promises.

All training modules come in the form of a PDF, which you have to download. There are no videos available and it is not that you can apply the learned as you learn.

Let’s take a look at the individual learning modules.

What are the education modules about.

What works today:

This is an ongoing project that will introduce you every month to the best money-making methods.

Brand new methods are said to reward you with great profits right away. Some of these strategies are so far totally unknown.

The module is said to have a value of $1’997. (97 seems to be a favorite number of the inventor lol)

What I would like to say, first, if one of the existing systems really should be as good as said, what do you need a new one every month?

Secondly, it is a known and proven fact that you only succeed in the online business if you stay with a system until it works.


This summarizes how you make money with drop shipping, Amazon shop, eBay or a Shopify website etc.

All well-known methods that actually work. The problem or fact, however, is that you can not earn with any of these methods with only one hour of work a week.

On top of that, all of these models require you to have money to invest, Amazon more, Shopify less.

This module should be worth $997.00.

Again, as usual. If you want to be successful in the online industry you should focus on one single concept. Everything else is a distraction and inevitably leads to failure.


club 365 scam crypto training
Crypto Training

I could not resist, I just had to show you this text. Here it is said that a volcano is boiling, the crypto volcano is probably meant.

With the help of Club 365, it should be made possible for you to stand in a money rain when it starts 🙂 Value of this module, a proud $1997.00

The second part of this module says that you always see the latest offers where you can get free cryptocurrency. That would interest me too if there were not the word if.

Did you know, for that you can get a cryptocurrency at all you have to first join a program? That certainly costs more than what you get as free money.

club 365 scam Initiative Q Today
Initiative Q Today

By chance, I even have a really free offer in this regard. A new electronic payment system is being set up at the moment, Initiative Q.

Since you can join for free, if you get an invitation, so far and even get free currency if you help to spread the word I think it’s a must.

As you can see I already have a credit of 30’958 Qs. These are not worth anything at the moment but who knows …

Other than that, all I can say about crypto Speculation is that it does not look too bright at the moment.

club 365 scam Crypto Prices
Crypto Prices 11.20.18

Honestly, it looks more like a sinking ship than a brewing volcano.

Affiliates business:

Here we have another business model that is certainly suitable for generating income online.

In my opinion, this is the best concept that is certainly profitable in the long run.

However, the Club does not consider this system a particularly noteworthy option and the training offered is only adjusted to a value of $497.00. (At least 97 lol)

So, this system is exactly what I am doing here and I can say that, over time, everyone will be successful.

Jerry Success Story
Jerry Success Story

Money for surveys:

You get a PDF list with various survey platforms worldwide.

Value of this PDF should be $497.00 lol.

As you have probably already found out, with such surveys is very little to nothing to earn. If you’re interested in earning the promised $1297 within 3 years, then you’re right with surveys over the Internet.

Total nonsense and pure time waste. For this recommendation, I should actually rate this program with zero stars.

Help programs:

Finally, you are recommended real and working programs. These are, of course, all not included in Club 365 but usually, have to be purchased for monthly fees.

Once more, this training again does not include anything you will not find out without it. The only advantage if you refer to these programs on the Club 365 site is for the operator.

He gets the monthly affiliate commissions for your contracts.

Incredible but true, this module is actually rated by the operator the highest, $2997.00 should be worth these tips.

So, for all of you, if you click here, you can get all that you get here but for free, on a platform that has proven to make many people rich 🙂

Some general information about C365.


Ha, you too thought that there must be a more expensive up sale available. You thought right.

Here it is called Bonus and refers to an additional product, a VIP product called “Priority Lounge”.

When you join this lounge, you have access to the so-called “Software Automation Suite”. All that is to be learned in detail is that this service is worth 10x more than you have to pay for it.

What you have to pay is a one-time fee of ha, well, guess, $197.00 lol.

Make Money Possibilities:

To be honest, the best way to make money with Club 365 is if you already have a website that attracts a significant amount of visitors.

club 365 scam Club 365 by ClickBank
Club 365 by ClickBank

ClickBank lets you become an affiliate seller of the program.

Of course, the reselling of Club 365 is also possible via YouTube or social media. At the moment C365 is still relatively new to the market so you will find some innocent newbies to jump on it.

As always, the commission is pretty good on ClickBank products. For this product, you should get 70% of the selling price.

60-days money back:

Justin, the author of the program, wants to make you very aware that you can get your money back to the last penny if you are not satisfied with the product.

He says you can wait until the last minute before you demand repayment. However, I do not recommend doing that though, you never know if ClickBank’s server will break down in exactly these important minutes 🙂

Why I don't recommend the Club 365.

By and large, the whole product that you get from Club 365 for a relatively small entry price does not seem so bad. At first glance, definitely.

What I want to warn you about is that you can not earn money with this training in and of itself as you buy it.

I mentioned at the very beginning that I too can make $1297.00 in a week or a day if I have the necessary cash to invest.

Club 365 provides you with knowledge, how good this knowledge is can be argued about, but what you need to buy extra are all the tools that make up an online business.

For example, you need a website if you want to become affiliate marketer plus a host and an SEO tool.

the super affiliate university Get Better Solutions
Get Better Solutions

Or a Shopify website if you are looking for this model. The same applies to drop shipping, you also need at least a public online portal, an online shop where your customers can buy.

If you want to sell goods on Amazon, you have to buy goods, not for free and $50 or 500 Dollars, you are still there equipped with little material. Plus, of course, you need to open an Amazon shop, not for free.

I tell you, just knowing how to do something is not enough. Certainly not on the Internet. Since you can not go there and draw attention to your product loudly, no one hears, that’s why you have to learn how these techniques work, things like SEO, social media, create YouTube videos etc.

However, if you already have experience in all of these skills, I hardly believe that this more standard like training can help you further.

I recommend choosing a program that will teach and show you how all this is done and even backs you up while you’re at work already.

Furthermore, there are quite fundamental facts that would keep me from this offer.

1 No real person is responsible for this program. So you can not figure out if there really is a successful and experienced internet businessman/woman behind it.

Anyone can make such videos and copy a few lessons from here and there.

Then there are those really cheap made statements from “Successful Members”, although the program was launched in September.

Also a bit questionable, I find that the website has neither a privacy page nor a disclosure. The site is also not GDP compliant.

Or statements like this “The product is sold out soon”, “Buy quickly”, I don’t know.

Pros and Cons

Conclusion: Club 365 Review


Not Recommended

Someone has made a little effort here to put together an interesting training, seen from the outside.

However, the more I deal with C365 today, the more I believe that what is taught there is more or less worthless.

I would understand if a rising internet guru was to market his first product in a way like this. But then, there would definitely be a real person showing face and could prove that she/he has already earned quite a bit of cash in this industry.

You can try Club 365, but I’ll keep my hands off.

For everyone looking for success in the online business

Let’s go then, just a few moments, do not worry.

I think you’re really interested in making money online, firstly from home and secondly, on your account.

This is a great goal and also exactly what I want here.

I use a single program. It costs me about $1.00 per day but I can assure you that this money is well invested.

With this recommended program you will receive:

  • Web pages
  • hosting
  • training
  • Support, 24/7
  • Community help and chat
  • Keyword Research Software
  • Webinars
  • Contact to the bosses
  • 100ds of success recipes from successful members
  • Free 7 day trial period
  • And much more. If you are looking for a detailed review click here.
  • If you want to know about the prices click here.
  • If you want to create your first FREE WEBSITE right now and check out everything, press the green button below.

Thank you,

my friends, that you have taken your time. Another day over and learned something again.

I hope your questions regarding Club 365 have been answered adequately.

If not quite, please write down what you want to know. Also, other opinions and suggestions are gladly seen below in the comment column.

All the best, see you, Stefan 🙂