Earn Money With Reviews

If you want to earn money writing reviews you should know some things before you start. It is a popular way to monetize a website or social media and many do it, so you have to stand out.

There are reviews for almost every product available on the market and people really tend to buy more often after reading a review than without.

Still, not every review will automatically convert. No matter if you say the product is perfect or anything else, the customer will decide himself.

It is said a willing customer takes seven steps before buying a product and one or more of these will be reading a review. To convince the customer to trust your review and buy now isn’t that easy.

Product short description.

A Short Product Description

After a short introducing paragraph or two, you should post a short product description list. This includes the product name, brand, the selling website, some quality rankings, price and your own personal ranking.

Once you start having several reviews on your website they should be structured all about the same. This can also be to your advantage as you can create a template and always work from that.

On the right side of the product shortlist it looks good to show a good clear image of the product. Maybe you have used this pic already above, then you can add a pic of the brand logo or something else that is relevant.

This set of information should always be visible very far up on your site so a potential customer quickly recognizes he’s on the right site and feels like looking for more.


Write about your experience with the product.

Share Your Experience

Not always but often you have experience with a product you review. If so you should definitely use this advantage an tell the reader how the product was helping you in your life.

If it is your style, you can actually tell a little story about what problem you had, how you came up with the product and how the success of using the product eventually made you happy.

If you do not have any experience your self you can still use your imagination. No one will know. Make sure to write naturally and not over the top 🙂

The customer should feel comfortable with your site and most people feel comfortable reading an uncomplicated story of an experience someone else made.

This has not to be too long, maybe some 5 -6 short paragraphs. (By the way, you can also check my post about improving writing skills).

In this part, you can again add a small image of the product in action. Always place the pics on the right side of the text so the reader doesn’t get too distracted from reading.

A Detailed product description – step into your customer’s shoes.

Step In Your Customers Shoes.

It is very important to try and understand your customer. Think of your self as a potential customer and think what your expectations and doubts would be.

A review reader probably doesn’t yet know too much about the product or has read some reviews already but is still in doubt of the result buying this product can have.

He has some specific questions that were not answered properly. This means your review should be as in-depth as possible.

You should be able to answer every imaginable question a potential buyer could have even if you think it’s irrelevant. Never forget you write for others and what you know is what they might want to know but probably not all.

Try to figure out what people would ask about the product. You can use your friends or family to help you with this. Ask them, what would you like to know before you buy this product?

Look at the product from every angle, how is it made, where is it made, what can it be used for and what is not recommended to do with it.

Are there any dangers involved or risks using the product. Is there a warranty or money back guaranty. Hundreds of questions should be answered and this is only the part where you describe the product.

I think many reviews are much too short and leave the visitor no other choice than to look for others that deliver more information. Don’t let this happen.

Your review should satisfy every need of your reader. If he is only on the first step in the buying sequence, make sure he gets all he needs on your one review.

He might leave the site to overthink or talk to a trustable person to get another opinion but he should come back to your review to assemble all his thoughts and eventually buy here.

Don’t be thrifty or lazy, make a valuable long in-depth article. Ok, about a 3-inch nail is not as much to be written as about a refrigerator I know, but I think you know what I mean.

In this section of the review, you should add some images of the product also showing many different angles. Inside out, up and down as we say.

If you’re talking about an online, digital product make some screenshots to show what you mean. Try to make the description interesting and not too technical.

I often add some personal quotes to loosen up the topic, everything is allowed just not let the reader feel that you want him to buy.

Try not to sell but to give unbiased information.

Provide Facts Don’t Promote.

Every reader will immediately feel when you intend to sell. Try to avoid this atmosphere but a situation of comfort and getting really good information and trust.

No one likes to read aggressive advertising nowadays. People are educated and want to make their own decisions. They won’t buy because everyone does but because they want to.

If a reader feels comfortable with your review and learns all about the product there is to learn, he’s more probable to come back and buy from you.

Some effects can change the wind direction, of course, things we can not avoid. Discounts, for example, lowest price guarantees, these are things we have to live with.

All we can do is to satisfy our reader and try all we can to make him come back again later. This is something I will cover in the near future, how to create a really working mailing list.

Final thoughts are your final resumption.

After the in-depth description of the product, you want to give your own opinionated final thoughts. The reader has now learned that you researched the product properly.

He started to trust you because of the hard work you did and the realistic description of the product you delivered. He now is interested in what you personally think of the product.

Not like in the first chapter, your experience, here you talk about pros and cons. You say really what you think of the product and list the pros and cons you can think of.

Don’t worry about hiding any cons you know. Add them, the reader will thank you for the true opinion. If he decides to buy, he probably already has done that.

You only verify one more time that he/she gets to see the full picture and is aware of all possible flaws every product has in one way or another.

You can also add another short description list again here at the end of this chapter. Some kind of reminder.

Call to action is a must!!!

Get Better Solutions
Get Better Solutions

Now, all that said you will still have to give your customer the chance to buy right now. No use in writing a review without at least one call to buy sign.

There are different possibilities to call your reader to action. You can either just write “Buy Here”, highlight it and set a link to it.

I prefer a created sign though. There is no limit to your fantasy how a custom call to action pic can look like. I prefer to create them with the help of Canva.com, a free design editor program.

There are statistics on which ones work better. “Buy now” or “get a quote here” or “see details here” etc. I am still in the trying state. I don’t use “buy now”, this seems to be a bit strong to me.

The call to action should possibly also match your overall site look. This is your style and will probably lead to the possible conversions.

Again, don’t be lazy with this, this at least is what you write all the review for, to make your reader buy your product. There’s no value in saving time and effort here.

At least at the end of a review should be one big easy assessable call to action sign. I also like one beneath the first short product description.

I don’t think by adding 7 calls to action buttons we can make sure the reader makes all his seven steps on our site in one go but two or even three are maybe possible.

Also, check out this awesome 75 min. video training by a friend named Jay. (Training No 2.5.)

That’s it for today.

I thank you for your time and hope you found some helpful information here. I believe if you write your reviews in this manner you see very good results.

My reviews have to be updated I know. It is often easier to tell others how to do something the right way than to actually think of all the points during working on one’s own articles.

If you think I forgot something important please let me know. All your opinions and questions are of high value to all the readers on this site.

I will look into the comments daily and reply ASAP.

I wish you much success on your online affiliate marketing journey, have a great time and

see you, Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com

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