Tired of sending newsletters with your latest blog posts? Learn how you can feed your email campaign with website RSS for free. All you need is a free account with MailerLite and do some installing.

Before I had a nice little plugin that sent every new post to my email subscriber list. Nothing fancy but automated. Now I’m using MailerLite and had to write every newsletter manually, until today 🙂

Let me introduce the MailerLite “RSS Campaign” to you.

​Free RSS Feed Website To Email Campaign​
Free RSS Feed Website To Email Campaign

What Is MailerLite? My Favorite Email Marketing Service.

MailerLite is a rather new autoresponder program, founded in 2010 by a guy called Ignas.

The program offers a free version that allows you to use all professional features for up to 1000 subscribers. Unlike other autoresponders, you get the full package with no time limit.

I guess it is due to MailerLite not being too long on the market and having some really strong competition that MailerLite offers the best conditions in the industry.

I don’t want to go into detail too much here, I have a review of MailerLite if you are interested. I now work with MailerLite for two months and must say, I’m totally pleased.

What is RSS? “Rich Site Summary”.

What is RSS? "Rich Site Sumary".

Or “Really Simple Syndication”? Both are right according to Wikipedia. What you need to know, is that RSS is a web feed which makes it possible for users and programs get information about the latest publications on a chosen topic.

RSS is a computer-readable format extended from the XML format. It is often used by people wanting to get relevant updates directly from a website to the email inbox.

We want to use RSS to help our autoresponder program recognizing new releases on our websites and send these updates to our subscriber list.

Installing An RSS Campaign With MailerLite.

First, of course, you need to sign-up to MailerLite. There is a free version offering all the essential features you need for every email campaign you want to create. (Sign-Up Here)

Installing An RSS Campaign With MailerLite.

Next, you want to create a new campaign. You can do this from the main MailerLite dashboard. On the left, you see the “Create Campaign” button. Click on the arrow and open “RSS Campaign” on the bottom.

Now you are on the first form you have to fill out. On top, you add your “website domain.com” with “/feed” added to it. It would look like this, “yourwebsitedomain.com/feed” Click on the “Look it up” button at the end of the field and see if it is ok.

In the next field, you enter a subject text. This is the text your subscribers will see in the inbox of their email account. I’d do it personalized, use one of the options when clicking on “insert personalization” at the end of the line.

Set-Up, Second Step

The rest should be ok if you have set-up your MailerLite account properly. Click on “Next RSS Settings” and get to the next step.

On this page, you set the time you want the updates to be sent. I set on every day because an email will only be sent if there is a new post added to my website.

I exclude Sundays and set a time I think is optimal for people receiving my mail.

New Post” Don’t forget to mark the “show only new posts” field or your subscribers get an email every day with most recent posts. This would be counterproductive, annoying.

I add my email address to the last field on this page to get informed after a notification RSS email went out. Click “NEXT: Content”

Choose A Template

Choose A Template

On the next page, you have to choose a template for your email. I choose the “Drag & Drop Editor” template but feel free to have a look at the 4 offered premade templates.

By choosing the drag and drop you have the same look as you have with all your emails you created before, the same style, better for branding. Beware once you chose a template you can’t change it.

Drag & Drop Items

Now you see a raw version of your email. Click on the first post content and choose how many posts, items you want to show. I choose 1 because most often I only publish 1 post a day max. Then save.

Now you can start adding content sets like text, or buttons or whatever you think is adequate on your RSS campaign mail. Be aware as long as you don’t change anything, every update mail will look the same.

I only added an introductory text and the short version of my latest post. No advertisement and no links other than to my website.

Customized Email Example

If you try around a little and change back and forth, from “Design” to “Content” you’ll find a lot of editing possibilities.

With just a few clicks the email looks not like the one above but like the one on the right. This editing is something you won’t change often so take some time and make it look nice and match your website, brand.

Once satisfied you click on “Done Editing” On the top right and move to the next step.

Final Steps.

Here you have to decide who will receive your RSS Campaign. I choose all subscribers, I think all of you are interested in my latest articles and if not you don’t have to open them.

The next step is to “review and confirm” MailerLite makes everything very easy and visible. Each step you took you can check now and edit if you think there is a need. (Except for the template)

I’m fine with my example mail and click on “NEXT: Schedule”

On this last step, you can add your Google analytics if you have an account. (Learn how to install Google Analytics) Go ahead and click “Send”.

Great, Another Campaign Is Made.

Congratulation, you now have just enabled your RSS Campaign. From now on none of your subscribers will ever miss a new post from your website again.

On the right, you see my real RSS campaign on top and the one I just created to show you here. The second one is deleted already, of course.

Now after I have finished this post and published all my subscribers will get the super news. I hope some of you open the post and leave a comment, confirming that you received it 🙂

Thanks for your interest 🙂

The topic of this post came to me while writing a review of the AWeber autoresponder program. I read a review on another website and came over this very interesting topic.

I just had to drop this in between. I needed to learn and set-up this little feature and I think many of you will be interested too.

If you have a question, think I have not explained everything or have a better idea for how to solve this task please let me know in the comment section below.

As always, all readers of this article like to hear what you think.

With this, I leave you, for now, have a great time, see you, Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com