How Can I Make Money Online And From What?

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It is a question asked more than eight thousand times every month, only in Google search. I and many others have found out how to do this without investing a lot of money upfront.

The answer is short

“Build a website and sell stuff”

Okay, I must specify a bit more, “Build a website and help people find solutions or products that help to solve their problems“.

There are other ways for sure but I don’t want to go into these because they are all less effective and promising unless you can sell your own products. Look at Amazon, eBay or even Google, these are all websites, first, they started small and now, they have more money than the US President.

Now, this sounds a bit easy, but how does this really work?

Well, first I must assume you like to work on the computer, surf the internet and like to write blogs, posts about things you like. The most important thing, in the beginning, is to choose a lucrative “niche”. There are some niches that do well, sell a lot and others are harder to monetize and take much more time.

Making A Website Is Fun

It’s not that complicated, everybody in the whole world is spending money every day. What do they spend it for?

For food, for example, this is a sector with great potential. I believe every one of you likes to eat too and has some experience with food in one way or another.

People also spend a lot of money on health. Health and food are things people have money, do not save on.

Someone that can afford to eat healthily is definitely trying to find the best products available also on the internet, and that is where you can get in the game.

Other great opportunities are helping people earn money, that is what I try to do here or a big trend today is spirituality, yoga, meditation, and self-improvement. There are loads of small niches where you can not only help your audience but your self as well.

I am discussing niches in detail on other articles on this site. You are welcome to check the first one out here. One more is in planing but I need to do some more research. I want to recommend the best niches to make a fortune with, in 2018. Stay tuned, it’s gonna come.

I hear you, you might say, “I am not a writer”, no problem, I am not a writer but I can write sentences and people read them. You can test your skills and leave me a comment here, I’m sure I’ll understand what you mean and will reply very quick.


How Can I Make Money Online And From What?

As I said, the best way I think is, you make a niche website right now and start helping people find the right products they are looking for. A good thing to do is to review a product and offer a verdict about that article. You don’t need to own every product you review, you can also research the internet and collect facts you find and make your own picture. 

Make your own Yogurt Now

Let’s say you like to eat yogurt and know it is healthy and tasty. Off you go, make a website about yogurt and yogurt related products. I haven’t checked if there already is a big amount of websites about healthy yogurts but that would be your job to research.

You can write about different yogurt recipes, how to make yogurt, about health benefits of yogurt, yogurt cakes and kefir and other related milk products.

Yogurt is also good for your skin and for babies. You see, just by writing here unprepared, I come up with a lot of possible post titles to chose from only thinking about yogurt.

How can you make money from a website about yogurt? First, you can sell every product related to yogurt you find on Amazon or eBay.

Production tools and ingredients, recipe books or kitchen utensils in general. Food supplements related to yogurt and other bacteria cultures and beauty products from this sector.

Once your site has grown a bit you can also apply for Google AdWords. Google has a program that places customer specific ads on your website and pays you a certain amount for every click on the add done on your site. I am sure you have seen these before.

Okay, You make a website about your favorite niche, you write articles that can help people, you find products used in this niche, review them and recommend them to your website visitors. You will be a so-called “affiliate marketer”.

What is an affiliate marketer?

An affiliate marketer is a website operator who promotes and sells products belonging to companies offering affiliate programs. In other words, you act as a subsidiary, independent branch of one or different companies. You have a contract with these companies saying how much you earn per sale.

These affiliate partners of yours will give you “affiliate links” to work with. These are links directing your customers to the product of their choice holding a code that directs the commission to your account. You will have noticed, on certain websites when you click on, buy this, you move to an Amazon site.

You partner up with affiliate programs. The easiest and a successful example is Amazon. You Google for  Affiliate Program, open the site and register. First,  you should have your website set up though. The same you can do with eBay and many more.

Along the website making process, you will learn, there are thousands of affiliate programs you can join for free, some take you easily, some are harder to get in. eBay, Amazon, Nike, WA, Walmart and almost every brand or outlet have an affiliate program these days.

You can not learn all the details here on this site but at the end of this article, I recommend the best program where you can become a professional affiliate marketer. It takes some time to learn all the skills like in every profession but with a good training and a community in your back, you will be able to succeed like many before you.

How and where do I get a website?

There are many places where you can purchase a website, we call it a domain. the domain will be your brand, your company. It only costs around $15-20.00 per year. You want to have a good domain, like mine here, Short, specific and easy to remember.

I put together a bunch of website builder programs you can choose from here. But if you want to listen to my advice, get the best package, an all in one and save a lot of money and time.

My suggestion and this is where I have done it, is at Wealthy Affiliate. Here you get two free hosted websites to start and try with. Means, once you signed up for your free trial you are ready to go. You will find a complete set of training and instructions on how to build a website, tools you will need on the way, and a lovely community of thousands of people that started like you, asking the same question, how can I make money online and from what.

Take things into your own hands and be your own boss.

Take Things Into Your Own Hands

If you are capable to be consequent, diligent and persistent you are able to create your own business and make a lot of money from home or where ever you are. Success won’t come overnight, at least not the first 60-90 nights. You really need to work hard first to see success later.

In today’s world, it gets harder every day to rely on companies providing jobs and pay good salaries. Big companies have to pay shareholders, sometimes they pay them more than the people doing the work and others have to dump prices due to international competition.

Many company owners never have enough profit and no one stops them from taking a bigger share of the employees earned piece of the pie. Many jobs ask you to move here an there to work, far from the family and selling stuff by car, not knowing if money is enough to pay for gas at the end of the month.

Of course, you might as well get self-employed in a normal business but it is not easy and startup costs today are quite high. Registration and ensurances eat up many dollars before you can satisfy your first customer and write the first bill.

I know what I’m talking about, I’ve done all of these options for years and years, believe me. I got in the situation of choosing the online business model because I moved to Thailand and here you don’t want to work in a 9 to 5 labor job, at least me, I don’t want.

It took me quite a few years and I lost almost all my money before I came up with the idea of looking up the internet and research career opportunities possible working from home and being my own boss. I am a stubborn little man I know but somehow I don’t care.

How did I come up with the title for this post?

Sign-UP To Jaaxy Now

This is already one of the lessons taught in the Wealthy Affiliate program. I used the keyword tool, (also included in WA). Keywords are the words people search for in the search engine.

You probably searched for “how can I make money online and from what” I learned from the keyword tool that there are 8833 searches every month for this term and only 9 websites provide a post with the exact same title.

This is a very interesting keyword. The chances of people finding my post are pretty good. You have to know, there are billions of posts, blogs on the internet and to make your post found by someone is actually the art of affiliate marketing.

Once you manage to get your post on the first page of Google search results you start to sell things.

These are the tricks and gadgets you need to know when you want to launch a successful website. There is a lot more to know and that is why I work with Wealthy Affiliate.

Here you build the website step by step while learning the lessons. Much more training and video lessons can be participated in once you have done the fundamental steps and lessons.

I am in my eighth month now and haven’t by far checked all the thousands of pieces of training and instructions offered by users and instructors within the WA community.

Let’s have a look at the Wealthy Affiliate University

This is a complete program for website builders. It can be used by everyone, starters to advanced skilled webmasters. It was launched in 2005 by Kyle and Carson and can call out a proud number of members of over 800’000 people from all over the world today and still growing daily.

The program was created to help people like you and me to make their own online business by operating a website. There is a free trial for 7 days. You can actually use it for free as long as you like. For the full volume though, you need to get premium member, whenever you feel ready. The premium membership costs only $49.00 per month and includes the whole offer. There will never be any up sales and the updates are free and occur daily.

There is professional quick support and community support, question section and even a live chat for acute questions and answers. But look at the list below, what you will get for how much.

This short video shows how you can use and work with Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks a lot for reading 🙂

That’s it for today, I have to leave you now, gotta do some packing and later hit the road. I hope you liked what you saw and got a bit of an idea of how you too could create a passive income with the internet. I will keep on working here on this site to collect the most valuable information for you.

When you click some of the links I set up during the post you can find more and detailed information on certain topics. I am not a writer and I am happy you followed me through.

What is your goal this year?

Please let me and everyone visiting this site know about your goals and experience. I will certainly answer every question you might have if you leave it below in the comment section.

I wish you all the best of times, a healthy and successful life and I hope to see you around.

Respectfully, Stefan 🙂

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