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How is GetResponse autoresponder to work with? Is it a professional solution or more of a hype trying to get your money? I have built several end products with GetResponse and want to share my opinion with you.

GetResponse it often the first suggestion when you ask someone for an autoresponder program.

You can join for free and start building out your campaign. When it comes to professional solutions and analysis I think GetResponse is the right place to be.

Some more quality programs you can try for free:

Content: How is GetResponse Autoresponder

GetResponse In Short



  • Product Name: GetResponse
  • URL:
  • Name of the founder: Simon Grabowski, CEO 1997
  • Product Typ: Email Marketing automation.
  • Price: 30-day free trial, $15.00 up
  • Good for: Every business small to medium doing email marketing.
  • In words:  GetResponse is one of the most trusted autoresponder platforms in the industry for online entrepreneurs.
  • The good side: You can check it out for free.
  • Recommended?  Yes

First my short story, how did I get to GetResponse?

How is GetResponse Autoresponder Much Work to do

Well, I’ve been in the web site business for almost 2 years and have always been interested in email marketing.

At first, I did not know anything about automated email campaigns and so-called autoresponders. I worked with a free plugin that has collected email addresses but offered nothing else.

About 7 months ago I found out about GetResponse the first time and tested one month for free.

I was very satisfied and wanted to subscribe but could not because I did not have a PayPal account at the time.

All my work was lost and I was pretty frustrated. Then, I read an article about MailerLight, an interesting similar program to GetResponse.

There I was able to get in for free and use everything that GetResponse offers. I’ve done that, created landing pages, sent emails, and mainly collected email addresses.

Unfortunately, MailerLight has a contract clause that prohibits affiliate marketing from using the program. In the beginning, this was not a problem, my website was checked and accepted.

Just over a week ago I wanted to start a new campaign and realized that my MailerLight account had to be re-accepted. I contacted and was rejected rather rudely.

All my previously collected email addresses, 550+ so far, have been deleted without warning and immediately.

My business model is actually content marketing and not affiliate marketing but with the MailerLight representative was no way to talk.

I am disappointed and now I have to start from scratch.

So I signed in to GetResponse again and purchased the cheapest plan, the Email Plan, for $15.00/month. With PayPal, the payment has now gone through from here in Thailand.

Here's A Very Detailed Video For You.

It’s a rather long video but you can scroll around and find what you’re interested in.

GetResponse, Going Into The Details.

How is GetResponse Autoresponder GetResponse Logo

GetResponse is a well-known and recommended product used by many established large companies.

It offers plans for every need. All required features are included in the “Email” package, which is available for only $15 per month and up to 1000 subscribers.

Over time, GetResponse has developed a number of great products, including a live webinar platform that you can use if you have a “Pro” plan with 5000 subscribers ($49/month) or higher.

A feature that is not part of any autoresponder is the spam checker, this service checks your email for suspected spam before you send it. A value is specified which should be as small as possible.

Overall, what I’m thinking about creating the end products as emails, opt-in forms, and landing pages is all great, but a bit labor-intensive. In particular, the customization for mobile devices is quite complicated and time-consuming.

Apart from that, I think you can get maximum results with GetResponse. Of course, not everything is allowed on GetResponse as well (Restricted Business Practices)

Hint: If you sign in to GetResponse it is recommended to use a domain specific email address, not Yahoo, Gmail or any other free address.

What Does GetResponse Offer:

How is GetResponse Autoresponder

How is GetResponse Autoresponder support

Support. I would like to mention the super fast live chat support right at the beginning.

An online program is in my opinion only as much value as the help you get if you get stuck.

All my requests were received to the best satisfaction within a few minutes and solutions were communicated immediately.

How is GetResponse Autoresponder Contacts

Contacts. You can create and manage various contact lists and add addresses manually.

As you can see above, there is a wide variety of actions you can do with your email addresses.

How is GetResponse Autoresponder Emails

Email Marketing. Here you will find everything that has to do with creating emails.

Also in this division, there are all the necessary functions that are necessary for optimal sales strategies.

Automation. This is where you create your workflow automations.

Landing Pages. With GetResponse you can create landing pages quickly but professionally. You can save extra money because an extra landing page program can be quite expensive.

However, the cheapest version only contains one landing page.

How is GetResponse Autoresponder Webinars

Webinars. This is a service that is not included in the email package. For an additional $35/month you can also avail this great customer access.

Forms. On this platform, you create all your email collecting forms. You have a huge selection of templates that you can quickly customize.

Additionally, there are form APPs available. Depending on the application you can integrate ready-made functions on your website.

CRM. Customer Relationship Management. This is only available for higher price plans.

To develop your email campaigns skills in the beginning however not so important.

How To Work With GetResponse.

How is GetResponse Autoresponder

What components does your email campaign need?

If you choose an autoresponder, you should use it correctly. It does not help to collect e-mail addresses and not interact with the subscribers.

Before you add your registration forms to your sites, it’s a good idea to prepare a campaign. Of course, this is an ongoing process, but some steps should be taken before asking for addresses.

I have set up a procedure here, just as I do at the moment. All features offered by GetResponse are mentioned and described.

In the first step you choose a bonus:

How is GetResponse lead Magnet (1)

To optimize your subscription rate, you’re more likely to offer your subscribers a bonus, a lead magnet.

This has nothing to do with the autoresponder program. Depending on the product you want to sell, you should come up with something that such a customer might want for free.

I have a free course here that shows how to make a sales funnel and 7 email designs that you can customize for yourself.

In addition, you can create 2 free websites with me and always get the latest articles delivered.

You can add any bonus you can think of, an e-book or free training as I have in my sidebar widget. Over time, you learn which lead magnets convert better than others.

The second step is to create an email campaign:

How is GetResponse Autoresponder

The worst thing you can do is ask for an e-mail address and then not send a welcome e-mail.

This is the first email you can create in the Automation section. It’s the first step in the workflow.

Personally, I create this email as a “newsletter” and add it later to the automation.

You choose “Email Marketing” in the main menu and create a new “Newsletter”. You can choose from a large number of templates, one that fits your website and brand. Later you can save the first finished mail as a template for later.

With the drag and drop system, it is very easy to adjust the content of the email.

You can download and use photos, create chapters and add social media icons etc.

You can put links everywhere, change backgrounds or use action buttons. On the right side, you can see the latest mobile version.

One thing you can’t add, videos, these you have to link to.

When the email is created you go through the next steps, choose a list, and send the mail.

All in all a simple system with which you can quickly create good-looking emails.

My tip: Create a whole email sequence, about 7-10 emails which you can add to the automation. If you do not do that right at the beginning, chances are you’ll forget it 🙂

Step 3: Automatic sending Setup.

How is GetResponse Autoresponder

Once this welcome email or the whole series is written you have to attach the whole bunch to the automation.

Select “Automation” in the main menu and click “create workflow”. I would choose the first module, “Build from scratch” open this and look at the explanation.

Then you give your flow a name. In the beginning, you probably want to write to all new subscribers and you choose “Subscribers”.

This is how you end up on the workflow page. Now you drag the field “send message” under the subscribers field and connect it.

Then you click on the message field and you see on the right “properties”, click that and go up to the very top.

There you choose first “newsletter” and including the first welcome mail. Click on this and you’re done.

To attach further emails you go straight ahead, maybe you want to use a “wait” field to delay the broadcast and then another message of your choice.

Again, this feature is very easy to understand and apply in my opinion. Of course, there are many additional features that you will get to know over time.

Number 4 is the landing squeeze page.

How is GetResponse Autoresponder

The landing page is one of your opt-in pages. You should create at least one for your main product, your first recommendation.

This is a sales page, so please make it attractive. If you create a landing page with GetResponse, it can be shown by Google, so you should also pay attention to SEO.

It is also often the page used in paid ads like Google-Ads or Solo-ads etc.

Use pictures and self-written text, use a keyword as a title and add a short description.

The idea of ​​a landing page is to first link people to this opt-in page rather than directly to the sales page of the product.

If the information the visitor receives on your landing squeeze page causes them to wish the product, they will first sign up to your e-mail list.

In the success message, the customer now receives the link to the actual product. So you have his e-mail address plus the possibility that he buys the product.

If the potential customer does not buy, he will continue to receive your offers via email.

Landing Pages created with GetResponse look very professional. You can also choose from a large number of ready-to-use templates here.

If you want to invest some time and effort, you have an easy-to-understand drag-and-drop system to work on every part of the page.

Note that every step and every change you make to the landing page must be adjusted in the mobile version. This is for me the biggest minus point in the GetResponse system and responsible for the fact that I can not give a 5-star rating.

Do not forget: Mostly a landing, squeeze page has a success message that needs to be adjusted as well.

Step 5: Finally, set up your opt-in forms.

How is GetResponse Autoresponder Widget Form

Now you can start collecting your e-mail addresses. For this purpose, you have several options.

We have already looked at the landing, squeeze page but there are several registration forms that appear on your website.

Popup forms: A good way to collect subscribers is through pop-up forms. With GetResponse, they can be created with ease.

Unfortunately, what I have noticed is that a normal pop-up email form always stays at the top of the web page which is not optimal if you make the pop-up time delayd.

The app version though is not too configurable and smaller but follows the scrolling.

The normal version comes with lots of different templates and sizes there you can try out what works best on your website.

These forms are also created using the drag-and-drop software. All kinds of elements can be added. You have to make sure that it looks right on mobile devices.

To plant all these forms on your WordPress website you need to install the “GetResponse to WordPress” plug-in.

To enable the plug-in you need to create an API key on the GetResponse page in your account, it’s all quite simple 🙂 Then you can install the form codes via widgets.

Embedded forms and sidebar widget forms:

You should also have a form for the sidebar widget. The process is the same. Click on “Forms” in the main dashboard and continue with “Create a new form”.

The embedded form is not as common, but can fit well on a static homepage and also at the bottom of the website or right here.

You can also use the URL of the sign-up form and link it to an image or text Ex. (Get Getresponse Here) and on social media or anywhere else.

Warning! If you’re working on a laptop or even on a smaller device like me, try this first: Go to “Forms” or “Landing Page” and try to create one.

My laptop could not open the huge amounts of data on this page. I had to create it on a desktop computer. (Now it works here though, don’t know what was the problem.)

Why Is An Email Campaign Very Valuable?

There are several reasons why. For website operators, it is almost a must to have an email campaign and for this, use an autoresponder program.

Keep your customers:

The most important aspect is to keep your visitors, potential customers. If you have a niche website or whatever, you have probably affiliate links or other sales channels to monetize your website.

With the email list, you can ask your visitors for the email address before forwarding them to the sales page.

In this way, you have the opportunity to stay in touch and send more helpful information.

The cheapest way to increase your income:

Email campaigns are the most effective sales strategies. It is said that you can get a return of 40 Dollars for every Dollar you spend on e-mail campaigns.

Once you have a list of subscribers, you can simply send them a relevant product recommendation.

Unlike creating a new post on your website that can take a whole day, an email is created within about 30 minutes.

The emails always reach the recipient, the only difficult task is to create the emails in such a way that they are opened. The trick is to build a relationship and build trust with your customers.

Get your visitor back to your website:

Sending a regular newsletter keeps your subscriber up to date with news on your website.

You can create visually appealing newsletters with links to your latest articles and reviews.

Or set up an automated RSS campaign that immediately sends every new article on your website to all subscribers.

Again, this feature is included with GetResponse and easy to set up. it’s called an RSS to Mail campain.

With every new member in your list, the chance of getting more website visitors increases.

Earn Money By Selling GetResponse.

Selling GetResponse itself is also very interesting. You can get 33% for every contract that is made about you.

That means, for every $15.00 member, you’ll get $5.00 every month.

That does not look like much, but can add up if your campaign is successful.

With 10 Pro members paying $49/month, things start looking better, as you get an additional income of about $162.00 every month without doing anything.

Why Do I Recommend GetResponse?

Das Beste Email Program – GetRespose GetResponse Logo

I highly recommend GetResponse because this product gives you a very professional solution that can help you get the most out of your business.

While it is not the cheapest solution (there are 1-2 free offers that do not come across Getresponse), however, compared to equivalent offerings, it is a very well-developed platform that is interested in providing the best service to its customers.

As I said before, I have worked with GetResponse and do it now again and I am very satisfied with the results.

With the PRO or MAX Plan you get even more service and more Access to very interesting additional tools.

The size of your email list is limited to 1000 for $15, which is still cheaper than the competition.

Pros and Cons

  • 30-Day free trial.
  • A List of 1000 only $15.00/m.
  • Easy to work with.
  • Professional End Products.
  • Applicable for all legit marketing practices.
  • No Free Version.
  • Manual Mobile Phone adjusting.

Conclusion: How Is GetResponse.



Today I know that running a website requires the use of an autoresponder program.

GetResponse gives you everything you need and more with the highest standards and at a reasonable price.

If you want to work for a long time in this online business industry and earn money with affiliate marketing I can recommend GetResponse as the best tool.

It will take some time for you to get warm with the program but I’m sure you can handle it faster than with competitive products.

What I find to be a very important argument is that once you get started with GetResponse you do not have to be scared of having to re-start things from scratch because of some restrictions.

How is GetResponse Autoresponder Opt-in


Thank you for your interest 🙂

I hope you now have a better idea of ​​how to use this great product. I really enjoy working with GetResponse and all my campaigns are working great.

If you have questions, please let me know. I and all readers on this website are always interested in your experience. Opinions and ideas are also very welcome in the comments below.

My work continues, now I have to adjust my review MailerLight.

Register with me and always learn the latest news I find out about making money on the internet.

All the best, good luck, see you, Stefan 🙂