How is MailerLite Autoresponder - Working With Email Campaigns
How is MailerLite Autoresponder – Working With Email Campaigns

Let me explain, how is the MailerLite Autoresponder my favorite tool for working with email campaigns. Are email campaigns really valuable or just a waste of time. With the FREE MailerLite starter pack, you can directly reach 1000 subscribers.

Building beautiful landing pages and opt-in forms is made most convenient and time-saving. After trying four different autoresponder programs I definitely want to show you MailerLite now.

What Is MailerLite – In Short

How is MailerLite Autoresponder - Working With Email Campaigns

  • Product Name: MailerLite
  • Website URL:
  • Founder name: Ignas …, founded in 2010
  • Product type: Email marketing platform.
  • Price: FREE starter pack, (see list here)
  • Guarantee: Free to start and try but no money-back
  • Good for:  All types of businesses wanting to keep their customers up to date. (You need a website)
  • Rating: 9 out of 10
  • In words: MailerLite Autoresponder and email listing made easy. With great drag and drop tools, you can build fantastic landing pages. Within a few minutes, you can build opt-in forms and with a great drag and drop you build interesting and professional emails.
  • The good part is: It’s very easy to work with and the product quality is very high.
  • Recommended? YES

    See what I got

MailerLite – REVIEW

First, the sign-up procedure. You can sign-up for free very easily. There are some restrictions though. You fill out the application form and wait for an approval email. (You need a domain email address)

I recommend reading the MailerLite “terms of service” first, before filling the application form. Once you have filled it out and sent, it will be reviewed by MailerLite (ML.) staff and some applications get rejected.

Spam Policy
MailerLite Spam Policy

Websites or businesses doing affiliate marketing are not allowed. MLM and some other content websites can not use ML. as their autoresponder.

ML. want’s to prevent fault practices and opts out spammy businesses before getting reclamations from email receivers. I like this attitude because getting spam mail is annoying for me too.

Once you got accepted you have the full range of products to use. You can build several subscriber lists, interest specific and individual opt-in forms for every subscriber list.

You can create landing/squeeze pages for one or several products with integrated opt-in forms and success messages.

You can write emails, with the easy to use drag and drop system. Newsletters, campaigns, single emails but also automated email sequences.

I think ML. includes every feature an autoresponder program needs. It is easier to use than others I tried before. No mobile phone adjusting and the dashboard is very clear and everything is found easily.

Ok, you don’t have as many templates to choose from like, for example, GetResponse, but in return, I can do everything on my laptop, which is not possible with GetResponse due to the huge amount of data.

As I already mentioned in my first post about email campaigns you need to follow the right steps to be sure everything is complete once you ask your readers for their email address.

In the following, we want to look at these steps one by one and execute them at the MailerLite platform right away.

What Are The Essential Components Of An Email Campaign?

I try to show you an example I need myself. The campaign is focussing new subscribers interested in joining the MailerLite free version. I recommend having separate campaigns* for every product you recommend on your website.

*Separate campaigns for every product gets difficult if you have a ton of products. Then you might differentiate between product segments.

For one campaign you need to start with.:

  • A Pop-Up Opt-In Form. (Only one per website, main Product)
  • A Side-Bar Opt-In Form. (Only one per website, main Product)
  • An On Page Opt-In Form. (Different ones for different Products)
  • A Landing/Squeeze Page. (Different ones for different Products)
  • A Follow-Up Email. (Different ones for different Products)
  • News Letter. (Later, one for all Products)

The chance of getting your subscriber lists to grow if you offer specific opt-in forms with specific bonuses etc is a lot better. In the backend of ML. you can combine the subscribers’ lists and send the newsletter to all of them or send a campaign for people interested only for one product.

First step, choose a bonus.

Ok, the first thing, I want subscribers to get is a bonus for signing up to my list or for signing up to the product through my link. In this example, it is easy because MailerLite offers a bonus of $20.00 for everyone signing up for free.

You probably have affiliate links driving your visitors directly to the product page. This is convenient for the user but not very clever from your position.

The potential customer leaves your page and you might never see him again. On the product page he will give his email address anyway and all future product news he’ll get from the seller.

I now start setting a step between the sales page and my website link. I send a potential customer to my opt-in form first and after he added his email he gets the affiliate link with a bonus on the success message.

Keep Your Customers
Keep Your Customers

The potential customer is from now on my customer too. I’ll send him a follow-up mail and all the newsletters.

If I work optimal, I’ll check if he clicked on the product link, and if not he’ll be added to a group of subscribers receiving special follow-up emails relevant to the product he was interested. (I’m not there yet :))

The second step is to have a follow-up mail ready.

Choose An Email Template
Choose An Email Template

You either have one follow-up mail for all subscribers or you create product opt-in specific ones. I have only one a general one. It is not that optimal because it refers to the free training I offer to subscribers on the sidebar opt-in form. (I’ll have to change that).

On the follow-up mail you optimally refer to the bonus you have promised and the product people signed up for. I will now build a follow-up mail for this, the MailerLite sign-up, campaign.

I open the main page on ML. and choose the “Automation” menu option. Click on “create a new workflow”, give the workflow a custom name “MailerLite sign-up” and choose a trigger “when a subscriber joins a group”.

Then I select a group, “MailerLite Sign-up”, activate the “settings” and save. On the next page, I click on the “plus” sign and on the email sign.

I write a subject title, maybe add “name” to it and start creating the email content. I choose a recent email as the template to shorten the process and to keep up some kind of branding.

It actually took me only about 30 minutes to edit the existing mail to one that is relevant to MailerLite interested subscribers. All I have to do now is to click on finished with editing and on the next page activate it on the top right.

Number 3 is the landing/squeeze page.

Wealthy Affiliate Landingpage Made With MailerLite
Wealthy Affiliate Landing page Made With MailerLite

For every product, you want to have a special landing page. This is something like a review but not on your website but build on the platform of the autoresponder.

You can get really visual here. Add great images and a description of the product. These pages can rank in Google as well so make sure there are some unique content and a keyword title and a good first paragraph.

I like the way landing pages are made with ML. it’s easy to understand the process with a lot of drag and drop possibilities. Everything can be adjusted to my needs and likes, title fonts, backgrounds, call to action buttons images etc.

The only thing that didn’t work so far was adding a youtube video.

Don’t forget, you don’t want to link to the sales page straight from the landing page. Make the possible customer sign-up to your email list and add the affiliate link to the success message.

On the right, you see the example of my Wealthy Affiliate landing page. It is only the top of it and all 4 steps of affiliate marketing are explained on the rest of the page.

To create a great landing page is the most time-consuming part of your email campaign. (That’s why I haven’t made one for MailerLite yet)

But once you have the site you can promote it and link to it from everywhere, from social media and your website, emails, etc.

Step four, finally set up your opt-in forms.

Set Up Your Opt-In Form
Set Up Your Opt-In Form

Now that you have all the backend of your campaign prepared, at least the starter kit, you can invite people to sign-up to your list. For this, you create several types of opt-in forms.

As you might have seen, I have a pop-up opt-in form on the page. This is the same campaign as my sidebar widget opt-in. My main attraction.

The bonus I offer is the free training and additionally the possibility to claim two free websites. These two opt-in forms and one that I can place on any post or page I created first.

Now for this review, the MailerLite review I created another one, especially addressing visitors wanting to sign-up for the free trial to the program.

As I explained above, I have the follow-up mail ready and the opt-in form I have already finished before.

On the right, you see the one I created for this campaign. It opens in a new tab if you click on a call to action button saying

Join-up here for FREE“.

On the dashboard of ML. you open “Forms” there you find a choice of “Popups“, “Landing Pages” and “Embedded Forms“.

The one on the right is one of three versions of an embedded form.

For this post here I won’t have to create any additional forms because I think you’ll find where you can subscribe to my list and claim your $20 bonus if you sign up to MailerLite 🙂

All of these opt-in forms are connected to one or more describer lists. If you have many different you can send product-specific followup emails.

All of the subscribers get the newsletter of course.

Why Do I Recommend MailerLite?

Well, it’s quite obvious I think, with this product you get a professional solution, easy to handle and on top,  the first 1000 subscribers for free. (I have about 80 now).

I have tried other programs as I already said and none of them are as easy to work with. One might be a bit fancier but there is no free plan only a free trial.

Another one is a lot less professional but has a free version too. The third one is quite famous too but as for what I saw until now no competition to this one.

With MailerLite I think you have the best choice and this is why I am reviewing this program first and use it my self, of course. In the near future I’ll review the three others and if you want to wait and read the reviews first just give me your email and you’ll get noticed as soon as they are out :).

Pros And Cons:

Pros first:

  • It’s free for 1000 subscribers.
  • It’s super easy to work with.
  • It lets you create professional looking material.
  • The up-sales for more subscribers isn’t more expensive than other programs.
  • Support through live chat and email

Cons, there’s nothing without a con side:

  • I wasn’t able to add videos to forms and emai
  • Not accepting every business model.

See some Comparisons.

My Five Cents:

If you are a business that wants to expand and choose to take care of your customers, take advantage of an email marketing tool. (A business website too, of course).

With no other method, you can keep your customers informed, involved and make them longtime customers. You know how hard it is to gain the trust of people you don’t really know.

With the help of interesting, helpful and engaging email campaigns you have the best chance to grow exactly this much-needed trust.

You know how hard it can be to get a new visitor to your business, to make him be a customer is even a harder task. If you get him at least opting-in to one of your lists you can keep working on him.

Don’t miss this chance, use an autoresponder and if you ask me, use a professional tool that is free to start with. Use MailerLite:)

Watch a fellow webmaster set up his MailerLite email marketing campaign

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How To Build A Professional Website For Free

Thanks For Visiting 🙂

I hope I was able to learn a bit more about email marketing and how you can take advantage of a great tool. I’ll review other similar products soon and let you see for your self which one you want to choose.

I started the series with my favorite because I think this is what you should see first. (Don’t forget to read my first Autoresponder post)

If you have questions please ask them in the comment section below. I and all readers are also interested in the experience you have made with MailerLite or other related products.

Do you have an opt-in list already? Do you think it is a waste of time? Have you increased conversions with the help of email marketing?

Have a great time, get successful, see you, Stefan 🙂

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