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Is MailerLite good for your business? Let me explain how MailerLite autoresponder became my not favorite tool for working with email campaigns anymore.

Are email campaigns really valuable or just a waste of time. With the free MailerLite starter pack you can reach 1000 subscribers directly. Creating beautiful landing pages and opt-in forms is extremely convenient and time-saving.

Now that I’ve tried four different autoresponder programs, I really want to show you MailerLite.

Some more recommended programs you can test for free:

Learned the hard way


If your website has anything to do with affiliate marketing, don’t use MailerLite.

Content: How Is MailerLite For Your Business

MailerLite Quick Look



  • Produkt Name: MailerLite
  • URL:
  • Name of the Founder: Ignas …, in 2010 
  • Product Typ: Email automation, lists, forms and landing pages etc.
  • Price: Free starter pack, (Pricelist here)
  • Good for: All small to medium businesses wanting to do email marketing.
  • In Words:  When you get accepted MailerLite offers a great variety of email creation, automation, form design and landing pages.
  • The best part: Use it for free up to 1000 subscribers.
  • Recommended?  Yes

Only briefly why I have to renew my MailerLite Review.

It was last year, in June, when I started working on email automation and launched my first real campaign.

At that time, I chose MailerLite because the program works great and up to 1000 subscribers are free.

What was said back then was that no affiliate marketing is allowed on MailerLite but after communicating with the operators my website was accepted doing content marketing using affiliate links.

As a result, I collected a total of about 560 email addresses but worked only a little bit actively with the program.

When I started a new campaign a few days ago I was told that my account needs to be re-evaluated.

Since I had not changed anything in the meantime, I agreed and was very surprised, that shortly after my account was shot down and I lost all my email contacts.

I got in touch with the operators and was briefed pointed out that at MailerLite affiliates transactions are not allowed.

However, I do content marketing and wanted to argue, with the result that MailerLite apologizes but I have to look for another service.

Please read these laws before investing your time with MailerLite.

In a nutshell, thank you very much, now I’m back with the competition, at GetResponse and very happy with the turn.

A Quite Detailed YouTube Video.

In this film, you can see how easy it is to work with MailerLite and how different end products look like.

What the video producer does not draw attention to is the rather big list of business models that MailerLite does not accept.

MailerLite Detailed Review.

How is MailerLite Autoresponder MailerLite Logo

In general I can say, MailerLite is a very modern up to date Email Marketing platform.

The dashboard is kept simple and everything is easy to navigate and find. The features load quite fast and an easy still nice looking drag and drop system helps create all kinds of good looking forms, emails and landing, squeeze pages.

First the registration procedure. You can easily sign up for free. However, there are some limitations.

You fill out the application form and wait for a confirmation email. (You will need a domain email address for this, ex. “”)

I recommend that you first read the “Terms of Use” of MailerLite before completing the application form.

How is MailerLite Autoresponder Terms of Service

MailerLite wants to prevent spam practices and shut down spammy companies before they receive complaints from email recipients.

I like this attitude because I find it annoying to receive spam. Once accepted, you can take advantage of the allmost full range of products.

You can create diverse subscribers lists with multiple opt-in sub-lists that are specific to each interested party and create custom opt-in forms.

You can create landing/squeeze pages for one or more products with built-in opt-in forms.

You can write emails using the easy-to-use drag-and-drop system. (Templates only in paid versions)

How is MailerLite Autoresponder Email Templates

Newsletters, campaigns, individual e-mails, but also automated e-mail sequences.

I think MailerLite contains all the functions that an autoresponder program needs.

It’s easier to use than others I’ve tried before. No adjustment of the mobile version and the dashboard is very clear and everything is easy to find.

Ok, you do not have as many templates as GetResponse, but in return, I can do everything on my laptop, which is not possible with GetResponse because of the huge amount of data.

As I mentioned in my first post about email campaigns, you should follow the right steps to make sure everything is complete before you ask your readers for an email address.

What's Inside MailerLite:

How is MailerLite Autoresponder Products

Support: At MailerLite you are in good hands in terms of help and support. In 5 languages ​​a team can help you around the clock in the live chat if necessary.

Ok, there was an update lately that made the live chat only available to paying customers.

But, the email support responds relatively fast too, so you do not have to wait for days for an email but get it within 24 hours with relevant answers.

How is MailerLite Autoresponder Campaigns

Email creation: Create emails quickly and easily. Either you choose a given template (paid version) and adapt it or you do everything yourself.

With “drag and drop” you are fast and create professional emails in no time. Pictures or text or buttons, videos, everything can be inserted even social media articles links are doable.

With the send options you can set up personalized titles, select lists or subgroups but also select individual recipients. Email types like autoresponders, A / B testing, classic, newsletters or surveys and more are possible.


Forms, Opt-ins: Properly professional and easy to create, I find the various registration forms very good to work with.

Pop-up, widget or embedded forms all these are available. Liste segmentation is pretty well developed at MailerLite. The Pop-up Form settings from MailerLite I even prefer to the one by GetResponse.

Lists organization with groups and segmentation is possible and automatic group shifts of individual subscribers from group to group can be done automatically.

You also need a plugin to connect the MailerLite forms with WordPress websites. It is also easy to install and set-up.

Landing Page: Again, you have a great platform that makes it easy to create a nice Landing/Squeeze page with drag and drop elements.

You can connect these to your own domain or let them be hosted by MailerLite at no extra cost.

Who Can Take Advantage Of MailerLite?

How is MailerLite Autoresponder Landing Page

Small to medium businesses. If you want to set up a relatively straightforward email administration and opt-in structure.

The program is very cheap, however, offers excellent products, such as email automation, lists subcategories, tags, and landing page creation.

Bloggers and websites. For individual blogs that are not fully focused on affiliate marketing, MLM, vitamins, and other health supplements etc.

For a small budget very suitable and with the 1000 email addresses free plan MailerLite can provide a niche website very helpful services.

For beginners. Since the MailerLite program is very easy to use, I can highly recommend that newcomers enter the email adventure with this platform.

The relatively young company offers a simple but very efficient workspace that everyone understands quickly. Even for newbies, it is interesting to have a free platform available.

Not optimal For:

If you need very detailed behavioral reports. The existing reports are similar to most standard reports such as open email, clicked the link, but do not go much further.

If you need such more sales-oriented behavioral information I would recommend GetResponse.

More complex automation. The automated workflows are only limited possible with MailerLite. In order to achieve complex selection criteria in automation, there must be reports which are only offered fundamentally here.

Why Your Business Should Use An Autoresponder Program.

Das Beste Email Program – GetRespose Email Marketing

There are a few reasons, but basically, I say, to maintain relationships with your customers.

A customer, website visitor comes to your website, for the first time because he is looking for something that causes him problems or because he is looking for answers.

Now, if you make a good impression, it is quite possible that this reader is already interested in reading more from you, not necessarily buying, but reading.

By giving him the opportunity to leave his e-mail address to receive your news or even your free offer may start a longer-term relationship.

This relationship can cause this potential customer to trust you more and more, and in turn, take your recommendations more seriously.

Another reason is that if you want to sell a problem solution, a product, it is usually so that a potential customer takes up to 7 steps until he finally effectively takes money in the hand.

You may be able to offer these 7 steps by automating an email sequence that starts when a customer shows interest in your product for the first time.

Your sales link does not lead directly to the product but asks the interested party in the first step to leave the email address. Only in the second step, in the answer message, does he get the link to the sales page.

This gives you the chance to send your customers more tasty emails and to follow his behavior and to react accordingly.

Of course, you can now also regularly send News Letters or automatically announce each new article on your website by email.

You see, email marketing is an important part of customer care these days. You should not underestimate this chance and although it takes some time setting all up, just take action, get it done and take advantage of it.

I can help you with that, with the “Sales Funnel Creation”, I’ll show for free, when you sign up below.

MailerLite Affiliate Program.

Of course, you can also earn money by selling subscriptions to MailerLite. The program offers an affiliate program that can be used independently.

You can get 30% of the fees paid by a member you mediate. A minimum of $120.00 is required to be paid via PayPal.

Why I Still Recommend MailerLite.

How is MailerLite Autoresponder MailerLite Logo

Well, it’s pretty obvious, first of all, MailerLite offers a professional easy-to-use email solution and for free.

1000 email addresses are quite a lot. If you can manage them for free with this quality you should just go for it.

As I said, not every business is accepted: But if you work in an “innocent niche” like for example garden, online games, hobbies, drones etc you have good chances to save a lot of money.

Money is one thing but actually, I have to say that working with MailerLite was very satesfying, straightforward and good software lets you quickly create beautiful forms.

Tip: After my experience, I would recommend you to save all collected email addresses separately on some spreadsheet. In case of any case, you would not lose them as it happened to me 🙂

In the meantime, I have tested some similar email services and would continue to work with MailerLite if that was possible. I’ll probably do that too with my Solar Products website and the other projects I’m running. (Time is limited though, one after the other :).

Pros and Cons

  • Free for up to 1000 contacts.
  • Lower Price in all Plans.
  • Easy to work with.
  • Professional End Products.
  • Landing/Squeeze Pages included.
  • Quite harsh restrictions.
  • Limited Analyses and reporting.

Conclusion: How Is MailerLite Good For Your Business.



If you want to expand and care about your customers, you should use an email marketing service. (Of course, a business website too).

With no other method, you can better keep your readers up to date and turn them into long-time customers.

You know how hard it is to gain the trust of people you do not really know.

With the help of interesting, helpful, and engaging email campaigns, you have the best chance of developing just that much-needed trust.

You also know how difficult it can be to attract a new visitor to your business.

It’s even harder to turn this into a customer. If you at least get them to sign up in one of your lists, you can keep working on them.

Do not miss this chance, use an autoresponder, and if you ask me, use a professional tool that you can start for free. Try MailerLite or GetResponse.

MailerLight – Gut für’s Geschäft? Sign-up to MailerLite

Thanks for the visit 🙂

I hope you could learn some more about email marketing and about how MailerLite is. (Do not forget to read my first autoresponder post.)

If you have questions, please put them in the comment area. I and all readers are also interested in your experiences with MailerLite or other related products.

Do you already have an opt-in list? Do you think that it is a waste of time? Did you increase sales with email marketing?

Have fun, good luck, see you soon, Stefan 🙂