How is Tailwind Publisher for your website traffic? Tailwind helps you get traffic from Pinterest to your website. See how it works and get $15 for signing up here for free. It is the best tool I found to increase website traffic so far and comes for a reasonable price.

Tailwind lets you try for free but once I started my trial I signed up after a few hours because of wanting to use the whole service. I paid 119.88 for the whole year and my campaign starts gaining momentum just after one week.

In this review, I tell, show you what you need to do to increase your website and social media traffic drastically. I also explain the features of Tailwind Publisher and how you use them as a beginner.

The Super Affiliate University Affiliate Disclosure
The Super Affiliate University Affiliate Disclosure

What is Tailwind Publisher – in short

How Is Tailwind Publisher - Increase Your Website Traffic
How Is Tailwind Publisher – Increase Your Website Traffic
  • Product Name: Tailwind
  • Affiliate URL:
  • Founder name: Danny Maloney and Alex Topiler
  • Product type: Social media sharing software.
  • Price: Free trial, For small businesses and bloggers $15/M or $120/Y. For bigger companies <25 employees (see here.)
  • Guarantee: Free trial but no money back guarantee.
  • Good for:  Website operators, Online businesses in general.
  • Rating: 8 out of 10
  • In words: Tailwind automatically posts your pins to the chosen boards. You can pin hundreds of pins per day automatically. You can join tribes on Tailwind and build your own tribe. Many analytic programs and training help you optimize your pinning strategies.
  • Recommended? YES

Tailwind REVIEW

Tailwind REVIEW

I use Pinterest for quite some time now but I have found out that without the help of an automation program my campaigns have very little success.

Maybe you have tried to use Pinterest your self and know how much effort it takes to create just one pin. It is not recommended to pin random images but tall pins that are visual and appealing.

I use Canva to create my pins and sofar posted them manually to Pinterest. I have written two posts about Pinterest already, 1. Start a business with a niche and Pinterest, 2. Pinterest, does it work?

I heard about Tailwind on the website building platform I work at. A colleague posted an interesting blog and added a great video. Too bad it’s not on YouTube but you can see it here.

It all starts with joining up for free. You can add 100 pins to the schedule and see how everything works. Of course, 100 pins is not a lot, I now have around 500 on schedule all the time, more than 100 a day.

You get introduced step by step on the tasks you have to do. First, you complete your account. Add your Pinterest account and Instagram if you have. They say they also post to FaceBook pages but this feature I haven’t been able to get working yet.

You get notice of tasks you should do to optimize your boards, for example, add a description or add more pins etc. Once your account is set to a high extent you can start adding pins.

Adjust your weekly pinning schedule

Adjust your weekly pinning schedule

The first thing you want to do after a few trials, is you want to set your weekly pinning schedule. You can pin as often as you want with the paid version.

For this, you hover over the megaphone sign, “Publisher”, on the left and click on “Your Schedule”.

I have over 100 pins scheduled on every day. The program chooses the best pinning times for your audience. You can manually choose a number of times per day when you click on “create a new smart schedule”.

Or you just click on add time slots and an additional number of optimized slots show up you can choose from.

Not every day will have the same amount of time slots. On some days people don’t use Pinterest as often and the smart scheduler takes this into account and schedules your pins as optimal as possible.

Board lists make it easy

Board lists make it easy

The second task is you organizing your board lists. This feature you also find on the left under “Publisher” and click “Board Lists”.

Instead of having to add boards, you want to post your pins to, you build board groups. I don’t have too many boards yet but for my main niche, there are a few.

Create a “board list”, give it a name and add relevant boards to it. This can be your own boards or group boards you are a member of.

Add as many board lists as you can differentiate the boards receiving specific pins. You will add thousands of pins every week so doing this manually is impossible.

One Pin scheduled on one board list equals several pins in the schedule.

Tribes, the great sharing potential

Tribes, the great sharing potential

With the “plus” plan of Tailwind, you are allowed to join 5 tribes. These are a bit like group boards but you get more insights and a more personal approach.

Choosing a tribe is easy, you find all tribes listed and can choose from all categories.

Most often you have to apply to get a tribe member. You need to read the tribe rules and follow them.

I just saw that I have not yet been accepted to any of the tribes I applied to. Like everything in the online business, here too, you need to be patient and learn how these things really work.

In the beginning, you might need some time to collect information and try out different strategies. I advise though not to change strategies too fast, or you’ll never know what works and what doesn’t.

How can you effectively pin with Tailwind?

How can you effectively pin with Tailwind?

Before using Tailwind I would have to add every image I want to pin to Pinterest separately and then repin it to all of the relevant boards and to tribes if I already joined any.

Now Tailwind has a “browser button” you can download and with this button, everything gets a lot easier.

First, you create the image on Canva and add it to the website and publish. Then I use the rich pin button and pin it to Pinterest. Or I click on the Tailwind symbol on the top and chose the images I want to schedule on Tailwind.

The rich pin on Pinterest has now a small Tailwind Icon on it and if I click this I can add it to the schedule very fast.

Once I have a choice or just one image I choose the boards or better the board lists it should be pinned at, choose the tribes I want it to go and click schedule.

After I have scheduled a number of my own and others pins I go to the Tailwind scheduler and mix the whole list up so the same pins come throughout the next days and not in the row I added them to the schedule.

Why I recommend Tailwind.

Why I recommend Tailwind.

I can recommend Tailwind to persons wanting to work with Pinterest. Pinterest is a search engine like Google etc. but I think it is much more effective. Using Tailwind explodes your exposure to millions of people on a daily basis if you do it right.

I don’t know about you, but so far my organic traffic and even my daily impressions on Google are not huge in numbers. On Pinterest, on the other hand, my impressions rise continuously since using Tailwind.

I’m working with the tool for about two weeks now and already get more repins than ever. To get a pin “viral” as they call it takes some research and trying.

It is a fact that using Pinterest the right way does take time as well but at least if you have the help of Tailwind you can concentrate on creating nice looking tall pins.

Pros and cons:

Pros first:

  • Save a lot of time if you seriously work with Pinterest.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Can be used for Instagram and Facebook too.
  • Free trial to check out all features without time pressure.
  • Good price for small businesses and bloggers.


  • Not sufficient in the free version.
  • You need to get into it, a lot of features and analytics tools.
  • Only 5 tribes to join + your own is possible with the “Plus” plan.

My five cent:

I think it’s absolutely worth the money. I’ll give it a try for a year now. Of course, I have to work on my pins, they are my presentation here and need to convert.

So far, this week, I saw my numbers climbing drastically. I have worked with another automation program for Pinterest before and saw what difference they can make. Tailwind here is much easier to use though.

I’ll have to apply to more group boards now and increase my exposure even more. Then I think one step in getting more traffic to my website is made 🙂

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Thank’s for stopping by 🙂

I hope I could introduce this interesting tool so you can understand. It is a bit hard to explain only in words and I’m thinking of creating a video walkthrough for you.

For now, you can watch the movie here I copied from Youtube. I think it does explain things quite good.

That’s it for today if you would like to know more details please leave a question below. Of course, we’re all interested to hear of your experience with Tailwind or other automation publishing tools. Tell us your opinions and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Have a great time, see you, Stefan 🙂

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