Build A Niche Website – Best Training – Part 1 

In this free step by step course, we create a niche website. You will learn how to build a niche website that will give you a passive income. With me, you start with the niche selection, create a website, set up the website to the point where we see the money pouring in.

Well, many talks about niche websites and even more have one. In this and the following articles, you will find out what a niche website is and can create one with me right away.

Surely you first want to know what a niche website exactly is. So, it’s a website that focuses on a very defined audience. My previous niche websites, for example,,

However, these are not very successful sites, since I did not understand much of the matter then my niches are not optimal. There is a lot of work behind them but unfortunately, I had no patience and always started something new.

What you can learn from this is, once you have chosen a good niche you should stick with it. We will see here with my new example project that it’s worth it.

In my project here I will target the “Solar Energy Systems Do It Yourself” niche. Ok, that’s not a small niche, but a subset of Solar Energy.

I’ve been eyeing this niche for a long time and here you can see how I came up with it. (Niche research). For a long time, I have been dealing with the niche research and am convinced that I will succeed with this project. Further contributions to the niche Question: Top 10 niches and niches that succeed on Pinterest.

Ok, I’m going to mess with my time again doing this new project but I’m sure it will be as exciting as it is educational and lucrative for you and me.

What are we going to do? What are the steps?

In this first part, we will do the following:

In the following part comes:

  • The first steps on the new website, set up.
  • The first contents, Privacy, Disclosure, About me, Title page.

After that, many more articles will follow, that I haven’t yet got in mind. You see it will be growing together. I hope that you actively participate and share your questions and thoughts with us.

Choosing a niche: Choose something that interests you.

Take Your Time And Think

As mentioned so often, first comes the niche choice. You should be aware that you will deal with the chosen niche for a long time.

You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • In what sector can I contribute to solving problems?
  • What do many people want to know about?
  • What do many people spend money on?

Brainstorm all three of these questions. Where they overlap you have a starting point. In my case, the overlapping answers are:

  • I am a trained electrician.
  • Many people are interested in the environment.
  • Many people spend money to calm their conscience.

So I end up with something that has to do with energy, environment, and improvement. What I read from this is the Solar Energy Niche. That’s roughly the direction in which I’ll go.

This niche combines my knowledge, my interest, many people’s interest and a thriving market.

What comes now is a bit more difficult, I have to go into more detail. I imagine that for the time being I would like to sell articles that are available on Amazon.

Why? Amazon has a partner program that is easy to get started, and secondly, the choice of products is huge. Third, Amazon has a reasonably good reputation and I can recommend the products to my customers without hesitation.

So I’ll take a look around at Amazon and see what’s offered in there in the solar niche. I work with, USA, you can also search country specifically, and there’s endless choice. So I could pick any under niche of solar energy.

I decide, as an electrician, for self-installable solar energy systems. These are not too expensive but still, make a hopefully nice profit. I also think that I can include portable devices as well.

Well, the last part of the niche definition is to find a suitable search term. This keyword or keyphrase, keyword combination, is what people type in search engines to find pages like mine.

86 competing pages, I’ll pick it up

Since my site is in English I can use the “Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool“. For German or other languages “Long Tail Pro” works. However, you can also use either “Google Keyword Planner” or “Bing Keyword Research” for such research.

The most important criteria you have to look out for are that on the one hand a certain number of Internet users search for your search term and on the other hand not too many competing websites use the same keywords.

Finally, I even check my choice on Google by typing the search term between quotation marks in the search bar. If not thousands of articles with the same name appeared, I can assume that the search term is ok.

Of course, I also examine the results I get in the search and what Google offers. This will be my future competition and as everyone knows, them I should know very well.

It’s a good sign if the first page of Google Search also contains niche websites.

Now we are practically ready to create a niche website. What did we find out and what do we use from it?

  • I have a niche: “Do-it-your-self solar power”
  • I have a keyword website title: “DIY solar energy systems”

Stop, there’s something else you have to consider!

Niche website visitors intentions

Visitor Intent Video Training

When you start a niche website, you should ask yourself “who should visit my website“.

The whole website concept should be tailored to a specific group of people. On the right, you can see a diagram showing the 4 steps of a potential buyer. (It is a video training if you click on it)

It’s these steps that every buyer goes through before he buys something, online or in real life.

On the Internet, such a person uses a search engine to find answers to questions of his respective intention state.

Our task is to use the right keywords for page- and article-titles to tell such search engines which answers can be found on our site.

In order to achieve maximum sales implementation, we should address the right group.

4. Awareness Phase

On top, 4, that’s the biggest group. These are people who have heard of something and now want to learn more generally. For example, someone has heard of solar energy, so he’ll Google for that keyword to learn more.

But you and I do not want to address this group of Internet users. While this group may be interested in learning more about your niche, they are still far from the intention of buying a product.

Websites that address such a target group are information pages like Wikipedia etc or like my Thailand website. People visit to learn not to buy.

3. Interest Phase

In this second group are people who want to know more about the specific topic. In the case of solar energy, maybe someone wants to know what options there are, can they save money or is the place they live suited for such an investment.

These are still very information intensive websites. Much has to be explained and only secondarily actual products are presented.

In order to be competitive in this phase, you have to be very knowledgeable about the subject to write really helpful articles.

If you refer to this segment, you might get a large number of website visitors to your page when you appear on the first page of Google.

But the buyer quality is not the same as in the next phase, weighing different products.

2. Consideration

Modified Search Terms

Well, here it’s getting interesting. This group includes people who have decided to invest in some product of your niche. They want to get an idea about the available products.

Here we should jump in. My niche solar power must, for targeting this segment of interested parties, use good keywords and address these people.

I could just write a post, titled, “solar powered fans”. That would not be good though. That’s the next phase and the competition will be huge.

What I do best is, that I write a “best of” post. I could also choose a single product and publish a review, but what statistics confirm is that articles with “10 Best”, for example, rank much better than individual reviews.

For an article, that would mean “The 10 Best Solar Operated Fans”. For a niche, “The best solar ventilators”

As shown in the picture, by the way, this picture comes from the training I’ve been studying at LongTail Pro, we should use words like these on our website or at least article titles.

People who have reached this intent group want to buy the best product at the best price and we strive to satisfy exactly these needs. “Best”, “Reviews”, “Top 10”, “Under 50 €” or “2018” are title attributes that interest such people.

1. Conversion

Well, this would be the buyer group that is most willing to buy. However, in this sector, we have no chance with a niche website that does not offer any of its own products.

What we do as affiliate niche business websites, we become affiliate partners, sub-sellers of these sales sites and refer to them from our top 10 articles, link to their websites and receive commissions for purchases made.

Sales websites such as Amazon or eBay, but also real department stores selling online are too strong websites that we can not beat in search engine ranking.

Such websites are operated by large organizations with many employees, professional full-time employees who publish new articles around the clock, so we have no chance.


We will dedicate ourselves to the second segment, the group of those who are looking for the best product.

I made this video about the niche research, I hope you like it 🙂

2. Let’s create our niche website

How To Build A Professional Website For Free

You can buy your domain in different places. I recommend choosing a place that offers everything in one, domain sale, website creation and website hosting. If possible, good, fast support and training should be included.

The price for only the domain varies between about € 4 – € 20 per year. You get hosting very cheap too but unfortunately, these platforms mostly lack the support and training.

Personally, I prefer to work with “Wealthy Affiliate” (English). This is a great program that contains everything and more that I have enumerated. It is also possible to create a free test website and that’s what I’ll do first.

The following articles can help you to make an informed decision: (10 best websites programs), (website creation and hosting)

Domain name

Is My Domain Name Available?

If you want to create a professional niche or authority website you should first come up with a good domain name. The domain name can be short so that it is easy to remember.

Google, Amazon, eBay, YouTube, Facebook etc, are all easy to remember brand names that are well suited as a domain name.

Take your chosen niche and try to invent an abbreviation, a word that is simple yet somehow reminiscent of the niche. Your first try, you’ll find out like me, is something that is probably already taken.

Now go to your Domain seller where you want to buy your domain name and check if the desired name is still available. I had to mix around for a while until I found something satisfying.

My new domain is called, ta tata tata, “” It is derived from All Solar Power. It was far from my first wish but meanwhile, I got used to it and I’m really looking forward to expanding this site.

Before that, there is still a lot to do 🙂

Website name

The website name is far more important because hereby our search term is used for the first time. As I’ve learned with the help of training from Long Tail Pro, the niche and my search term chosen above is not optimal.

Above, I decided to choose the niche: “Do-it-your-self solar power” and the website name: “DIY solar energy systems”. Now I know this is too broad for me and does not fall into the right buyer phase group. I have to investigate and optimize that again.

It must be something like “best” or similar so I can build on it well. “Best solar equipment” or “best solar products”, something in that direction. I have to go over the books again and consult Jaaxy and Long Tail Pro.


Right, I have invested a few more hours and I have a result. My website will be called “Best Solar Powered Products”.

(Please choose your own niche, if we all come up with the same thing it will be difficult 🙂

Brand logo

Now that we’re at it, we can also create a logo for our new page. I use a free program. It’s called “Free Logo Maker” and is very easy to use. logo logo

Make sure the logo is on a transparent background. With Free Logo Marker you can set this and save a simple, not too high-resolution copy for free.

The image should not be larger than 600 x 250 pixels. Simple is better, said the old designers, so you don’t need to be a genius to design something appealing. Pages Icon Website Icon

At the same time, we create a small picture that we use for your website domain. It’s the little Icon you see next to my website tab.

Google always shows this little image and this is good to get your visitors used to your site.

Now we have the first four components with which our new website is identified.

We are finally ready to create a website. You do that wherever you want or you click here and come to a page where you can create the first free website.

End of the first part.

In the near future Stefan 🙂

I hope you could follow me up to here. The whole thing is not too complicated but should nevertheless be executed exactly and lovingly.

These are the foundations of your hopefully successful business. If you do it seriously, you will deal with what you have done in these 1-2 weeks for the next few years.

It’s a business, not for fun, that would be too time-consuming. So follow the steps and if you have questions you can easily post a comment below.

In the next part, it will be exciting, we will press the “Create Website” button if you have not already done so, and have the new website awakened.

There is a lot to do when setting up a new website, choosing and setting up a template, installing plugins, creating basic pages, etc. You’ll see it’s all very interesting and soon you can look at your own website in the internet 🙂

Until then, all the best, see you, Stefan 🙂