How To Earn Money In Affiliate Marketing

Hey, today I want to talk about something millions of people around the world talk about on a daily basis. How to earn money in affiliate marketing is the question a huge part of normal people like you and me ask our selves.

There are only a few raw things you must know but the small tricks can make you get successful and rich. I have a bit of all for you today.

The raw construct I will disclose completely and some of the small tricks I share with you as well. If I knew all the small tricks I would be selling them of course and be rich already πŸ™‚

Ingredients for a good affiliate marketing soup.

Ingredients for a good affiliate marketing soup

First, we take a raw website. The website you can build either “here” or look for other opportunities “here or on the internet. You’ll need a website builder and a host.

Next, you need to have a niche, a market segment you want to target. I recommend you choose a niche you are passionate about but still complies with some marketing criteria.

I have prepared some articles for you to “understand the importance of a niche here”, “the top 10 inches at the moment here” or “how niches can be best marketed here.

The most important part, the part that gives the soup the taste is your work. You need to fill up those empty pages with interesting, valuable and helpful content.

Without this, your commitment, the soup is fade and no one will be prepared to spend a single buck for your product. Producing this valuable and very personal ingredient needs a lot of time.

Once your nice looking website starts having a presentable texture you can start adding the meat. We talk about affiliate links here.

Now the foundation is built and your job again is to keep the soup hot and spicy so people from all over the internet get a smell and want to see what you are offering here.

“How to get your website ranked on the first page of Google search”

What do I use as a raw website?

WordPress Websites Are My Favorite

I personally prefer to work with WordPress websites. See more about WP sites here. These are plain websites you can customize with thousands of themes and plugins very easily and efficiently.

By the way, themes are layouts of the website, general optical appearance you can manually customize in detail. Plugins are software add-ons allowing different features or actions on the website.

You have the choice of either building a blog post site or a traditional website or an online shop. I recommend a blog post site due to being most popular and actually offering the best possibilities to attract traffic and with this potential customers.

How to make a blog post you can learn here. When you work with WordPress websites you can use a great dashboard featuring all necessary tools for designing amazing looking posts.

Another advantage of WP sites is that thousands of necessary plugins and themes are available for free. Thousands of people are developing new plugins and new themes every day and the best ones are ranked better and are regularly updated. There are paid upgrades but so far I wasn’t forced to use a single one.

I have never seen all possible free themes I could choose from, there are just too much. Also, the choice of plugins is almost endless and I recommend you only use the absolutely necessary due to getting your website stuffed and sometimes also slow.


Niches like a dime a thousand, choose wisely.

Choose Your Niche Wisely

Remember, affiliate marketing is not a make money quick scheme. Choose a niche you know you won’t be bored soon and have something to say about.

I also advise checking if your favorite niche is monetizable. Is there any interest at all? What do people usually visit a niche site like yours for? Are there interesting products you can recommend in this niche available?

If you choose a niche that attracts people wanting everything for free, it is not easy to earn much money πŸ™‚ If your niche is about small inexpensive products it is also hard due to needing to have a huge traffic and selling millions of products.

My coach says every niche can make money if you do it the right way and are persistent long enough. I believe he is right with this.

But who want’s to wait three years for having a regular income of $500 to $1000 per month. I think it is ok to find a compromise between passion and lucrativeness.

As I mentioned above, I offer three ways how to approach the nicheΒ choosingΒ research. Spend some time with this, it’s well worth the effort.

An unlucky niche can spoil the whole approach and get frustrating in future for sure. Think of it as a real business, not a hobby, you’ll spend too much time on this for it to not be taken seriously.

Content the component you must take care of the most.

No good content no good website no good money. Without great informative and helpful content, your website is for nothing.

You can have the best products to the best conditions, in the internet business what counts is content. Look at it this way, why are people generally going on the internet?

Because they are looking for help. They are looking for educational help, advice like help or experience help, even technical help a lot of times.

So your main approach to creating content is to try to help these people. Try to learn what the targeted audience of your niche wants to know. What are they asking frequently?

For sure there are websites answering every possible question already but you can still try to do it better. It’s like in the real world business, thousands of shops sell shoes but still, some sell better and some worse.

The reason why this is is that some have better ideas, are more customer orientated, more friendly or offer better service.

With a keyword tool you can find out what a lot of people are searching for on the net but then you need to deliver the best possible search result for them.

In the beginning, it is not that easy to write long interesting and helpful content. It is a matter of exercise, like every skill. But if you, like me, like writing you will undoubtedly get better every day.

I was often thinking about writing a book along my lifetime. I have made such extraordinary experiences that I always thought it would be worth writing them down.

But before starting here writing these small articles I was totally unable to start writing my first book. Doing these short posts is a great training to let go and just write.

In the meantime, I have written over 300’000 words all together which is equal to quite a thick book. Right now at the moment, I enter a new, never experienced stage.

Two days ago I wrote three articles on the same day, 5000 words and yesterday about 2000+ words. I try a new approach at the moment, just write all day long one article after another.

Now I already have material for posting the next week and can, therefore,Β concentrate on my new project, the email list, autoresponder, landing page and the free gift I want to offer you.

It did take me over a year through to get to this stage. Two months ago I was working two days on a post and hardly caught up with posting 12 posts every month.

Also read this,16 tips on how to write a blog post.

See what I got

It’s time to make some money.

It’s time to make some money.

Now, this is the essential and probably most important step for you. This is why you came to this article by fact. The aspect of affiliate links and how to use them.

You have your website and are targeting a niche audience with helpful content covering researched search term titles. Now you want to find relevant products you can recommend to your audience.

These products are meant to be an additional part of the help you provide. A product that in your opinion is able to help solve the problem your visitor is having.

You need to find the best-suited product you can stand behind, maybe even use yourself. Then you try to get affiliate partner with the company providing the product.

I’ve written this post about the best affiliate programs here. You find the product, sign-up for free with the affiliate program and get a link to their selling site that allows you earning commissions when you land a sale.

I recommend writing a review for every product you want to get a commission. Learn here how to write a review. I think it is not enough to just recommend a product but to review it and write what you learned about it.

Once you have your reviews you drive your readers via an internal link to the review where it is appropriate.

People read your articles and start believing and trusting in your authority on the topic. They will then want to see the product and learn more about it.

They go to your review and probably buy or at least want to learn what you have to offer.

Your website is now fit for getting a brandable business.

Start Being A Brand In Your Industry

All the essential steps are now done to get started counting the cash. It is not by far the time to relax yet though. You need to consistently work on your website.

Adding new content is essential and with every new article, you enhance the chance of increasing traffic. The first three to six months it is hard work. You have to regularly write new posts.

If you fail to do so, the site falls asleep and no new potential customers won’t add up. You also need to think of building your list of email subscribers.

This is what I’m going to do exactly next week. I’ll be telling you how I do it and which tools are necessary to get a great looking responder and weekly newsletters.

Let me collect some experience first and find best solutions for you and me. I’m researching the topic for quite some time and think to have found the right components for a professional approach.

It all takes time, the whole process of getting a website really successful is a mix of many little steps. Here, for example, you can check a list of things why your business might not be successful.

You might have noticed that the chapter of monetizing your website is the last one on this post. This is not without a reason.

Too often I see people, new to the business jump right on the selling aspect of a website. Before even having an about me page they already start asking how they can start making money now.

I found out, it is much better to not think about this aspect in the first two months. It only distracts from all the tasks that have to be done in order to get ready for selling.

If you need to make money right away, take advantage of my free training by signing up for my email list. The selling solution I show there is done quickly and gives you the opportunity to earn while building your website.

I told you, the affiliate marketing is a longterm business with a slow starting curve. It is, on the other hand, a sustaining income producing machine if done right.

So don’t concentrate on sales numbers in the beginning or you’ll be disappointed and get a wrong picture. Keep producing helpful in-depth content and grow your website and traffic steadily.

I left a lot of internal links on more detailed posts here on this article. I hope you check out some of them and find more detailed information on specific aspects of the affiliate marketing.

I can not stress enough, it is a complex system and all aspects have to be taken into account and taken seriously. The selling part is eventually a result of all the other implementations and hardly possible without doing the whole thing right.

See you, enough for now.

Thanks for visiting I hope I haven’t wasted your time and you feel a bit better informed than before.

If you want to start a new career in the affiliate marketing business I strongly recommend working with a professional learning platform. I do it like that myself and all my knowledge I had collected from great capacities in the industry.

My journey is just beginning and I hope to see you again on this adventures trip.

Please let me and all readers know what you think about all this. If you have questions I’ll be happy to try and answer ASAP. Leave any kind of comment below and give me and other visitors the chance to see your valuable contribution.

I wish you all the best now, see you, Stefan πŸ™‚

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