It’s No Secret, Earn Money Online With A Website

In today’s business world a big percentage of goods are sold on the internet. How to earn money online is a skill that young and old people should learn.

I want to show you how you can sell products online and how you make your website fit for doing this.

There are several ways people make money online but the fastest growing sector is the affiliate sales sector. It is one of the most profitable sectors too.

Appart from selling your own product there’s no better way to make money on the internet than being affiliate partner and earn commissions.

All the internet “Gurus” do it this way and those are the ones we must learn from.

How does this affiliate marketing work – in short.

Ok, in short, you make a website choose a product you like and are utterly convinced of, and try to sell it to people, looking for a product related to yours.

First, you need to build a website, choose a domain name related to your product, niche.

Second, you write articles to create trust amongst your readers. An “about me” page, some “how to” pages and some “product reviews“.

Always focus on helping people answering questions and solving the problems that made them visit your site.

Then you write a “landing page” or more than one. This article you are reading right now is one of my landing pages. I want to reach as many people as possible with this page.

The landing page is covering a topic I have researched, that many people are interested in. From the landing page, you direct your potential customers to the review page or even better to the “sales page“.

(I have also sales pages, this is a strategic step I take, to look better for search engines like Google and Bing.)

I could try to direct you straight to the product page, affiliate page, but this is not perfect for search engine optimization.

I direct you from my sales pages to the affiliate page. There you hopefully sign up for my product and I get a commission.

Affiliate Marketing Cicle
Affiliate Marketing Cycle

See what I got

Here is a little help for you to understand how affiliate business works or better said, what you should focus on when selling online.

It’s not my video and the 7 steps are not to be confused with the 6 steps I mention below.

6 steps to earning an income online.

One thing every business has in common and that is no different with the online business. It’s hard work and you have to help people solve their problems.

Noone made a good dollar without investing a lot of work. You can ask every millionaire and he’ll say, the most important skill you need is to “be willing to work hard“.

The good news, for an affiliate business you don’t need a lot of money to start with. Around $50.00 per month and you are ready to go.

What you need is persistence and a strong will, to go through the hard times when no money comes in but you need to stay focused and work for many hours day by day.

  • You need a computer and an internet connection.
  • You need to choose a profitable niche.
  • You need a website domain and host.
  • You need a website building, learning by doing platform.
  • You need to write helpful articles as many as possible.
  • You need an affiliate product that pays out some good percentages.

Computer and Internet.

The first thing you probably already have, at least the internet. I strongly recommend working from a computer or laptop due to faster reading and writing possibility.

You will stay behind the screen, if possible, for many hours a day and with a mobile or even a tablet, you lose too much time. It’s also easier to work with a mouse.

The internet connection doesn’t have to be extraordinary, you won’t be gaming but a steady always reliable connection does make the job more stressfree.

Domain and Host.

SiteRubix, Build And Host Your Website Here

These are the two things you will need to publish your website. I will not go into details about all the different offers that are available.

I tell you, If you want to be serious about this business model, there is only one provider I can recommend. My first proof is right here.

Build your first website for free now

Stop, to build a website is too easy and you can still do this after you have thought about some things first.

Why I say there is only one real alternative to hosting and building a website, is because on the same platform you will be able to learn all the skills needed to make your website great.

You will also be provided with the essential tools needed to operate a successful selling machine.

With one product that you have to pay monthly, and this you would need anyway no matter where you purchase it, this service will cover all aspects needed to start the new business.

A domain, a host, a training program, the keyword tool, and essentially one of the best paying affiliate programs.

If you want to learn more about my recommended Website Building Program click this link.

But before you start building your first website, you need to think about the “niche” you want to serve your audience in.

Choose a profitable niche.

There are several approaches to choose a niche. I do this for some time now and have made the experience that it is good to choose a niche you are interested in.

I, for example, am interested in making a great website and chose this niche to help people find the right tools to do the same.

I also decided to choose this niche because there is a huge audience I can serve and sell things to. I have written some posts about choosing a niche already.

It is worth taking your time and think it over really well. The success of your website stands or falls with the chosen niche, product.

If you choose a niche you’re not interested in but only see the potential earnings, you’ll probably give up before making any sales.

If you choose a niche you like a lot but is not suited to make decent money you’ll also won’t be motivated to work for years and years.

I personally made the mistake twice. First I chose a niche not suited to make money but it was a lot of fun operating it. The second one I liked the topic too but the articles were too cheap and the percentages too small.

With both sites, I had to stop because just writing articles for the fun of it was tiring and my wife started asking questions about the reason for me doing this 🙂

Read my posts here and get a better picture of how you can choose the perfect niche for you. Top 10 niches 2018 or, Choose a niche or, Make money with a niche, a website, and Pinterest.

Now you can go back to choosing a domain name and build a website. Have fun and build your first website.

For the moment it is not a problem, even if you have to change everything after some time. My recommended program lets you make two websites for free, just to try and find out whether you like the job or not.

Building your website step by step.

Lean Step By Step How To Make Website And Monetize It

Now you have probably signed up for the free trial at Wealthy Affiliate. Here you learn how to actually build out your website.

There are two training trails. The “Affiliate Bootcamp” will train you specifically selling Wealthy Affiliate memberships. The “Get Started Here” teaches how to build a website and sell products in every imaginable niche.

Both pieces of training will teach you all the latest knowledge about affiliate marketing. About SEO and how to get traffic to your website.

It is a very intense training, and I recommend you do exactly as told and finish one training after the other without any shortcuts.

There are tasks to do after every training and if you don’t do these your site will get messed up for sure and you’ll never get the full advantage of this great training.

Here, the first time, you will see if you are made to be a millionaire. There’s so much to do and learn and only the stubborn and really willing will get through the training and show best results.

I must commit, I am doing the Bootcamp training the second time right now because of leaving out some tasks here and there.

The good news is, you can already start earning money at this stage. For every referral, you get credit and will be paid out.

Content is the heart of every website.

Please take into account that the biggest part of your work will be writing content, articles. Kyle the teacher and owner of the program will want you to write many long articles right from the beginning.

For more than 50% a website is only as good as the articles published in it. Of course there is a lot of surrounding work to be done but in essence, it is writing good and helpful content.

You are my reader now, and I am sure if my content wasn’t worth reading you would already be gone. I don’t have to invent the whole content new but I have to write it in my words and try to be better than others.

If you choose to write an article, you probably know first what you want to write about. Then you have to choose a catching title.

The title has to include a “keyword”. Keywords/phrases are the search terms people write into the search bar of search engines.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you get to use one of the best keyword research tools on the market for free. (A good keyword tool costs at least as much as the whole WA package altogether).

Keyword Jaaxy
Jaaxy Keyword Tool

The keyword tool lets you know how many people search for a certain term and how many competing websites use the same term.

It is important that you choose a search term, keyword/phrase that first, represents your content, second has as many people as possible searching for it every month and third, has as little competition as possible.

Once you have chosen your title satisfying all these criteria you are ready to write an in-depth article. Keep in mind you write for your readers.

Try to answer every possible question that a reader could have. Google likes long posts, the other way around, they don’t like short posts.

My and later your goal is to manage to get your article on page one in searches and there as close to the top as possible. It is a hard task because everyone wants that but it is possible.

Write articles with at least 1000 words, I try to write 1900 plus. You can check your self, articles on top of page one in Google search are mostly very long. (How to get ranked on the first page of Google search)

It is also very important that you publish regularly relevant articles to your niche. Google is some kind of big brother and watches you on every step you do.

For a good “ranking” in Google search engines, we need to satisfy them again and again. Two or more posts a week are standard for famous bloggers and website operators.


Affiliate programs, partnerships.

How Much Can You Earn
How Much Can You Earn With Wealthy Affiliate

Last but surely not least you will need affiliate products you can sell. You can’t sell anything you like, at least not in the beginning.

You need to research products that match your niche. Here on my site, I sell products related to building websites, writing articles or researching keywords.

I have the main product that covers all these demands and this is the Wealthy Affiliate University. To my luck, WA pays an amazingly big commission.

You too will want to find products that pay good commissions. My flip-flop website has a hard stand, a product costs about $30.00 and Amazon gives me only 6-8%.

You can imagine how many pairs of flip-flops I’d have to sell to get rich 🙂

Wealthy Affiliate, as another example, pays almost 50% and these earnings are a monthly returning income.

It is not hard to find good affiliate programs once your website is set up and has some regular traffic. But I’d recommend waiting with selling until you have some experience and your site has a number of articles.

Now, I think I have covered the most relevant information on how you can earn money online. I do it right here and you, if you do your thing right, can do the same.

You can sneak around my website some more and collect tips and tricks on this and that before you decide to join the best online business building platform.

My website, of course, is far from being able to help you as much as Wealthy Affiliate. But all you read here I have learned there.

The owners, Kyle and Carson are my good examples of how it is possible to build a multi-million dollar business in just a few years. Hard work, dedication, willing to help and a good idea.

Read about the owners Kyle and Carson. Click here and open 1.3

Thanks for the visit, I’ll be back for more.

As always I want to invite you to leave some comments. I’m sure you have a question I haven’t yet answered.

All my readers are also interested to hear your opinions and about some experiences, you have made in making money online or website business in general.

With this, I leave you, for now, wish you all the best and hope you come back.

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See you, Stefan 🙂

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