How To Learn How To Build A Website

The question how to learn how to build a website is one I had my self some years ago. I did two different approaches and the second one led to success.

Many people come up with the idea of building a website and then ask themselves how or where can I get the skillset to do so.

Like me probably everyone has some friends with experience and asks them for advice first. I did so. I collected quite a lot of tips on solving the problem.

None of them though had the recommendation I have for you today.

There is a ton of tutorials on building a website and for a newbie, it is hard to decide what will be the best solution and the most valuable approach.

Today I know how much is involved in operating a professional website that gets traffic and can be seen by as many people as possible.

Different ways to learn how to build a website.

My friends told me to buy a domain and look for a host and then you are ready to make your website. This is true, it worked, but not a single person would ever find my website on the internet.

Join My Favorite Website Building Program
Join My Favorite Website Building Program

It is one thing to get a website up and running, but it is a totally different story if you want to make a successful money-making website.

Most website hosts and builders know about the fact that “SEO” is important for getting traffic to a website but they don’t stress this fact enough.

They sell their product, which is the domain and the hosting and leave you with that. Everything else that is essential for a good online presence you have to find out for your self.

Search the internet for every information you need.

Internet Search, How To Build A Website

There are a lot of websites like this one here. We teach some most important tricks and techniques to interested people that happen to find our websites.

Find the top 10 website builders here.

Some famous affiliate marketers have their websites running of course and want to sell you a course here, and a package there.

If you search the internet long enough and stay strong, don’t buy in in any services and top offers, you can get a quite wide range of information about website building.

The danger is that on each of these websites at some point you get where you have to buy something telling you the whole story.

My recommended program would also be something like that. What my favorite program makes different from others though, is the full package character of it.

Most services offer a training for one part of the whole skillset you’ll need. My training provides the roundup training, website hosting and the most important website building tools.

You can search the internet for every little trick and rule you need to know for a successful online business but you will need a lot of time finding these sites and in the end, you will never be sure that you have found all the important stuff.

If you choose to work with over one million students and professionals there at the Wealthy Affiliate University, I will guarantee you it will be totally up to you whether you’ll get successful or not.

To publish and run, operate a great website is a lot of work. This will always be your task to do. But the training and instruction on how you best and most effective invest your work time can be given.

I have written some in-depth reviews about Wealthy Affiliate and won’t do that here again, you are very welcome to read one of them here. (The best website building Program).

See with your own eyes what you can expect from a program that provides everything you need to learn how to build a website.

Find helpful Videos on Youtube.

Another approach is searching for training youtube videos, It is a great way to learn a lot, but you’ll never know if you found the most efficient video or have learned all skills needed.

I, for example, have built my first website with the help of a guy’s video a few years ago. It took me about two days to get it running.

With SiteRubix Site Builder you can do the same job in literally 3 minutes. You don’t want to believe this? Build your free website here.

I give you $100.00 right away if you do not have your first website within 10 minutes after clicking the link above. Ok, If you choose to think about the website name for half an hour it is not covered in my bet lol.

Click the link above and continue the instructions. All you have to provide is a username, an email address and choose a password.

Once these metrics are given you enter a website name, choose a website theme and there is your website.

You can see someone doing exactly this in the video below. It is the Site Rubix website building platform which is used in the video and the person making the website is not very fast.

Look online for a good website building platform with training.

Another possibility how to learn how to build a website is to look for website building platforms, programs like Wealthy Affiliate on the internet.

There are some, I know but there’s no better one, this I know too. There’s not even a cheaper one 🙂

Nowadays a lot of people build a website with the WIX and such programs. They’re free to start with as well and I gave it a shot some time ago.

I gave it up though because I quickly realized I’ll be left alone with producing my site. Training other than how to build the website is provided but has to be researched like on the internet.

Due to not working with Word Press websites like over 27.5% of all website operators do, you are locked up to the Wix program if you want to keep the website.

Billions Of Word Press Page Views Every Month
Billions Of Word Press Page Views Every Month

WA does work with Word Press websites and if you choose to leave the program it is an easy thing to change the host and go on running the website without the help of WA.

Because I have found the WA website building program I wasn’t looking any further for other similar programs. But many of us here at WA have.

They have written reviews but so far I haven’t read one that convinced me to check out another program.

Join the Wealthy Affiliate University and save time and money.

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The bonuses you get when joining WA are unseen as well. You get two free websites, a free 7-day trial, a free membership is possible.

The first month you get for only $19.00 and if you take advantage of the “Black Friday” offer the whole package will only cost you $25.00 per month. Claim your bonuses here.

Wealthy Affiliate premium members get website hosting for a total of 50 websites, all of them are https:// websites with an SSL certificate included.

All websites can be built with about ten clicks and get indexed by Google within a few days. WA hosted websites are some of the fastest in the industry.

Wealthy Affiliate offers included pieces of training for every kind of online business model. Either you already know what you want or you follow the “Get Started Here” training and learn what is possible.

You can check out a model here. Make money with a top niche, a website, and Pinterest.

WA has the best affiliate marketing training available that led to millions of dollars income for many members. If you follow the training you can’t fail getting successful and earn money with your website.

What I think is the biggest advantage of working with WA, is not having to spend any more money anywhere else anymore.

I hope this could help you understand how to learn how to build a website. I think these are the most common ways.

You can do a real-life education in a school probably as well but these days it is advised to learn things like these online. At WA they have a learning by doing system.

They also offer the possibility to earn money from the first day you signed-up. It’s called earning while learning and in no time you can earn your monthly fees and use WA for free.

Thanks for your time and interest.

That’s it for now, please check the WA review or even better sign up for the free trial.

You can take your time and check the whole offer. I am sure you’ll like it 🙂

Check out some success stories or some blogs and training here.

I hope you enjoyed the read and found some answers to your questions. I wasn’t that specific on the WA program itself here so please ask everything you’d like me to explain further.

I and all other readers are also very interested in any comments you might want to share. Opinions or experiences you made with building websites are interesting for all of us.

I wish you all the best, see you, Stefan 🙂

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