How To Make A Website With WordPress

Hey everyone, today I want to make this short training on how to make a website with WordPress. It is a topic I should have covered for a long time due to being quite at the beginning of the process of getting affiliate marketer.

Of course, I have my own system here and provide you with all the necessary tools and programs you need to make your first WordPress website.

If you are like I was when I started, you’re probably feeling a little insecure due to the fact of not knowing anything at all about this process.

I can promise, this thing is made totally easy today. It’ll take you only about ten minutes and you’re entering your editing dashboard.

I will also link to some of my prior posts where you can find alternative ways of building a WP site.

With no further do, let’s jump in it right now.

What is a WordPress website?

WordPress websites are websites build on this particular ( program. WP sites are some of the most used and liked websites on the internet.

If you build a WP site you can use it on most common hosts and work with most themes and plugins. I’d say it is the most advanced and developed website building platform there is.

With WP you can build a blog, websites, sales pages and everything else you can think of. Most website support and tool plugins are made for WP sites.

Stop, before you build the first website you want to think of a niche.

The Top 10 Niche Markets

You can jump this step if you have already thought about this. Every website is addressing a niche. The niche will be the topic your website writes about.

It is quite important that you choose a niche that you will have fun with. See my articles on how to choose a niche. Don’t skip the process, or you will have to do it later.

Once you have chosen a niche you want to be prepared with a choice of domain names. The domain name you choose you’ll have to buy, about $15.00 per year, so you want to choose the one you want to use for some time.

Following my plan, you have the choice of two free websites, “” subdomain websites. These are for free and therefore you don’t have to think too much about the name.

Actually, I recommend you to build your first website as a free subdomain website, work on it for a while and then transfer it to a real domain. This costs nothing extra but gives you the chance to try the WordPress system out for free.

Ok, first thoughts are made, you have a niche, a domain, and website name, now you are ready to make your first WordPress website.

See what I got

Sign up to a website host (one that hosts WP sites).

The Top 10 Website Builders – How To Start An Online Business For Free.

I have listed the top 10 website hosts here on this post. But my number one recommendation Is to follow my steps and explore the wonderful world within my favorite website host and go join here for absolutely free.

Signing up for a hosting platform should be easy. You need an email address, a username and choose a password. Some hosts will want you to sign-up and pay for the first month.

If you sign-up here you’ll not need a credit card to start with. This is for when you are ok with a free subdomain website in the beginning.

The recommendation I offer is connected to a training platform that offers lessons for website beginners up to professional webmaster skills.

If you are serious about working on a WordPress website and need to learn how the whole affiliate and SEO business works you’re in the best hands by using my program.

The monthly price for hosting, training, 24/7 support and tools is comparably cheap. There’s no better offer available in the whole internet industry.

Of course, if you are a website pro you can just sign-up to a hosting platform which will cost a bit less but I told you, don’t get upset if you’re ending up paying more than $359.00 a year.

Get Better Solutions
Get Better Solutions

You have set up an account and chose a domain name, one more click and you have your WordPress website.

I told you it’s easy. It has never been as easy as today to make a website for a newbie. (Check out the video training 2.4 here).

Now you only have to choose a theme for your site and there you are. WP offers thousands of free themes. For a free website, you have a choice of about 6.

Once you enter the WordPress dashboard you firstly want to activate the pre-installed plugins and delete the page, post, comment that WP has left there for you to see.

If you work with a website made by my recommended program you have SSL, highest security standards installed, you have the “all in one SEO ” plugin installed and are being hosted on one of the fastest and safest servers in the industry.

You see, the easy part is done now, here comes the fun part.

Welcome To The Super Affiliate University

Making websites with WordPress is a lot of fun. You can now start adding written content, Images and also videos to your site. I totally love working with the WP editing dashboard.

With one click on “preview”, you see how the post/page looks for your visitor. I’d not lose much time on customizing your theme in the beginning.

The first two pages are a must for every website. No. 1 is the “Privacy Policy”. Every website published on the internet needs to have one.

You can copy mine if you want and change the personal stuff. The website domain name has to be changed into your own several times and your email address has to be updated, that’s all.

NO. 2, is an about page. This is a page where you describe your self and write about your intention, why you build this website.

Make sure to paste an image of yourself and write in a personal style. Your readers might want to know who they are dealing with to before they start trusting you.

Always remember you write the website for your audience, most probably to serve the community in your niche. Try to write helpful easy to understand content that is interesting and catchy too.

Don’t get frustrated easily, I know there’s a ton of skills to be learned for operating a good website. I recommend doing a in-depth training somewhere you feel comfortable.

If you go try without training you will never learn all the necessary tricks and turns getting your website successful and on Google page one.

You might have heard of Wix and such websites, they promise website building is the easiest thing in the world and want you to choose their drop and drag system.

You might think this if a lot easier than doing all by yourself. I can assure you, building a WordPress website is exactly as easy if not easier but in the end, you are much more flexible.

The difference is, here you have to add all the things you want to see on your website when at Wix, for example, they fill your website with a lot of pics and text written by their computer and you have to change everything before publishing.

As I said many times now, I think the best way, and I have done it several times by now, is to build a free WordPress website here, see how it works and if you don’t like it try something else.

Take a look at the WordPress editor dashboard.

It would definitely be far too much to explain every possible function here by writing them out. I let you see this short video and hope you find all you need.

I hope you enjoyed the information.

I hope I could help you make a decision on how you want to make a WP website. I personally just love the program.

If you need more information leave a question, please. If you would like to share your experience feel free to do so below in the comment section.

With this, I say goodbye, for now, have a great time,

see you, Stefan 🙂

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Join My Favorite Website Building Program