How To Make Money In An Online Business

Do you want to know how to make money in an online business? With a Website? What is Most Profitable? Where to Learn the Business? Best Solutions. We help you to reach THE TOP.

Due to living in Thailand, as an expat from Switzerland, I have started to think about new ways how to make money here. I worked several business models but in the end, I had to realize, that in an “online business”, would be the only chance, for me, how to make money.

The definition of the business model I am talking about here is called “affiliate marketing“. It is the second biggest online revenue making model on the internet and the best one for you to start a business in. Basically, you build a website promoting and selling products you do not own but get a provision for selling them.

How To Make Money In An Online Business
How To Make Money In An Online Business

Established websites like Amazon, eBay or Alibaba are doing exactly this and make billions of dollars. You have to start small, new, be creative and capture a niche for yourself. There you get known by time and trusted. Your job is to help people find solutions for their problems and offer products solving these problems.


I Did It My Way

How To Make Money In An Online Business

Build A Website And Sell Stuff

I researched the Net for days and weeks and have not found another or better solution without having to spend a lot of money in advance than to create a “niche website and start selling products on the internet.

I realized, the online market is huge and growing every year. If I was to learn the techniques and know-how to sell products online I could stay in my beloved Thailand, in my airconditioned room and work as many hours as I want.

I was self-employing most of my life, so I know the risks and the stress that can be involved. I know that I have to work harder and longer hours than doing a 9to5 job. I also know though that the efforts and credits go into my account and not in someone else’s.

I can highly recommend this path for everyone living far from home having not much more than a computer and an internet connection. Actually, everyone can do this, everyone wanting to change his or her life and start a new career. At our school, we have from students to pensioners, people from every background.

This is not a get rich quick scam but a real self-employed business model, that creates a passive income over the years. How fast and how big the income will be, lays in your hands only. You will have to work hard or at least many hours to get successful.

My website here is dedicated to helping people find the right way to build an online business from scratch. I created several articles that can help you build your own website step by step. Follow the “Build a Website” course and you are right on track.

So far it is not possible to build your website here on my site but I recommend several platforms where you can build, host and get a proper education in the website business sector. A good training is essential for being successful, as well as some important tools you will learn about.

Now I would like to show you some ways I tried to make ends meet without the knowledge of doing online business. Just so you know I’m not a lazy guy or a storyteller.

Many ways I tried to earn money before

I am a trained electrician with a lot of experience in the constructing and renovating sector. Jobs though, coming from this field are paid so poorly here I never even thought of practicing labor work.

Cultivating goats, some work to do…

My first project, recommended by my wife was to cultivate cattle. This could be lucrative for someone with a lot of knowledge and a huge piece of land. The investments were fairly high and before the first year was over, I had to break the project down due to conflicts with employees and weather conditions I could not foresee.

Summary: Cattle farming needs a huge financial upfront and keeps going budget as well as some deep founded knowledge about the animals and the country, region you are dealing with.

The second project was to cultivate goats and sheep. These are less difficult and have their own offspring. Soon I was the owner of hundreds of animals and had a quite hard time to take care of them. I wasn’t willing to employ workers anymore and did all the work with my wife.

We were able to sell many young lambs but in the end, the problem was that these animals destroyed all the farmland and eat all the young trees we have planted in the years before.

Summary: Sheep and goats are a good investment but you have to do monoculture and be 100% focused on the one business. No time to go somewhere no days off.

We went on like that, had almost two hundred pigs, then almost 1000 egg laying chicken, did manioc farming for a year and grew a lime plantation but we never came up with the expected profit that would leave us lead a life without worries and stress.

You might say I am a bad business man, and I think you are probably right but I tried my best. In the end, I thought to do nothing will at least save the money I already have.

For my excuse, I can say it is not easy to work with Thai people. No matter whether they are family or not. I was warned of that too by many expats living in Thailand a long time before I came. But I listened to my wife and she wanted to have a business. I was also wanting to help the community by creating jobs.

I tried to create a long living sustainable business that could make an income for everyone. The Thais though only thought of today’s money and didn’t really help me to make a profit, just took my money. Today all of them are back in Bangkok working for low wage, far from their homes and children.

See what I got

Times of resentment and new orientation.

After about 7 years, my money was gone and I had to decide how life should be going on. My first desition was to go back to Switzerland for some months and work there for a friend, save the money and come back. That went really well I must commit.

When I was back in Thailand I had the urge to do something with myself. The thought of just sitting around and relax for months and wait for the money to be gone again was not very attractive.  And I needed an idea for not having to go back to Switzerland every year.

Meditate And Never Give UP

By that time I started to search the internet. It was hot outside, as usual, and I thought the best way for me to earn money would be to do something in my room, with the air-conditioning on, and be my own boss as I was used from the years before.

Naturally, first I checked all the easy money scams as we all might do. “Get rich in two months by doing nothing“, “check websites and earn a living“, “play online games and make money” and so on. All FAKE

Soon I knew that was not the way to go, I lost hours watching instructions and from all of those hours, the only result was $1.00 I made doing surveys for a whole day.

Then I researched real jobs, like writing content or correcting content, translating texts or teaching English. All these jobs are paid very poorly too and ask for rather high qualifications. Disappointed but not willing to give up yet I kept on researching the net and finally found an article, promoting a program, teaching how to make my own website.

I had a website before but without the skills to promote it and get seen by Google and visitors, it lay in the ether and no one responded or has ever seen it. I was suspicious but still interested.

Now, the program I found promised to teach me how to make a website my self for free. Wow, they also promised to teach me the techniques to get ranked by Google, to provide the tools and support and what was most important how to monetize it, Wow again.

I was still suspicious by that time, haven’t I read hundreds of promising adds for weeks, so I started to do a research just on this particular program. I was surprised to find tens, if not hundreds of articles and all of them had positive information and highly recommended the program.

Okay, I thought, now or never. It is for free to start and lets me create two websites after only registering, not even asking for a credit card for now.

The rest is history. Now I am working on my own Thailand website since eight months and on a second one, a more profitable one, my flip-flop-hit website, since about four months. This project right here is my third, a result of the offer of the program’s boss, to coach a limited number of people building a super affiliate website.

I am not really skilled in marketing or business as I already mentioned but now I learn step by step how to promote a product and what it takes to get people buying it. It is a lot of work indeed but where can you make a lot of money without working and even in a job you have no experience at all.

Let me quickly introduce the best online platform teaching how to make websites

It is called Wealthy Affiliate University. It was founded by Kyle and Carson 15 years ago and has over 1’200’000 members today.

WA is not being promoted by Google ads nor TV nor any other promo budgets are used to find new members. We are all very happy with the program and do the so-called mouth to mouth recommendations.

The WA program is free to join and give a try. It is possible to stay a non-paying member for as long as you like. You can have two websites here and a training for absolutely free.

It is definitely the best learning platform in the whole world for online business beginners. It is also very recommended to advanced website administrators due to exceptional features and tools.

The program is evolving day by day and being updated to the newest standards of SEO strategies and website technologies.

The product you are getting here as a premium member is absolutely exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate and covers the entire process inclusive tools, resources, and training. You will enjoy all the support needed to create, manage and grow in today’s world’s biggest business sector, the online business.

You can, as a premium member, work on 50 different WordPress websites and have an online audience of over 4 billion users every day.

One more thing I want to mention here, the WA program is an interactive community program, means, apart from the regular and very in-depth lessons created by Kyle and team you will be able to take advantage of hundreds of hours of training created by users like me. Hundreds of hours of video training produced by highly successful members and the FAQ section answers about every possible question you might have.

See And Listen To Someone Else What They Have To Say About Wealthy Affiliate

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Thanks for your visit 🙂

I hope you like my article here and found an idea on how to make money online. It is a realistic possibility you should only consider if you are willing to do your part. Noone will do the work for you. We can only help and guide you along to success.

I would really love to know what you think of this. Below you can tell me and the world about your ideas, opinions and for sure ask questions if you have.

Have a save day, find your way and be successful.

I wish you all the best, see you, Stefan 🙂

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