How To Make Money Without A Degree – everything is possible

Are you a dropout? Have you finished school without a degree? How to make money without a degree is no problem today. Learn how thousands get rich without having a degree.

There are many ways to make money without having a degree, your friends and family probably already told you of these possibilities.

Most of these possibilities are minimum wage jobs and are mentioned to scare you and try to motivate you finishing school. I don’t want to come with the same line.

I think not having a degree in today’s world is not of that much importance. Millions of people all over the world don’t have the chance to get a degree but still many of them are very successful in business.


I think it is a matter of mindset. If you grow up and everybody keeps talking about how important a school degree is and how bad it is if you don’t have one can really be destructive.

It is some kind of brainwash if you ask me. Fact is, student loans are the biggest part of private depth in the US and having a good degree does by no means guarantee a good paying job.

So what I say is, Don’t fall into this badmouth fear creating mindset but believe in the fact that countless people without a degree all over the world make millions of dollars every year.

How to prepare to get successful?

Prepare For Your Success.

First, you have to ask yourself are you willing to start working and accept the fact that only you can influence how successful you can be.

Do you really want to get rich or at least earn enough money to stand on your own feet? Are you willing to do all it takes to achieve your goals?

You know, without your own effort you won’t see success and blaming others or society doesn’t help at all.

If you can say yes I’m ready to take things into my own hands and start a career, then you can make the second step.

You want to find out how, in what niche, you want to build your success. Do you want to learn a profession or do you want to build your own business?

If you want to learn a profession you have to go out there and talk to professionals being an authority in the niche you want to start a career.

You have to connect with people and find someone or a company willing to help you learn the skills needed. Don’t be shy about not having a degree, show that you are willing to do everything asked for to get good at what they do.

Be aware it will take a lot of time, many years to come you will be a trainee. If you show top motivation, and you can do this if you chose something you like doing, things will improve faster.

If you want to grow your own business you also have to think about what passion of yours you could turn into a business.

In the beginning, you don’t have to think about possible means of making money, in the beginning, focus on what is your passion and what business could be built out of this.

I tell you my very first recommendation. With no degree, I would try and start an online business. This is a future-oriented approach and is expandable to a million dollar business within a few years.

What do I mean by online business?

Work where ever you like

What I mean is build a blog website. This is the easiest thing to start and the less expensive way to build your own first business. I talk about affiliate marketing.

I am writing a blog right here, I chose writing to help people create a new career in the affiliate marketing sector.

You can write about anything you like. Make sure it is something you like to learn more, something you’re interested in. You can achieve best results by writing about something you are passionate about.

All you need, to build a successful and money making website, is a good training, a website with hosting and time to work on it. Of course, you need a computer and internet.

The first things, training, website, and host I can help you find, I work with the best program and people in the industry. I work in this new business model for a year now and start getting successful and earn some money.

Hundreds Of Years Of Experience
Hundreds Of Years Of Experience

I am an old guy, at least compared to you and I am not that fast in learning, I also have lots of prefixed ideas that are harder to adjust to the new business model.

I am sure a young person leaving school and starting in this business can achieve a lot more in a much shorter time than me, given that you work hard.

I can tell you, it is not a quick money scheme, it is a real business opportunity and needs the same attention and work investment like any new business in the real world.

The only thing you don’t need here is a lot of money, to begin with. I pay for the program,$30.00 a month, the website domain, $15.00 per year, and for an auto email responder program $18.00 per month.

That makes about $49.00 per month but the possibility to make a million dollars a year is given.

Ok, I work quite hard on this. I start at 5 am and work about 8 -12 hours a day, depending what’s up and how fit I am. I love the possibility to adjust my working schedule to my life circumstances.

Today, for example, is a writing day, I try to make three post drafts today. Every second day is a publishing day, I publish and do all the SEO settings. I also give and get comments on that day.

Still, the publishing day, if the article is all ready takes only about 3 hours. The rest of the day I spend either writing more articles or whatever needs to be done.

Last week I set up my email opt-in and autoresponder thing, I also created the little training on how you can start selling products online within 60 minutes.

How To Start Selling Products Online Within 60 Minutes
How To Start Selling Products Online Within 60 Minutes

I created a landing page and a newsletter all in one week. I think in a year or two my workload will drastically go down due to having set up all essential ingredients to let my website make money almost by itself.

Something that always has to be done, of course, is the blog publishing. This is keeping old and new customers entertained and updated. A sleeping site loses value.

You can probably already see now, how to make money without a degree is absolutely possible. I have finished school alright and I have a degree as an electrician, but this only helps me plug in the computer 🙂

I don’t have a degree in English, my mother tough is German. I don’t have a degree in computing, all I need to know I learned this year in the training.

I don’t have a degree in design, I don’t have a degree in marketing. All my life I worked in construction and electrical installation.

Get Better Solutions

What steps are involved in making a website?

First, you need to choose your niche. The niche of your website. This is an important step due to being the topic you will be writing helpful articles and selling helpful products for the next few years.

You can change your niche if you think you have to but you lose a lot of time. I had to change it for three times, I talk from experience.

I would recommend a niche you’re passionate about, it makes things a lot easier to work on a subject you are interested in and the posts you write sound much more enthusiastic and real.

I have written some articles helping you choose a good niche, please read them and start researching what your perfect gold mine niche could be. (What is a niche website), (A top niche and Pinterest), and (Top 10 niches 2018).

Next, you will build your first own website. You can do this either for free here or you join the training and building platform I recommend and review here.

The third step is to write a lot of articles, posts. These posts should focus helping people you target with your niche. Remember the main factor of a website is to help.

Once people believe in your intent to help they start buying products you recommend that can help them too.

I wrote about how to get a good blogger here. I also wrote about the most common things people do when not being successful in the online business here.

Further, you need to learn all about SEO, search engine optimization, means, how to make your posts be found on the internet. My help post on this topic, (How to get on the first page of Google search)

You’ll learn how to get traffic on social media, even sell on social media and many, many more.

I tell you, you’re best off by joining the program I recommend here. You won’t find any other opportunity that gives as much training and tools as this one. And the price is absolutely the lowest in the industry.

Try for FREE, it’s your choice, nothing to lose but a new life to win.

That’s it for today,

I hope you feel confident for your future. I do, I believe you can do it either way or another. Your life has just begun, don’t give up, don’t follow the wrong people.

You’re young, vulnerable and a lot of bad people want to take advantage of this. Don’t sell yourself under price. You have only this one life, make the best of it. I tell you, It’s worth it 🙂

If you have any question, have an idea you want to share here, feel free and use the comment section below. We’ll be there, for you and your online business.

I wish you a great life, see you, Stefan 🙂

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