Is It Possible? “How To Start Selling Products Online Within 60 Minutes” A Scam? Is it really for FREE? What is behind it and who can use it. Bloggers, New Online Marketers, Unemployed Persons and absolutely EVERYONE can do this!!!

What is “How to start selling products online within 60 minutes”?

How To Start Selling Products Online Within 60 Minutes A Scam?
  • Product type: Training
  • Product URL:
  • Founder: Stefan Vogt
  • Price: FREE
  • Up-sales: Only if you want to double your commissions.
  • Earning possibilities: 10/10
  • Practical value: 9/10
  • Training quality: 8/10
  • Rating average: 9/10


This little training can teach you how you can start affiliate marketing on social media after only about 60 minutes.

You’ll get all tools for free and one of the best affiliate products on the market.

The product has been sold for over a million times and customers are satisfied to a high extent. The product is a website building platform that includes training, domains, host and the best community network available in the industry.

You will be a FREE member of this program to get access to the affiliate link and be able to get the payout of your commissions.

You will also build a FREE website in the process of the training but this will only be a tool and take a few seconds. The FREE website stays for your use as long as you like.

With this training, you will be able to sell any affiliate products you can get hands on.

The same system training is sold by many others for prices starting from $30.00. This training you get for absolutely FREE in return for signing up to an email list. And you also get access to a best paying affiliate link that others don’t deliver.

Who can use this training? Is it for you?

This system of selling products online can be used by everyone having access to the internet. Either with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer every way is an easy way.

The best results and this is up to you, you get if you have as much social media presence as possible. I use Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.

Of course, you can use all other popular social media platforms to promote your products.

  • People already having a website selling products can use this system to accelerate sales via social media.
  • People having no idea of online marketing and no experience in website building can easily go through the training and start selling after more or less an hour.
  • People wanting to make a side income can use the system to earn a nice pocket money.
  • People out of a job or sitting around waiting for an opportunity can take advantage of this training and start selling online right away.
  • People wanting to get rich with an online business can start their new career with this system and take advantage of already being in the most successful online affiliate marketing training program of the industry.
  • People starting a blog but not yet have the necessary traffic to monetize their blog website can at least cover the monthly accruing fees.

How does it work? Sell via social media.

Sorry, if I told you how it works right now, I wouldn’t have had to create the training 🙂

In short, because the training is already short.

You sign-up for a FREE affiliate program, set up your payout reference, build an affiliate link and start selling on social media.

It is all very easy and doesn’t require any credit card details. If you want to get the double commission you’d need to upgrade to a premium membership. But once you have only two referrals you already earn enough to cover this fee.


How much does the program payout?

How much does the program payout?
How much does the program payout?

As a FREE member, you have the possibility to earn $87.50 per year for only one referral. The more you can get the more you’ll get paid.

As a starter or FREE member, you can stay a FREE member as long as you want, you get only half the commission a premium member gets.

Premium membership is $49.00 per month. If you have two sign-ups you’ll get $47.00 per month as a premium that almost covers the cost of the membership fee.

This program is NOT a pyramid scheme. Means you won’t have to share your commissions with the people that referred you to the program. The whole commission goes to you.

This is NOT an MLM scheme, you can sell whatever you want with this system.


How Much Can You Earn?
How Much Can You Earn?

These numbers are calculated very low. The better you target your audience the better the upgrade rate will be.

You can either target people looking for a free website or for people looking for a website building program.

I have made the experience that the FREE website adds work better. You can see and click my 2 FREE websites add on the right side of the banner stripe.

This is one of my adds I have running on social media and has got me some sign-ups already. I’m not that focused on working with this system due to needing all my time on my website.

Now and then though I do a social media campaign and can clearly see the change in the statistics.

My Referral Link Statistics
My Referral Link Statistics

The two red circles are times I posted on Facebook. I didn’t lose much time with this, one or two times the same day but still there is a reaction.

Emagine you do regular posting every day for some weeks, or even better pay Facebook for a small ad campaign. I am sure you can get great results for little money and time.

What is this Product, what can you sell?

Now, the program I recommend selling and the one included in the training is Wealthy Affiliate. This is a website building platform, actually the best there is in this price segment.

You can promote “2 free websites” like I do or the whole “Wealthy Affiliate” program. (See the Wealthy Affiliate review here).

You can also promote other products in the same way you learn in the training. For example Amazon products.

Therefore you’d need to join the affiliate partnership program of Amazon. This is quite easy and there you get access to affiliate links to all x million products Amazon sales.

You’ll never get better percentages and monthly reoccurring commissions though with any other program than WA.


I think This Is Great !!!

You see, this training is no scam at all. All you can possibly lose is a little bit of time.

The chances of making a good dollar though are realistic. Thousands of people buy in into this training and don’t even get access to such an amazing affiliate link.

Thousands of people are making thousands of dollars every day, exactly the way I explain in my little training.

Check it out, if it’s not for you, you can get in touch with Zappades your coach and teacher there. If you want to quit, just quit, there won’t be any follow-ups beside the weekly newsletter from my website.

This newsletter though might help you in the future, who knows maybe you will want to get into the website blogging business and want to learn the first steps thought by me.

==>  Click the image and get access to your FREE training NOW!!!  <==

How To Start Selling Products Online Within 60 Minutes
How To Start Selling Products Online Within 60 Minutes

See you on the other side 🙂

For now, I have to leave you. I hope you understand a little more what “How To Start Selling Products Online Within 60 Minutes” is all about.

I hope you decide to check it out, it’s FREE, and I hope to see you soon on the other side of the sign-up side.

Don’t worry, I’ll be there and welcome everyone personally and stay put if you have any questions.

If you need to know something concerning this review here or have a comment we all would like to know. Please use the comment section below and share your valuable thoughts.

See you, have a great time, Stefan 🙂

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