How To Stay Focused On Goals

My dear friends, today I want to talk a little about how I manage to, and how I think you can too stay focused on set goals. Also, do we need goals and do we need to reach them?

One part is a philosophical question and the more technical part are the strategies you can use. I rather like the philosophical part.

“Maybe I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one”

I think to have goals in life is the biggest motivation for doing anything at all. Now I have a wife and a daughter and this forces me to work hard but.

I’m sure without the goals I and my wife have come up together, it would be much less fun working hard every day.

To get up in the morning, at 5 AM, and think what will come from doing this, makes the whole thing worthwhile and takes every stress aspect of it.

I do believe in my goals and I try my best to reach them.

Why should we have goals?

I don’t know about you, but when I talk about goals I also talk about dreams. There are short-term goals, they are more “realistic” but there should be long time goals as well.

Near-term goals like, what I should achieve today or even this morning can be set the day before. It can really help to focus on what you want to achieve in the bigger picture.

A short-range goal also helps to forget the big heap of tasks that await us. These can sometimes overwhelm us and almost paralyze us.

It’s much easier to focus on one or two tasks until lunch without thinking what should be done until the end of the week.

Imagine you have to build a house and just started. If you think about how hard it will be getting all the tiles up to cover the roof while digging the building excavation you’ll be tired only from thinking.

The other way around if you tell yourself in the evening, tomorrow I want to dig a 5 m2 big hole and discharge the dirt and then the next day only think about this task, you will be tired too but I think because of digging and not because of thinking lol.

All things come different anyway. It is hard to think of the future and fix one’s goals too far from now. It can be very disappointing when delays occur.

It can also be counterproductive when we achieve goals faster than expected and then think we can relax and lose focus on the bigger goals.

Here in Thailand they say step by step and don’t like to be distracted by too much planning into the future. I am ever again surprised how in the end the whole project is finished.

Set A Far Term Goal

To have a long time goal is a bit different. It is the sum of all the small goals we set every day. The everyday goals should always focus on the bigger longtime goal.

Without a longtime goal, we can lose ourselves in too many projects and find ourselves not achieving anything at all.

Too many people work just for money and not for goals. I think money isn’t worth much if you can’t reach a goal with it or realize a dream you have.

Longtime goals and dreams are the fuel for the hard-working engine, without them, you’ll get burned-out sometime and depressed because you don’t know why you do all the things you do.

Just to pay bills isn’t a goal or a dream, it will kill you. I say I work to live and not live to work. I don’t have a problem with working, although at the moment I don’t even earn much money.

I do it for reaching my goals, this is a challenge, and to fulfill my dreams, this is what I live for.

See what I got

How to set goals?

Humans Have Dreams

I’d say, first you need a dream. For me this seems natural, as a kid, we don’t have goals, we have dreams.

You might say now, dreams are for children but life is different. I say if you don’t have a dream you don’t live. One thing, differentiating humans from animals is, we have dreams.

So first please allow yourself to have a dream and believe in it. You again might argue, I had dreams but life thought me different.

I also had dreams before that I don’t have today, this doesn’t matter, I haven’t given up having new dreams. The dreams are my reason to live.

Next, you can think which bigger goal brings you closer to realizing a dream.

I had a dream when I was small, I wanted a girl with black hair. Nothing too easy living in Switzerland lol. The dream somehow stuck with me and after 40 years I live in Thailand and married a Thai woman with beautiful black hair.

Today she’s dying them lol because her dream is to have not black hair 🙂

Sorry, back to the goals. Most of us have goals which have money involved. So we need to think how we want to achieve this goal without forgetting our dreams.

I always wanted to have my own business and make money as a freelancer. I could survive so far without going too far off the trail.

Of course, there must be compromises be done and a hundred percent direct line to achieving our goals is most often not possible, “we are only humans”.

But once you get older and did follow your dreams and set relevant goals you will probably see that your life took a unique direction according to these dreams and goals.

There is actually no wrong path in life, as long as we keep moving we are on the right track. We all need different things in life to happen to grow.

Staying focused on our goals and dreams mixed with the challenges life gives us makes us the personalities we are.

Achievable Goals

Set your goals not too high, not too low either. You can always adjust them once you reached one or found it irrelevant or impossible to reach.

Goals are there to help us find a direction to focus on, they are no law and order. Noone has failed in life if they didn’t reach every goal set.

I know, the real goal is the product of our whole lives and this we will never see so it is a little hard to believe that one is on the right track all the time.

I hope you can understand what I mean.

Have a dream, set a goal helping to realize the dream and split the big goal into small every day, weekly, monthly goals that build up to reaching the bigger goal.

I do it like this and with the small goals, I assure, having a sense of achievement every now and then. This keeps me going on.

How to stay focused on goals?

Don’t play around on Facebook!!! lol.

No for real, I have several things that keep me on track. Of course, it is not very helpful to fill your time with things not related to your goals.

Focus Visually, I Want The First Number To Go Down To Zero, The Last, Under 25
Focus Visually, I Want The First Number To Go Down To Zero, The Last, Under 25

Time is limited and if you want to focus on something bigger and want to reach the goal in a reasonable time you can not waste time.

This means, first of all, you need discipline.

I already said I have a kid and a wife, they both need my attention too. What I do to optimize the sometimes little time I share with them, I also focus on them, 100% while interacting.

A lot of time and energy gets lost when we do more than one thing at once. For example, my daughter comes to me and wants to say something but I’m working.

First I don’t even listen and do not react until I finished the sentence I’m writing at the moment. Then I turn around, take off my glasses and ask her what she wants.

Most often it is a small conversation or a question to be answered. If I do it like this the whole distraction lasts some seconds to a minute and I’m back to concentrated work.

My daughter is very happy with me too because I took the time to listen to her and took her for full and important.

The same takes place when my wife needs something from me. I tell her, just a sec, then I take off my glasses and concentrate on her needs.

If there is something I have to do to help her, I do it right away and end of the story. The longer you wait satisfying your families needs the longer you can not focus on the goals.

Next, I have some optical reminders of what I dream of or of what my goals are. Right in front of me, I have pictures of the most important things in my life.

Like this, every time I take a little break or just look up to think, I see what I’m working for, and why I’m not just hanging around and have fun with friends.

Here on the dashboard of the program, I do all this writing, I also have two reminders showing me my goals and the progress I made so far. (Picture above)

I also have an automated writing goal management implemented in the program. There, for example, I set this month a goal of writing 12 articles and a total of 22’000 words.

My This Months Writing Goals
My This Months Writing Goals

After every article published I quickly check where I stand and how much is left to do. I think this is a very motivating tool.

Even if I don’t reach the set goal, at least I see how much I accomplished and can adjust my approach for the next month.

I think to have visible appearances of my goals helps a lot. It makes me happy to see what I can achieve if I stay focused.

It is also a psychological trick to visualize the things you want to have and to get the picture so much into yourself that it actually gets a part of you.

Like this, you can open doors and “energies” that help you reach anything you want. This goes a little into I don’t know, parapsychology or some would say mysticism.

Still, I would actually highly recommend to everyone watching the movie I added to this article. It is called “The Secret Law Of Attraction”. It talks about the way we can reach our goals and fulfill our dreams.

Ok, to sum it up, how to stay focused on goals, I’d put it like that.

  • Visualize the goals, write them down and look at them as often as possible. 
  • Visualize the already achieved steps towards your goal and overthink, actualize the approach reaching them.
  • Think about them and talk a lot about your goals with your partners.
  • Try to be a focused person in general.
  • Don’t take drugs lol.
  • Do things 100% or don’t do them.
  • Do what you like.

I hope this can help you a little with your future and ongoing projects. I know life is hard and often it is not easy to stay focused. Try to have your private space where you can concentrate, maybe even meditate.

I now add the mentioned movie, relax, listen what they say and feel what they mean.

Thanks for reading.

That’s it for today folks, I hope you had fun. I’ll be back with more because I love to share my thoughts and it makes me happy when I can help one person or another.

If your goal happens to be getting a great blogger, I can recommend the program I work with.

Oh, before I forget, your feedback here is very welcome. Did you enjoy the read? Was there anything you could learn from this post? Do you have a question I might be able to answer?

All Your comments will be of great pleasure for me and all the readers on this site.

With this said, I wish you a great time, stay focused and come back for more 🙂

See you, Stefan 🙂

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