How To Work For Yourself

Hi, today I want to share some thoughts and experience that might help you understand how to work for yourself can be done easily.

There are many reasons why people want to work for themselves. Maybe because they have a passion and find no adequate employee or because they are too old or too young for the job market.

For me, there are many reasons why since a long time I chose to work for my self. First, it was the thought that giving all my capabilities and time to others for a small return was not acceptable.

Today it is because I chose to live far from businesses and not working for my self is paid so poorly that I have no other choice.

Everyone has to decide for him/her self what priorities they have in their life and a lot of them will find out working for them self is not only an option but a must.

How to work for your self is something you have to train like everything else but some guidelines can help you succeed.

Start To Be Great
Start To Be Great

You’ll need much more discipline than working in a 9 to 5 job.

You Need Discipline.

If you thought to work as a self-employed means working less, you’re completely wrong. You might be able to schedule your worktimes your self but in the end, there is much more to do than when being employed.

If you want to be successful you probably choose a work you like and are passionate about. This will lead to a good business and with that a lot of customers.

One thing customers don’t like though is to wait. So you will have to be very careful what you promise and make sure to fulfill all projects on time.

Working for your self also means to do all the little things, in a big company, are done by specialized employees, like cleaning or writing bills.

You will learn how many little things are involved in a complete project and how catastrophic it turns out if you fail not to finish all tasks one by one right away.

It needs a lot of self-discipline to work properly without anyone telling you what to do next. I see most small self-employed businesses lose control of exactly this fact and go down sooner or later.

You will also be in charge of all the financial aspects, like buying material, tools, rent accommodations etc. If you’re not very careful you’ll quickly spend too much money and won’t be able to sustain the business.

At the beginning most often all looks very well, you’re enthusiastic, you have a clean house and can focus on working and selling.

If at this stage you start not being disciplined and start accumulate side work products you decide to do later you’ll end up in a mess very quickly.

I always say, don’t focus on making money but focus on doing the job right. Just do the job from A to Z and everything will be alright.

Work is done when the last trace has vanished. Means, the installing of a lamp is finished when I cleaned the floor and collected my money.

If you have the discipline to do a job all the way through to the end and write a bill, for example, you will succeed.

Here in the internet business, it is the same, I’m not done by writing a text content, I have to add images, internal links etc. Then I have to show my latest work to Google, some friends and post it on social media.

I have to do the SEO settings and try to get some comments. After all, this is done, I can relax and think of a new article.

If I miss out on one or even worse more aspects of the complete work of one single article, it will get me behind and my chances of success as fast as possible is getting smaller.

Ok once again you need discipline, to start working every day, to take care of your self and the company and the clients and you need discipline with your finances.

See what I got

To be successful you will need to work more than an employee.

You Need To Work More And Harder.

If you work for yourself it’s not done with 7 – 8 hours a day. Of course, you can decide to just work for fun and don’t need to have a steady income.

If you want to achieve a steady income though you have to work much harder than when you work for a paycheck. Ok, you probably work more efficient when working for your self.

This helps a lot, not losing unnecessary time but focus on a project and use every skill and knowledge to achieve a best possible outcome.

You don’t work for your boss, not even for your customer, you work for your self. You said you like to achieve something, be it for money or not but it is you who called out.

Now it is in your responsibility to finish the project as good as possible and possibly also as fast as possible. I don’t say work fast, but work eficient and focused.

Don’t lose time on unimportant details. Use your time for important details or you’ll never be finished. A project is always the sum of hundreds, maybe thousands of details.

Each detail has to be executed with the appropriate accuracy. I, for example, find it important to leave a clean workplace when I’m finished. Many don’t but I haven’t heard any complaints so far.

If you want to get rich with your own work, you need to work a lot more than for a normal paycheck. Be prepared to work at least more than 50 hours a week, rather 65.

Even 65 hours are not enough if you fool around during work. Doing Facebook is not working except maybe some 15 minutes a day.

Being stuck searching the internet can also be a reason for losing a lot of your valuable daily work time.

Get Better Solutions
Get Better Solutions

Be passionate about what you work for your self.

Work What You Like

I think the most important aspect of having a real chance being successful in your own business it to be really passionate about it.

That doesn’t mean you have to love your niche 24 hours a day and for 7 days but it has to be something you really love.

Everyone has a low once in a while and doesn’t want to think about or talk about their passion but this should not be the case every evening when you get off work.

You might think you should do the same thing you did all your life because you’re good at it and have a lot of experience. This might be a good idea but it is not a must.

If you are like me, a trained and qualified electrician who worked in the field for many years you could open an electrician company your self.

I realized though that I am not passionate about my former job. It wasn’t giving me enough. No wonders the electrical installations at my own home are looking not that impressive.

I never liked to do small jobs for my friends and family. And at my own home, I touch as little as possible. You can do this test yourself.

If you are a passionate painter you probably paint your home every few years new. If you’re a passionate car mechanic your car probably runs a lot better than your customers.

If you have problems with your own kids you’re probably not very passionate about being a teacher. And so on, If you do not like to do your job in your free time you’re not passionate about it.

Take your time before choosing a niche for your new self-employed job. Find something to do that you love. Even if you have no experience in it, you can learn everything.

Now you probably have a lot of life experience already and this will make it much easier learning new skills, not even related to what you actually did so far.

In today’s world, so many successful entrepreneurs do nothing that they were trained in when they started. They follow their passion and learn from scratch with fun doing it.

You need a plan.

How To Stay Focused On Your Goals

This is not exactly what I tell you from my experience but everyone says you have to have a plan. Set a goal and see if you can reach it.

I am forced here to work for my self due to not finding a paid job in the region. My plan is to be able to survive without having to go to another country to earn support money.

My life here is quite cheap but still, without money, no one can live, not even here. Now I have a plan to make enough money to stay by the end of this year.

My plan includes working as much as possible but at least 5 days a week from 5 AM to noon and again some 3-6 hours in the afternoon.

I don’t have to think of much investment, my business costs only less than $100 per month but this is something everyone has to take into account.

In my business, I can’t expect to make money from day one, not even after 6 months, at least not enough. I can plan thought o fulfill my training and hope to be ready after a year.

This is often easier in a brick and mortar business, there you can start earning real cash quite fast. You need much more capital first though.

It doesn’t matter what niche you settle your self. You need to consider many aspects and create a realistic plan. Once you have the plan you have to stick to it at least for some years.

Also, an often made mistake is when people change their plans too fast and too often. In the end, you have invested time and money in all kinds of great plans but never gave one the chance to see results.

If you do it like that you’ll get tired, lose confidence and will not succeed. I know it’s a hard way to success with an own business, no one successful will tell you something else.

But without endurance, the chances are like zero.

How to work for your self – conclusion.

If you decide to work for your self and this is your big decision, you will need to be strong. You’ll need to be strong in mind, soul, and body.

You’ll need to have either a life partner that supports your idea or better no partner at all. You’ll need to be able to focus 100% on the thing you decide to do now.

You have to be passionate about what you do to survive the down times and keep going when the going gets tuff. You need to be passionate about your business to be able to give all you got and pull in the same direction time after time.

You need to be willing to work harder than your friends. Work harder, more focused and more disciplined. They might laugh at you and later be jealous and not your friends anymore.

It is a life-changer and you need to be realistic about that.

Thank you for reading, hope you understand 🙂

This was a bit of a long article again and I think I could go on writing forever. I really love working for my self and writing is a passion I wanted to get skills in since a long time.

Finally, I took the chance and really start to get serious about this discipline. If you want to learn how to get into the blog writing business your self please click the banner below.

I hope you enjoyed the read and found some helpful information. Working for one’s self is no problem and should be a lot of fun, which doesn’t mean it’s not hard work.

Please if you like to know some more details or have any questions, opinions or want us to know of your experience, feel free to comment below.

I’ll be very happy to reply to all comments as soon as possible.

Now I wish you all the best, have a great life and I hope you have much success in your own business.

See you, Stefan 🙂

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