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Is Easy 1 Up scam? Well, it’s an older program released by Peter Wolfing in 2007. Today, many so-called free programs use this Easy 1 Up as a platform they recommend. Caution is advised.

Hi, everyone is talking about Easy 1 Up, again or still. Since you are reading this, you also heard about Easy 1 Up and now you want to know more about the background.

This is a good decision because you are recommended by many sides to join the program with at least $250.00.

Unfortunately, I have to tell you right at the beginning that I do not recommend you to do this. More specifically, you will find out below why I say that, but beforehand, Easy 1 Up is zero guarantee that you will earn money in the online business.

Easy 1 Up comes in a direct line with similar programs, very expensive and sometimes already banned from the internet. MOBE or Digital Altitude are just two examples that came along as disguised pyramid schemes, “training”, and where all members have lost their investment.

Content List of the Easy1Up Review

Easy1Up in short


Not Recommended

  • Product Name: Easy1Up
  • URL:
  • Name of Founder: Peter Wolfing (Juni 2007)
  • Product Typ: Pyramid System.
  • Price: $25.00 – $2000
  • Good for: The owner and you if you believe in snowball systems.
  • In words:  A system that lives of selling its self. No real value to anyone just getting commissions for selling.
  • The good side: It’s not officially a scam
  • Recommended?  NO

A short video first.

It’s not easy to find a video telling the truth about Easy 1 Up but I did find one here.

Because of the concept of Easy 1 Up is selling its self, you’ll find a ton of videos trying to make you a customer.

What is Easy 1 Up scam? Details please.


Is Easy 1 Up scam Produkte

Peter Wolfing, the founder of this and several similar “Money Make Opportunities”, which all but one have disappeared, claims to sell you a “system”, a workout designed to help you make money online.

What the actual reason is, to go into one of the various programs, is that it gives you the right to resell the same program or a less valuable one to 100% profit.

Sure, you’ll get some information on how to do that, but with all this “training” you’re the same or less far off than if you’re getting a proper training that teaches affiliate marketing.

Basically, Easy 1 Up is about the affiliate business, only that you mainly sell one product in its different price ranges, the Easy 1 Up products.

6 Products, no testing, no money back, no guarantee.

It should be mentioned in advance that each of the products you buy from Easy 1 Up comes with a 10-20% administration fee. This fee will not be a matter of commissions.

Elevation: $25.00 (+ $5)

Written lessons:

  • Networks Business Why? (Maybe because you need customers who buy your products and in the case of Easy 1 Up again resell them).
  • Network companies recommendations. (Again something you probably have to pay for)
  • How to market your network better. (Online sales takes time and the trust of your customers).
  • Pros and cons of the network business principle. (Sure only benefits 🙂
  • How to Find Potential Buyers. (I would also like a lot of traffic without having to spend a lot of money on advertising, my strategy is SEO)
  • How to create a sales website. (Again a monthly edition of min. $15.00)
  • E-mail cultivation. (Certainly not by using preprinted email)

Video lessons:

  • How to subscribe to an email autoresponder. (Monthly minimum $15.00 extra) Or free at the beginning!
  • How to offer bonus programs. (Oh, that’s difficult, you just offer it 🙂
  • How to Write a Review. (About what I’m doing here.) (In which you tell the truth).
  • How to make a “free” offer. (If it means free that you end up with 2-3 monthly paid programs, I know that too 🙂 My offer, “How to start selling after 60 minutes“.
  • How To Build A Affiliate Business Empire. (In which you work hard for 10 years, about 80 hours/week).
  • Email cultivation. (Again, emails are important but even more important are the addresses to which you want to send them)
  • How to configure the autoresponder. (In which you follow step by step what the autoresponder trainer tells you 🙂
  • Select the most profitable product. (I already know what that is, the most expensive Easy 1 Up product or not?)

If you ask me, there is nothing here that you can not learn for free from YouTube videos or websites like mine here. Sure, if you want to learn everything yourself you need to invest some time in research. (All in one affiliate program)

The big advantage, however, is that you will be able to independently create and operate your niche website.

Elevation Elite: $100.00 (+ $10)

Free Business and Cash Strategies Videos:

I have photographed this because all this is nothing new and only serves this program to give some content.

Is Easy 1 Up scam Evelation Elite

Sure, YouTube and social media are helpful in today’s online business, but if you want to learn and apply all of what is discussed here, you will not be ready in 10 years.

The trick in Internet Business is to learn, practice and perfect one strategy.

Vertex: $250.00 (+ $25)

Advanced Video Course for Digital Business.

Again, nothing new is visible in this course. You have to keep in mind that the program is designed so that you can learn everything in every product, otherwise, you would have to buy everything from the beginning.

Interestingly enough, this course starts with a lesson that I would have searched for at the very beginning.

“Let’s start the home-based business”. Now we are at $375.00 and are just starting?

Is Easy 1 Up scam Vertex

Vertex Elite: $500.00 (+ $50)

It gets worse. Now, for just another $250, you will get virtually nothing more than the right to resell this Vertex Elite program.

only 5 slim courses are included in this product and 2 of these are “Money Counts Business Creation Part 1 + 2.

Is Easy 1 Up scam Vertex Elite

Vertex Pro “Connect” $1,000 (+ $100)

Again, nothing really new. The same in green only with the right to sell the $1000.00 product. Clearly lessons are included again but in my opinion, this is just an alibi practice.

Is Easy 1 Up scam Vertex Pro

You can blame yourself constantly if you do not succeed, because here so much different knowledge and techniques are shown that in the end you always find something you didn’t master.

WhatsApp, FreeAds, Snapchat, Reddit, Linkedin, FaceBook, Instagram, Google, Email and Blog etc are all different ways to market a product.

But anyone who is tempted to get to know and try out all these possibilities is at the mercy of perdition.

Vertex “Live”: $2000.00 (+ $200)

This is the latest invention in the product line from Easy 1 Up. I have not heard of it in any existing review or video. I knew there needs to be something even more expensive 🙂

You’ll get another 14 lessons that will get you even more banged up. Besides, what else needs to be added? You’ve already spent so much money here, so you should really be able to make a lot of money.

Acknowledge, all lower programs are always included in the one you buy. If you buy the $2000 Vertex Live you have access and can sell the whole package.

Is Easy 1 Up scam Vertex Live

An extra and that is really new, are the live events. 2 tickets to an event are included.

Compensation, the most relevant feature of Easy 1 UP

The compensation structure in Easy 1 Up is most easy to understand (I think the only easy thing about the whole thing). This is probably the reason why so many new members can still be recruited.

Simply put, you get the full price of a product that you sell. Assuming you’ve already purchased the same program yourself. The administration costs of 10-20% are not paid out.

In an example:

Is Easy 1 Up scam Commissions

You have bought the $250.00 Vertex product and can now convince someone to join Easy 1 Up. New customers can only buy Easy 1 Up product if they come via a recommendation.

So your customer buys now, since he is careful the first time, the cheapest product, Elevation, for $25.00. He pays a little more but you get paid out of your full $25.00.

Later, your customer thinks it would be better to buy a more expensive product to increase the chances of profit. He buys Vertex Elite for $500.00, you get nothing, bad luck, the person in front of you who owns the $500.00 product gets the commission.

Your second customer buys the $100.00 Elevation Elite product, sorry, no commissions for you, exceptionally, the money for the second mediation goes to the one who mediated you. The same applies of course to the second sales of your direct customers, whose money you get.

So, you get all the basic sums that come from your direct product sales except the second one, if you own the program you’re selling.

In addition, you will receive 100% commissions on all second sales of your customers if you own the product. You also get 100% of the commissions for products sold by one of your first line if he sells something he doesn’t but you do own.

The whole thing seems to be quite interesting as only a single sale of the same product you have bought almost compensated for your investment.

But I have to tell you from experience, the effort you have to do to achieve this one sale is not less than for 100 sales.

I do not think you, as a beginner, can come to a sale quickly, no, I believe that you are wasting your time selling a nonexistent product, time, you would better put into a respectable business model.

Why I recommend against using Eays1Up

Simply because Easy 1 Up is not an actual product. As a buyer, you do not get real training, you just get subscribed to countless help products.

As a salesman you make yourself unpopular, your customers will not thank you for luring them into such an entangled program that is difficult to make a success.

Furthermore, of course, the fact that everyone who joins Easy 1 Up pursues the sole and same goal, namely to resell the product just purchased.

What do you think about your chances to compete with Easy 1 Up veterans? Everyone wants to recruit new members. The old hands have already produced regular websites and YouTube videos with which they capture the most interested.

With the same amount of effort you need to run Easy 1 Up, you could serve any niche, with a website, with your website, and offer great quality products that are bought daily.

Further reasons why I’m leaving the fingers of Easy 1 Up, there is no risk-free testing here. Either you buy and if it’s nothing you lost or you do not buy because you do not want a cat in a poke.

Is Easy 1 Up scam False Claims

Wrong promises, that is quite normal in this industry, but still a warning sign for fraud. “Who says that you can make big money quickly and easily on the Internet is lying

And finally, a system that works like a pyramid is always suspect to me. Why should I work for others, why should I pay part of my profit to people above me?

If I want that, I can go as an employee right away and not have to take any risks and build my own business 100%.

Pros and Cons of Easy 1 Up

  • 100% Commissions
  • Immediat payouts
  • No real training but trying to sell even more programs.
  • Very oversupplied marked
  • False Claims
  • No Product you can use outside of Easy1Up
  • Pyramid System

My conclusion about is Easy1Up scam?


Not recommended

In short, Easy 1 up is trying to charm your pants off. They try to lure you with good commissions to buy a product which is not what it promises. But in official terms, it’s not a scam.

You come to a situation where you have to sell an inadequate unethical online product to cover your investment.

Since there is no testing or return policy, you will be pressured to invest more time and money to become successful, leading to a spiral to infinity.

Smart and experienced Easy 1 Up sellers (example, Funnel XROI) offer new free fast money products that end up being a member of Easy 1 Up. This is the only way to advertise new customers these days.

By the way, that’s how I came across Easy 1 Up. I wanted to investigate “Auto Pilot Profits”, there you will be referred to “XRoi Funnel” and there you should buy Easy 1 Up to succeed.

How I recommend you making money online.

Look, I understand very well that you too are looking for your chance on the internet. I do exactly the same thing. I have also tried many programs or at least researched the promises to quickly make good money without much effort.

The list of such programs is long:

But in the end, I found what I think is the only true model. An own website in a niche of my choice, which allows me to offer and recommend or discourage as much and whatever products I choose to.

The only means or product I use is a program that lets me create the website, host it, teach me all the necessary skills and is used by thousands of like-minded people sharing their experiences.

I am extremely happy to have found this program and I recommend you try it for free.

You’ll soon realize that at WA, almost everyone finds an opportunity to create an online business that will earn a decent revenue over time.

It’s not quick, it’s not easy and you have to work hard. But if you want to succeed in life, no matter what you try, you have to work hard.

First build a free website here, join the 7-day free training, watch the video lessons and do the homework as recommended and you will be able to present your new website after one or two weeks.

It’s a plesure if I can help, keep it up 🙂

Well, now I can go to the next review, XRoi Funnel, always on the way to uncover a scam.

Easy 1 Up is not a real scam even if I would feel like a scammer if I would recommend this program to you.

I’m glad that you took the time to explore my opinion about Easy 1 Up and hope to have given some insight into the machinations and practices of certain people.

Do not give up, what you want is possible, you just have to find the right way to reach the goal.

I wish you good luck, let you see you again, all the best, Stefan 🙂