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Is Initiative Q scam or is it a cryptocurrency? A new Bitcoin? A new initiative to compete for the existing banking system? A Recommended Speculation Object? We examine that.

I know I’m a bit late with this report, but at least now, there’s a lot to say about Initiative Q. In general, there are two positions, the ones that want to promote as a member, and then the doomsayers who advise against it.

I highly appreciate that you are not just a follower and therefore, want to give you an objective picture. I take the view that the pessimists are either afraid of new competition (about 0.9% of all reports) or are fundamentally skeptical of anything new (about 99% of all reports).

Here we are, with 99.9% of reports saying that joining Initiative Q is dangerous. Is Initiative Q scam, why, and other facts we look at in this article.

What will you find in this post:

Initiative Q quick overview.

  • Product Name: Initiative Q
  • URL:
  • Name of the Founder:  SaarWilf
  • Available since: Anfang Juli 2018
  • Product Typ: Cryptocurrency
  • Price:  Free
  • Good for: The ones that want to join something new in an early stage.
  • Rating:  5 out of 10 Points
  • In Words: You have the opportunity to recruit more members for a possible profit.
  • The good part:  You can use any email address.
  • Recommended?  YES 

Initiative Q What we know so far.

So far, there is mostly speculation about Initiative Q, few websites spread facts but mainly it’s their opinion.

But because, as we have seen with Bitcoin, that getting into such a project early can be very valuable, I do not want to tear this new option apart.

Is Initiative Q scam Time is runnig out
Time is running out

Fact 1. Everyone who is invited can get in for free. (Register here)

At the moment, only those who sign up via an invitation can join in. However, the goal is for officially registered brokers, investors to come on board.

Fact 2. The program is interactive and the corresponding numbers are constantly being updated. (The clock is running down).

Every day, the number of Q’s which you may have credited, if the system is properly activated, decreases. A defined sum of money seems to be distributed, and the later someone joins in, the smaller is her or his share.

Fact 3. Up to now, more than 3 million people have registered. (At the moment 100,000 new daily.) For months, there has been a huge exchange of social media registration forms for Initiative Q.

Fact 4. Big “influencers” advise against participating. (Only real reason, possible email address abuse).

Is it possible that some of them get the creeps? If the concept succeeds, it will be tough for many in the financial industry.

Also, BitCoin, the first virtual means of payment, was at first demonized because it could become a serious increasing competition, and as we learned, became then.

Is Initiative Q scam Saar Wilf Statement
Saar Wilf Statement

Fact 5. Many authorities deal with the program, means, they take it seriously. This also proves that people like Saar Wilf are no joke.

The former co-inventor of the PayPal product is not a scam but a very bright mind.

Fact 6. It is a multi-level marketing model. However, it can not be called illegal because no financial commitment is required.

Everyone is screaming, this is a pyramid scheme, this is an MLM scam, but is it really?

We all have learned that word of mouth is the best advertisement and what Initiative Q is doing here is a modern way of doing it. How else do you want to reach 50 million or more people today?

Fact 7. The Initiative Q website complies with all international privacy and data protection guidelines.

Our data is being misused so often, not long ago, we heard from Facebook that huge amounts of consumer data are being stored and used for the benefit of advertisers.

Google+ is now affected and may need to close the store. Where and who do you trust your email address, look at your messages input, then you know it, at least partially.

Fact 8. So far, the “Q” currency has no real monetary value.

According to reports, is Initiative Q expected to start running in mid-2019. Others say it can take until 2021 before a Q effectively has value.

The idea is that a Q will go on the market for the first time with a value of $ 1.00. This is similar to Bitcoin, which is still worth $ 6,394 today after heavy losses.

Fact 9. Initiative Q only claims that it is possible that at some point your Q’s are worth real money.

Not much is said of Initiative Q merely that the goal is to reach the value of a Q of $ 1.00.

It explicitly states that this requires a huge amount of people involved and that if you are interested in helping this new payment system to succeed, you should recruit as many new members as soon as possible.

The Goal of Initiative Q.

Initiative Q wants to introduce a new international payment system worldwide.

Is Initiative Q scam Payment network

Initiative Q is in the process of creating a modern payment network that combines the best innovative ideas and technologies of recent years in one system. The Q-payment network aims to provide cheap, secure and fast money transactions with a world currency.

Some of the ideas that Initiative Q wants to realize already exist in various forms and offers. By combining the most effective of these techniques, Initiative wants to create a system that can serve everyone.

So far, no similar system has reached a broad clientele. This comes from, it is said, “what was first, the chicken or the egg,” phenomene.

That is, no buyer is ready to go into a payment system that is not accepted by stores. Conversely, no business is willing to implement a payment system that is not required by the clientele.

The idea that Initiative Q has, how to fix this problem, is that Initiative Q offers first-time users a certain amount of Q’s for free. Overall, a sum that is enough to get the payment system going.

Whoever pays the whole thing is not mentioned until now. Also, no technical details are published so far, which also makes some crypto specialists suspicious.

Below is an excerpt from the initiative Q website, the advantages of the new payment method are listed.

This document can be found under “Frequently Asked Questions”.

Is Initiative Q scam Q payment advantages

See how Initiative Q introduces its self.

It’s a short video, produced by Initiative Q. One more proof that the Initiative makers don’t hesitate to spend a lot of money even before they know they will succeed.

The whole website of Initiative Q is quite complex as you can see your self. It’s a big investment, I think not worth spending if it was only another try to scam us.

Why I can't advise not to join Initiative Q.

The only thing that really seems untrustworthy about this new payment system is ultimately the way it is marketed.

However, this is not enough to cite as evidence of attempted fraud. Nowadays, new product providers have to resort to new means.

Is Initiative Q scam Bitcoin the last 5 years
BitCoin, The Last 5 Years.

These include enticement on profit and extremely spreading on social media. Anyone who sees behind Initiative Q a “make quick money” system did not look right.

Nowhere is it claimed that you will get rich easily and quickly here. It is promised to distribute a profit if the system succeeds.

I can not advise against sharing any of your email addresses with the operators, maybe not the main address, but one that you might just briefly create on Gmail for this purpose.

It would be unfair to you and an innovative businessman who, in my view, does not need it and can not afford to be associated with fraud, to thwart such an opportunity.

If the whole thing doesn’t work, then what, nothing won, nothing lost, at least for us. But if it really comes to what Saar Wilf has in mind, I would not be to blame that you’re not involved.

I’m not just saying this out of self-interest, of course, I would be glad if some of you reading this post use my link soon, but, as I said, if I had invested a monthly salary in Bitcoin many years ago, I would be able to live on this reward today: )

Pros and cons of Initiative Q:

Conclusion: Is Initiative Q scam? Everyone sais so but...

I have to say, I will try to support this system. If I offend you with that, I’m sorry but somewhere must come something new.

Paper money is slowly phasing out, you’ve already noticed that. Only the cost in the US to keep the paper money trading on working costs a fortune of over $2 billion annually.

With a worldwide accepted cryptocurrency, which is managed exclusively by a mobile phone and computer, vast amounts of funds could be used for better purposes.

Whether this works with the Initiative Q will be seen. Luckily, there are a few extraordinary experts at work.

If we, the people support such a concept, we require from the bank supremacy also that they play along.

Someone will always benefit from our consumption behavior but the conventional banks, have proven enough in my opinion, that they are not the right ones to rule my fortune.

It’s worth a try, it costs us nothing. And that we’re heading for total data monitoring, the initiative Q system will not speed up much.

Better start now as a backer and seize the chance to possibly join the winners, than complaining later that it has changed the payment habits of all, without our being at it, anyway.

Let yourself be invited and look at how much you might get given 🙂

If you are looking for a prooven system to make money online.

Can you do it like me? Become self-employed, work from home and write articles about what you have to share.

How to learn the whole concept with websites, internet business, social media advertising etc you can see here.

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My First Update:

Generally I have not heard of any news concerning the Initiative Q improvement, but what to expect within 10 days.

I’ve had some changes on my own account though, I had quite some sign-ups and am today only one short of accomplishing the second phase.

My FREE Qs have gone up quite a bit 🙂


When I started, 11.10.18

Today, 11.21.18 🙂

initiative Q scam Dashboard Initiative Q
initiative Q scam Initiative Q 11.21.18

That’s it, see you next time 🙂

If you have questions or want to discuss my report, do not hesitate. I am open to any opinion.

I know the Initiative Q concept is very controversial in all media. I’m curious how it all goes.

Until then, all the best, Stefan 🙂

PS. There is another new MLM program, WebTalk, but I do not see half the chance that that leads to success.