Is Long Tail Pro A Scam? SEO Tools

SEO and keywords are important things if you want to succeed in the website business. What do you think of search terms with Long Tail Pro, is it a scam? My review presents the program from the point of view of a first user.

Since I recently started publishing my articles in German, I’m looking for a good keyword analysis tool that works in German. Recently I came across Long Tail Pro and signed up for the free trial version.

You can do it yourself and you will find out that the trial is not a good start. I do not want to say that the program is worthless though.

Long Tail Pro – Short Overview.

  • Long Tail ProProgram Name: Long Tail Pro.
  • Permalink:
  • Owner: Spencer Haws since 2011
  • Function: Keyword and niche research tool.
  • Languages: Multilingual.
  • Suitable for: Advanced.
  • Recommended: Yes
  • My rating: Very interesting.
  • Price: 7-day free (partial version) Monthly, Annual.

Keyword Tools

Since I have been working with one and the same keyword tool for a long time, satisfied, I have not had any reason to investigate further. I use Jaaxy, which is included in my “All in One Program“, Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ve also gained some experience with “Google Keyword Search” and “Bing Keyword Tool“. Today I want to discover a new tool for you.

What was decisive for this decision is the prospect of a tool that I can use for German-language articles.

What should a good search tool contain?

Since there are many so-called “Keyword Research Tools” I will explain briefly what to look for. Number one, of course, the basic search term search tool is the most important feature.

  1. Keyword Research Tool.
  2. Competition Analysis Tool.
  3. Search word lists, groups.
  4. Training.
  5. Support.
  6. Extra: voice and country setting.

1. Search term analysis and suggestion tool

LTP, Long Tail Pro, meets this requirement very extensively. You can enter a keyword and get hundreds of related suggestions in no time.

Each proposal is analyzed according to the necessary criteria. The most important criteria are the search volume and the average competitiveness. Both of these details are represented by LTP.

LTP also offers a filter search function. It is interesting and time-saving if, for example, you only receive results that have more than 50 search queries and less than 30 competitors.

The competition is determined in the form of a “KC” value, keyword competing for ability. This value is calculated based on information about the first 10 search results in Google Search for this exact term.

What is the "KC" value, competition value
What is the “KC” value, competition value

The search volume is simply specified as “Volume”.

2. Competition Analysis.

The second very interesting source of information is often a competition analysis. This analysis is also performed and reproduced in great detail by LTP.

The first 10 search results of a Google search for a particular search term are displayed and analyzed.

Based on 12 different values, you can analyze each of the first 10 search results and decide whether it is worth using the desired search term. If you continue to read you will see excerpts of these views.

3. Lists, Groups.

Adding Projects Is Made Easy

LTP lets you start so-called projects. You create a new project and enter a rough search term. You can also create the project related to websites.

As far as I know, so far, you can start an unlimited amount of projects. Depending on the search term or website you want to edit.

To start a new project you have to click the small “+” sign, to the left of flip-flop ….

4. Training Videos.

Above all, what I always find important is a training, any lessons for the use of the tool either written or in the movie.

LTP has decided to add such lessons, but only in video form and therefore only in English. A pity if you think that the program boasts to be usable for all languages.

5. Support, Help.

Quick help from the chat

Quick help from the chat. I’m glad to say that LTP includes a quick help performance chat forum. Within a few minutes, I had a correct answer to a not very difficult question.

It is often enervating if you do not see something or don’t understand and then have to wait forever for an email response.

For example, I did not realize how to open a new project. Immediately I saw and clicked the chat icon on the bottom right. When I asked how I can start a new project the answer came promptly and easily understandable, with picture detail.

6. Languages and Countries.

A not seen extra is that you can enter a country and a language in the profile of LTP. Keywords related to this can provide much more accurate results.

As I said, I do not have the experience to say if this extra brings much. Actually, it should if it really works. So far, I’ve just done a test and it actually brings in German related search terms. What is a pity is, that the whole program stays in English, that makes it still pretty important to understand some English.

How does Long Tail Pro work?

Part 1, Login and Test Version.

First of all, you have to register, you need a credit card. The first 7 days are free but allow only limited use. I find that quite time-consuming since I can not really find out whether I really like the program.

If I want to buy a Mercedes 600 SL I hope you do not give me a 250 E for a test 🙂

Part 2, keyword research.

When you’re logged in, you’re directed to the “Keyword Research” Dashboard, which strangely Google cannot translate as well. As I have seen in various reports about LTP, the program generally can’t translate into different languages.

Somehow a pity, I think that if someone wants to write a website in a different language and wants to use the program for let’s say German-language search terms everything should be translatable into German.

Anyway, I speak English and now I’m trying to profit from my free sample.

Finally, I am asked to enter one of my web pages URLs, my first project. With I get the following information:

My search terms should be under 25, max 30 of the competition value. That means I can only use very unsolicited search terms for my website.

Information from Long Tail Pro, for, link details
Information from Long Tail Pro, for, link details

I know my website is still relatively young and that’s why the values “Trust Flow” and “Citation Flow” are still pretty deep. What do these values mean and how can they be improved?

As a layman one understands nothing at all under these indications. What I see is that my website receives links from 103 websites and that there are a total of 786 such links.

The relationship between “Trust” and “Citation” “Flow”, that is, between trust and authority-giving links and links altogether is 4:20 or 1: 5 which is not very promising.

Consequently, the values of the search terms with which I have a chance to compete with other websites are quite deep. (25-30).

I can now enter any desired search term or a search phrase and get various suggestions from Long Tail Pro. Each of these suggestions contains information about “Avg.KC” average competition, “Volume” monthly searches, “Bid” value or cost in Google AdWords, “Words” number words in the search term.


1. Is Long Tail Pro A Scam?

2. Long Tail Pro Discount.
2. Long Tail Pro Discount.

As you can see, my first search term is for the English version of this article (German is not in the test version).

When I analyze the same term with Jaaxy, I get other numbers. Here I have 80 searches per month, against zero in LTP. Jaaxy also tells me that my search sentence is only 36 times on competing sites and that the sentence of 94 has good SEO quality.

1. Jaaxy search result
1. Jaaxy search result
2. Long Tail Pro Discount Jaaxy Search Result
2. Long Tail Pro Discount Jaaxy Search Result

What I do not quite understand is why Google gives me different results. Ok, Google Search does not tell me how many monthly searches are made, but at least how many competing sites I have to expect.

I have chosen 2 different search variants. 1. with quote and end signs and 2. with the preface “allintitle:” With both results, I am more likely to confirm my Jaaxy result.

Google Search, "Is Long Tail Pro A Scam"
Google Search, “Is Long Tail Pro A Scam”
Google Search allintitle: Is Long Tail Pro A Scam
Google Search allintitle: Is Long Tail Pro A Scam
Google Search for "Long Tail Pro Discount"
Google Search for “Long Tail Pro Discount”
Google Search, allintitle: Long Tail Pro Discount
Google Search, allintitle: Long Tail Pro Discount

So, LTP itself says “Is Longtail Pro A Scam,” has a low competition but no one is looking for it, Jaaxy says it’s not very competitive, but it’s searched 80 times, Google says that there are 118 competing sites, but only 6 with the same words in the title.

For “Long Tail Pro Discount” LTP itself says a little more competition with 70 monthly searches. Jaaxy says pretty much more competition with 82 searches per month. Google says, first, 22,000 competitors, of which 289 use the same words in the title.

In short, Long Tail Pro recommends working with “Long Tail Pro Discount”, while all the other information I’ve collected speaks for “Is Long Tail Pro A Scam”.

I’m still not satisfied with the results and now want to see what Google Keyword Planner and Bing Keyword Tool comes up with for my search terms.

First I tried with Google Adwords, Keyword Planner. 1. Is Long Tail Pro a scam, 2. Long Tail Pro Discount.

1. Google Keyword Planner, is LTP a scam
1. Google Keyword Planner, is LTP a scam
2. Google Keyword Planner, LTP discount
2. Google Keyword Planner, LTP discount

1. “Is LTP a scam” was equated with “LTP Review”. This means that my search term will appear under LTP Review, that’s ok too. Google says that an LTP review was called over 150,000 times in July 2018. Competition according to Google is low.

2. “LTP discount”, however, is listed individually and analyzed with a query of over 10’000 in July and with a moderate competition.

For Bing “Keyword Research”, there is only one statement for Long Tail Pro in general. The search term is entered about 250 times. There is no indication of the competition, but a trend indication which is descending through the holidays months as I think.

Bing Keyword research tool
Bing Keyword research tool

So, for me it’s clear now, I would choose the search term, “Is LTP A Scam”, despite the details of Long Tail Pro which actually speaks more for the “LTP discount” keyword.

Let’s go a step further with My search term and LTP.

You can take a small break now and watch this short video the founder of LTP made to explain how to work with LTP.

Part 3, competition analysis.

I have now clicked on the selected search term and come to a new page of LTP. Here, the selected keyword is examined in more detail, respectively, the competition that awaits us when we use this keyword.

Competition of my keyword

One of my pages for comparison
One of my pages for comparison
Data for "is long tail pro a scam"
Data for “is long tail pro a scam”

Here we see immediately that our example is really displayed in “Reviews”. At the top, it is shown again that the search term has only a competition value of 17 and that we are capable of a value up to 30. We also see that all results are obtained through normal searches and no listings are available.

Then come the first 10 competitors that appear on the first page in Google Search. On average, the websites are not too strong. Just 17 out of 100 in competition strength. The strongest side is, of course, supreme and with 32 too strong for me.

It is good to see that the second and then the third selection are not that strong anymore. I have inserted a result of one of my pages to see a comparison.

If this information is correct, my review here would have a good chance to appear on the first page of Google search results.

The first indication, “KC” search word competitiveness, is 16 for me, in some competitors, it is deeper. The second indication, “Domain KC” The domain competitiveness, is 17 for me and thus higher than many competitors.

For all further information, my page can keep up, although sometimes only with a few. I believe from this information to read that I have a chance to get this article on the first page of Google.

We will see after I have published it if all the information is of value and how far it can take us.

By The Way

To my great surprise, I now have the paid edition of Long Tail Pro. I didn’t really want this and the given bank account does not have enough money to my knowledge.

Nevertheless, I have now activated the “Starter Plan” and can examine the whole volume of the program 🙂

I hope that has no negative consequences for me 🙂

Interesting Video Lessons (English)

Long Tail Pro does not let it rip. With 14 video lessons totaling over 160 minutes, the entire website affiliate business is discussed.

It will be interesting if you do not know much about online shops and everything related to search terms. I will go through the lessons myself to expand my knowledge.

Lesson 1. “Finding Seed Keywords”

The first 18 minutes is about how to pick a niche. It is an interesting topic and the way to the goal is explained in a good way.

I’ve already written a lot on this subject myself but you never stop learning. Spencer Haws, himself a successful niche website operator shares a very interesting method here to determine a niche and to come to promising search terms.

The video on the right is a copy of the original video from LTP, unfortunately, the optical conversion is not optimal.

Lesson 2. Website Visitors Intentions Understanding.

Intentions sales diagram

A short but very interesting video that explains us on what search intentions we should look for with possible websites visitors.

First, an easy-to-understand diagram describes what intentions are and where we should go with our niche websites.

On top, 4, is very broad and speaks to a readership that wants to learn something about a topic of which they are just becoming aware and is still far from buying a product.

As my Thailand website shows, an awareness niche website is very hard to make money with because visitors only want to look at pictures and other information.

The last segment, the sales page is again not suitable to enter with a new niche website. The competition in this segment is very strong, for example, Amazon, eBay etc.

The video explains very well how we should start to be competitive and sell products.

Lesson 3. Seed Keywords and Basic Keyword Research

This lesson will be the first to use the actual LTP Keyword Research tool. It will be explained by various examples how you select promising keywords.

This lesson is still about the right choice of a niche. A good, promising niche needs so many good keywords that can be used to post or articles.

I think these lessons are very focused on creating profitable websites. Not just beautiful websites, but those that bring in money any time soon.

Lesson 4. Competition Analysis.

Yes, I don’t want to describe all 14 lessons here, but it will result in you being able to build a strong website after the Bootcamp is over.

You don’t learn how to build a website itself but the required search references and SEO suitability is explained very purposefully here.

It must be said again that this is first and foremost spoken in English and that it is quite difficult for a new beginner to understand the whole thing immediately.

The speaker knows exactly what he is doing and that’s why it’s going pretty fast.

So much for the lessons, I would say that they can be very valuable if you agree to do them all and put them into action. I will take the time doing them since the program is now temporarily activated. 🙂

Long Tail Pro – Rank Tracker

Interesting in regular use of LTP is certainly this tool. It always lets you track the rank of your articles on Google Search. As mentioned, LTP is a bit more advanced, but if you start working with the tool early, this information can be interesting to improve your values.

How Google rates your website or articles is subject to many criteria. Mastering everything requires a lot of knowledge and experience. I put together the most important factors that you can influence relatively easily. However, I am constantly learning new things.

Backlink Analysis – who is linking to your website.

Also, an important factor in the Google ranking system is the link ratio you achieve with your website. It is good if you distribute your website address, but not if you leave it on unrelated sites.

I have also recently been better informed about this, “Trust Flow” vs. “Citation Flow” is my last article and can explain to you what it is about and why you should pay attention to how you distribute your URL.

LTP gives you a complete list of your so-called “backlinks”. From this list, you can see where your links come from and where you better don’t leave links anymore.

Pros and Cons of Long Tail Pro

Let’s start with the disadvantages:

  • Bad free test offer.
  • Credit card details are required for the test registration resulting in an automatic payment after 7 days.
  • The program is in English and can not be translated by Google.
  • Training in English, video.
  • The price is relatively high, but not above average.
  • Somewhat difficult for beginners.

Many advantages:

  • Fully focused on profitable websites.
  • Very good video training for online marketers.
  • Many search term suggestions.
  • Accurate competition analysis.
  • Generally very focused on data that is important to become successful in online business.
  • Good and fast support.


I have to say, I am positively surprised. With the help of this tool, you can tackle the website business. Provided that you understand English.

Except for the actual website creation, Long Tail Pro discusses, explains and offers everything necessary. I’m thrilled and if you do not have a keyword tool yet, I would recommend Long Tail Pro.

===> I want to try myself <===

Many thanks for reading 🙂

I hope this explanation is helpful. Working with Keyword Tools is essential for website operators and always involves some expense.

As I said, I believe that investing in LTP is worthwhile. Please have a look at Jaaxy, my competition product. If you are interested in a complete solution incl. Keyword Tool, Websites, and Hosting etc, have a look here.

I wish you much pleasure with the web mastering and hope to see you again soon.

All the best, Stefan 🙂

PS. Below you can share questions and comments. I am always interested in hearing what others think.