2 Sales Funnels, is Profit Robot a Scam? Funnel X Roi and Funnel Franchise, full Set Up Money Maschine. Art Flair’s Profit Robot Email Marketing System.

I bought it for you to share insider knowledge. What is Profit Robot? I wanted to know that too after being bombarded with Warrior+plus advertising. Art’s latest W+ product Traffic Xtractor is a cheap keyword tool.

If so easy so much money can be made, I’m the first to be there. 

First of all, I think it’s very wise of you to first read a review of Profit Pilot before investing your valuable time and money.

As I have been dealing with a lot of these products lately, I believe that I can give you an accurate forecast of what you can expect from Profit Robot.

Some programs for you free to test:

Some more rip off programs:

Content of the Profit Robot (PR) Review

PR in short


Not Recommendet

  • Product Name: Profit Robot
  • URL: http://artofmarketing.academy/profit-robot
  • Name of the founders: Art & Pallab (Nov. 2018)
  • Product type: Sales Funnels.
  • Price: $12.47 plus OTOs
  • Gut für: The owners.
  • In Worten:  You get linked to 2 sales funnels and get some training in getting traffic.
  • The good side: 1 or two useful tips but never worth the money 🙁
  • Recommended?  NO

Is Profit Robot a scam?

I would call it 99% a scam. You get advised to spend a lot of money for which the owner gets commissions. You get training which you can find for free everywhere and you’re pushed into scam programs like Easy1Up.

Check out this sales video.

Well, to find an objective video is impossible, they’ve all been made to sell you Profit Robot.

In all of them is said that the system does 95% of the work, but that’s not true at all.

If you are a bit familiar to these Youtube video producers, you’ll see that these are the same trying to sell every quick money scheme and claim all to be the best.

Tom E, the producer of this video is a good example.

Some more “great product video reviews”

Just to name a few. WARNING!!! These are not real reviews but sales videos.

What do you get from joining Profit Robot

Is Profit Pilot a scam Members Area

So first you get a discounted price. Oddly, the offer is always about 2 hours available, my first red flag about unfair selling strategies.

But I closed my eyes, bit my teeth and paid via PayPal. $12.50 is not all the world and in the case of displeasure, I can reclaim my money. (We’ll see if that works)

The first page that opens as a member I got to see, was the attempt to turn me on all kinds of OTOs. The second red flag already. The second after I bought the product I should already by more 🙁

12 Modules - Sales Funnels and some training.

Now I’ve bought the basic Profit Robot for you and will try to explain what you get if you do the same.

Module 1, introduction:

First, an introductory video explaining that affiliate marketing is the easiest-to-manage sales model for beginners in online business.

That’s right and is used by most successful internet business people. However, only about 10% of all these businesses are successful and that is because there is a lot more work behind it than people expect.

In the second video, the first sales channel is explained and the first costs come into play. I examined the funnel and found out the following:

Module 2, Funnel X Roi:

Is Profit Pilot a scam Funnel x roi

In this second video, it is recommended to join Funnel X Roi. Funnel X is a sales channel based on membership in Easy1Up.

In order to make this report as informative as possible, I have examined both of these programs separately.

I came to the conclusion that this first “Sales Funnel” offered by Profit Robot is very dubious if not e real scam.

In order to make money with this channel, you have to dig deep into your pocket and there can not be much talk of automation. As I said, I have tested these programs and only for testing them, it took me some days.

Here are my results:

As a total evaluation of these 2 programs, I say, WARNING, not recommended.

Module 3, Funnel Franchise:

Is Profit Pilot a scam FF Header

This, second sales funnel, Profit Robot recommends looks better. I also examined and tried everything here.

Funnel Franchise has created a sales funnel that you can set up for you easily the way it is.

You need to become a member of Builderall, which is a website builder that’s pretty good quality. Builderall includes a website creation platform, an autoresponder and a lot of interesting training.

Funnel Franchise’s sales funnel contains about 7 affiliate products, which individually all offer helpful service and are highly recommended.

What I have to say, unfortunately, is that when someone chooses Builderall, he almost does not need any other programs, as these are included in the Builderall.

Again this funnel is also built on paid traffic to squeeze pages, which can make the sales funnel quite expensive.

Here are my results:

In summary, I can say that this sales funnel wants to sell a valuable product, but still, if you think you can make big money quick you’re gonna be disappointed.

Module 4, AnyImage:

Is Profit Pilot a scam Logo

Here is a pretty interesting little software program that allows you to quickly and easily create a picture in a clickable post for social media.

I tried it briefly and within about 2 minutes published such a post on Facebook. The program is free for 10 pictures per month. 500 pictures would be $8.99/month and limitless pics, $13.99/month.

I recommend this program and you can try it, like all PR links by the way, without joining PR. (Try AnyImage here).

Module 5, MunchEye:

Is Profit Pilot a scam MunchEye Logo

Basically, MunchEye is a JVZoo etc. affiliate products release table. Here you can see new programs coming onto the market and can sell or review them as an affiliate marketer.

What PR, however, somehow vaguely recommends is an additional service that offers paid advertising via MunchEye.

I have not used MuchEye myself so can not say much. What I always want to warn about in general though, is paid advertising. This can be a bottomless pit as a lot of experience is needed to place good advertising.

Module 6, sales trick:

In this short training, the speaker, Pallab, explains that you can get good sales results by offering more products on your sign-up thank you page.

In my opinion, this strategy is exactly what turns me off when buying something online.

I spent money on something I want but instead of giving me the product right away, I only see more offers that claim to be even better than the one I just bought.

It might work as a sales strategy and you can close follow up sales but I don’t like it.

Module 7, Reddit:

Here you will be shown the application of Reddit. Reddit is a social media platform with about 20 million members which should be quite active.

The video introduces MMO groups and explains that you can also buy paid advertising there. Even with this medium, I have no experience.

A short explanation why I do not know all of this even after 2 years of working in the internet business is quite simple. The more you spread the smaller the chance gets of becoming successful in one segment.

I, therefore, recommend that you do not try out or even practice each of these hundreds or even thousands of tools; your time is simply not enough

Module 8, TrafficForMe.Com:

I do not go into this program because it’s about paid advertising, and Profit Robot claims you can quickly make $400 a day or more, I do not want to know how much and where I can spend thousands of Dollars a day.

It’s clear that every business requires investment, but if you do not know what to sell, this is not the step that comes first. Already with module 2 and 3 you have to spend money and also there are various platforms where you can buy paid advertising.

Module 9, John Chow Advertising:

Here’s another way how to place paid banner ads on well-frequented websites. Again, I have to say that an investment of $1000 or just $500 can only be interesting if you know what you are doing.

In most cases and especially with people like I think you are, newbies, who want to set a foot in the online business industry it is probably lost money.

Module 10, BuySellAds:

Here again a side widget banner advertising purchase and sales portal. The video will show you how to find an interesting website in your niche and how to buy the offer that this website will publish your advertising banner on their site for 30 days.

This one is a bit cheaper than John Chow, $90 up to $150 but again websites with a lot of targeted traffic.

Module 11, Udimi:

Another advertising sales portal. The only detail I say here, Udimi works with SoloAds, a recommended advertising company.

Module 12, summary:

Here I can do without an explanation because everything you have seen above is repeated again.


This is a little funny, here is a small free program presented, which is ultimately in my opinion more valuable than anything that was previously discussed with the exception of the Builderall program.

In short, you become a free member of Moola Vine and can immediately recommend the program. To activate it you need to buy any JVZoo product from the person who invited you to Moola Vine.

Any new members you referred, need to also buy one JVZoo product from you to activate their account. It’s free to try but again if this is worth the time you have to invest to make it profitable is questionable.

OTO's 1-5 (On Top Offers)

Is Profit Pilot a scam OTO 1

OTO 1: Real Life Case Studies ($26.59)

  • Advanced Case study 1-8.
  • FB Case Studies 1-6.
  • YouTube Case Study 1+2.
  • And Much more.

Direct link, hopefully legal 🙂 OTO1

Is Profit Pilot a scam OTO 2

OTO 2: DONE-FOR-YOU Package ($35.97)

  • Done for you Campaigns 1-6.
  • Done for you Squeeze Page.
  • Download free Music.
  • Download free Images.

Direct Link: OTO2

Is Profit Pilot a scam OTO 3

OTO 3: Unlimited Traffic training ($197.00)

  • How To Grab Your Google Pixel
  • How To Grab Your FB Pixel
  • Access FB Traffic Training

Direct Link: OTO 3

Is Profit Pilot a scam OTO 4

OTO 4: Resellers Licence ($47.00 up to 30 resales)($97.00 up to 1000 resales)

Here you can purchase the right to sell Profit Pilot and all “Art of Marketing” products your self.

Normally “Warrior Plus” affiliate programs are free but here the inventor of Profit Robot sets up another source of income for himself.

Insider Link: OTO 4

Is Profit Pilot a scam OTO 5

OTO 5: One on one Coaching ($97.00)

As a member of this group, you should allegedly be able to communicate with the operators personally and with a group of experts. (If there are any)

The price is extremely low for a group like this and that’s the reason why I don’t expect much benefits and certainly no personal contact with the owner, except maybe a welcome 🙂

Compensation by Profit Robot:

Is Profit Pilot a scam PR Landing Page

The compensation principle in the basic version of Profit Robot has nothing to do with the actual program. Unless you buy the OTO 4 resale license, you will not be able to benefit financially from the actual program.

There is the normal way to build an affiliate marketing business and thus sell your not owned products for a commission.

In the sales funnel one would be that you continue to sell Easy1Up and some byproducts, in the sales funnel two it is mainly the Builderall program that you are trying to sell.

All the income opportunities you have as well even if you do not participate in Profit Pilot. On this page and the linked product reviews, I have already listed all the affiliate programs that are for sale.

Why don't recommend buying Profit Robot

Is Profit Pilot a scam About Profit Pilot

Quite simply, Profit Robot actually has no intrinsic value. All you get for your money is a collection of programs that could help you make money online.

You have to invest an arm and a leg before you will see any results and for a newbie all this is definitely far too complicated.

There is no automation comming from PR because all these recommendations mean a full-time job and certainly take a few months to really make money flow in your direction.

I understand the writer of the program, nowadays it is easiest to put together such programs, promise people easy money and then watch how far such customers go and invest.

He can also show income proof, namely income from the sale of his own products. How you make money later with his recommendations is up to you.

Pros and Cons

Conclusion - is Profit Robot a scam?


Not Recommended

Is Profit Pilot a scam PR Logo

Here we have clearly a product that only recommends other products so that the operator earns commissions if you participate in those.

To actually ask money for this service which then is paid twice is in my eyes a scam.

I would describe this as a fraud because you easily join all these programs without the help of Profit Pilot. There’s no real intent to help you but only to rip you off.

Even on my website here, you will find more and more valuable earnings opportunities than you get offered by Profit Pilot.

PR is an attempt by a shiny object and tempting title to seduce people to spend a lot of money. You can safely save your money and try out a really valuable platform. (Next chapter)

How I recommend you start your online business journey.

Was Ist Funnel X ROI Wealthy Affiliate

So, let’s stay with the affiliate business. This is actually one of the best models to make money online after all.

Unfortunately, it always takes time to start a new business. As long as you do not accept this fact, you’ll be tricked again and again by false promises.

What do you think, even the manufacturer of Profit Pilot has spent years and years getting to know the business. Today he is able to set up such a program to make a fortune by duping people.

However, you can learn the business principle of affiliate business from scratch with far less financial outlay.

With my recommendation, you can try and test for 40 days for just $19.00, create websites, and go through hundreds of lessons.

Take a look at my product description of Wealthy Affiliate and see for yourself how much you get.

If you like it you can try 10 days for free, create 2 free websites and really communicate with thousands of real online marketers.

Give yourself a jolt, I know you can get it right, stop looking for shortcuts and become a respectable online business person.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Now that was a long trip to the realm of Sales Funnels. At the beginning of the month, I had started with this report and more and more I had to test and write about other products.

Since I write in two languages ​​there are now 10 articles although I actually only wanted to investigate Profit Pilot. It has brought me a lot, I’ve learned a lot about sales funnels and most of all, getting to know Builderall is a plus point.

I hope you can benefit from my work and peck out what is important or interesting for you.

That’s it for today, see you soon Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com

PS. As always comments are welcome 🙂