A little longer on the market but still up to date. Is Raiken a scam? This is your review after the storm of release in late 2017.

I am not interested in selling you this product and can, therefore, report impartially.

But let’s start from scratch.

I’ve looked around and found that virtually all Raiken reviews actually do exactly what is said is not the idea. They create videos or have websites and want to sell the program, they do affiliate marketing.

By the way, it’s great that you first inquire about what you might get involved with when you start at Raiken.

Some more Programs to be careful with: Viral Studio4NetjobsSocial Sales Rep.

It can be confirmed that Raiken is not a scam program, but you can not make as much money as it likes to make you believe.

Content: What will you find in this article


Not Recommended

Raiken a quick look at.

  • Product name:  Raiken
  • URL: http://www.buyraiken.com
  • Name of the founder:  Brendan Mace
  • Product type: eBay sales training.
  • Price: $19.95 + upsales
Is Raiken a scam Raiken the Program
  • Guaranty: 30-days money back
  • Good for:  Someone that has time and the passion for buying and selling clothes.
  • Rating: 3 of 10 Points.
  • In words:  You will learn how to sell on eBay, what to sell and where to get the products from.
  • The good part:  Raiken is not a scam.
  • Do I recommend it?  No

The detailed Raiken REVIEW 2019.

As mentioned before, the Raiken program is a training program that will help you to get detailed knowledge in a sales concept for men’s clothes you resell on eBay.

At the very beginning of the main page of Raiken is said that this is a totally weird and unknown technique.

As far as I understand, it is about buying used men’s clothes in second-hand shops, getting them fixed, looking pretty, and then selling them on eBay for a profit.

It also says right at the beginning of the Raiken site, that you can earn $ 239 an hour. That’s a very vague statement if you ask me.

You are also smart enough to know that this statement means nothing. How on earth am I supposed to make exactly $ 239 in an hour?

I see it more like this, running around for days or hours in all the thrift stores in your area, investing in used clothes and then bringing them home.

First of all, you have to open your eBay shop, this is explained in 7 lessons, which is certainly very detailed but not feasible in an hour in 2 or even in several days if you are as promised a total newbie to the subject.

So, go through the training first ($ 19.95) then open the eBay shop, (not free, see picture)

When that’s done, you make the old clothes clear and try to take the most beneficial photos possible. Now you just have to tag them and offer them on eBay.

Oh, sorry, now I have already blabbed the whole trick. If you’re good at this and let’s assume that, I guess after a few days you’ll make eBay sales for an hour, which will bring you some profit.

Well, they’re not lying right here, the sale can take off in a single hour if you’re lucky, but let’s face it until you’re done with all that, you might have earned more at the flea market.

It is undeniable that you receive a considerable number of training units from Raiken. But as you can see in the following video, there are actually only a few topics that are divided into several modules.

Is Raiken A Scam Video Review.

I like this video, it’s very relaxed and the speaker always laughs. Whether he laughs at the whole concept he sells here is not easy to say.

He also says that it is certainly possible to earn money this way, but he does not seem quite convinced.

In any case, he only purchased this program to resell it, he did not try to earn $ 239 in an hour.

He even says explicitly like me that it is not very likely to achieve what is promised in the sales video by Steve Raiken.

Why I can't recommend Raiken

First, it’s how I came across this Raiken program. It is a coincidence that yesterday I translated an older article into German and since when I wrote the English original something strange has changed.

That review article is about 4NetJobs, a program that does not exist but still recruits people. If you click on any link there, you end up on the Raiken site, which has nothing to do with 4NetJobs.

This is the first alarm signal for me. Attracting customers with irrelevant websites.

The second is, of course, the advertising style or the statements mad on the sales page that should convince you to buy the product.

As with all these inferior programs is stated you can easily make huge profits. In an hour over $200, everyone expects that in one day over $1000 must be possible.

This is completely misleading and a really valuable program does not need such advertising.

Or let’s just take a look at the second section of the sales page of the Raiken program.

Is Raiken a scam Real Proof

Here it says,

“take a look at the real proof”.

“Every beginner with 0 experience will be able to do that within 30 minutes.”

I interpret it that way, and then it’s not even a lie, I could produce such an income proof in less than 30 minutes. With the help of a Photoshop or as you can see above, I can even screenshot it in a few seconds and present it on my page.

Such sayings and “proofs” are all red flags for me. Anyone who tries to win my trust with such means has lost it right from the beginning.

Evidence for my claims.

Is Raiken a scam No Videos, no affiliate market

Proof 1.

Raiken claims that video, websites, and paid advertising are outdated and have nothing to do with their system. They have a completely new system that has nothing to do with affiliate marketing.

And yet they sell supplements that enable exactly these earning opportunities.

Is Raiken a scam Raiken upsales


are there these up-sales then? Follow-up products for spicy prices.

No.2, ($ 97) is the license that allows you to sell this program as an affiliate.

No.3, ($ 2000) is a direct coaching opportunity to optimize your affiliate sales.

Actually, I do not have to prove here that Raiken isn’t good for anything or plays with fraud cards. The concept of selling clothes on eBay works.

It’s not as revolutionary as Steve claims, nor is it a guaranteed source of income. He also exaggerates in my opinion when he says that it is possible to earn money after only 30 minutes.

Everything is possible and may have worked once or twice, but it is certainly not the rule.

I’m sure you have enough brainpower to decide for yourself if you should try to launch such a project.

In any case, Steve Raiken and Brendan Mace have decided to create and sell online programs rather than to deal with second hand clothes.

Pros and cons of BuyRaiken.com

  • Not too expensive initial price.
  • Quite some learning material.
  • Can be interesting and varied.
  • Totally exaggerated promises.
  • Disguised affiliate program.
  • Money back not sure.
  • Associated with unmentioned surcharges.

Not Recommended

My conclusion - is Raiken a scam?

All in all, I can not say exactly how you should decide. Personally, I prefer to stick to my proven content marketing system. But Raiken is as I see it not a scam.

The concept of having a store on eBay certainly has its advantages as well, effective selling has always been a model that has produced many rich people.

But is it your goal, do you have the talent and the patience to shop cheaply and calculate a reasonable margin?

Honestly, no way to make money online is really easy. Also what I do needs patience and has a learning curve.

If you are the born dealer, you can invest the nearly $20 and see what the training offers. For me it’s nothing.

In any case, after long researching all kinds of information about Raiken, I only found out that there are mainly affiliate websites with the intent to sell the program.

No one has written that she/he successfully applied the program. All the videos have been made to make the Raiken program tasty.

This let’s me convinced that it still is and always will be very lucrative to operate a website or a YouTube channel.

Which leads me to the next and last part of this article. My alternative to Raiken.

My #1 Alternative Is:

Is The Wealthy Affiliate A Scam What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University
What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University

Despite all the bad bad mouthing, not only from the Raiken operators but generally from all “fast money making” programs, I think owning a website is still the best way to build a business online.

My website is my property, nobody can kick me out or shut me down. I can publish exactly what I think is important and right.

I’m sure you can do this yourself too. With the help of an all-inclusive platform that offers everything you need it is the easiest.

Niche websites, content marketing, affiliate business, these are still the most money-making business models on the internet.

Whether you’re mainly using YouTube videos or social media to connect with your clientele, there’s always a website behind all the methods.

Fortunately, it’s not expensive, I do not have to make or buy my own products, and I do not need to pay money for membership fees in several places with my program.

Try it for free

Is Raiken A Scam - My Better Alternative

Really, one minute after you hit HERE, you are creating your first free website. This will not be the final product but it will let you actively test the training through learning by doing.

Hosting web pages, creating websites, endless training, search engine tools, picture gallery, live chat, and most importantly, 1.5 million classmates you can exchange ideas around the world and 24/7 with, always ready to answer your questions. (My review)

Since I started working with WA, less than 2 years ago, we have over 300,000 new members, all very enthusiastic and, for the most part, very satisfied. (Success story)

Of course, this is also not ideal for everyone, that’s why you can try everything for a week at no cost.

I have no extra gifts to offer, I’m sure that’s not necessary. All of these so-called “bonuses” are ultimately counterproductive as you lose endless time if you read them all through.

In my program this all and more is included. And organized in such a way that whenever you need to know something, you will automatically be introduced to it in training.

In short, action speak louder than words, you have nothing to lose, but it could enable you to live a new lifestyle. Give it a try, click on the green button below and enter the best website building program that exists.

With best regards 🙂

I was pleased to have you here, I hope the experience was interesting for you. I always try to help people who want to settle in the world of internet business.

There are hundreds of programs today that all promise the same thing, fast, easy, make a lot of money. Basically, this statement is always in evidence of fraud.

We’re not lazy, so I can say that it’s like earning any money, you have to first know the skills, and second, work hard on your success.

Only who is willing to do so has a chance in the internet business.

I wish you much success and let me hear from you if something is unclear.

See you soon, Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com