Quicker better and what else? Are you a social media expert? Is Social Sale Rep a scam? Do you want to earn money promoting products on social media? Let me show you what you get when you become a Social Sale Rep member.

First of all, I would like to say that you are good at estimating such an online product first. Maybe there are even better ways to invest your money and your time.

Millions of people like me and you want to make money online these days. Therefore, new programs like Social Sale Rep come up with new ideas. In fact there are a lot more on the market like:

Viral Studio4NetjobsRaiken and many more

With this SSR model, it is probable that you can also make money without a website, but only with social media marketing.

I actually created an almost identical training for you for free. Of course, Social Sale Rep too claims to be equipped with well-paid affiliate programs that you can use to earn good commissions.

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A Quick Look At SSR:

  • Product Name:  Social Sale Rep
  • URL: https://socialsalerep.com
  • Funded By: An unknown team of experts
  • Product Typ: Social Media Business Platform.
  • Price: $27.00.
social sale rep logo
  • Good For: The one who likes Social media.
  • Rating: 2 out of 10 Points.
  • In Words: SSR claims to offer training and software that enables social media marketing jobs to be found. Also, affiliate programs that you can market yourself.
  • The Good Part:  You get a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Recommended?  Not really

Is Social Sales Rep A Scam Program Details. What to Expect

The program promises to connect companies with jobs with people like you. People who have skills and a big fan community on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and or Linkedin.

SSR provides the technology to bring these two parties together, and for you, the user, there’s software called “Viral Multiplayer Technology” (VMT) that lets you spread your social media posts more efficiently.

They claim to offer you a little training to help you learn how to work smartly, efficiently but not hard.

In other words, it explains how you can work with the VTM software to save time.

In addition, SSR has a pool of over 100 information products (eBooks), in various niches, for which “excellent commissions” are paid when you can sell.

Is Social Sales Rep A Scam SSR Sales Pitch
SSR Sales Pitch

As you can see for yourself, these sayings are always about the same.

What do you need to get started?

If you have an Internet connection, experience using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., and are able to work without supervision, you have all the necessary skills under SSR.

That sounds pretty easy. However, I think that you have to put in some extra time, as is the case with any online job.

Who can benefit from Social Sale Rep?

Is Social Sales Rep A Scam Niche choice SSR
Niche choice SSR

If you have a large following on social media platforms already and are ready to overwhelm them with products every day, you can do so through this program.

The best, in my opinion, would be if you were working with Pinterest. If you have an active Pinterest business account, you can increase revenue on this platform.

On Facebook, I do not see much chance of success, unless you spend more on paid ads.

Pinterest has proven to be the best-selling social media platform. With the help fo the automated pin scheduler by Tailwind you can also increase your reach at a favorable rate.

50% of the niches for which Social Sale Rep provides products can actually be well marketed on Pinterest.

Things like “Health & Fitness”, “Arts & Entertainment”, “Home & Gardening” and “Food & Wine” are very optical niches and sell well on Pinterest if you share appealing pins.

The products you get from SSR are only electronic products though, ClickBank products. Education Software Modules, eBooks etc.

Of course, you should be aware that a sales strategy, even if it is just one based on social media, takes a lot of time.

Some time ago I have created quite a similar small training that shows how you can share an advertisement leaflet on social media within a short time. If you are interested you can take a look here.

Deadbeat wants to show you how selling on social media works.

Here in this video you can probably learn more about social media marketing than in the whole training of Social Sale Rep.

Deadbeat is a successful YouTube producer and knows what he’s talking about.

Why I can't recommend SSR

There are several reasons why I would advise against investing your time and money in Social Sales Rep.

First, even at first glance, I realized that what you get effectively when you become a member is explained only very vaguely.

Even the company structure is not transparent. A super team should be the operator, great, super doing what? Super in the rip-off?

Second, there is clearly too much being promised. Of course, you can not expect a lot for a one-time price of $27.00. But the promise, that you can easily make quick and easy money with the help of SSR is extremely doubtful.

Further, with the best of my will, I could not find any single success message from existing customers.

Add to that, and you can see for yourself, the many “spam” comments I got regularly on this review.

I did not delete all of them in order to show you these practices. I just changed their affiliate links lol.

is social sales rep a scam spam comments
spam comments

Somehow it does not fit together. SSR claims that having a social media presence and is enough to help us make money. Why do so many SSR representatives come to my website then, with the aim of promoting social sale rep here?

All in all, this all smacks of scams, not that SSR is a real scam program, but that the only way to make actual money with SSR, is to resell the program itself.

Pros and Cons

  • Not really expensive
  • 60-day money bach guarantee
  • No Support
  • Without knowledge hard to achieve anything
  • No free testing version
  • Impossible claims

Conclusion: Is Social Sales Rep A Scam?

As you’ve probably already seen, I do not have much to write about this program. Since I don’t want to spend the $27 dollars, I did not get involved in getting to know the program from inside..

What I’m worried about: Why does it cost money at all? Ok, this VMT software might be the reason why they have to charge a fee.

The ClickBank affiliate program I can join for free, that’s a fact.

All I understand is that it’s about the same as my little training: “How do I start selling within 60 minutes“, only mine is free.

I offer my small education as a gift for people who join my mailing list. Plus, with my free training, you’ll also get two free websites and sign up for the best affiliate marketing training available.

With SSR, you can choose from over 100 electronic products, well, with my program you can choose from over one million products, hardware and software.

I would be worried if thousands of people sell the same eBooks on social media as me, so the competition gets pretty intense.

We all have learned that affiliate programs are free. Participation in a genuine affiliate program is usually free and is not covered by a negotiator.

You should be the one who receives the money for your work, the work you do,  recommending and selling on social media.

When I look at these job requirements, I really start to think.

Job Requierments

Is Social sales rep a scam SSR Job Requirements
SSR Job Requirements
  • 1. Who has no experience with Facebook etc. today?
  • 2. Be reliable, why? If you don’t work, you don’t get paid.
  • 3. I do not think this will allow a 24/7 job, but if it does, you’re in luck.
  • 4. That’s the best haha. Of course, I’m interested in a steady income, but can SSR deliver that as well?

You see, all that is very questionable. Only having experience with these media is far from enough to make good money.

It is quite possible that this company, SSR, has legitimate intentions, but maybe the program is just not quite mature yet.

I’ve checked more details on the FAQ page and the answers are all very dubious.

There are two FAQ pages, one for Employers and one for Remote Workers. Both sides are identical.

The entire product description, actually the entire website is very questionable if you read everything a bit more closely, at least the few things that are readable.

What also surprises me is that I can’t view the program without prior payment. Ok, it is “guaranteed” that you can claim your money back for 60 days if you are not satisfied.

But what I’ve heard about ClickBank programs is that it’s often very difficult, if not impossible, to receive a 100% refund.

The longer I look at this program, the more I think it’s wrong. Sorry, no, it’s not really a fake, but compared to the program that I think is worth investing in, this is a joke.

Want to know how I get my monthly income of $6,000+?

Ok, this is not entirely correct. I do not earn so much yet. One of my classmates though, a 21 years old guy has already achieved this.

is social sales rep a scam Jerry's Success Story
Jerry’s Success Story

The thing is basically very simple. We create our own websites, like the one you just look at and with the help of training, tools, and support from each other, our web pages become visible in Google and other search engines.

The business concept is the same as with SSR, affiliate marketing, which means we earn commissions on products sold. This can be Amazon products or eBay, ClickBank, Etsy etc everything that has an affiliate link.

The program  I recommend here contains all that and much more. We are currently 1.5 or more members, and a large number have successfully become self-employed through the program and are earning more than ever in a “normal” job.

In my opinion, this concept, which also includes social media presence as well as YouTube and everything that makes money in online business, is the best option to get into a job that you can do from home.

I give you the opportunity to join for free. You will get two websites to test and an introductory course that you will complete in about a week and teach you how to create a website.

Try it, it costs nothing, and meet me in the program, so I can help you if necessary.

Thank you for your interest.

I hope you’ve learned enough about Social Sale Rep to make an informed decision about whether you want to work with the program or not.

Whether you can make a lot of money with it or not, is in my opinion very unlikely. It also depends on how much time and money you are willing to spend on additional paid ads.

I have to leave you now, please, if you have a question let me know. I would also be very happy about your experience with SSR, and your opinion is of great interest to me and my readers.

I wish you all the best, see you soon, Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com