Is The AWOL Academy A Scam? - Take it? Or leave it?

Getting started in the affiliate marketing business today is the best and actually cheapest way to earn a passive income. Training and tools you need are available. Check it out, is the AWOL Academy a scam? What do you get for your money? Alternative ways are discussed here as well.

The AWOL doesn’t claim to be a quick make money scheme. Good news because this doesn’t exist in this industry. You can learn step by step how the business functions and click by click you build your own.

The initial training set is directed to absolute marketing beginners and will teach all the essential skills to build the foundation of your own online business. Chat and Facebook community is there for you as mentor and motivator.  Do I recommend it? No, see why.

The Super Affiliate University Affiliate Disclosure

Another Way Of Life, (AWOL) in short

  • Product Name: AWOL Academy
  • URL:
  • Founder name: Kameron George and Keala Kamae
  • First launched: 2015
  • Product type: Affiliate marketing training.
  • Price: From $99.00 to $11’600.00
  • Guarantee: 14-day 100% money back guarantee.
  • Good for:  People with much money to invest in an online affiliate business.
  • Rating: 5.5 out of 10
  • In words: AWOL is providing all necessary training needed to get successful in the affiliate marketing. You learn about all essential tools you need and where to buy them.
  • Recommended? NO. Scam? NO


From what I see now, and I have spent several hours investigating the program, I must say it is a possibility to build your online business from scratch.

For a one-time payment of $99.00, you will be introduced into the not secret but essential skills and features necessary to get your niche website up and running.

You’ll learn how to generate “paid” traffic and how to use the external tools you need to optimize the business. Be aware there are no tools included in the program. Every tool you need you have to pay for if you don’t find a free alternative.

Be also aware, there are several up-sales, additional products, you will need to buy to make the AWOL system work. All in all, around $16’000 one time fees and additional monthly reoccurring fees I’ll explain in the following.

These extra costs, for just beginning the affiliate marketing process with AWOL can quickly sum up to quite a monthly or yearly bill. The concept is usable if you are ready to spend quite some money right from the start.

Every similar training teaches the same lessons because it is actually THE way to make money online. Choose a niche, build a website, get traffic, and start selling.

What you need besides the training is:

1. Website domain, builder, and host, A domain is around $15 per year, a WordPress website builder platform with hosting can vary and starts from free to $50+/month. (Free Alternative)

2. Leadpage builder, you are advised to use “Leadpages”. See pricing here (The cheapest version is $37.00/month, the recommended, Pro plan is $79.00/month if you pay monthly). (Free Alternative)

3. An autoresponder, you are advised to use GetResponse, a good tool I use myself. See pricing here (The cheapest plan is $15.00/month advised, Pro plan, $49.00/month). (Free Alternative)

4. Tracking software, you want to use ClickMagic, everybody recommends this tool. See pricing here  (the cheapest plan is $17.00/month or, Standard plan for $47.00/month if you pay monthly).

5. Keyword research tool, you are asked to work with the Google keyword planner which is free if you have a contract with the Google AdSense advertising platform. (Better keyword research)

This leaves you with a monthly bill of total $85.00 at the minimum or $230 with the standard plan. You can, of course, reduce the bills if you pay yearly. (Not included are the costs of “paid traffic” which can easily add up to thousands of dollars per year).

Why do I go into detail so much here? Well as I mentioned already, I want to show a cheaper but exactly as valuable alternative. I talk about the Wealthy Affiliate University (WA). (See my review here).

At WA you get a package that includes the training, the website builder and host and the keyword search tool (a better one too). The WA system teaches you the exact same affiliate marketing system but wants to generate free traffic.

The whole package you can try for free, unlike AWOL and the first month you have a reduced fee of $19.00. From then on you pay either a monthly fee of $49.00 or if you pay yearly like I do, it is an average of $30/month.

We do use the autoresponder but not necessarily GetResponse. There are free alternatives, “Mailer Lite” that offer’s the same service as the GetResponse $15 basic plan. Check my friend’s in-depth mailing list post.

The tracking tool is even less a necessity if you work with free traffic because you don’t have to track your free traffic, only work on getting more. The traffic tracker can’t do the work for you.

And do you want to know what’s the best? At Wealthy Affiliate, you have not a single up sale. All the training you would pay up to $16’000 with AWOL is included in the monthly WA fee.

1. Included in the AWOL Pro Academy starter plan. ($99.00)

The shell of your business.

The starter plan includes 4 training modules, plus a questionnaire, and a 1-hour call with a coach intro module. This is all very interesting and the training is a step by step training with some videos. You’ll be trained to build a sales funnel.

Module 1. (6 video training modules)

Of course in the first video, you find out all about the AWOL academy business model works. It is essentially an affiliate marketing system with paid traffic.

The concept is proven to work but it is the more expensive way of doing it. I’d say, choose a niche, build a website, get traffic and start selling.

In the first module, you buy a domain, build your website, find a host, and learn how to work with WordPress websites. (The website you’re looking at now, is a WordPress site).

Module 2. (12 videos) 

Here the concept of a sales funnel and email marketing is discussed. You sign-up to all essential tools and set up your sales funnel.

You learn how to build a landing page, a squeeze page, set up the autoresponder and insert a call to action buttons that link to the product pages.

Of course, you learn the “specialty of AWOL, the upsell sequence “.

In the 12 videos, all these quite tricky tasks are explained very easy to understand and follow click by click.

Module 3. (3 videos)

In this part, you learn about the products. How you get affiliate partner and with who? How to sign-up with them and at what point of time without risking rejection.

It is explained what types of affiliate products exist and how you best use them in your sales funnel or email campaigns.

In the same module, you start generating traffic. Paid traffic via solo ads.

There is no training on how to create free, SEO, organic traffic. I find this the greatest downside besides the price of the training. Not teaching how to generate organic traffic leaves you getting bills all the time if you want to continue the program and achieve success.

Module 4. (4 videos)

The last module in this Pro Academy package is going over the module 2 and 3 again but more in-depth. You learn how to organize your budget and set goals for the next 12 months.

Responsible, like a good program, should be you are told that the affiliate marketing business is not an overnight success and that you need to do your homework and learn more every day.

From what I’ve learned so far this first AWOL entering product seems to be quite valuable. The only negative aspect I find is that the whole strategy is built up to spend money in order to earn money. For my taste, too much money.

Of course, the Pro Academy training is by far all the training you’ll need to set up your online business the way AWOL is teaching and actually make the $10’000 in 90 days they claim. You’ll get a glimpse in the know-how and get pushed in signing up to all those extra monthly paid programs.

This way and by asking you to fill out a questionnaire and do a private call with a coach the AWOL does the utmost to make you buy the next training module.

These further training modules again only provide a part of the whole system. Not starting with the essential but by teaching you how to use the extra and costly tools.

Maybe you get where I’m going at with this explanation, the more you buy, the, even more, you need to buy to effectively get the value of what you already bought. Is the AWOL academy a scam though, no it’s a business trying to make maximum profits.

2. Inbox Academy. ($297.00)

The shell of your email marketing.

This first up sale teaches what you need to learn and understand when you work with your GetResponse account you already pay at least $15.00 per month.

The training includes 4 modules: 1. Basics, 2. Email deliverability, 3. Open rates, and 4. Click through rates.

To get results using the autoresponder you need to know these techniques. With the basic, Pro Academy training you have build a sales funnel and here with the Inbox Academy you activate and start using the email part of the sales funnel.

The next training teaches how to convert.

Conversion Academy. ($997.00)

The knowledge of making sales.

More training, this time how to optimize sales, conversions. 6 Modules: 1. Epic storytelling, 2. Mind control hacks, 3. Live sales formula, 4. Evergreen sales formula, 5. High ticket sales, and 6. Affiliate tracking.

Great stuff, things you really want to know once you have a traffic generating website. Well proven tactics that can actually be copied from the AWOL sales funnel and conversion strategies.

The optimal use of the conversions training I think you can see if you look how AWOL’s sales tactic works. Sell a reasonably priced starter pack, (find people willing to buy) and then create a funnel that almost forces the customers in buying more to get the whole value of the product.

Or get access to a great looking villa, where you can shoot appetizing sales videos for several products. You are not working on building trust to a following, you’re only concentrating on sales.

As you probably know from yourself though, you don’t buy from everyone. I don’t, I want to know the shop a little before I spend a lot of money in it.

And finally, after spending almost $1400.00 only on training the program starts talking about traffic.

Traffic Academy. ($997.00)

Now the shell gets finally shared.

Several traffic sources are discussed in 5 modules: 1. Facebook traffic, 2. YouTube traffic, 3. Instagram traffic, 4. Bing/Yahoo traffic, and 5. Paid CPA traffic.

Ok, this is actually the step I recommend to do right after building your website. I don’t know, the AWOL system might work this way but it surely is a very expensive way. My traffic creation is free.

You have now spent almost $2400.00 (plus monthly fees) and all you find out now, is that you’ll need to pay more for to get people visiting your website. You might as well launch a facebook add right from the beginning and learn how you get more sales all by your self.

Paid traffic is a choice everyone has to make himself, I don’t spend a single dollar on traffic. My free traffic visitors open my website because they are interested in what I write about. They actually search the internet for my articles.

I use the good old SEO technique that is absolutely free and I target interested readers and with that, potential buyers by writing helpful blog posts, training posts and reviews like the one you read right now.

Paid traffic, paying FB, Google, Bing or Yahoo etc for promoting your posts, might get you faster and more traffic than my system but essentially, you first have to pay for it and secondly people see your ads not because they are necessarily looking for your product but just by accident belong to your defined target group of people.

The Traffic Academy I can recommend for people operating a website for at least a year with already existing organic traffic and the knowledge about their targeted audience. Then you know what you’re doing and by the way, also have a product to sell.

Masters Academy: ($3’497.00)

Get the right mindset for not giving up if things get tuff.

This rather expensive package claims to help you master your mindset as a businessman: There are 3 modules, 1. Mindset hacks, 2. Wealth strategies, and 3. Solo entrepreneur to CEO.

I guess this is the less sold product AWOL has on offer. I don’t see much value in it. The mindset part I think has to be covered right in the beginning because most of the mental problems occur at the beginning of building the business.

Spending the money and working hard without seeing any results needs a strong mindset that is believing in the opportunity chosen and the possibility that making money online is real.

After spending about $2’400.00 Dollars you better believe in what you do or maybe you have just too much money. I don’t believe that working on your mindset at this stage can help much more.

It might convince you that buying the highest monetary value product of AWOL. Because if you haven’t made any money so far, by spending thousands of dollars you probably want to get access to the ultimate training that guarantees success.


AWOL Elite (9’997.00)

Before you worked on your mindset, that probably focussed on telling, the more you invest the more you get back. This is actually true but an important aspect of the quote is “on what do you invest”.

The Elite package doesn’t provide specific training anymore, It gives you access to a weekly webinar of 2 hours.

Plus you get access to a private Facebook group where you can learn from industry experts.

It is often said in reviews that in the Elite product all the previous products are included and therefore the Elite is a better buy than going through all the steps.

I though, don’t interpret this as true. The Elite pack stands alone and all the previous $5’900 you need to spend for working with AWOL or at least $2’400 for the actual sales training.

I think you won’t need a year to get to the point where you want to buy all these products. That means, besides the monthly costs and the paid traffic you will spend around $16’000 Dollars to get closer to your dream.

Additionally, the external products in a year will at least cost you at least, $1000. Not included are the costs of paid traffic that can easily build up to several thousand per month.

Tell me, which product do you want to sell or how do you think you can get even. Maybe after several years, you can sell products for over $40’000 dollars per year. That makes you even.

Why I don’t recommend The AWOL Academy.

It’s just too expensive.

I don’t want to say all of AWOL is a bad investment, although I would not recommend even starting with the program. You get pulled in an up sale strategy that never ends.

The affiliate marketing is supposed to be a chance for people making an income with a low budget but if you start working with AWOL it can bankrupt you before you made your first sale.

I could tell you to every piece of AWOL product what you can expect when working with my #1 recommended program, but in essence, it would be saying. “By signing up with Wealthy Affiliate you get all this training, more tools, free websites and host, free starter pack and when upgrading to premium you only pay $359.00 per year“.

How can I prove the program is not a scam?

1. The Owners are real! (YES)

One of the most important prooves is that the owners are real and show face. They take responsibility for their product and openly stand behind it.

Cameron and Keala have brought products to the market before and have a known history in the industry. Although they work with some dubious techniques, like using the same villa for promoting several products, they do appear in social media etc.

Previously launched programs by the pair are Elite push and Global Affiliate Zone. Keala Kanae was mentioned in a Forbes report and the AWOL Academy has got a B+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since June 2017.

2. Testimonials from real money making people! (Yes)

Here I let you see a video showing some people stating that they have achieved their “Another Way Of Life” I guess that’s true, I hope so.

3. Working business model. (Yes)

The business model does definitely work. I’m living proof of this. The affiliate marketing business is a working model that makes a lot of money for a lot of people. It’s not that easy but it works.

If you search the internet for any topic you probably land on an affiliate niche website. There are millions online right now. The sales funnel described in the AWOL training is a working scheme as well.

Most successful online marketers use the same method to drive potential customers to their email list and product sales page.

The additional programs you have to use to build your affiliate marketing business are also well and recommended programs. And the training you get from AWOL is generally useful and valuable.

4. AWOL can be sold. (Affiliate Program, $1000 + $49/month)

This point is a quite important aspect of proving the legitimacy of a program. The AWOL Academy recruits new customers since 2015 and is growing all the time.

They have an affiliate program for people with affiliate websites that promises an earning potential of $5’000 per sign-up. Too bad they want me to pay for it.

I’m not willing to pay a monthly fee of $40.00 plus purchase the Traffic Academy training for $997.00 to be able to do the hard work of trying to recruit new members to a program I’m not totally convinced anyway and would not buy myself.

I think here again the ugly head of greedy businessmen gets visible. Most affiliate programs are for free but not the AWOL program.

They say they want to minimize scam promotion and try not to get more customers than they can handle but in my eyes, this is just another sales story that wants to justify the high price of AWOL.

Pros and cons:

Pros first:

  • AWOL provides a realistic training for a proven marketing strategy.
  • You learn to use all necessary tools to build a sales funnel.
  • You can count on support.
  • There is an affiliate program paying 30%
  • You have a 14-days money back guarantee on all products.

Cons, there’s nothing without a con side:

  • Extremely overpriced.
  • No website and hosting included.
  • No free traffic training included.
  • Only paid traffic oriented.
  • Up sales necessary to make the program work.
  • Training parts in separate products that get more and more expensive.
  • No free trial.
  • No free affiliate program.

My five cent: (Is AWOL A Scam? NO)

I think AWOL wants to sell you a average training for a huge price. To earn back the investment you need to pay upfront, you will work for years, and you will need to work hard.

The AWOL academy can be recommended if you have at least $20’000 to invest before making any sales. If you have that money I think you are able to profit from AWOL. If not you’ll lose all investment due to having to stop the project because of not being able to pay the bills.

I know this sounds discouraging for many of you that are looking for a way to earn a passive income with affiliate marketing for a low budget. I can help you out here though.

It isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money to start an online business. I am doing it right here and I tell you, all I pay is $45.00 per month.


FREE Get Started Training Modules

My Wealthy Affiliate includes:

  1. My websites incl. hosting. (25 domain websites + 25 free subdomain websites)(WordPress)
  2. My training, hundreds of modules written and most with video tutorials. (From absolute beginner to successful website operator).
  3. 4 – Step System: 1. Choose an interest, 2. Build a website, 3. Generate free traffic, 4. Start selling affiliate products.
  4. My weekly relevant webinars.
  5. My community with the support of hundreds if not thousands of active members interacting daily or hourly.
  6. My Live Chat.
  7. My keyword research tool. (Jaaxy, $49.00 for non-members)
  8. My content writing platform providing over a million of free images and more.
  9. My personal blogging platform for my own blogs and training. (highly ranked blogs)
  10. My affiliate program that pays almost 50% for premium members. >25% for free members. (A monthly income)
  11. MY FREE BONUSES: FREE to join, FREE 2 websites with hosting, FREE Get Started Training, FREE 7-day trial (No credit card needed)

Thanks for your interest 🙂

I hope I have explained what you need to know. The AWOL academy is a quite content-rich program, because of which this review got rather long.

Please think for your self now, “Take it? Or leave it?” I just want you to be able to make an informed decision. Of course, I am a bit negative about the whole thing because I don’t like to recommend things that are not worth the money. And this, I think is absolutely the case here.

Come and try my #1 recommendation for free, nothing to lose. After the free week, if you think it’s not worth it, you can still try the AWOL academy and see if you are served better.

I wish you best success now, have a wonderful time, see you, Stefan 🙂