Is The Wealthy Affiliate A Scam - Or Can You Get A Super Affiliate?
Is The Wealthy Affiliate A Scam – Or Can You Get A Super Affiliate?

Many people today ask, Is The Wealthy Affiliate A Scam? I would not say so. I did my homework as the owner, my mentor Kyle had told me to and can look back at a successful 2017. See how WA can help YOU Start a New Career in the Online Marketing Business.

Working with Wealthy Affiliate has enabled me to publish an article like this and let YOU see it.

Helping me move from not knowing what an SEO website is, to be the owner of two up and running websites with organic search traffic, within 8 months, is something I would not call a scam.

It is hard work and I had many failures but with the perseverance and a strong will, I am now starting to sell products in two different niches.

This website right here is my third project and I think I am able to present relevant information and self-made experiences for you to get a good picture of what Wealthy Affiliate is representing.

Wanna make Website? Choose YOUR NICHE first!!!!

Wealthy Affiliate University – A Quick Check

Is The Wealthy Affiliate A Scam - Or Can You Get A Super Affiliate?Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Website URL: https://wealthy

Website builder: excellent, 9.5 out of 10

Education, Training: excellent, 9.2 out of 10

Support and feedback: perfect, 9.8 out of 10

Website hosting: excellent, 9.6 out of 10

Offered Tools: great, 8, 8 out of 10

My success story: satisfying, 8 out of 10

Affiliate program: perfect, 9,9 out of 10

Price: Starters Free (no time limit). Premium members $49/month or $359/year (first month $19)

ASuperAffiliate.Com says: “I do think it is the best comparable product on the market”

I give it a      9.3 out of 10


See how you can profit from Wealthy Affiliate

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? See What They Offer!!!

Get your website built in 5 minutes for free (Starter Kit)

  • Join for free (no credit card needed)
  • Build two WordPress websites for free
  • Enjoy free website hosting for two websites
  • Get free lessons on how to build a website and get it indexed and ranked by Google


I started my online career exactly like this. I joined for free, filled the sign-up form, build my first website, did the “Get Started Here” certification course and didn’t spend a single dollar.

The sign-up form is the easiest task, leave your full name, an e-mail address and choose a password, off you go, no credit card information, no talking about money just your name and email.

Get Free StarterKit Now
Get Free Starter Kit Now

To build your first website here on Wealthy Affiliates (WA) is a very easy thing. You will be guided step by step with video tutorials and written instructions. You are also allowed or even asked to ask questions if you get stuck and need help.

Let’s quickly see how a Website is built. Below are two examples, the first one is the way I did it some years ago, the second one is how you can do it today. See the videos and tell me what you think.

Build A Website By Your Self
Build A Website By Your Self 10:53
Build A Website With WA
Build A Website With WA 2:30

WA lets you build two free WordPress websites, WP is the most used and very effective website builder in the industry. Most websites you see on the internet are WP sites.

They are easy to edit and customize. A choice of six different website themes is available as a free member when Premium member you have thousands to choose from.

The certification course is overwhelming, I did it in a rather short time and must say, looking back, I missed a lot of important details, I had to learn all after in a quite complicated way.

If you don’t want to lose time and redo your website over and over again, I suggest you learn step by step and introduce all the learned skills into your growing website.

The lessons are very detailed and precise but as a newbie, I didn’t realize the importance of certain details.

Kyle knows what he is talking about, he is the one making millions of dollars already :). We should listen to the valuable tips he teaches and not take shortcuts.

Many students here in WA, I think, are not well aware of this fact and have a hard time to get their website ranked high or even ranked at all. They might blame this on the program but as I learned my self, if someone is not successful here it’s his or her own fault.

Persistence and determination are attributes Kyle is asking for to be successful but to follow his technical advice is crucial as well.

For example to write fabulous long and interesting posts but choosing a wrong keyword means loss of time and effort. No one will find your article. Once an article is online it is hard to fix it, especially the title and keywords.

Take advantage of the great experience Kyle and other authors of lessons have and exercise exactly what they advise.

24/7 Support, when it comes to helping, WA is the best.

Get Help and Help – 4 excellent help platforms.

  • The Comment and Question Section below every lesson.
  • The Central Search-bar for every question you might have.
  • The Live Chat Platform
  • The Website Hosting Support

Wealthy Affiliate is providing a not before seen support and help selection.

Starting off with the comment section below every post. Here people leave comments and questions related to the topic learned on the actual lesson. Kyle or other authorities are quickly answering the questions.

Search For Help
Looking  For Help?

Due to thousands of users online form all over the world, there is always someone around to give you an answer or suggestion where you can find the answer within a lesson, a video or a user made training. There are thousands of pieces of training available and more added daily.

If you are looking for copious briefings you can research every topic, within the affiliated website business, in the search bar on top of every post.

There you write down your question and get a useful choice of tutorials, training or prior answered questions from other premium members.

If the answer is given does not satisfy you, you can still leave a detailed request and will be addressed personally as soon as someone gave the answer.

I use these forums a lot, even these days after being here a long time. It makes me feel safe and supported in times of uncertainty.

For a quick question, you have the live chat available. There are always some people are in the chat any time of day and night.

I don’t use the chat as much, it is too fast moving for me, I prefer the static written information, maybe I’m getting a bit old for this lol.

Last but not least there is a very professional Site Support. For every problem you might have concerning the technical side of your website, you can reach the support and leave your note.

My experience with these guys is fantastic. They react sooner than I expected, sometimes they have already solved the problem before even replying to my ticket.

Not being able to log into a website, for example, can cause an interruption and loss of valuable work time.

This is solved at WA within maybe 10 minutes when at other hosting platforms I have waited for days for them to respond. I really love these guys, they are the best!!!

Will You need Tools? Yes, take advantage of the best, integrated tools on the market

Wealthy Affiliate provides tools you need for building and maintaining your website. You will be able to use:

First and most important the excellent training

For a beginner, the training on how to build a website and get it seen by the public is totally essential. I have never experienced and also not heard of a better training than the one provided by Wealthy Affiliate. 

The style of learning by doing is a style I think is very applicable to website building due to doing everything on the computer at the same time.

The lessons are built as small steps that have to be executed before moving to the next lesson. There are always some small tasks to fulfill at the end of every lesson.

By the time you have done the first 10 lessons you have built your website, added an about me page, a privacy policy page and some more niche relevant posts.

By the time you have done all lessons, you know all about SEO, email traffic strategies, PPC, social media, the importance of video and all you need to know about affiliate marketing an how to make money with a website.

Check out the first ten lessons for free, sign-up now and start your free website building adventure.

The keyword research tool

A tool you will need to use every time you launch a new post or page is the keyword tool, it is the most important tool for producing a good website that gets ranked and can be found on the internet.

From the beginning when I started here at WA there was always the very efficient WA keyword tool, now it is Jaaxy.

When you start a new post or a blog you first want to find a title, that is being searched for but still has low a competition from the other millions of websites in the net.

The Jaaxy keyword research tool provides accurate numbers of searches per month, the possible number of clicks you could get if you reach page one in search results and the QSR, which means the number of competing posts with the same title/keyword.

Another important information the tool provides is the grade of the article power, it is a rate from 0 to 100 and if you have an article power over 80 you have found a good keyword that has the potential for ranking high in Google search and Yahoo or Bing.

Jaaxy Keyword And Niche Search Tool For Free
Jaaxy Keyword And Niche Search Tool For Free

Now in December 2017, Kyle and Carson decided to share their commercial keyword tool, Jaaxy, with all WA premium members for free use.

The tool is sold on the open market for $49.00 a month but with less than a $30.00 premium membership with WA, you get the whole package for free.

The Jaaxy keyword tool additionally lets you check domains for the keywords and has a list where you can save your precious keywords.

As a premium member, you can directly log into the Jaaxy website and take advantage of the many other tools Jaaxy provides like Alphabet soup, Brainstorm or Site Rank Check. (Check my Jaaxy review)

The Site Rubix website hosting tool

The website and Hosting tool is essential for working on a website. Every website host, like Host Gator or many others, have to provide this tool. Here in WA, I find it very easy and efficient working with this tool. You have the

Site Manager: Login button, see site health, see new comments, see index status, see the number of posts, pages, comments all on one click.

Site Builder: Build a website within seconds on a free domain, on a domain you own or register a new domain. You can also easily import existing domains and websites.

Site Domains: See all of your domains, search for available domain names, transfer domains to WA host and point outside domains to WA to work from here.

Site Content Dashboard: Where you can create your content safely with autosave and grammar correction and duplicate check. New, 1’000’000 royalty free pics for your website.

From here you insert the content directly into your WordPress website and it is published. Site content also offers a privacy policy template and more, you can create your own templates for different post types.

Site Comments: A good website has traffic and gets comments, here in the site comment section you can share comments with other WA users. Google loves and ranks meaningful comments.

Site Feedback: Find out what other website creators think of your website. Get feedback on the general impression your site makes to others or more detailed feedback on the content or optical criteria.

Site Support: Last but not least you find the site support here. As I mentioned before, the support is fast and efficient.

Then you have the Link tracking tool, I haven’t used that one yet. With this tool, you can track the numbers of clicks you get on certain posts, the search traffic.

I do this with Google Search Console, which I think is more important and should be checked every day.

Within the training for building your website, you will get lessons, that are also good tools to get traffic and publicity to your website.

The share comment site for example, here you can also share comments to your posts/pages with other WA members. Or the Social medium share site, where people join each other’s social media and give likes, G+es and FB follow etc.

My own success story at WA, Big for me, maybe nothing for you

As I started here I was a total stranger to the topic of affiliate marketing or even SEO website creation, Google rank, site index and so on. Quickly I started to realize that making a website is not only having one and adding content to it. There is a lot more to that.

First I was so excited and also wanted to get WA affiliate marketer and help other interested people how to make websites and get traffic.

I soon realized that it was a bit early for that and thought of a niche that I was more knowledgeable off, interested in, and could help others with producing interesting content.

I chose “Exploring real Thailand” as my first niche. For many years I lived in Thailand as an expat and I love the country and it gives me a lot of pleasure to learn more about Thailand and see more places.

I worked hard, wrote a lot of posts, researched many keywords but slowly had to realize that there are just not that many people actually interested in this topic.

My Post On Top Of Page ONe
My Post On Top Of Page One

Now I have some posts that are in the first place on page one in Google search but only a few people are looking for them.

What does it help to have a great website with tons of content but only very few people are interested in it.

I also found that selling products related to the niche is rather hard. If people find my website, they are not actually looking for something to buy but want to look at pictures and read about Thailand.

I then, about at the end of May 2017, started my second website project, the flip-flop-hit site.

This is a better starting point, as to when people open a flip-flop website they are probably looking for something they want to buy.

The site launched well, I already knew much more about how to make a website and achieved my first sell after only a month.

The problem started after I wrote some ten or more reviews on flip-flops and realized that writing long and helpful reviews about hundreds of different flip-flops without having duplicate content is actually very hard.

Furthermore, flip-flops are more or less cheap products and you will have to sell a ton to get the money needed for living.

One more handicap was, posting keyword posts with names of products sold by Amazon, you will always have a great number of paid posts above you, posts launched by Amazon themselves.

They can afford to pay for publishing on the first page of Google search and people willing to buy, not tend to look much further after they found what they are looking for.

I am improving and learn more important facts every day.

Check Out My Flip-Flop Site
Check Out My Flip-Flop Site Made Here At WA

I will not ditch my two existing websites, they will grow to be more authority sites and sales will increase.

The nice thing about having a website is, it never dies. It might be unintended and therefore not grow but it does not die, you can always get more value to it and that value stays as long as the internet will be around.

I must admit, the mistakes I made were absolutely my own fault, I didn’t follow WA’s advises properly.

It is said to choose a not too broad niche, I chose Thailand, tourism, which is very broad after all and I also didn’t do a proper research on the niche for public interest and possible audience, the market research is an important part of the affiliate marketing business. (Find a great niche).

Another mistake I made and was warned about was with the flip-flop site. My niche, where products are sold for a low price, leaves me with very little commissions.

No reoccurring commissions and if you think, shoes are something one should try first before ordering and budget flip-flops are probably the most sold items in this branch and they are sold in shops around the corner.

I will be successful though with the flip-flop-hit brand as it is unique. I just have to concentrate on quality flips in the higher price segment and help people searching for special need flip-flops. I will recommend the best products on the market.

I can say now if you go into website affiliate marketing and choose to work with Wealthy Affiliate, please “Do Your Lessons Properly”.

Sometimes it is hard to realize the importance of details taught in the lessons but believe me, Kyle and Carson know what they talk about. They often come across very easy, even playful but most of their statements are very meaningful and should be put into action.

You can make more money from WA than what you pay

Wealthy Affiliate lets you join their affiliate program from the day you start. This program is probably the best affiliate program on the market. The commissions that are paid out are unseen in comparable programs and led me too creating this website.

How Much Can You Earn
How Much Can You Earn

Almost 50% of all earnings WA makes go to the affiliates. You can live off only 50 referred premium join up’s. A monthly income of $1175.00 from only 50 referred Premium Members is possible.

Getting an authority in the website marketing niche is an interesting thing and comes along automatically with building your website here in WA.

The so-called “Affiliate Bootcamp” is a specifically designed education forum where you build your affiliate website from scratch to the point of having a successful site in the net with social media knowledge and all the tricks you need to know to sell the product.

The product, Wealthy Affiliate University, is the best, at least in my opinion, website program in the world. You can check the sign-up page and follow how new sign-ups occur every minute. We can call 1.2 million people having signed -up as premium members here.

Kyle’s and Carson’s special treat

Go to Las Vegas for free if you get 300 people to join the program in one year. You will be invited to meet the creators of the program and the most successful publishers within the program.

The even better part of this challenge is, if you have 300 referrals in a year, the next year you will have a minimum income of at least $52’500.00, that’s a lot of money!!! And as I said, the website never dies, means, new referrals are coming in every day.

Is WA a pyramid system scam?

Is WA A Pyramid Scam
Is WA a Pyramid Scam

The practice of a pyramid scam is a system where people look for recruits and get the advantage of the efforts the recruits take. A part of the earned money always goes up the ladder to the recruiters and their recruiters….

Not happening here. What I sell, I will get paid for. Me my part, the company its part.

Is it a Chain Letter scam?

No, Chain Letter Scams don’t involve any products, just the fee to join in is generating money.

Wealthy Affiliate is a legit and precious product. Not only am I selling a very good product here which provides potential customers with the best tools and knowledge and community as long as they are members but they will actually go away from here with a great increase of value and knowledge.

There are loads of products involved in selling the premium member package of Wealthy Affiliate. First, there are the lessons, the knowledge gained can be used for life, anywhere anyone would like.

Second, the websites produced here on WA can be taken out and be hosted on any host of choice. Every member is free to leave, not continue paying the fees, and can independently enjoy his online journey.

The Wealthy Affiliate program does not concentrate only on selling and promoting itself. It is a given possibility to do so but in the end to know how to create and maintain a successful online business is the main advantage of joining the WA program.

I think it is legit and even essential for every business to grow and get more customers. To give the chance to the members to do exactly this and reward them with a huge slice of the pie is something other companies could learn a lot from.

I worked as an electrician before in Switzerland, and providing a new customer to my company only gave me a cheap “thank’s”.

Everything has two sides to look at so does

There’s no product or program or whatever you will buy that can fulfill every single criterion and get a 100% positive rating from everyone. That is just impossible. WA also has some cons, but much more pros, as you just had the chance to see.

I recapitulate in short the pros and cons I identified so far working with this product.

Cons first

  • To be successful you need to be consistent, hard-working and focusing. WA will not make you have an online business without your own effort.
  • The Keyword search tool shows good-looking results that are useless. You need to follow the exact instructions and learn the criteria to choose a right keyword.
  • The niche research and market research is left out a bit. It is a very important component for creating a good online business but there you might have to get more help on the internet. My site here will, and many other free websites go deeper into this topic.
  • If you are a total beginner you will probably not be able to earn a lot of money for the first 6 months. The place to make a quick dollar is not here, Here you build a domain, a business, a real estate as Kyle calls it, that will ensure you a good income for the future.
  • You will have to get a premium member sooner or later to get the advantage of all the content of the program. It will cost you money, optimally less than a dollar a day if you pay yearly.


  • WA gives you the full program of education for creating and maintaining a successful online business.
  • The program provides all the essential tools to build and grow a money earning website.
  • Hundreds of experienced members work along with you and advise you how to do better, answer difficult questions and are there if you lose confidence.
  • An endless amount of informational material, from classrooms to video classes to training from members to support forums.
  • A huge active communicating community with the same goal as you, get rich with a good helpful website.
  • Direct response and involvement by Kyle the owner and creator.
  • Daily updates to the newest SEO techniques and all other important changes in the industries.
  • Great motivation gadgets, you will experience once you are in.
  • Comment, Feedback, and social media sharing.
  • Best affiliate program in the world.

Start Collecting Your Bonuses Now

==> Get your free trial now, no costs involved <==

A quick put together in the end.

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Website URL: https://wealthy

Website builder: excellent, 9.5 out of 10

Price: Starters Free (no time limit). Premium members $49/month or $359/year (first month $19)

ASuperAffiliate.Com says: “I do think it is the best comparable product on the market”

I give it a      9.3 out of 10’s five cents

“I will go on doing this, I love this, I think it’s very good, I am glad I found this”.

I think it is well worth the money and I don’t think I could find something better out there.

But please teach me better if necessary. If you have experience with others or this program, let me know, I am very interested to hear what you think.

Do you have a website already and how did that go? Do you work with a competing program, can you recommend it? Do you work with WA, have you sold anything yet?

Please use the comment space below and let us see, what you think, I and others should know.

My next Post is gonna be all about a “Niche

The first thing You will need to do before starting a new website is to research an interesting and profitable niche. I am going to research my new niche with you. See the Techniques I use and find out how I determine a profitable niche.

Have a great time and enjoy your new website career.

See you, Stefan, 🙂

See what I got