All too often today the medias show offers for free websites. I like free things too but is it the best choice? I think it is a bit of a clickbait and most often you end up buying a domain anyway.

If you are totally new to the business I advise to find a program that offers a free trial with a free website but most importantly a training where you can learn how to make a website and 24/7 support.

If you are a master of website building and already know what it takes to get your website on Google search engine page one, you can use a free website. But I bet you know better by then.

So either way, newbie or advanced, a free website is only good for trying something out or if you want to produce a ton of websites without a real domain.

What are free websites – can you really own one?

The Top 10 Website Builders – How To Start An Online Business For Free.

Free websites are sites with so-called “subdomains”. These websites will never be your property and can be deleted by the provider any time he likes.

This is something no advertising will tell you but in fact, it is exactly like this. You’ll never be sure what happens to your free website and will never be able to take it with you and host it where you want.

It is tempting to get a free website and I myself, as you might have seen, give you the option to create two free sites. The difference of my product though, there is a training involved.

There are four big companies offering free websites for life. Three of them are hosting companies and one is a learning platform.

Wix websites, I’m sure you have heard of them. They offer a free website for life and when you get it they tell you how to build the website.

Wix websites are not WordPress websites and can only be operated at Wix. Another disadvantage is that all your SEO and marketing knowledge you have to collect your self.

Another one is Weebly, you get a site. These too, are not WordPress sites and can only be hosted at Weebly.

Even after you purchase a domain and host on Weebly you can never change the host because they have their own website system.

Number three is There you can build a free website but are limited to 10 articles. Same as the above, does have its own website building system.

What does make them a better service than number one and two, is that they actually teach you about the website marketing business and about SEO.

Last but not least you can go to SiteRubix. There you get two WordPress websites, free hosting and get access to a 7-day free trial of almost all services. websites are also subdomains but they get a first class hosting and you can take advantage of what I think is the best training available.

Now you see, there are lots of possibilities where you can make a free or paid website but places where you can learn the necessary skills are limited.

See what I got

Where can you learn how to make a website?

Learn How To Make A Website

In fact, there are quite a number of programs claiming to teach you the techniques of making a website. You can even collect the knowledge on the internet.

I made a great experience with one particular program, it is my favorite and only recommendation in this field. Find my link at the bottom of this post.

You have to know, there is so much to know about the website making and monetizing the business. Most of the programmes I reviewed only cover one or the other part of the complex skill set.

Another thing I can not highlight enough is to make sure you have a fast and 24/7 life support. Ther’s nothing worse than being stuck somewhere in the process and having to wait for help for hours or sometimes even days.

If you look out for website building training, make sure they provide these features.

  • Explaining the importance of a good niche choice and training on how to find one.
  • Getting started course (build the website step by step).
  • Training on website structure and obligatory pages like the about me and privacy policy page.
  • Training on what plugins are and how to use them, pros and cons.
  • Training on menu, widgets creation and customizing.
  • In-depth explanation and training of SEO techniques and keyword research.
  • Training on how to use and about the impact of imagery and video.
  • Education on creating great content and explaining the importance of it.
  • Training on affiliate marketing.
  • Training on email listing and the advantages of it.
  • Explaining the importance and training on using social engagement.
  • 24/7 live support, better also an active live chat.
  • Possibility to interact with other students live or within comment forums.

You can see now, this is a long list. To make sure you get all this and more delivered is not easy. If only one of these listed criteria is missing you’ll have trouble achieving success as a website operator.

Of course, there are further tools necessary in the process of making a website great and getting traffic and these tools must also be addressed.

The keyword research tool, for example, is a tool you will need every day and is essential for getting your website ranked by Google. (See my Jaaxy review).

A good website hosting platform is also a tool that should be provided by an all in one website building program. To have easy access to your website and work on it as you learn is key to success.

If you need to jump around from program to program you lose time and the whole process is getting complicated and overwhelming.

A website host should offer the latest technology, best server attributes, and website security. Page loading speed is another criteria a good host should keep an eye on.

Did you know that comments and feedback on your website are an important aspect of your improvement? Ther are only very few programs providing these features.

My conclusion, free vs paid websites with a program where you can learn how to make a website.

9 Reasons Why You Have Problems Making Money With A website

I would look for a program that lets you build a website for free and gives the training to build it. A free sign-up for a limited time that lets you find out if the website operating job is something you want to invest your time and money.

I’d check the program for providing all the above-mentioned criteria and build a free website to see how everything works.

You can learn a lot without using a paid learning platform on websites like this one and many others but in the end, you need a lot more.

It is absolutely the easiest way to go if you have hosting, training, tools, community, and support in one place.

If you are interested in having a look at a program that provides all these features and much more please click on the green banner below.

If you want to get information on the price click here.

Thnks for your interest.

This rounds up the topic of today. I hope you have enjoyed the post and could find some useful information. Of course, these recommendations are backed by my personal experience of website building.

I might be a little spoiled by the program I work with but trust me, I would be happy to spoil you too 🙂

If you have questions, opinions or just like to tell me about your experience please leave a comment below. I and my readers are happy to see what you have to say.

I hope you have a great time, find a good start in the website-operating business and wish you all the best.

See you, Stefan 🙂

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Join My Favorite Website Building Program