“Live on air”, my review of Live Vid Ranker. Facts, details, and opinions. YouTube Live Stream Automation at your fingertips. The new JVZoo Program.

Congratulations, as with all JVzoo products, it is highly recommended to consult some reviews before purchasing. You can save yourself a lot of trouble and money.

I have studied the program intensively and taken it apart to show you the content, the effect, and the advantages and disadvantages.

Below you will see what I think about Live VidRanker and who can benefit from it.

Content of the Live Vid Ranker Review. (LVR)

Live VidRanker Quick Overlook



  • Product Name: Live Vid Ranker
  • URL: https://livevidranker.com
  • Name of the founders: Jogash und Vic, Jan 2019.
  • Product Type: Automated “livestream” scheduling.
  • Price: $67.00 + some upsells.
  • Good for: Lokal businesses, affiliate marketing and Video marketing.
  • In words: LVR let’s you edit your pre-made videos with many Keyword Titles and stream them automatically several times looking like live streams.
  • The good part: No presence needed when live streaming.
  • Recommended?  More or less

Why I review Live VidRanker?

Live Vid Ranker Review I want to see results!!!
I want to see results!!!

Quite simply, I have learned that this program is gaining in popularity, that it’s being talked about in the industry and that some are convinced of its quality.

I myself am not specialized in YouTube or other video marketing strategies but it is still interesting to know what the competition is doing and what tools it has available.

I inquired about Live VidRanker, but did not buy the product and will not sell it to you here. All I want is to give you and me a deeper insight into LVR and its qualities.

A YouTube Video introducing Live VidRanker

I chose this video because of its produced by an authority in Live Stream Automation.

Michael Bowes has, as he says himself, produced and sold a similar program. He shows pretty much in detail how you should work with the program.

If you are interested, I recommend taking his instructions seriously and maybe even consulting more of his trainings.

Let's look inside of Live VidRanker.

Live Vid Ranker Review LVR Features
LVR Features

If you have paid your contribution to the standard version of the LVR program, you will be given access to a work field with various categories.

In the basic version, however, not all of these features are active. To activate everything you have to buy the OTOs.

What can you use with Live VidRanker:

  • Dashboard.
  • Local Marketing.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • YouTube accounts.
  • Help.
  • Log-out.

Inactive features are:

  • Image Creator.
  • Video Creator.
  • Lead generation.
  • SEO Analyzer.

So just 2 real working features are included in the basic volume. That you can activate the YouTube accounts is not a real feature and the dashboard is only useful for the overview.

Somehow irritating in my opinion is that all features are displayed.

Live VidRanker Features


Live Vid Ranker Review LVR Dashboard

Here you can see how many live events you have aired, how many are in the loop and details of the respective events.

What surprised me, in all the program’s video reviews is that users just posted a few videos on the first day and after that not much. That doesn’t show much commitment. (Why?)

Local Marketing:

This feature is with affiliate marketing, which is virtually identical, the actual program. Here you select videos that you have created and edit them to broadcast them as “live streams” at intervals.

In fact, live streams are pretty well rated by Google and YouTube.

In local marketing, you have the sub-features.

  • Add events.
  • List Videos.
  • Settings.

In the “Add Events” section, as you are doing local marketing, you first enter your geographic information, such as country and city, and then the niche you want to target.

After confirming this information the software shows a large number of possible event titles with descriptions and tags. From this list, you now have to choose what suits you best.

After you’ve selected a group of titles, you’ll need to attach the video you’ve created. Then you just have to enter the desired broadcasting time and off you go.

You can thus declare a single video every hour as live stream video and broadcast it again and again with a new title, keyword.

Affiliate Marketing:

It’s pretty much the same as local marketing, except that you do not choose local when you select the event, but an affiliate product.

Again, if you type “Live VidRanker”, for example, there are x different title combinations from which you can choose the best ones.

Again, you can pin one of your videos, define tags and insert your affiliate link in the video description. Then choose a broadcasting time and set the intervals between re posting.

YouTube Accounts:

In this section you can, as a user of the basic version, register one YouTube account.

First of all, you have to make sure that your YouTube channel is configured for live streaming. All the information about setting up and using the Live Stream feature can be viewed in this video.

As a local marketer, who wants to send more attention to his real-world business via YouTube, one account is sufficient. However, if you want to work for clients on the one hand or distribute different affiliate products on the other, it is recommended to operate several YouTube channels.


Extremely much help I would not expect here, you can send emails to ask your questions. For urgent cases, there’s no support provided.


The End lol.

LVR Upsells, OTOs 1 - 5

OTO 1, Live Vid Ranker Pro, $37.00/month or $297.00/year.

Live Vid Ranker Review

LVR Pro allows you to fully enjoy many YouTube channels and accounts. This is especially important if you operate Affiliate Marketing and want to offer several products.

It also reduces the risk of losing all your work in case YouTube chooses to block one of your accounts for any reason.

Next, you get all the updates for free and preferential treatment from the support.

OTO 2, Special Combo, $47.00 once.

Live Vid Ranker Review

Editing software for images that is easy to use and simplifies editing, since you do not need to access any other programs.

A slide show video creation program. In my opinion, not adequate to work really professionally as a video marketer.

As I said in the report about Profit Robot, it takes videos of good quality to successfully rank them high on YouTube and Google. A slideshow with some text and music is not a video in my opinion.

OTO 3, SEO Analyzer, $ 67.00 once.

Live Vid Ranker Review

This tool claims that you have an unfair advantage over common videos and websites.

The software is designed to expose SEO errors and suggest improvements that remove all obstacles so that you always appear on the first pages of search results on Google and YouTube.

I doubt, however, that this promise can be kept, that would be the sensation of the year, the bestseller, and not some up-sell of any program.

OTO 4, Lead Gen 360, $97.00 once.

Live Vid Ranker Review

To professionally market your videos, there is now the addition of Lead Gen 360.

This is how it works, you enter the niche that appeals to your video and some data and immediately a list of Facebook pages in this niche is shown.

In one column the email addresses of these companies are indicated. You can now send prepared emails to these addresses, present your top video and offer to create a video for these companies.

In a nutshell, the spokesman says, you can charge $500 to $1000 for a video and get business going quickly.

OTO 5, Reseller. $197.00 once.

Live Vid Ranker Review

Not to my taste, but more and more the norm is that you have to pay to sell a product.

I do not quite understand this, you put your hard work at the disposal of getting a product under people and instead of being paid for it you have to buy a license first.

Usually, affiliate programs are free as there is a lot of effort behind such a campaign. Usually, the program maker is grateful that you are distributing his product for a commission.

From selling Live VidRanker you get 100% for the front end product and 50% for the OTOs if you can sell them.

What do I think of Live Vid Ranker?

Live Vid Ranker Review Einfach ist nicht alles.
Being easy not always means being good.

Well, to be honest, I have my reservations. First, simply because you want to fool around with Google and YouTube. The LVR service pretends you are streaming live.

In general, Google does not like such practices at all and I think it will not take long and you’ll get your punishment for it.

Programs like Google and YouTube are no longer stupid, you can not fool them and the consequences are bitter. Either you lose your channel completely, may even be banned from YouTube or your placements are pushed unobtrusively to far below.

What I have learned so far in the online business is that honest behavior and following the rules will achieve the best results in the long run.

Furthermore, I do not like at all that you are offered so many additions, which are actually not worth much, on the other hand, the upsell #1 is necessary to propperly benefit from LVR.

You are offered a product for a relatively small amount, $69.00, which, however, if you want to work properly with it, costs $444.00 or at least $297.00 per year.

Such practices are not my case at all.

Also, I’m not convinced that it’s as easy as claimed, that your videos can be catapulted into #1 results on YouTube searches with this method.

The scores of the videos are also strongly related to how they are rated by the users. If everyone just looks in for 2-3 seconds because the video is not good or exciting, YouTube will not be interested in showing this piece in the best position.

I’ve created videos and posted them on YouTube, had placed them at the top due to using my keyword research tool (for a few hours).

Since the videos are made very amateurish and therefore not popular, they have now fallen far behind 🙂

Pros and Cons

  • 30-day money back garantee.
  • Automated video scheduling.
  • Distribute the same video for many Keywords.
  • No Training.
  • No Support.
  • Promises too much.
  • Not newbie friendly
  • Front end not sufficient.
  • Low quality OTOs

Conclusion: The Live Vid Ranker Review



Live Vid Ranker Review - What do you get for $67.00?
What do you get for $67.00?

In short, Live VidRanker is cloud-based software that enables the automatic broadcasting of pre-produced videos.

In just a few steps, you can stream your video under hundreds of keywords, titles, as a live stream.

The basic version of LVR allows you to operate one YouTube channel. With the Pro version, you can add as many channels as you like, and thus operate several niches or shops with this service.

You have to create the videos yourself first. The advantage is that even though you pretend to broadcast live, you do not have to play live.

Errors can be corrected and you do not have to be present when the videos are broadcast.

How thousands got successful online.

What is Funnel X What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University
What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University

If you are really interested in establishing yourself in the video marketing industry, I recommend that you complete fundamental and specific training.

The broadcasting of the videos does not come first, first, you have to learn how to make good videos.

Another important point that you need to understand as a future video marketer is that every video marketer starts with a website. The foundation of every online business was and still is a professional website.

So if you want to gain a foothold in this industry, I recommend you not invest in a program that offers a small part of the whole, but in the actual “home of affiliate marketing”.

Here you learn the business from the ground up, do not pay much more than for LVR but can create and host up to 50 websites, have an excellent SEO tool and training in any online business models, including video marketing.

Do it as thousands of successful internet business people have done, take action, start your career here and today.

Thank’s for reading 🙂

I hope you understand better what you are getting into with Live VidRanker. Not everything that is automatic, fast or easy is also good.

If I want to continue working with YouTube videos I will first have to increase the quality of my productions.

In the meantime, I continue to study so-called super-programs so you can focus on making money.

If you want to know my opinion on other “Fast Money Online” products, check out my product reviews and sign up below.

All the best, to your success, see you, Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com


PS. Comments are very welcome and help me as well as other readers with further information.