How To Make A Career Change At Any Age

Are you ready for it? To make a CAREER CHANGE at 40 or any age is a big step in life. What To Think About. How To Get It Started. You need a plan. Don’t be afraid, IT IS POSSIBLE.

Many people are making career changes these days, some have to but a lot do it because they want. If you have to, there might not be much time to prepare but at least in what direction you should think about twice.

I believe millions of people could live a better life if they would take the challenge and change their career. I understand it is a scary perspective. But, isn’t doing the same thing all life long a scary picture too?

The profession we grow into is often not chosen by our selves. Circumstances, parents or childhood dreams can influence the career we start off with.

With time we grow older and develop. We learn to know ourselves better and often feel uncomfortable in the skin we’re stuck. It’s time for a career change.

Do you feel unsatisfied with what you do? Find a better idea.

Do You Feel Unsatisfied

There are many symptoms that discover a need for change. All in all, it is probably a general feeling of discomfort. Going through our one and only life should be something positive that’s at least what I think.

A great part of our lives we spend doing our daily duties, work, raising children, caring for others. Did you ever feel that doing what you do is not satisfying your own needs?

Did you learn that life is fate, destiny, there is a point of truth to this for sure but we are human beings and as that we are responsible for how we deal with our destiny.

An apple grows on a tree, gets ripe and falls to the ground to be either consumed or turned into compost. Not us humans, we are born and from this moment on we have an urge to grow and succeed.

If we let our way be dictated by other people we are not on our own path and will never accomplish our real destiny. We have to take things into our own hands and sometimes force things to change.

Symptoms of a needed change:

  • Loss of power, not having the drive to enjoy life.
  • Accumulated anger, feeling angry fast and over things that were unimportant before.
  • Trying to forget, taking every opportunity for distraction from the daily routine.
  • Unable to concentrate, having thoughts going from here to there without thinking something to the end.
  • Losing confidence, unable to believe in the good sides of life.
  • Problems sleeping, restless nights sweating and needing sleeping aids.
  • Unmotivated mornings, having to get up every day without seeing the real value.
  • And many more…

I think you would say the same, if someone has though times like this, it is definitely not healthy and a change in life is absolutely urgent.

I think because a great part of our wake time is “work time” we should quickly have a look at our careers in a situation like this.

Of course, the problem can be of private nature but in most cases, it is our job or the circumstances we have to earn a living in. (Often private problems are caused by unsatisfied professional situations)

I’m convinced just the realization an accepting of this fact will be a helpful first step. It can open the sky and let in new light.

For a career change you need a lot of energy so getting in better shape is essential. It is impossible to come out of a depression on one day in one step.

Facing the problem and accepting that a change is inevitable is the first step. Looking for new ideas, search your inner wishes and dreams is a second.

Slowly you start changing. The mindset starts opening for new possibilities and fantasy is showing opportunities you were not able to see any more before.

You still are in a weak state and should not rush now or overreact. Take your time, listen to people that know and love you, maybe professionals if you can afford this and start analyzing in what direction your future career should point.

See what I got

Discover your passions.

Discover Your Passions

Everyone has passions, some know about them some have locked them somewhere inside and have to newly discover them. Force yourself finding your passions and check if they are still up to date.

Like our development in life, our passions can change with time. It is not necessarily true that fishing is your passion today because you loved fishing as a child.

Try out the things you think you’re passionate about, remember you will have a career change and this should be in a positive direction and not end in another one-way street.

By now you definitely feel much better and with the vision of a better life, you will also be able to carry on your old career until you’re ready for the final step.

Make a plan, sorry, always there has to be a plan.

Make A Plan

I know and I am not a specialist in making plans but things are easier to achieve if you can follow a plan. A list of tasks that can be checked off when accomplished.

When you’re about to change your career you need to provide security to your loved ones and have some feeling of comfort of security yourself.

You’ll need money, money can be made, saved or found in many ways. But you have to take care of it.

You need time, depending on where your new career is directed you need more or less time to get at least the essential skills to earn a living again.

You need a teacher, coach or training, school to learn your new skillset. Check out what possibilities are available and choose the best matching one.

You need the support of your loved ones. Take them into your plans. Think of possible scenarios and discuss how and who will jump in in which situation.

You need a clear head, as little as possible heavy luggage. Talk with your current employer, employees, donors, banks etc. Explain your plan and the effect it will have on the relationship with them.

You might even involve government officials, sometimes they help with tax issues or restructuring plans.

Be prepared to start all over again.

Be Prepared To Start All Over Again

Don’t be too proud, start from scratch. If you want to be successful in your new career you need to learn the business from the bottom up.

It’s also great in a way to be the student or trainee once again. Not so many responsibilities, possibilities to try new techniques etc. Learn how to master your new field step by step without a rush.

Jump over your shadow and try out new waters. Open up for new techniques and totally different things you might have never thought you can manage.

Don’t be afraid of the new, you know you informed everyone and assured their support. If they want to put stones in your way anyway you won’t let it happen.

You are still in a weak position, changes do that to us. But with the urge and will to change your life and the vision of a better life, you will be able to move mountains.

Now it all depends on your perseverance. Little improvements will soon show up and the longer you go your new way the stronger you get.

I’m glad I have done such changes several times in my life already. I’m pretty convinced I’m able to learn almost everything I might get passionate about.

Of course, it is not the goal to start new every two or so years but if you find yourself on the wrong track again or circumstances push you to new horizons it is always nice to know everything is possible.

We are not old as long as we are willing to learn something new.

If you are afraid of starting a new career because of possible failure, watch this little video

Enough for today, let’s move on!!!

Thanks a lot for your attention, I hope you found some piece of truth for your self here as well.

My latest change of career has been quite recently although it is now over a year ago. I love my new occupation as a blogger and online businessman. Still, I have a lot to learn which makes it even more interesting.

I wish you all the best, courage and power if you decide to do the step and hope to have you back on my site.

see you, Stefan 🙂

PS, I almost forgot to mention that I would be extremely happy to hear what you think of this article. If you have a question or think I’m wrong please feel free to let me know. I will reply ASAP. By

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