Start Making Money With A Top Niche, A Website And Pinterest

Hello, and welcome back to my today’s article. What we all are here for is to make money. Today I want to highlight how this can be done with a top niche, a website, and Pinterest.

I already have some information about niche research which you should go through if you don’t yet have chosen one. The right niche is the Yes or No to your online business success.

The website you’ll build is the second step and I will show you what is essential to website building and where you find the best place to do this.

At the same time, you should start focusing on creating traffic to your website and I suggest to use Pinterest as the main primer traffic source.

A niche, a website, and Pinterest, the three pillars to build an online presence

  • Your Perfect Niche.
  • Your Great Website.
  • Your Pinterest Account.

A popular niche – provide information that many people are looking for.

The Top 10 Niche Markets

The niche you choose is the group of people you will sell your products, services, and affiliate products to. It is important to choose a niche you are knowledgeable about and have valuable information to share.

It is also important to evaluate a niche that many people are interested in. Always think of your audience not of your self.

In my article about the top 10 niches, I already pointed out what most people are interested in knowing these days. Now you have to find out in which one of these niches you have something to say.

Let’s assume you are a passionate bicycle rider in the western United States and could provide tips for an interested community about this topic.

You now have to target an audience and keep focusing on this audience with every article you write and every pin you post on Pinterest or other social media.

You can focus on the health aspect of cycling or the fitness aspect. You could also focus on the areal aspect but that is not as powerful for making money.

I suppose for example you narrow down in the direction of health benefits of cycling and include the fitness aspect and the scenic aspects to widen the offer of articles you will provide.

Notice this is only an example and every one of you has to research your own niche, sub-niche and eventually your website title and content.

You can narrow down the target audience a bit more by age for example or by certain groups like families or young couples etc.

Take your time with researching your target audience and keep in mind you want to help them get a better experience by reading your article and buying your products and services.

Biking health benefits for young families with small kids, for example, will probably have a huge group of interest and has also the potential of selling many products.

If you live in the state of California, for example, you can recommend loads of interesting trips to many beautiful locations with road maps, recommending places to stay.

You can highlight the safety aspects of different routes and how to get closer by bus, car or train. You can also recommend great bikes and accessories.

When researching a niche always check out Pinterest for ideas and popular niches.

Everyone has something to teach others, something you like a lot and have experience in. Try to find what people like about this topic and what they want to learn more about it.

Talk to your friends and family and try to understand what they would like to learn about your hobby or the niche you are having in mind.

I see in Pinterest the DIY topic is one of the most popular these days. There are so many different things we can provide ideas and tips to people interested in doing things themselves at home.

Even with the bike niche, you could do some articles on fixing bikes, decorating bikes and many more. Just always have in mind you want to satisfy your readers and provide interesting and helpful content and imagery.

A great looking website – keep your audience interested.

Once you chose a niche you want to start building your website. It is not absolutely necessary to have your own website to sell things online. I think though, in the end, it is the best way, to be able to point potential customers to my own website.

Building a good looking website these days is not an art anymore. Anyone can do this and even if you haven’t the slightest clue of how this works, with the right program you will be surprised how easy it is.

I build my websites with Wealthy Affiliate. This is a phenomenal program providing me with every needed training, support, and websites of course.

You can try everything for free without entering any private details except an email address.

Get Better Solutions
Get Better Solutions

Anyway, you might already have a website or you want to build it your self this doesn’t matter. Eventually what matters is that you have a website.

What is a website good for? First and foremost your website is going to be your online business presence, your brand, your company.

On your website, people will find all the interesting articles you write and all the helpful tips you can provide related to your niche.

Your website is where you want all your target audience to meet and find interesting content and leave feedback or even start a conversation.

The website should eventually grow a returning following taking advantage of the blogs, posts, articles you publish over time.

It is important that you focus on what your targeted niche audience is wanting to hear. Try to involve them, make them leave questions or research questions asked often on similar websites.

You do not have to provide all new content, this is almost impossible, what you want to do is write about what people are interested in but write in your own words, style and try to be more in-depth or just better somehow.

If you choose a niche that is popular as I recommend, then you will find a lot of websites with similar content, a lot of competition.

Don’t worry too much about this fact, only unpopular niches have little competition and this is not what you are looking for.

You want to create a product, a website that will beat all the others in your niche. Your goal is to reach a huge interested audience and provide content better than all the other websites reaching the same audience.

I don’t want to say choose a totally broad niche, like for example “make money online” but one that targets a segment of this very popular niche, like ” new online career seekers” or “affiliate marketing for beginners” as I do with this website.

Your website needs to apply to many criteria, technical stuff as SEO, keywords, Google search console, website speed, Google ranking and many more.

I won’t go into all these details here, you can either learn these lessons individually here on my website or on others or, you join WA and build your website step by step and get introduced to all these important aspects during the 100 and more pieces of training.

The goal of your website eventually is to attract visitors, at least some of the over 4 billion daily internet users. This is why you need to know all these technical things and use the knowledge.

Once your website is growing and has some substantial value you can start selling all kinds of products and services over your site.

I am a so-called affiliate website marketer. Every product I recommend here on this side pays me a commission if I can make a sale.

My goal is to learn all about possible products and services, try them out and then recommend the best of what I found online.

It is important for me to know what I’m talking about and be able to stand behind my products.

Take Things Into Your Own Hands

To prove that I know what I talk about I have to grow to be an authority in my niche, that means that I need consistency and publish high-quality content on my website over a long time.

A new website has little to no chance to sell a lot of services or products, the customer wants to see some real results or at least some deep researched facts.

You too have to take this into consideration. The website business is not a quick money scheme, it is a real business that grows trust with time and hard work.

A bit of traffic acceleration is possible with the help of Pinterest. I’ll go into details in the next chapter.

For a website to get a lot of “organic traffic” is not easy at all. It is easy to get your friends and family looking at your work, even some FB friends will take their time for a visit or two.

What the hard part is, is to get the huge unknown internet users, 4 billion+ people daily visiting your website. At the moment there are more than a million good websites providing help online.

You have to get an authority in your niche and publish many helpful interesting, easy to read articles to slowly grow Googles and your visitor’s trust.

A good website I would say needs to be worked on for at least one year, not 8 or 12 hours every day but as much as possible.

Think of it as a business. What you invest you’ll get back. If you want to get back big you have to invest big.

The good news is, you don’t need to invest a lot of money into this business, about $50.00 a month should be enough to get a successful website launched and growing for a year.

Another good news is, you need not spend money on transportation, nor uniforms and other expenses you’d have, working out of the home.

This business you do from home or where ever you feel comfortable. All you need is a notebook, an internet connection and the necessary technical support and education.

Pinterest – your free traffic generator.

Make Money With A Niche, A Website And Pinterest

I would suggest starting picking up on creating a Pinterest account right in the beginning. It too needs time to grow and find followers.

If you start very late on Pinterest, you are fully occupied with website content writing and might not spend the proper contribution to this very powerful tool.

To join Pinterest is free, also as a business member. Many people underestimate Pinterest and put it in the same box as FB and such.

Pinterest is actually a search engine like Google and Bing etc. It is not for sharing our latest cafe or dinner pics but to share quality pins directing to valuable websites or products.

It’s a lot easier to assemble a huge Pinterest following and present your website articles to them than to just wait for Google ranking you in a place where you can be seen.

I know from my own experience that learning all the tricks for a good Pinterest appearance takes a lot of time. I will offer more insights here on this site in time.

For now, I recommend to open an account and be aware that you will work with Pinterest a lot. If you have some free hours do some researching on pinning.

I have grown my Pinterest following from some 15 to now almost 400 is just a good week. If I add all the group board members and such it’s in the 100’000 already.

All these people receive my pins that are scheduled automatically every day over the day and due to that, I have much more daily impressions than what is possible with Google.

Pinterest Visibility This Week Google Visibility This Week Total Impressions In Over One week

As I mentioned before I am only starting this strategy my self. So far I donated one good working week to Pinterest and have already seen some results.

So what I want to say is, If you want to make money with your niche and website in the first year already, don’t miss out on Pinterest.

Thank’s for your time

That’s about it for today, feel free to consult some of my related posts to get a full picture of all the topics I touched here.

Me and everybody else frequenting this website will be happy to read your comments below. Please if you have any questions, opinions or an idea of what else I should write about, let us know.

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I wish you all the best, see you, Stefan 🙂

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