See my Pixpa Website Builder Review, get an in-depth look at what the platform for artists, photographers and designers can do for you. What is Pixpa? A professional drag and drop website creator.

Focused on the needs of photographers, architects, art painters, and designers, in fact, all of you who work a lot with images and optical presentations.

Pixpa Website Builder Review Nate said
Nate said.

As an alternative to WordPress, WIX, Shopify or Weebly, just to name a few, Pixpa has already years ago focused on covering all the needs of a gallery website including store, blog, client gallery, and proofing.

Everything you used to either spend a lot of time or operate multiple websites Pixpa now offers in a package. Portfolio website, customer gallery, blog and business all in one place.

Thank you for choosing my review, I will explain as detailed as possible about Pixpa’s benefits, ins and outs, and my humble opinion.

Content: What My Pixpa Website Builder Review

Pixpa have a quick look.



  • Product Name: Pixpa
  • URL:
  • Name of the founder: Gurpreet Singh, 2012.
  • Product type: Website creation platform for artists.
  • Good for: Photographers and every one in need of a online gallery.
  • Price: Click here.
  • In words: Pixpa is a website creation platform where you can easily set up galleries, e-shops and landing pages for your creative studio.
  • The best part: You get a 15-days free trial period.
  • Recommended?  YES

How did I get into Pixpa?

Actually quite simple, I was asked by Pixpa if I wanted to write a report about their service. Pixpa became aware of my 10 best web page creator page and asked me to add their offer to the list.

So I checked out their product and quickly realized that this web page creator and host really should be recommended by me.

I am no longer active in the photo or otherwise creative industry but can understand very well why a Pixpa website has many advantages over generally usable websites creating platforms.

Even knowing that Pixpa was set up by a trained architect made me curious and wanting to learn more about his project.


This movie shows very well how Pixpa works and how you can work with it. It is often not easy to find an honest opinion and a convincing demo of a product on YouTube.

Ryan, I think, has done both very well. Pixpa is a very complex web site builder system, and to work satisfactorily you need to be aware of this when buying the plan.

What exactly do you get from Pixpa?

Pixpa Website Builder Review Website example

Pixpa is available in three different plan modules, the website model, the eCommerce model, and the customer gallery model. These models come with different features and different monthly costs.

All price or application models share the following:

  • Domain Name, you can link a domain name you already own or buy one from Pixpa ( which you get the first year for free.
  • Websites, with Pixpa you get a very specific gallery and sales website creating drag and drop system and a professional hosting with SSL certificate included.
  • Mobile Friendly, your Pixpa created web pages are automatically configured to be mobile friendly.
  • Social Sharing, the social share features are built into every Pixpa-created website and need only be linked to your accounts.
  • Themes, with each plan you have access to all 38 webpages templates created by Pixpa.
  • Google Analytics, to be found by Google and similar search engines your website must be SEO compliant and logged into Google Analytics. This is done by Pixpa on each website.
  • Support, since there are always questions especially at the beginning of the website creation process, Pixpa offers two types of help. First, a live chat, 24/7 and then the contact via email which responded quickly.
  • Domain email addresses are not included.

Pixpa Websites: (Prices + Details)

There are two different versions here, the “Start” and the “Grow” version. In addition to the general features, these plans differ in the following Details.

  • Images, with “Start” you can publish 200 pictures with “Grow” unlimited. However, you can always publish an unlimited number of galleries, pages, and blogs.
  • E-commerce is fully integrated into both variants. With “Start” you can sell 3 different products, with “Grow” 10.
  • Customer Gallery, with the “Start” version you can save 1 GB of data, with the “Grow” variant 2 GB.
  • Announcement bar, only with the “Grow” version you have the possibility to install an announcement bar at the top of your webpage.

Pixpa E Commerce: (Prices + Details)

Also with e-Commerce, there are two variants, but at the same price.

The variant, “Plus Store” is set up so that you can sell Material Products, Digital Products, and Services, you have a fully integrated e-commerce shop where you can offer an unlimited number of products.

You can manage the inventory, create discount coupons, enter tax and delivery data, and make payments directly from your website. This variant lets you save 5 GB of data.

The “Plus Images” variant allows galleries to have integrated purchase offers, so you can publish your image galleries with price, tax and delivery details and arrange the payments directly on your website. In this version, you can save 10 GB of data.

Equally, in both variants are, Customer Gallery integrated and an infinite number of images, an infinite number of blogs pages and galleries.

In addition, these variants have included the message bar and you can create an unlimited number of Mobile Gallery apps and share them with your friends or clients.

Client Galleries: (Prices + Details)

This service which is integrated into all previous variants can also be purchased separately and cheaper. So you do not have a blog but a real online gallery from where your customer can buy directly.

You can make your galleries publicly available or even just a select clientele with password access. As with all variants, you can do business directly from the website without having to pay a commission.

Who is Gurpreet Singh?

Pixpa Website Builder Review Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh

At a young age in 2003, when Gurpreet was still studying architecture in India, the creative and interested entrepreneur founded the company IdeazInc.

With this project, he and his team set themselves the task of providing a complete service to people and companies in design, communication, and branding.

mongst others, the creative website platform Pixpa and the creative design label LetterNote were created.

Working as a creative manager at IdeaezInc required collaboration with photographers, designers, and artists around the world. What Gurpreet learned about the needs of these people, mixed with his marketing skills, he used to create the all-purpose website tool for artists in 2012.

Quality and knowledge of demand have made all three companies successful and Gurpreet a well-respected specialist in the designers and websites building industry.

What does the website creation and editing look like.

To start with Pixpa and create your first website, all you have to do is enter a name, an email address, and a password. Already in the next step, you choose your theme, template.

Pixpa Website Builder Review Dashboard

Similar to WordPress, after the selection of the template, an editing dashboard will be opened where you can make all the necessary adjustments to your new website.

The main menu contains:


Pixpa Website Builder Review Website Menu
Website Menu.

Here’s where you edit the selected website template. I have selected one that already contains a Gallery, Shop, Blog, Contact, Proofing and an “About Us” page.

Now you have to customize each of these elements according to your needs. Ex. Add your pictures to the galleries, adjust your contact form, the about page or write a blog post etc.

Customers Gallery:

Pixpa Website Builder Review Client Galleries
Client Galleries.

In this section, you create private or public galleries. These galleries can have prices added or not, they can also be made private and protected by a keyword.

Like the entire website, each gallery is also individually SEO friendly, means, it can be found by anyone in search engines using the right keywords.


Pixpa Website Builder Review Store

Here you set up all the business aspects in one place. You can offer products or service, attach prices, taxes and delivery data and set up payment methods.

You can create discounts with expiry dates etc and on the dashboard, you can see all your current sales data.

ECommerce Gallery:

Pixpa Website Builder Review ECommerce Galery
ECommerce Galery.

The galleries are put together with pictures to sell. Depending on your plan you can offer more or fewer images for sale, add tax, delivery data and like above and define discounts and payment methods.

Mobile Gallery Apps:

From here, you can directly create apps that include your images with pricing etc. You can also do this on every gallery you create. These “apps” you’ll send to your customers per email or SMS.


Pixpa Website Builder Review Design

Within this feature, you will configure the optical appearance of your website. You can change the theme completely or just add your logo, customize titles, fonts, and colors.


Pixpa Website Builder Review Marketing

This is about making your website SEO friendly, add meta title, text, and keywords, define the social media share buttons, organize the email list opt-in, and where you create the various announcement bars.


Pixpa Website Builder Review Settings

Your website basic settings should you make here, such as add your domain name. When you start you first have a subdomain page. Moreover, connect with Google Analytics, create auto messages, cookie accept banners, or language adjustments and much more.


Pixpa Website Builder Review Help center

Finally, fortunately, there is an in-depth help feature. For each topic, you will find detailed written instructions and explanations that you can also let Google translate into any language.

For further questions you can leave a message on the chat feature or send a email request.

Who can best use Pixpa websites?

Pixpa Website Builder Review Who is it good for (2)

Pixpa is a website platform that specializes in helping artists to publish their work and share it with the world.

The offered Pixpa websites templates are basic scaffolding websites containing collections, galleries, blogs, an about me page, contact forms and shops that everyone can easily adjust for themselves.

The websites are built in a way that they can be found in search engines, providing an online platform the whole world can look at and even buy products or order services when interested.


For photographers, the Pixpa offered websites are the optimal solution. You can manage your images in collections, galleries, and structured offers.

Depending on the plan you choose, you can set up a sales gallery where your customers can buy and pay the desired objects, be it digital or real paper works.

You can also create Vernissages with time-limited discounts and announcement banners or just publish exhibitions informing interested customers.

As a commission photographer, you can exhibit examples of your work and offer your service locally or internationally and with the blog function you can write about your jeurney or let guest writers write about your work.

Architecture Offices:

Architects too can benefit from the easy to use images and text publishing platform. Construction or planning projects can be shown in collections and galleries.

In blog form, you can report on existing projects or describe completed construction projects and document with picture galleries.

Your services as an architect, planner, engineer, site manager or a general contractor can be presented optimally with the help of a beautiful, picture-rich Website and thus your order situation is guaranteed to be expanded.

Fashion Designer Studio:

For an upcoming or already successful fashion designer studio, an international presence should not be underestimated. No second website platform offers such an excellent tool to present your creations.

With Pixpa you can directly take orders, present collections in galleries or offer already existing models in the shop.

Art painter:

Similar to the photographer you have to look forward, that your pictures or sculptures come before an international audience. An internet presence is an easy way to do that.

With websites such as WordPress, Wix or similar, such an endeavor is quite complicated and some add-on products have to be purchased to get the whole concept of showing and selling you get with Pixpa set up.

You as an artist should be focussing on your creative work and the developing a working website should be done by others.

Pixpa is a customize and published website, all you have to do is set up the website once and then add your images. Even if you delegate all this work, with Pixpa you get the most astonishing and professional results.

Everyone who’s work demands visual presentation:

I could go on naming other business models asking for a visual online presence and can profit of an international sales and presentation platform. Fact is, in today’s world a website presence is a must for generally every business wanting to be successful.

But any website is not the website you need. With my system here, for example, a WordPress site, the creation of galleries and managing the images can be very time intensive.

Even if I want to set up a store on this website, I would have to learn a lot and buy some extra paid plug-ins to get this running.

Shopify websites, on the other hand, have the whole Business infrastructure ready, but you can not publish any customers gallery there. The price of shopify sites are quite a lot higher to by the way.

So if you work as a jeweler, renovator, wedding organizer or whatever needs to be conveyed with images, pictures, and text you are well advised to work with Pixpa and create your online presence.

What are my thoughts about Pixpa

Now, after some research and experimentation, I think that the Pixpa system is very mature and relatively easy to use. A website can be created within a few minutes and then your online presence is active.

Of course, to make full use of the system, to set up all your preferences, it takes time, as with every website builder. What I find very good though, each element contained is well described and explained how to operate or install.

All the explanations can be automatically translated by Google which is an advantage over video instructions.

Pixpa Website Builder Review Opinions

The 38 templates available are well thought out, executed and good preliminary work so that you just have to edit the adjustments for your personal needs.

The drag and drop feature is handy and easy but can only do a small part of the work. Most of what you have to do yourself is to customize the content, add your images, customize the collection, gallery title, adjust the organization and the prices etc.

The website creation is still a work that should not be underestimated. Unfortunately, there is still no system that can read and implement your thoughts, so there is always some diligence involved in creating a successful website.

However, I think if you belong to the category of creative businesses (roughly speaking), Pixpa is the best place for you, I know so far, to create your online performance.

Pixpa offers a “live chat” where you can ask questions if necessary. Live, well, I had to wait about 3 hours but the answer came and was complete and easy to understand.

Pros 'n' Cons

Conclusion - my Pixpa website builder review.



Pixpa offers a specially designed website creation concept for creatives that includes image galleries, customer galleries, shop, and a blog. Pixpa is a unique product in the industry that allows you, as a visual artist, to enjoy the “all in one website” without any hassle for a very reasonable price.

In addition to the presentation page, you can set up your various galleries, provide them with prices and purchase options, and also create customer galleries that are only accessible with password.

You can also use the blog to document your career and your ongoing projects and with the help of SEO, exhibit your work and draw the attention to interested people from all over the world.

Until now, no website creation platform has focused on image specific websites and also integrated the marketing feature.

Pixpa Website Builder Review Templates

38 pre-made themes, website templates are available and all include firstly the essential website aspects as well as a blog, shop, private gallery and exhibition features. With one click, unwanted features can be removed or missing features added.

Through easy-to-understand written explanations, working with Pixpa websites becomes quickly a routine and upgrading or updating your site won’t distract you from doing your main job.

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With every contract, that someone signs with Pixpa mediated with this post, I get a commission. You can do that too if you are looking for an extra income or want to gain a foothold in the online business.

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Enough for now, Pixpa or WordPress, you have to decide 🙂

I hope you have learned enough through my report to know what Pixpa is all about. I am positively convinced this product is a great choice if you need the mentioned features.

If you have any unanswered questions or would like to help us with your Pixpa experience you are welcome to do so in the comments section below.

I am leaving you now, good luck, see you, Stefan 🙂