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Hi there, everyone. Today I want to write about a great possibility for website operators to get traffic to our sites. The greatest challenge but in the end, all we want to achieve is to get traffic to our websites. Lately, I heard a lot about Pinterest and the possible advantages it can have for us.

Pinterest, does it work? Why and How.

Pinterest, Does It Work? – For website operators.

Pinterest is commonly seen as another social media website, which is not really true. Pinterest is, in fact, a search engine like Google or Bing or Yahoo. The difference is we don’t post websites on Pinterest but optically appealing pins. Unlike on Facebook and such, on Pinterest people are actually searching with keywords.

Pins on Pinterest stay on your boards forever like websites and are much easier accessible than FB posts for example.

The most important difference to FB and other social media though is the fact that people using Pinterest are looking for real information and not just entertainment.

Trying to sell stuff to an FB audience is almost impossible, due to most users like to kill time on FB and don’t have the money to buy things.

Not so on Pinterest, these users are at home, concentrated on a search topic and have the credit card lying on the table right next to them.

These visitors are not interested in seeing funny movies and motivating posts or pics of friends drinking cafe and stuff. They are also not interested in socializing, at least not as a priority. They are looking for help and when they find it they pay for it.

Website Traffic Without Pollution

If you follow the rules and give some attention and commitment to it I believe it does work.

Not every niche is successful on Pinterest, the users are searching for some categories more than for others. But as I hear everywhere, many people say, their main traffic to their websites comes from Pinterest.

There is a ton of information out there about Pinterest in general but also about how effective Pinterest can be for reaching the public and get them to convert on our websites.

I started my Pinterest account a week ago, following many rules and instructions.

It took me almost a week to get my account ready, create boards and pins. So far I can not say I have created a viral pin 🙂 but I can observe some visitors seeing my work and repinning it.

See what I got

Successful niches on Pinterest


If you are having a website about traveling you are welcome on Pinterest and can hope for a lot of engagement. Although the travel niche is often visited just to view nice places and imagery there still is a market to be served.

Things like travel accessories or travel books as well as travel games can be sold with the help of Pinterest. It is your funneling system that takes Pinterest visitors interested in a pin of yours over to your website and there to sells pages for articles related to the niche.

House remodeling and decor

In this category, there are even two sectors. One for people wanting to do the work by themselves and look for instructions and DIY ideas for decorating or rebuilding furniture or room parts in a whole. These people are looking for books and DIY sets.

The second group of people is looking for new product ideas for decorating their houses or apartments. You can ad boards about different rooms showing nice decor articles as lamps or furniture or accessories. There is an endless number of related products that can be found at Amazon’s or other outlets alike.

The home decor niche is very popular with Pinterest due to thousands of persons, mainly female using their time at home to dream about upgrading their homes and checking out new interior decorating. Your job is to post appetizing pins creating interest in your website articles.

Thai Food Pin


Another well-visited niche is the food niche. It is easy to pin well-looking food pins to several boards, making your customers really hungry.

Make sure your pins show something different to other pins. Articles related to the food niche are again almost endless.

Bords as Italian food, Chinese food or baby food and diet food can open huge groups of followers and potential buyers of cooking books, kitchen appliances, table sets and so on. I have my Thailand website and will definitely create a Thai food board.


Handwork crafts for young and old is a very popular category within Pinterest. It is said a great part of the Pinterest users is women, mothers or housewives.

All these people love to do creative things to make their day more satisfying.

There are hundreds of little craft ideas shared on Pinterest. From painting to invitation cards to wreaths and so on.

If your website is about anything related to crafts and homework or even hobby arts you will definitely want to take advantage of Pinterest and it’s huge number of followers.


Now another popular an lucrative niche on Pinterest is the gardening niche.

Many people love to spend their free time in the open and grow their either beautiful looking garden or their own organically grown vegetables and fruit. Gardening is one of the top ten website niches in general as well.

If you have a website covering any topics related to creative or healthy gardening techniques you will be loved on Pinterest. Thousands of monthly searches are done on things like container gardening, composting, attracting birds and butterflies or landscaping or indoor gardening.

The niche is getting more and more popular due to the urge of eating healthy and still not too expensive.

Fitness and diet

This brings us right to our next favorable Pinterest niche. In today’s world health is a growing concern and millions of people are looking for tips to keep their figure and increase their health. The fitness and health niche is one of the most lucrative niches of all.

How many websites are covering these topics in one way or another, this is not a coincidence but for one reason only, they can make good money with it. Diet and fitness plans sell very well and women and men using Pinterest are very interested in new information about all of these topics.

Some more interesting niches for Pinterest are

Photography, Fashion, Beauty, Books music and TV, Weddings. Of course, you will find pins about almost any topic on Pinterest but the most popular and lucrative ones are the ones I mentioned here.

Pinterest is a growing market and up to today has a number of 175 million users. With 60% of all users being Americans with an income over $50K it is a very interesting group of people. It is said that 87% of Pinterest users have bought products promoted within Pinterest.

Another Way To Make Money on Pinterest

Short course in building a Pinterest account.

If you are interested in building your own traffic magnet on Pinterest, here are the first and most important steps you should follow.

First, sign up to Pinterest for a “business account”. It is for free and once you have signed up normally, you just change to the business option. This is necessary to take advantage of “rich pins”

Once you have an account with Pinterest, you want to start pinning. It is said to preferably create 10″boards” first. The first one is reserved for pins directing to your website. The following should be “group boards” and then some more bords related to your niche.

Cover Pin, Also Pin to my Home Page

Before you start pinning a lot of pins, I advise creating a board cover for every board. The board cover consists of an almost ordinary pin, with the special attribute of a nice pic and Board description in the upper half of the pin.

Good looking pins should have the size of 735 x 1500 pixels rectangular and high.

Ok, you create your first pin for each bord. I do this with the help of a picture edit program called

You can use it for free but it is a lot easier and more valuable if you spend some money, the monthly price is $12.95 and if you pay yearly it’s less than $10 per month. (custom dimensions are not free)

Your created first pin you then post to your first bord. Next, you want to edit your board. It needs a title, chose a good keyword. Then it needs a description, again, use many keywords. Remember, Pinterest is a search engine where users type in keywords they are looking for.

Then you chose a category and last but not least change the cover. The cover will be the pin you created before and hopefully is the only or latest pin you posted on the board.

Changing the cover might be a bit difficult due to Pinterest not wanting to use pins with a wrong size.

Now that you have your first bord set up you have to add some content to it. The first board should contain pins directing to your website and promote this website.

You want to create about 10-20 pins directing to articles on your website. Make them all the same size, 735 x 1500 pixels.

Add a catching image, this can be your own or images offered for free by Canva. Be sure not to use “stolen” pics as this can get you disqualified by Pinterest.

You want your pin to be waking interest so you write some text over the pic. Let the pin be simple but easily expose what is behind it.

Your pins should stand out optically as Pinterest users scroll over newly added pins quite fast and only stop if they see something interesting to them.

A nice pic, a big contrasted title and some smaller written information plus your websites logo should all be seen on the pin.

After adding the new pin you again have to edit it and add some keywords to the description. And most important don’t forget to add your post/page URL.

The main interest is for visitors clicking through to your website. Just sharing your pins is interesting to get more attention but what you really want is traffic on your website.

My Pinterest Board Profile, not perfect yet but…

This means never expose the whole content of your information on a pin. For example a pin for your post, “5 marketing strategies”, you do not want to write the strategies on the pin, just communicate that 5 strategies can be seen and learned about on your website.

There you go, about ten boards, each board about 20-30 pins to begin with and from that point on adding every new post you publish on your website. “Group bords” and “rich pins” are going to be topics I discuss in oncoming articles. For now, the approach to start fetching traffic from Pinterest to your website can be launched.

Again don’t expect a jump start due to your need to have some followers first. But without doing the first steps and creating some nice looking bords you won’t have to look for followers anyway.

Thanks for visiting 🙂

That’s it for today. Until this post get’s viral there’s a lot to be done yet. I’ll post it on Google+, on Facebook and of course on Pinterest. I’ll see you back with my next edition of how to get a super-affiliate, thanks.

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I hope you liked this article, are you ready to do some pinning? If you need to know more or would like to tell us things we didn’t mention here, please use the comment section below.

We all are happy to hear what you think and also about experiences you might have made with Pinterest.

Do you use Pinterest? Do you get traffic from Pinterest? Is it a great part of the traffic you have to your website? Do you recommend other, better ways to get traffic?

Let’s hear some, see you, have a great time, Stefan 🙂

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