In the email list is the money is being said, the Sendiio review explains the 3 in 1 text marketing program. Is it a substitute for a true autoresponder?

You’ve probably also heard that Joshua Zamora presents an “unparalleled” online hit with Sendiio, everyone is talking about it but is this Sendiio tool really as good as claimed?

Very good that you look at a real review first, not one that sky praises every product just to sell. Unfortunately it is quite difficult to find realistic judgments these days, since most of these products are mainly based on reselling and not on bringing any real benefit to the customer.

I can even earn money by selling Sendiio but despite that, I want to write a real fact report and I can say right away that I myself am not a user of Sendiio.

But let’s cut a long story short, let’s examine the program.

Content: The Sindiio Academy Review (SA)

SA Short Info.



  • Product Name: Sendiio Agency
  • URL:
  • Name of the founder: Joshua Zamora, Feb 2019.
  • Product type: Email SMS and FB Messenger Marketing tool.
  • Good for: Someone not using an autoresponder.
  • In words: Sendiio is a multi task tool from where you can manage your Email Campagne, Telefone list SMS and FB Messenger Campagnes.
  • The good part: Fully functional without any up-sells.
  • Recommended?  More or less

Why do I care about Sendiio?

It was only the first time that I read about the new product launch in an email that I got, like so many, far too many, daily as an ad.

Despite everything, the title, a tool that includes three message programs, has caught my interest, I am not the email campaign specialist and with SMS, Facebook Messenger Marketing I have nothing at to do at all.

All this is much too time-consuming and in my opinion, much less efficient than many claims. For example, I rarely open an email, and then only if I already know more or less what’s in it.

Well, there comes a tool that allows email campaigns, SMS campaigns, and FB notifications to be sent automatically from one page and set up automation and schedules, sorry, but this I wanted to see.


I have chosen a video here that is made by Josh and shows you exactly how you can work with his platform.

Please take your time and watch the full 10 minutes to see what you can do and how.

Sorry my video cutting isn’t quite perfect yet, but I’m working on it 🙂 

What's exactly inside of Sendiio.

Sendiio Review What is Sendiio

Sendiio is a web-based tool that combines the most commonly used autoresponder tools in one place to make it easier to use and integrate with customers.

With Sendiio you have your e-mail lists, phone and FB-Messenger lists within easy reach to get in touch with your customers quickly and easily. Twitter will also be added to the package in the near future.

With Sendiio you can do all of this:

  • Email listing and marketing campaigns.
  • Marketing campaigns with SMS.
  • Facebook Messenger campaigns.
  • And soon even Twitter post campaigns.

The concept works very simple:

  • Import your email lists, phone numbers, and FB messenger data and create relatively simple campaigns.
  • Send these campaigns directly or send them from the Auto Scheduler any chosen time you want.

The concept of having all these features on the same platform has really never been there before. It couldn’t be made easier. Instead of opening up all these programs, GetResponse, FB, Phone and Twitter accounts, you’re working from the same dashboard.

Who is Joshua Zamora?

Sendiio Review Who is
Who is Josh?

Too much is not to be learned about Joshua. His FB page is pretty much abandoned, the last message was a new cover picture last year. It doesn’t seem that Josh himself uses FB messenger as one of his main revenue sources.

Sendiio Review Joshua W+
Joshua’s Warrior+ Launches.

Then there is an entry in the Warrior Forum but there is nothing interesting to see as well. In any case, he has already brought some online products on the market. I myself have not tested any of it and can only guess from the numbers that the quality or at least the popularity of those is not extremely high.

The 3 Marketing Platforms.

Sendiio Review Dashboard

There are three main tasks that you can execute on the Sendiio platform. First, you need to import your email addresses and phone numbers and sync the program with your FB pages.

Email Marketing:

Sendiio Review Email editor
Email editor.

Everybody knows that well-designed email campaigns delivered at the right time to the right people can be very profitable. To Sendiio you can add all your existing email addresses to a list. (Check out the Email Blue Print of an Expert)

Then you can start sending email campaigns to those recipients. The emails are relatively simple, more like Gmail emails. You do not have a drag and drop system as with conventional autoresponders. However, you can also save email templates.

Like any autoresponder, you can also create an application form with Sendiio and collect new email addresses, add separate lists and send specific campaigns.

SMS Marketing:

Sendiio Review SMS sequences
SMS sequences.

A quite effective marketing strategy today is sending SMS. Your target audience already has a closer relationship with you and will probably be reading your text message.

Of course you have to be careful not to overburden your acquaintances with advertising, otherwise, the opening rate will drop pretty fast.

The chance to land directly with your target audience is one of the most powerful marketing strategies, which is very popular with marketing companies and extremely annoying to me.

However, many recipients cannot resist such SMS messages. With Sendiio you can easily import phone numbers and send campaigns to the whole list. Also, to collect new phone contacts, you can publish a form provided by Sendiio on your website or on social profiles etc.

FB Messenger:

Sendiio Review Messenger Automation
Messenger Automation.

You have certainly already noticed that various Companies spread advertising via FB Messenger. This is a strategy that is coming up more than ever.

The FB Messenger app is not only the fastest growing but also the most used online message platform these days. We as online business people now have the ability to simplify this with automated chatbots.

With Sendiio, you can create a corresponding list of FB Messenger contacts, and be available to those interested directly from the platform with relevant offers.

Who can take advantage of Sendiio?

Sendiio Review What to do

Today email automation services are used virtually for any type of online marketing. If you recognize yourself in the list below, you may also benefit from the Sendiios’ features.

Affiliate Marketing.

Messengers, Email, and SMS to Increase Affiliate Business? All three have their permission and can work. Many online marketers make their biggest profit with Email Marketing.

With Sendiio you can do this even from your phone.

If you now also pull out your messenger texts and SMS messages from the already created email texts, you can do all three variants most effectively and without opening many programs.

E-Commerce Sales Portals.

As an E-Commerce operator are you already busy informing your customers directly about new offers? If you can now write the whole promotion campaigns in one place and bring it to your people in different ways, you will certainly save a lot of time.

Manufacturer of online products.

Most of the digital product manufacturers sell a large part of their products themselves. The easiest and cheapest way is, of course, with a list, using the channels Sendiio offers.

A great list of active Subscribers has already allowed a lot of products manufacturers the so-called “Digital Life”, no boss, no 9 to 5 jobs, no income limit.

Lokale shops and businesses.

Of course, a newsletter or digital advertising for your local business can be of the greatest advantage. There is no better way to introduce news, achievements and new products or services.

You should keep reminding your customers that you exist. Occasionally you send an email newsletter, then a small message about a special offer via SMS and sometimes a note on messenger about a successfully completed project.

Marketing agencies.

Sendiio also lets you use the program as an agency for third-party customers. You can also manage your customers’ email lists and FB accounts and serve with campaigns when you buy the add-on products.

Everyone else.

It does not matter how you run your business, sending messages can help any business model generate more revenue

If you have to move from one platform to the next, you have lost a lot of time and may even have stopped working with these resources all together.

For the first time one platform, Sendiio, offers everything important on the same dashboard. A program for your entire messaging marketing endeavor.

OTOs 1, 3 and 4

Sendiio Review OTOs

Like most of the programs released these days, Sendiio also has its share of up-sells, which means additional program parts that you have to pay extra when you need them.

At least you don’t need to buy any of these up-sells to use Sendiio unlimited and to the full functionality.

Originally it was 4 OTOs but the OTO2 was time-limited and is today already no longer available.

OTO 1, Sendiio Academy, $67.00 one time payment.

In this training, Sendiio wants to teach you how to collect over a thousand new email addresses within 30 days or less. You’ll also learn how to do this for free.

More training, 10 free working strategies are shown to help you dramatically increase your traffic so you have even more subscribers in your email, FB, and SMS lists.

OTO 2, Sendiio Elite, $27.00 – $37.00/month. Not available anymore.

OTO 3, Sendiio VA license, $97.00 one time payment.

What a VA license exactly is I could not figure out but what it’s all about is this. You buy the ability of letting a third party manage your email campaigns without having access to your actual email list.

This is not possible with conventional autoresponders. So, if you’re going to hire someone to do the tedious work of creating email sequences, this is a useful feature.

Your lists are your property, your treasure, from which you want to make a lot of money. Therefore, it’s important that you either have very trusted employees working with these addresses or as offered by Sendiio, the possibility that third parties may write the emails and incorporate them into a “WorkFlow” but not have access to the list.

OTO 4, Sendiio Booster, $67.00 one time payment.

This will allow you to send a second email, a reminder email to recipients who did not open an email earlier. It is claimed that this is not possible with conventional autoresponders, which I can not confirm.

Many emails reaching the receiver in the morning will not be opened and read. With the OTO 3, you can filter out these unopened emails and order the program to resend the same email after a certain number of hours.

What I think about Sendiio

Sendiio Review 3 Steps

So, after all, that I’ve learned here, I have to say that although the program has some advantages, its features are quite fundamental and not too mature.

First of all, the email autoresponder, most marketers that are already active in the online business already have an autoresponder, a professional one, like AWeber, GetResponse, MailerLite or MailChimp to name only the best known.T

The email service offered by Sendiio can by no means be compared with these extremely sophisticated programs. Well, the one-off price demanded by Sendiio too cannot be compared to the monthly fees of the well-known products.

So, if you’re new to the business, you might consider working with Sendiio.

But what also has to be considered, you give away your valuable email addresses to a program that has not proven to keep them with due care.

Who guarantees you that not on the one hand, after a few years, the program stops functioning and thus you lose the email lists? On the other hand, who guarantees that Sendiio will treat your e-mail addresses confidentially and will not use them for their own purposes?

Then go on to the Messenger and SMS functions. Although these are similar to any program that offers similar services but here I have basic concerns.

You must always keep your trustworthiness in mind. Do you want your friends or customers to be constantly bombarded with automated messages?

Well, a NewsLetter may be appropriate if someone wants it, also a message about promotions, discounts, and new products, service can help those subscribers interested in getting this.

You need to have a well-organized list, one that is divided into several subgroups. Luckily this is possible to do with Sendiio but still takes a lot of time.

I have, for example, almost 4000 FB acquaintances, can I send them all the same messages? Already the FB messenger app does not allow that. If you try to send a message to too many recipients several times, your messenger account will be blocked.

For me, I have to admit I don’t see me working with Sendiio, I have a lot of work already and can’t afford to lose time with managing three different message types.

Pros and Cons

  • 3 most important message portals combined on one dashboard.
  • One time fee for an autoresponder.
  • Easy to use for newbies
  • Program instructions included.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Trustworthiness not yet confirmed.
  • Stability not yet confirmed.
  • Email autoresponder quite fundamental.

The Conclusion of the Sendiio Review



Sendiio Review Sendiio title

Sendiio is the first program that combines email, SMS and FB messenger automation on a work platform. You can manage all the contacts you need for your business in one place and send messages.

With Sendiio you can:

  • Import email lists and collect new members via a given form.
  • You can include these lists in your email marketing campaigns and automatically send emails or manually take care of one or the another individually.
  • Import phone numbers, numbers of people you want to send SMS campaigns.
  • These lists can be grouped, automated and scheduled to deliver SMS messages with your latest offers or discounts, etc.
  • Connect Sendiio with FB Messenger to have access to all contacts in your messenger list.
  • Automatically or manually deliver messages to these messenger contacts.

Doing all this from one and the same platform is unique in the messaging industry. You can even do all this from your smartphone. The time you save because you no longer have to use the various programs individually is definitly an advantage.

Since the whole service is built quite simple, the emails, SMS or messages are quickly created and integrated into the automation. The program works without any limitations with the one-time payment of the basic price of less than $40.00. The OTOs are not necessary but can bring extra benefits.

My best recommendation for making money online in general.

My #1 recommendation is not directly related to Sendiio or Autoresponder in general but with professional business making on the Internet in general.

My # 1 Autoresponder recommendation, however, is GetResponse, I work with this program and I’m so very satisfied as well as hundreds of thousands more customers.

You can try GetResponse for 30 days for free and the base price per month at $15.00 is not all that expensive too. But you get a platform that offers much more than Sendiio.

I also recommend MailerLite if you are not an affiliate marketer. MailerLite even offers a free version.

But now we come to my really best product I know so far, the “Home Of Affiliate Marketing” which is, in my opinion, simply a condition to become successful online.

What good is an autoresponder if you do not have your own online presence. Your own website is the foundation of any business that wants to be online and succeed.

To create such a website properly and inexpensively and effectively, you need professional help and a platform that aims to help people making money online.

Unfortunately, this does not work with all the various small programs that you often find for little money, those that promise fast money or wealth with only 3 clicks.

To build your great online business, you need a platform that has been established for years and can convince with really positive results. I have some links for you here if you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate, that’s the name of the program you can then also test for free. No money back guarantee but just log in with an email address but not giving any bank details.


  1. Is The Wealthy Affiliate A Scam What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University
    What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University
    Integrated Jaaxy Keyword recherche Tool.
  2. Build your first website for free.
  3. WA help and support. 
  4. More than a million satisfied customers.
  5. Wealthy Affiliate success stories.

You’ve probably already noticed that anyone who somehow sells any product online has a website. Most web sites, about 90%, however, remain unseen in the big sea of ​​Google searches.

If you are looking for a specific search term, hundreds of thousands of search results are being found. As a website operator, it’s frustrating when your own page is never found let alone opened.

Only with hard work, perseverance and of course the essential knowledge you can manage to place your website on the first pages of the Google search results.

The same goes for YouTube videos. The secret of free web sites placing at the top is called SEO.

Well, many say that this technique is far too time costly and only a few succeed. That’s right, it does take time, but exactly the one who you’ve gotten this information from does exactly this, otherwise, you would not have found him right?

All promise shortcuts, free traffic in minutes etc. but that’s all nonsense. There are no shortcuts, there’s just the right SEO technique to do (search engine optimization).

You can learn that the hard way or you start working with WA and learn it the right way and get much more Training and information from experts with many years of experience.

I would be happy to see you back inside the program, to support you and to answer your questions if necessary.

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Thank you for your visit:)

I hope you are now a little better informed what Sendiio is all about and what you can use it for.

If you have any questions or would like to express your opinion, you are welcome to do so in the comment section below. Here the work is going on, there are still so many new products I want to get to know to tell you my opinion.

Good luck, see you soon, Stefan 🙂