Impressive if you hear what the Super Affiliate System 2.0 scam promises. Can you make millions with John Crestani’s Affiliate Marketing Internet Jet Set Course?

I’ve examined the product to find out what’s behind it and see if it’s for me. I have not paid anything, but I could get a good impressions and understanding of the product John wants sell.

You’ve probably heard about this money system because you’re thinking about starting with affiliate marketing or because you’ve been looking for the desired success.

John’s super system works, at least for him, read on and learn what you get for your money when you sign up for the internet jet set.

Content: What is the Super Affiliate System 2.0 scam - Internet Jetset (SAS)

SAS quick info.



  • Product Name: Super Affiliate System 2.0
  • URL:
  • Name of the founder: John Crestani, Feb 2016.
  • Product type: Affiliate marketing training platform.
  • Good for: Affiliate business newbies or if you want to change your strategy.
  • In words: The Super Affiliate System teaches how you can start an affiliate business with a low start-up costs but ends with an expensive system.
  • The best part: You can start for free.
  • Recommended? Yes

Why I’m Interested to see what the Super Affiliate System 2.0 scam promises.

Steff, your affiliate marketing specialist.

Quite simply, it affects me directly as an affiliate marketer with the desire to make a fortune online. There are a lot of good education platforms and I should get to know them all by the time.

John Crestani is known as a super affiliate, I’m on the way to becoming one 🙂

He shows a way to go with far less effort than the one I chose, however, I am still convinced that my path is the right one for me. anyway, I can learn some tricks from John and apply them in the future.

The big difference between the two systems is, do I want to work with paid advertising or with free website traffic who are attracted by my content. I want to be my own label and get authority over time. I don’t want to hide behind well-known labels and use their success for me.

However, it must be said that John is several Millions ahead of me with his system, he’s working in the industry quite a bit longer than me though.


Here I placed one of the many videos produced by John. You do not really learn much about the product, Super Affiliate System, itself but get an impression of how John thinks and works.

He’s a great salesman, it’s in his blood, I have to admit, and it’s almost exciting to watch him for some time, even if I do not believe everything he’s telling us.

If you’re interested in attending the free webinar that he talks about in the movie here, it’s not live as he claims, you can click here and sign up free.

I’ve watched over 1.5 hours and after about 40 minutes it’s really quite interesting, as he explains 7 mistakes that many affiliate marketers commit.

It was funny, the only one in the live chat was me lol, he hasn’t responded to any challenge 🙂

What you get once you are a Super Affiliate System member.

First, I’d like to bring some clarity to the situation, Super Affiliate System and Internet Jet Set. Basically, both are self-contained training programs.

However, if you buy the SAS, Internet Jetset is included and available as part of the training. But if you pay for Internet Jetset on a monthly basis you are encouraged to buy SAS as a supplement.

  • In the SAS training, you will learn how to earn money with paid advertising as an affiliate marketer.
  • The Internet Jetset training, it is more about “free” traffic methods, more like my system how to attract potential customers to your listings through SEO.

Since this is a review of the Super Affiliate System I want to introduce both training modules and other important details.

Who is John Crestani?

Super Affiliate System 2.0 Scam this is me
This Is John Crestani.

As already said, John is a celebrated personality in the Affiliate Marketer scene. It was written about him in newspapers and online portals as it became known how much he earned with his health products website.

You can look at the articles themselves, Yahoo Finance, Home Business Mag, Forbes, Business Insider and many more called him the inventor a new “live style”.

However, his career took quite some years too to get to this point, not how he wants to make us believe, overnight.

His career in digital business started around 2009 and was doomed to failure by some not-so-clean practices.

He learned more in a related “real” job and used everything he has learned in the meantime to start his first website, With that he finally had success and of course, like most everyone, he now wants to make more money with this success.

With the Super Affiliate System which starts with the Internet Jetset course, he shares his tricks today with all those willing to pay for it.

The 6 Week education Program provided by SAS and more.

As I said, the SAS training focuses on paid methods to bring your advertising to a buying-happy audience. The recommended portals are paid Facebook advertising, paid YouTube advertising, and paid advertising by Google Ads.

For your almost $1000.00, you get about 50 hours of video training. The training is divided into 6 weeks and every day you should do about half an hour of training.

The rest of your time you have to execute what you have learned. Practice is the most important. What I do today in one day took about 3-4 days 1,5 years ago. So, as with any job, practicing makes the master.

These are the 6 week SAS training sessions.

The principle is actually the same as the one I use the small difference that I do not pay for advertising. You have to have a website, affiliate products and a sales pages that you offer on various portals and by email.

Super Affiliate System 2.0 Scam SAS Training

Week 1, Create Your Tools:

Of course, you have to build your basic equipment. In the first week this should be feasible.

  • Set up your goals.
  • Join an affiliate program. (Amazon)
  • Create your website. (WordPress, external)
  • Open your Facebook Ads account.
  • Create a Products Sales page. (Landing Page)

Week 2, Success Skills:

In the second week, you will learn to plan, research and develop strategies.

  • The right businessman attitude.
  • Research your niche.
  • How to choose a great product.
  • How to choose your promotional platform.

Actually, I should save my opinion for later but if I think about it, in the first week you have already chosen a product and an advertising portal, now in the second week you have to question that again….

Week 3, Sales Skills:

Of course, the ability to show a product to a buyer audience is one of the most important skills in the profession of a salesperson, also for the online marketer. In this third week, you should learn how this works best.

  • How to write good promotional texts. (Copy writing)
  • Advanced techniques to write promotional texts.
  • Optimizing your ads.
  • Advanced Optimization Techniques.

Week 4, Google and Facebook Ads:

This week’s training focuses on paid advertising from Google and Facebook. Establish and set up the accounts and certain principles that apply to advertising in these portals.

  • Create a FB advertising account.
  • Create a Google Ads account.
  • Rules and prohibitions on FB advertising.
  • The most important criteria for advertising campaigns on FB and Google Ads.

Week 5, YouTube Ads and Native Ads:

A week full of new promotional portals that are more or less suitable for each niche. “Native Ads“, I also had to look it up, are product offerings that are embedded in related content.

Week 6, Contracting, Scaling and Automation:

This last week, now that you’ve learned the basic principles of online affiliate business, you learn to scale up your business and outsource some tasks.

  • How to increase your campaigns from $1000 to $10’000 in revenue.
  • How to use surveys to win customers. (Email Marketing)
  • How to Work with Media Buyers, Promotional Professionals.
  • 2 Case Studies.

Additional Information Resources Recommended by John:

  • Customer Data: You’ll learn how to use specific email addresses to define lists of potential clients.
  • Business Examples: Use screenshots and learn how well-functioning advertising posts look like.
  • Products Lande Pages: Learn to create optimized advertising with ClickFunnels.
  • Affiliate Networks: Get to know the best affiliate programs in various niches.
  • Advertising Networks: Even more advertising platforms you should know.

The Internet Jetset Training which is included in the SAS:

Super Affiliate System 2.0 Scam Training Modules

In this part of the program you have a 12 module training that you can complete before or after the SAS training. (I recommend before).

You get a basic education in affiliate marketing and above all, you learn how to do business without paid advertising. This course is valuable, interesting for beginners but may not be enough to generate a good income.

The SAS course is the “aggressive” method of making money online, training in the Internet Jetset is less aggressive. Before you make too much work I would go through both courses for a moment and then decide on a method.

The Internet Jetset course consists of the following 12 modules:

  1. Online Business Blueprint. Basically what you need to know as an affiliate marketer. How affiliate marketing works, how do you find potential customers, and where do you find products that can be sold on a commission basis?
  2. Internet Jet Set Introduction. An introduction to the Amazon affiliate partner program and how to get your first commission within 2 hours.
  3. Choose a niche. Since there is everything to sell in the online business, you have to choose a niche. There are niches that are better suited because people tend to buy products.
  4. Google SEO. Introduction to “Search Engine Optimization“. To make people aware of your offers without paid advertising, you need to understand how Internet search engines work.
  5. YouTube. Create your YouTube channel and learn how to make money with videos.
  6. Facebook. How to use Facebook to promote your products for free.
  7. Website Creation. This section shows where you can build your business foundation, the website. Since SAS itself does not provide any tools, you also have to do this in a separate program.
  8. Copywriting. Learn how to make good advertising. This is a lesson not created by John himself.
  9. Launch Jacking. Learn how to attract visitors to new products and sell them either the new or a similar product.
  10. Authority Review Sites. How you can become a niche authority over time in your web pages and get better Google ratings and more potential customers to your website.
  11. Facebook Ads. Now the focus is slowly moving towards paid advertising. Since unpaid systems take a lot of time and work is intense John must come with paid advertising to finally show you some profits.
  12. Super Affiliate System. This is only interesting if you have not bought the SAS offer yet. So if you’re just an internet Jetset member you’ll be asked to buy the much more expensive SAS program.

As a warm keeper at the Internet Jetset Academy, which costs $47.00 a month, John offers a weekly webinar. I can not say how valuable these webinars are, I think though they are expensive, no matter how good.


SAS offers only email support within the program itself. As a member, you can join the Facebook group though. In this group members share success stories and some questions.

I heard though, the FB group is not much frequented and when you send a message to John I would not guarantee that he answers.

One OTO is offered by Internet Jetset

Super Affiliate System 2.0 Scam Upsell

Xtreme Case Study Archive is an add-on module that you can buy for $187.00. Be careful, only click on the offer if you really want to buy the offer. I’ve read that just one click confirms your purchase.

In this collection, you can watch successful affiliate marketers placing their own product campaigns and how they are developing.

There are also interviews with well-known or well-earning affiliate marketers who want to share some secret tricks. Whether the whole thing $187 value is questionable because you have already paid for the whole training.

Who can use the Super Affiliate University?

Super Affiliate System 2.0 Scam Super Titel
Super Titel

Basically, I can say that anyone who deals with affiliate marketing can benefit from the Super Affiliate System. However, there is a “but”.

If you have been active in affiliate business with your own system for some time, introducing new systems is dangerous because only stamina and consistency will lead to success.

Let me tell a well-known example. If you want to cut a tree what you do, you always hit the same notch until the tree falls. Nothing else helps, no matter how long it takes, the tree will fall if you follow this same principle, you keep hitting the same notch.

If you loose patience and choose a different tree, you start all over again, if you hit the same tree elsewhere the fight starts anew.

The Super Affiliate System may lead to success faster if you start from scratch, but there’s no guarantee that you can spread your millions on the table within a short amount of time, as John so pleasurably does in his webinar.

Affiliate Marketers:

As a newly starting Affiliate Marketer, you can take over John’s system, learn and use a proven, promising sales concept. You need to be aware that there will incur some extra costs until you make money for yourself.

No system can save you from failures on the way.

You have to pay for your tool collection monthly, yearly or just once, in various external programs. Spend on advertising and at the beginning, you’re not sure that you will have any revenue.

YouTube Marketers:

If you want to earn your money with YouTube marketing and maybe even want to do without a website (not recommended) then you can use the business and Advertising strategies from John which will surely help you to learn what you need to look out for.

Advertising and marketing are very intense topics that most people study for years to learn. Although John shows how you can take over the work of these professional recruiters I think it would be well known if the system works as easy as John claims.

Social Media Marketer:

Even on social media today millions are earned, also with affiliate marketing. John shows many tricks that have proven to work well after long experience and testing.

Which products sell well, which advertising posts convince potential customers, which reader criteria work best when you define your advertising audience on Facebook.

These are all very interesting Information with which you can save yourself a lot of time for trying out. But again, not everyone is as successful as John, not even when he does “exactly the same thing”.

My personal opinion about the Super Affiliate System

You’ve seen, I give a three-star rating with orange recommended, green would really be a recommendation behind which I can stand. How come?

First of all, when I watched the “live” webinar I felt pretty stupid, sorry my English but if John thinks I was impressed by such a bluff he is wrong.

Super Affiliate System 2.0 Scam Free Live webinar.

For more than half an hour you can listen to him how, where and why he lives as he lives, who cares? Then you have to keep looking at a huge pile of cash in the background all the time, what’s the point?

Third, at the very beginning, he says and writes that his system makes you a fortune with only 4 hours of work a week. The 4 hours a week really did it to him.

Later in the webinar, however, he says that without extraordinary performance, that is for me more than 40 hours a week, no success is possible as an affiliate marketer, at least in this I agree with him for the first time.

With this entry and of course, the fact that the webinar is not live, he has actually already gambled away with me. These are, in my opinion, fraud methods, methods trying to fool newcomers and inexperienced new customers.

Another reason why I’m not convinced of the Super Affiliate System is that you get lessons in fairly concentrated form, you do not have time to test, but you have to buy quite a number of additional products right away.

Products from which John receives an affiliate commission as income.

A few months into the work with SAS you might suddenly realize that either the system or affiliate marketing generally or the SA system is not yours, you are obligated with so many programs and get monthly bills.

Next, I read that, from a colleague who has personally bought SAS just to find out he could have saved himself the money, saying that John asked you to become a member of Mobe.

Mobe has been shut down

This was some time ago before Mobe was closed by the Federal Trade Commission because of unfair business practices. To earn, with Mobe, what John promised you had to invest $10’000.

All those who did that they have lost their investment.

I think reasons why I do not recommend SAS you have seen enough now, that John is a credible person I have to deny, unfortunately.

Why despite all this I give a 3-star rating is because he still shares tricks and methods that can really help you. Aggressive marketing tricks that are nowhere else to be found.

There is real training, 50 hours of video training is something, and affiliate marketing is a proven working business principle.

If you skilfully execute his system, do not believe everything and definitely do not buy everything that John recommends, you certainly can learn a lot that will help you create an income online over time.

I will definitely not buy the program, I have already started my working affiliate marketing system and don’t think to buy more of John’s training will help more than what I get for free 🙂

Pros n Cons

  • A lot of training for affiliate marketing.
  • Some insider tips you wouldn't find anywhere else.
  • Newbie friendly.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • False claims.
  • Some outdated information.
  • All in all not a cheap system.
  • Many hidden costs involved.
  • Not Mobile friendly.

Conclusion - Super Affiliate System 2.0 - Review.



Super Affiliate System 2.0 Scam Super Titel

This super affiliate system is a funnel that starts with a free webinar and ends with a minimum $1000.00 solution. If you can afford a relatively expensive training SAS has a lot to show what you do not find elsewhere.

The training which consists of videos of about 50 hours total is divided into 6 weeks. You can learn everything that is needed for affiliate marketing.

Starting with niche choice, website creation, search engine optimization, copywriting training, marketing training to paid advertising on various platforms.

If you are completely new and can start with this approach, this business model, if you really follow what John teaches, may be able to make a quick return on your investments and sooner or later make you a fortune.

With SAS John Crestani shares his insider tips gained through long experience, training and test series that you would not find so easily. John is a successful and certainly quite unscrupulous businessman. Definitely someone you can learn something from.

My #1 recommended affiliate marketing platform.

Is The Wealthy Affiliate A Scam What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University
What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University.

Now, as I said, it’s my goal to live from affiliate marketing and, if possible, to reach a 6-figure payroll in this life lol.

I chose the long-term model because it gives me more satisfaction than just aggressive advertising.

My System is the system of search engine optimization, to become well-known with website articles so that in time I get enough readers who also take my recommendations.

I use the whole system, with tools, training and daily support I get from Wealthy Affiliate. I have been a member for 2 years now and not have already earned a lot through this subscription but I’ve saved a lot of money too.

Here’s a small comparison of the benefits between WA and SAS:

You see, in addition to the features not mentioned here, WA, the “Home Of Affiliate Marketing”, already offers a lot more.

The Wealthy Affiliate University I can recommend if you want to get started as a complete newbie, even if you already have experience but do not progress or if you are already very successful and just want to cut running costs and add an extra very lucrative product to your collection.

Super Affiliate System 2.0 Scam WA recommendation

WA helps you find a niche, choose products, analyze keywords, create websites, and much, much more.

That’s it again:)

I hope you got some clarity about the Super Affiliate System and how John Crestani wants to help you get a successful affiliate marketer.

Thank’s for your visit and I look forward to seeing you again.

If you have questions about Super Affiliate System or in general to the affiliate business or would like to teach us with your opinion about SAS please do that in the comment section below.

I wish you much Success, see you soon, Stefan 🙂